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Santos Immigration Law

Operating as usual 01/14/2015

New York City launches municipal identification card program New York City has launched its municipal identification card program, the largest in the country, which officials say will allow immigrants living in the country illegally to access key city services they were previously unable to obtain.


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[12/09/14]   ¿Quiere saber sobre el proceso para solicitar el estatus legal?

¿Tiene hijos que son ciudadanos de los Estados Unidos?

¿Quiere saber si usted califica para la nueva reforma migratoria?

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Santos Immigration Law's cover photo 11/26/2014

Hillary Clinton: Obama Immigration Effort 'Historic Step' NEW YORK (AP) — Hillary Rodham Clinton says she supports President Barack Obama's executive actions to protect about 5 million immigrants living in the U.S. illegally, calling it a "historic step" and urging Congress to pursue a measu... 11/26/2014

Obama Moves To Protect Millions From Deportation WASHINGTON -- In the boldest move on immigration policy of his presidency, President Barack Obama announced plans Thursday evening to dramatically increase deportation relief for an estimated 4.4 million undocumented immigrants. The executive action ... 11/10/2014

Illegal immigrants rally, demand Obama take executive action to protect them The protesters, many of whom are parents of legal children, want “deferred deportations” for adults. 11/10/2014

White House: Obama will act on immigration despite GOP warnings to hold off He intends to proceed, saying that he has already waited almost two years for Congress to make headway. 10/22/2014

Influx of unaccompanied immigrant children slowed again in September September marked the third consecutive month that the numbers declined, according to Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson. 10/22/2014

Courts reject another Arizona immigration law Arizona’s authority to confront its illegal immigration woes was again reined in Wednesday when a federal appeals court threw out a 2006 voter-approved law denying bail to people in the country illegally who are charged with certain crimes. 10/22/2014

School District on Long Island Is Told It Must Teach Immigrants The guidance came after complaints that children who are in the U.S. illegally had been barred from public school classes in Hempstead. 10/22/2014

Rules and Paperwork Keep Long Island’s Immigrant Children From Classroom Despite guidelines, Long Island districts are requiring documents that are often difficult for parents to obtain, forcing children to stay at home. 10/22/2014

Scuttled illegal immigrant housing site in Virginia accuses HHS, neighbors of discrimination Community outrage forced the federal government to nix its plans to house illegal immigrant children at a defunct college in rural Virginia, but the school fought back this month with discrimination complaints accusing both the Obama administration and its own neighbors of bigotry. 07/24/2014

American-Born Gangs Helping Drive Immigrant Crisis at U.S. Border Central America's spiraling violence has a Los Angeles connection.


Immigration court backlog adds to border crisis

#immigration #backlog On a June morning last year, Alex Alvarez left his home in the lush Salvadoran region of Morazan to make the now-familiar journey of tens of thousands of other young immigrants from Central America. 06/12/2014

Immigration Activists Pressure Obama After Cantor Loss Advocates fear that House Republicans will interpret the primary's results as a sign they should avoid immigration 03/05/2014

Inmigrantes indocumentados ganaron batalla legal La Corte Suprema rechazó la medida de algunas ciudades de prohibir alquilar viviendas a indocumentados. 03/05/2014

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New York aprueba #DreamAct La Asamblea de Nueva York aprobó el martes 26 un proyecto de ley que abre los programas de asistencia para pago de matrículas escolares a alumnos que viven sin autorización en el país; la medida pasa a un futuro incierto en el Senado estatal. Sheldon Silver, presidente de la Asamblea, dijo que se in... 02/12/2014

Yet Another Example of Our Broken Immigration System | Santos Immigration Law

Check out our blogpost on yet another reason for comprehensive #immigrationreform at: Yet Another Example of Our Broken Immigration System By admin, February 12 ,2014 No Comments Immigration reform is once again stalled, despite the fact that politicians on both sides of the aisle acknowledge that our immigration system is broken. There are a number of signs that the current immig... 02/06/2014

From Shadows to Citizenship - Room for Debate -

Should #citizenship be hard to obtain once you're legally working/residing in the U.S.? #immigration #immigrants Does it make sense to impede citizenship to someone who is allowed to live and work here? 02/03/2014

Nueva ley limita las deportaciones en California

Menos deportaciones en California #inmigracion #ActaDeConfianza Prohíbe a la Policía local detener a inmigrantes que están de forma ilegal más del tiempo necesario 01/30/2014

