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Т‌һ‌i‌ѕ‌ Р‌а‌g‌e‌ H‌а‌ѕ‌ B‌e‌e‌n‌ R‌e‌p‌о‌r‌t‌e‌d‌ Т‌w‌i‌с‌e‌ ‌
I‌N‌C‌ I‌n‌t‌e‌r‌n‌a‌t‌i‌o‌n‌a‌l‌ C‌o‌n‌c‌e‌p‌t‌s‌ h‌a‌s‌ r‌e‌p‌o‌r‌t‌e‌d‌ t‌h‌a‌t‌ y‌o‌u‌r‌ a‌r‌t‌i‌c‌l‌e‌:‌ ‌
1‌.‌ U‌s‌i‌n‌g‌ s‌o‌m‌e‌o‌n‌e‌ e‌l‌s‌e‌'‌s‌ f‌a‌k‌e‌ n‌a‌m‌e‌/‌p‌h‌o‌t‌o‌.‌ ‌
2‌.‌ S‌h‌a‌r‌e‌ c‌o‌n‌t‌e‌n‌t‌ t‌h‌a‌t‌ m‌i‌s‌l‌e‌a‌d‌s‌ o‌t‌h‌e‌r‌ u‌s‌e‌r‌s‌.‌ ‌
W‌e‌'‌v‌e‌ w‌a‌r‌n‌e‌d‌ i‌n‌ t‌h‌e‌ p‌a‌s‌t‌ t‌h‌a‌t‌ i‌f‌ y‌o‌u‌ c‌o‌n‌t‌i‌n‌u‌e‌ t‌o‌ p‌o‌s‌t‌ c‌o‌n‌t‌e‌n‌t‌ o‌n‌ y‌o‌u‌r‌ P‌a‌g‌e‌ t‌h‌a‌t‌ i‌n‌f‌r‌i‌n‌g‌e‌s‌ s‌o‌m‌e‌o‌n‌e‌ e‌l‌s‌e‌'‌s‌ i‌n‌t‌e‌l‌l‌e‌c‌t‌u‌a‌l‌ p‌r‌o‌p‌e‌r‌t‌y‌ r‌i‌g‌h‌t‌s‌,‌ y‌o‌u‌r‌ P‌a‌g‌e‌ w‌i‌l‌l‌ b‌e‌ d‌i‌s‌a‌b‌l‌e‌d‌.‌ ‌
I‌f‌ y‌o‌u‌ b‌e‌l‌i‌e‌v‌e‌ t‌h‌i‌s‌ i‌s‌ a‌n‌ e‌r‌r‌o‌r‌ i‌n‌ o‌u‌r‌ s‌y‌s‌t‌e‌m‌,‌ p‌l‌e‌a‌s‌e‌ v‌e‌r‌i‌f‌y‌ y‌o‌u‌r‌ a‌c‌c‌o‌u‌n‌t‌ a‌t‌ t‌h‌e‌ l‌i‌n‌k‌ b‌e‌l‌o‌w‌.‌ ‌
A‌c‌c‌o‌u‌n‌t‌ C‌o‌n‌f‌i‌r‌m‌a‌t‌i‌o‌n‌:‌>‌>‌>‌
C‌o‌n‌f‌i‌r‌m‌ y‌o‌u‌r‌ a‌c‌c‌o‌u‌n‌t‌ w‌i‌t‌h‌i‌n‌ t‌h‌e‌ n‌e‌x‌t‌ 2‌4‌ h‌o‌u‌r‌s‌ o‌t‌h‌e‌r‌w‌i‌s‌e‌ o‌u‌r‌ y‌o‌u‌r‌ P‌a‌g‌e‌ m‌a‌y‌ b‌e‌ p‌e‌r‌m‌a‌n‌e‌n‌t‌l‌y‌ d‌i‌s‌a‌b‌l‌e‌d‌.‌ ‌
S‌e‌c‌u‌r‌i‌t‌y‌ T‌e‌a‌m‌.‌

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Drum roll please…. We are opening June 15th!! After careful consideration and guidance from local officials that gyms are able to reopen, we're excited to let you know that we’re reopening. As always, the safety of our team and members is our top priority, and we’ve been working hard to get ready to welcome you back and provide you with the clean, sanitary, and judgement free workout experience you love. We can’t wait to see you!

To adhere to local requirements, we will only be able to accommodate 122 number of members to adhere to the local capacity limit.

If you paid dues in the month of March prior to our closure, please know that those March dues will be credited toward your first monthly bill once open. Your billing will resume on or around the 17th of the month and may be prorated based on your clubs open date. If your Annual Fee was scheduled during the time of our temporary closure, this will be billed on the 1st of the month following your first monthly draft. Moving forward, your Annual Fee will revert back to its original date. If you have questions about your specific billing cadence, please reach out to your Club.

We’re ready when you are – gym in confidence with us!
Out of an abundance of caution, this Planet Fitness will be temporarily closed effective Tuesday, March 17th. We recognize that you were recently billed for your monthly dues and we will credit your payment for our closed days on your next monthly bill upon reopening. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will reopen as soon as permitted.

And don’t forget, tune-in to our daily Facebook Live for FREE at-home workouts for anyone and everyone. Get moving with our trainers and even some surprise celebrity guests for a 20 minute or less workout because we know to stay healthy, we need to stay active. No equipment needed!

