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money.cnn.com 06/18/2014

Amazon to unveil smartphone

money.cnn.com Amazon is expected to launch a 3-D smartphone at an event in Seattle Wednesday.

theglobeandmail.com 09/23/2013

Fairfax strikes $4.7-billion deal to buy BlackBerry

theglobeandmail.com Company is giving the group six weeks to conduct due diligence, with a final agreement expected by Nov. 4.

cnn.com 05/23/2013

Robot exoskeleton suits that could make us superhuman

cnn.com Bionic exoskeletons could make us superhuman -- here are five of the most incredible robot suits around.

cnn.com 04/23/2013

Snap a photo by winking your eye?

Google Glass: Snap a photo by winking your eye...

cnn.com Code in the software for Google's Glass eyewear suggests users will be able to snap photos with a wink of an eye.

deccanchronicle.com 04/10/2013

15-year-old girl launches web company | Deccan Chronicle

15-year-old girl launches web company..

deccanchronicle.com The 15-year-old class 10 student of Presentation Higher Secondary School has floated YGlobes.

youtube.com 02/26/2013

3Doodler - Handheld 3D Printer # Kickstarter Trailer HD

AMAZING: 3D Pen No Software/No Computers | Lets you draw real-life objects!

youtube.com SUBSCRIBE NOW: http://bit.ly/Tme7Ju FOLLOW US: https://www.facebook.com/pixelplanet.org https://twitter.com/pixelplanet1 Official Kickstarter: http://www.kic...

salon.com 02/12/2013

Anonymous threatens “virtual blockade”of SOTU

Anonymous Hackers Group threatens “virtual blockade”of the President's State of the Union address tonite via web

salon.com A communiqué makes grand claim that "there will be no State of the Union Address on the web tonight"


Future Technology Watch your day in 2020

Future Technology Watch your day in 2020

money.cnn.com 01/14/2013

Facebook charges $100 to message Mark Zuckerberg

money.cnn.com Facebook says it is testing 'extreme price points' to see what works best in fighting spam.


Six tech resolutions for 2013

cnn.com Between your new regimen of daily workouts, volunteering, painting or whatever you've resolved to do in 2013, make time for a few tech-centric resolutions.


What to do with your old gadgets

cnn.com If you received shiny new gadgets for the holidays, you probably have some older device that is now unwanted or obsolete. If you can't regift your old computer, tablet or TV, make sure you get rid of it the smart way by selling, donating or recycling it.


BlackBerry 10 Sneak Peek from the BlackBerry World 2012 Keynote

Blackberry 10 OS almost out...

youtube.com This video shown by Thorsten Heins during the BlackBerry World 2012 keynote general session shares a first look at some of what we're building for the BlackB...


OMG! Texting turns 20 - CNN.com Video

cnn.com Twenty years ago, the first text message was sent. How far have we come since then? CNN's Isa Soares finds out.


Hackers attack Israeli websites

bbc.co.uk The Anonymous hacking group has launched a series of web attacks against Israeli websites.


Thieves grab 3,600 Apple iPad minis from JFK Airport - Apple 2.0 - Fortune Tech

Thieves grab 3,600 Apple iPad minis from JFK

tech.fortune.cnn.com Beats waiting in line at the Apple Store, says the New York Post The thieves reportedly left in a white CEVA tractor trailer FORTUNE -- A gang of thieves Monday night made off with 3,600 Pad minis


Facebook launches Social Jobs, a job search app

Facebook launches Social Jobs, a job search app

money.cnn.com Facebook is jumping into the job search space, with a Social Jobs App that includes listings from services like Monster and BranchOut.


New Jersey lets Sandy victims vote via e-mail - CNN.com

cnn.com New Jersey residents displaced by Superstorm Sandy will be allowed to vote in Tuesday's elections via e-mail or fax, the first time civilians in the state have been allowed to vote remotely.


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cnn.com 10/24/2012

Microsoft Surface review: The PC of the future needs more apps - CNN.com

Microsoft's Surface Tablet..... #localnerds

cnn.com When Microsoft first demoed Windows 8 at the Wall Street Journal's D Conference in June 2011, it was instantly obvious that it wasn't a Windows upgrade in the conventional sense. Instead, with its radically new, touch-centric interface, it was an attempt to reimagine the PC for the post-PC era. A wi...


Major ISPs rolling out Copyright Alert System 'in the coming weeks' | The Verge

Bye bye internet

theverge.com The Center for Copyright Information has stated that it will be rolling out its infringement warning platform, dubbed the Copyright Alert System (CAS), "in the coming weeks." Originally announced...


Custom WebSite Design | Graphics Artwork | Flyers/Logos | Custom Mobile Apps Services | E-Commerce | Networking & More | check out www.LocalNerds.com or Call 1.866.906.3737


Google Street View adds 250,000 miles of roadways - CNN.com

cnn.com Google on Thursday announced the biggest upgrade ever to its Street View tool.


Custom WebSite Design | Graphics Artwork | Flyers/Logos | Custom Mobile Apps Services | E-Commerce | Networking & More | check out www.LocalNerds.com or Call 1.866.906.3737

gizmodo.com 09/12/2012

Alleged iPhone 5 Photos Leak Just Before the Event

iphone 5 leaked photos

gizmodo.com French site Nowhereelse claims to have found what seems to be a complete, final version of the iPhone 5. It sure looks like a full, completely polished iPhone 5 out of the factory.

seattletimes.nwsource.com 08/23/2012

Microsoft gets a new logo for the first time since 1987

seattletimes.nwsource.com A lot is at stake when a company changes its logo, and Microsoft changed it a number of times in its early years.

cnn.com 08/20/2012

Fries from your phone: McDonald's testing mobile payment app - CNN.com

McDonald's testing mobile payment app

cnn.com As noted philosopher Vincent Vega said in "Pulp Fiction," the French may not know what a Quarter Pounder is.

cnn.com 08/15/2012

Meet Elvis: The virtual border official who knows if you're lying - CNN.com

Meet Elvis; your new virtual security officer!

cnn.com A lie-detecting virtual border official nicknamed "Elvis" is the latest high-tech approach to securing borders in the United States.

cnn.com 08/03/2012

83 million Facebook accounts are fakes and dupes - CNN.com

cnn.com If you're using a fake name on your Facebook account, maintaining a page for your beloved pet or have a second profile you use just for logging in to other sites, you have one of the 83.09 million fake accounts Facebook wants to disable.

dealbook.nytimes.com 07/25/2012

VMware to Buy Nicira for $1.05 Billion

dealbook.nytimes.com VMware is buying a start-up that is part of the "software defined networking industry," which basically decouples software, or intelligence, from networking hardware.

money.cnn.com 07/09/2012

Internet blackout for thousands coming Monday

money.cnn.com As the FBI shuts down servers, hundreds of thousands infected with the DNSChanger malware could lose Internet access.


Introducing Nexus Q

Google's Nexus WOW

Nexus Q streams your favorite entertainment directly from the cloud to your living room. Just use the Google Play and YouTube apps on your Android phone or t...

tech.fortune.cnn.com 06/26/2012

Apple's secret weapon - Fortune Tech

tech.fortune.cnn.com The technology giant will ask a federal judge this week to stop sales of a Samsung tablet for allegedly ripping off the iPad. The case rests on an increasingly vital set of assets: design patents. By Roger Parloff, senior editor FORTUNE --




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