Justin Bieber’s Case Highlights Public’s Misinformation on Immigration | Santos Immigration Law

Check out our blog post on in the ins and outs of immigration law as it applies to #JustinBieber. Justin Bieber’s Case Highlights Public’s Misinformation on Immigration By admin, January 30 ,2014 No Comments Headlines ranging from CNN to TMZ and Perez Hilton have declared that the petition with more than 100,000 signatures to deport Justin Bieber from the U.S. must be reviewed by the White Ho... 01/13/2014

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Licencias para conducir en Maryland y D.C. A partir del 1 de enero de 2014, todos los residentes del estado de Maryland, sin importar su estatus migratorio, podrán obtener licencias para conducir, mientras que en el Distrito de Columbia, la misma situación se hará realidad 6 meses después luego de que ambas legislaciones aprobaron leyes simi... 01/13/2014

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Ley de Confianza de Maryland #AnaSolGutierrez Ana Sol Gutiérrez, quien se presenta por un cuarto período como Delegada representando al Distrito 18 del condado de Montgomery, en Maryland, se mostró el viernes 3 de enero como una alegre abuela, rodeada por sus seis nietos, dos de ellos llegados de California, otros dos de Virginia y los dos rest...


We wanted to take this time to let everyone know that another #immigration case has ended with victory! Our client's deportation order has been cancelled and his TPS has been successfully returned. After being detained 6 months in ICE custody and his TPS withdrawn, he is extremely grateful that his battle has been won. 01/08/2014

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Joven mexicano que reside ilegalmente en California fue autorizado por la Corte Suprema ejercer como abogado! La Corte Suprema de California autorizó el jueves 2 de enero a un joven mexicano que reside ilegalmente en el país ejercer como abogado, sentando un precedente que podría repercutir en otros estados con inmigrantes no autorizados que se gradúan y aprueban el examen estatal para ejercer pero no puede... 12/19/2013

Judges Must Warn About Deportation, New York Appeals Court Rules

Criminal judges in NY must warn defendants of possible deportation of certain plea deals. The state’s top court overturned its 1995 ruling and said such a significant consequence of a felony plea must be mentioned to a defendant. 12/19/2013

10 Business Leaders Who Support Immigration Reform

Top business leaders speak out in favor of #ComprehensiveImmigrationReform Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has emerged as one of the strongest supporters of immigration reform. 12/09/2013

Kids Write Letters to Congress Asking For Immigration Reform - COLORLINES

A Wish for the Holidays #ImmigrationReform Their message: keep our families together. 12/09/2013

Immigration Reform Requires You to Interrupt, Speak Up

#ImmigrationReform From this point forth, everyone who remains quiet at a public event where immigration reform is being discussed by members of Congress is just as guilty as those who are delaying the vote on issue. 12/04/2013

Immigration Directive 'Paroles' Undocumented Family Members Of U.S. Military And Veterans

#ImmigrationReform has already begun for relatives of the Armed Forces! An administrative rule means that relatives of military personnel may not be required to leave the U.S. when awaiting resident visas, and so won't have to risk being barred from re-entry. 11/25/2013

Boehner: Immigration Reform 'Absolutely Not' Dead

#ImmigrationReform ABSOLUTELY Not Dead! WASHINGTON -- House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) firmly rejected the idea on Thursday that his conference is obstructing immigration reform and will fail to act, even as the clock ticks down for passing any legislation this year. "Is immigration reform dead? 11/21/2013

Illegal Immigrants Divided Over the Importance of Citizenship

In the continuing debate over #ComprehensiveImmigrationReform , Path to #Citizenship seen by many undocumented immigrants as less important than work authorization, ability to travel freely to their home countries and back. Congress’s efforts on immigration have foundered over naturalization for those in the United States illegally. Yet many immigrants say they would settle for less. 11/13/2013

Chief Judge Kozinski On The Immigrant Experience And Judging

Judge Kozinski, who came to the United States from Romania at age 12....... Here are some highlights for Chief Judge Kozinski's remarks at Yale Law School yesterday. 11/07/2013

Washington Hispanic VEA TAMBIÉN: Galería de fotos del evento de Latino Leaders El Secretario de Trabajo, Tom Pérez, afirmó que en el país se han logrado “grandes progresos” en los campos de los derechos humanos y laborales, pero al mismo tiempo reclamó que “el Sueño Americano debe ser accesible para todos”.




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