Motion's Moves & Meals

Motion's Moves & Meals


Great Session Tonight!! Can't wait for Thursday!
Will you have the dances recorded where someone can go back later and do them, if they can't make it on certain nights?

Online Zumba/Dance classes for all! This is a loving and encouraging environment, no room for hate! Meal plans and shopping list available upon request.

Let us dance off those stubborn pounds away!

Operating as usual


[05/30/21]   June Challenge
Total Tone Tabata
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Timeline Photos 05/24/2021

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A program for everyone!

Corrective Exercise Program

• Corrective exercise programs are made to fix any muscle imbalances or pain you may be experiencing in your training sessions as well as day to day life.

•This will include stretching, foam rolling, strengthening, and dynamic movements.

•After you preform some assessments and fill out a questionnaire you will receive a completely personalized corrective exercise program. This program can be incorporated into your daily gym routine.

•The program typically is 3-7 days a week. Along with this program you will receive full-time access to me via phone number in case of any questions or concerns you might have.

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Booty Building Program

•6 week training program 3 days each week

•Focus on hip thrusts, squats, and deadlifts for the main lifts. As well as accessory work to really optimize glute growth and strength

•Training sessions are about 45 minutes to and hour

•Access to a private Facebook group with video demos of every exercise as well as being able to interact with others who have purchased the program!

•$50 for the program. You’ll have lifetime access to it. The program is a PDF, you’ll receive an email right after purchase to download the program

Link in bio under ‘Training’ tab!

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The one thing I am not full of is... well you know! 🔥


Happy Mothers Day💜 Have a great weekend💙

Thank You Moms!🌸♥️🌸





Check her out 💪 Fantatisc program she offers.

Why I created Gainz with Lauren

•I created Gainz with Lauren so fitness training is available to everyone, working out (correctly) is a preventative medicine and shouldn’t only be available to those with money to spend on trainers at a gym.

•My mission is to empower people to achieve what they previously thought impossible by providing informed fitness training at an affordable price.

•There is a lack of high-quality, informed, and affordable personal trainers who value the individuals development more that the price tag.
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Protect your energy friends! You deserve it ☘️☘️


[04/25/21]   May Fitness Challenge Group😎
Who wants in?🙋‍♀️


Who else needed this?


I needed to hear this❣ How about you?



The BEST Low Carb Keto Chocolate Mug Cake Recipe | Wholesome Yum 04/13/2021

The BEST Low Carb Keto Chocolate Mug Cake Recipe | Wholesome Yum

Kick that sweet craving with this😋

The BEST Low Carb Keto Chocolate Mug Cake Recipe | Wholesome Yum This EASY keto chocolate mug cake recipe takes just 2 minutes, with 6 ingredients + 4g net carbs! Paleo low carb chocolate mug cake is rich, moist and delicious.

Keto Broccoli Salad (Low Carb, No Sugar) 04/11/2021

Keto Broccoli Salad (Low Carb, No Sugar)

I have made this salad 4 times in the last 2 months and its not even summer yet😁 I'm not a raw cauliflower person but I sub 1/2 the broccoli with it and absolutely ❤ it😋

Keto Broccoli Salad (Low Carb, No Sugar) This is the best cold broccoli salad keto recipe and it's completely sugar-free. You'll love this low carb gluten free broccoli salad with bacon, cheese, and more.




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GARLIC PARMESAN ROASTED BRUSSELS SPROUTS ~ Crisp, plump Brussels sprouts are halved and tossed with a savory mix of parmesan, herbs, salt, and pepper, then roasted on a single sheet pan. This Brussels sprouts recipe is perfect for your holiday dinners and super healthy for your everyday meals.
PIN: This wonderful low-carb/keto collection of cookbooks (tons of photos, coil-bound!) is expected to sell out and they will not be printed again. Limited stocks; get yours now! KINDLES available!



Little diddy about Motions Moves & Meals

Hey you!! Thanks for taking some time out of your craziness to read a little about my own. The MOVES portion of Motions was once a dance academy that I cherished and loved. We were founded in 2001 and had a fantastic 11 year run, until I moved away from the small mountain town. I missed dancing and my students!! I started to teach at a local art center in the town we moved to and was enjoying dancing again. For years a friend and one time student had mentioned how I should get into Zumba. It was not until this move that I opened myself up to the idea. I was certified in 2015 and taught at the art center till we once again moved.

I have never been one for the gym for many reasons (time, fear, environment, and on and on) I have an absurd amount of workout DVDs and would rather be in my own home where I feel comfortable. I was still doing my Zumba routines and having a blast!! Then one day thought why not invite those up in the rural areas I have lived to join me! Ta-Da Motions Moves....

The MEALS portion started in 2009 when my family and I (not by choice) started Clean Eating. This was the answer I had been looking for. We as a family starting seeing changes. I became so into this way of eating or lifestyle that I wanted to share it with others. I hosted several challenges on Facebook and was excited to continue down this path…until about 2 years ago when for some unknown reason my body said “screw you”. What the hell was happening? Gaining weight, felt defeated and cheated.

I started to research the Ketogenic Diet and joined a few groups on Facebook. As many of us do I decided after being a glutton during the holidays I was making my New Year’s resolution and starting Keto on January 1, 2018. I was always telling myself that if I worked out, I could eat anything I wanted and receive the results I was wanting (toning, weight loss and feeling at “home” in my own skin). I had no idea, until a few months into this lifestyle, how much my life and body would change. Insane results…I had to share with others! From the inside out healing is occurring. Have a few clients now and they have seen amazing results: A1C’s lowered, blood sugars more stable, lowered blood pressure, amazing their doctors and being taken off of medications (blood pressure and diabetic). Presto…..MEALS….

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