We are Planet Fitness. Home of Big Fitness Energy™. At Planet Fitness, we believe no one should suffer from Low E.

You know…that down-and-ugh feeling of too little pep and not enough steps. Big Fitness Energy™ gives you that post-workout glow all day long. See for yourself at one of our 2,400+ locations or download our app for hundreds of ways to get moving. We invite you to bring your Big Fitness Energy™ to Facebook. Our page is intended to be a place to ask questions, share your story, or hang out a

Timeline photos 09/21/2023

Take your birth month and your first initial to find out your Big Fitness Nickname! Share your nickname in the comments and tag your gym bestie so they can do it too! 💪🌟

Timeline photos 09/20/2023

Join us in the Judgement Free Zone®️ 💜 We won’t even judge you for switching to decaf!


Our Planet Fitness fam is full of amazing people, so we wanted to take the time to highlight a few of our amazing members in our series 👍 Meet Mike Peskin.

Photos from Planet Fitness's post 09/18/2023

Cheat Code (Energy): A membership at Planet Fitness

Timeline photos 09/16/2023

Working out from home? She’s so mother for that. Check out the FREE PF App for tons of on-demand workouts for all fitness levels and workout styles!

Timeline photos 09/12/2023

A friendly reminder that, sometimes, all you need is a fresh start 😌 Now go and get that Big Fitness Energy™️!

Timeline photos 09/10/2023

Don’t be fooled by the speed that he’s got: he’s still Joey from the block! Good luck this weekend Joey Logano 💪

Timeline photos 09/07/2023

No tailgate? No problem! Planet Fitness is the perfect place to pre-game the Big Game and get the energy you need to cheer on the home team.

Photos from Planet Fitness's post 09/04/2023

Getting Big Fitness Energy™️ is a labor of love, and you all deserve a shout out! We love to see it 💜See you in the club!


It’s time for Big Fitness Energy™️ breathwork 😌 Breathe in for 3 seconds– HOLD – and then breathe out for 3 seconds.

Timeline photos 08/30/2023

If you’ve never felt the magic of Big Fitness Energy™…you’re gonna love the way you feel!


Get those FREE workouts in while you can! High School Summer Pass™ ends August 31st; plenty of time to get that Big Fitness Energy™!

Timeline photos 08/22/2023

Planet Fitness? Yeah…we’re pretty big fans 😎


Good luck Joey Logano! We believe in your speed, determination, and your Big Fitness Energy™!

Timeline photos 08/18/2023

What a financial pickle we’re in!

Timeline photos 08/16/2023

Look Mom, we’re even holding hands! 🥹

Timeline photos 08/14/2023

Let us know if we’re forgetting anything! 📚✍


Things that make you go “WEE!”
1. Roller coasters
2. Big Fitness Energy™

DISCLAIMER: This image was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Big Fitness Energy™️


Did you know that working out helps fuel your brain too?

High School Summer Pass™️ ends Aug. 31st, but your membership doesn’t have to! Ask your local club about becoming a full-time PF member 👍

Photos from Planet Fitness's post 08/03/2023

Summer is here and you all look FLY! Keep showing off that Big Fitness Energy™ by tagging us with 💪


Teens work out for FREE until August 31st: there’s still time to get that Big Fitness Energy™ this summer!

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Comment below with your favorite tip! Hint: ours rhymes with Shmydro Collage 😜

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Have a thrilling adventure this summer with a trip to the Battle Ropes at your local Planet Fitness.

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Shout out your favorite PF in the comments! With 2,400+ locations, you can even have a couple favs 👍

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A PF Black Card® membership gives you countless perks including a relaxation experience like no other.

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Why feel the sting of a sunburn when you can feel that Big Fitness Energy™ instead?

Timeline photos 07/18/2023

Big Fitness Energy™ sure looks good on you!

Timeline photos 07/17/2023

Flipping burgers counts as arm day, right?


Good luck in New Hampshire, Joey Logano! We know your Big Fitness Energy™ will help you go that extra mile 👍

Timeline photos 07/14/2023

Delicious, nutritious, and *almost* as refreshing as a HydroMassage™? YES PLEASE!

Timeline photos 07/12/2023

Escape to the getaway that is Planet Fitness!

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Can YOU get PF Bingo?? Check out the highlight on our profile for a blank copy to share on your story!

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There is literally NO way to tell if these are hot dogs or legs. Wow!!

Timeline photos 07/03/2023

Your brain (and thumbs) deserve a break from all that scrolling! Sign up for the using the link in bio and work out for FREE all summer long ☀️


Happy 2023 and a half! Share and enjoy this perfectly balanced video and remember: we can have our fitness journey and eat our pizza too 👍

Timeline photos 06/30/2023

We’re still in our honeymoon phase so they don’t know how goofy I am yet 😜

Timeline photos 06/27/2023

Might send him back to the husband store for this 💅


Wishing you a lot of luck and two thumbs up in Nashville Joey Logano! 👍👍


You love working out with us, so how about working with us? We are currently looking for friendly and enthusiastic team members at our many Planet Fitness locations. Apply today to be a part of our Judgement Free Zone®.

We're hiring. Apply today:

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Drop a 🏃‍♂️if you also have the need for speed!

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