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🌹 A book, and its supporting documents ...

CSG Music Group Re-releases "MA" a Tribute To All Mothers...And To The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan


@csgmusicgroup "Ma" - YouTube
Tribute to all the mothers for mothers day and everyday. The song "Ma" by artist @daprofitlives and @WaliNGod of @csgmusicgroup present this single in promot...
WASHINGTON DC- 9/16/2020
Did not the Holy Prophet, Muhammad (PBUH) see the Sun rising from the West in the latter days?..And does not The Holy Q'uran prophetically state, "Lord of the two Easts, and Lord of the two Wests."? (HQ-55:17)

In late April, 1990 at (Mighty) Muhammad's Mosque #4 (Washington, DC) at a weekly MGT-GCC (for Sisters only) meeting, our mother was called to the rostrum by The Honorable Louis Farrakhan and named on the spot, Jamillah Muhammad! In a packed room, on that day, The Leader was starting to feel a little sorry for teaching so long (stuffy room, crying, hungry, babies ect),..and said something like, I really need to let you Sisters go.. Our mother (a newly registered Muslim at the time), immediately said, "We don't want you to go!.." She said it with such conviction, sincerity and LOVE (while rubbing her very- 1st child- pregnant, belly), The Minister said, (and this is a quote) "I FELT THAT." He gave my mom a REAL hug, put his hands on her womb (God's Factory), BLESSED HER WOMB, and named her, JAMILLAH MUHAMMAD. The Sisters shared an "Oprah" moment (lots of tears, and hugging..)..and here we stand 30 years later.. Five, mighty, strong, wise, young warriors..Civilized Savage gods!! We bear witness that Allah Never Waste the actions of His Annoited! We are five Brothers who know and believe that Master Fard Muhammad Is The Supreme Being, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad is His Living Christ, and The Honorable Louis Farrakhan is our LEADER!! We made this song thanking Allah First, and our mother, Jamillah Muhammad second (thankful for you too Pops!).. In this insane, wicked, yacubian, world, Ma's love NEVER gave up on us. We dedicate this inspirational, uplifting tune to all of our strong, Black Mothers who have carried us by hook-crook, and by any means necessary to this critical point in human history. We are fulfilling Biblical prophecy as well (1619-2019 is the 400 years we had to endure as stated in the Bible - Genesis 15:13) ..Our God and Saviour Has Come for us!! Respect and Protect the Black Woman!!! (All women deserve to be respected, of course..) To our Beloved Minister Farrakhan, We love you sir!!Thank you!!!! ALLAH U AKBAR!

Media Contact:
Civilized Savage Gods (CSG Music Group)
[email protected]
1-202-904-8684 (usa)
Assalamu Alaikam! In the midst of a pandemic Life for Relief and Development is doing everything they can to help those who have been impacted by COVID-19. We are providing hygiene kits and food care packages. With your contributions, we would be able to help even more people!. Check out our website to donate. www.lifeusa.org/coronavirus
Is there an official email for the masjid?
How are there no police directing traffic or any volunteers overseeing the parking lot during the busiest day of the year? It was mayhem out there. Horrible management
Assalam Alaikum
I'm Egyptian.
I am a graduate of the Faculty of Education
Alexandria University
I work as an English teacher.
My English isn't fluent or very good but it's ok.

I have a fair amount of forensic science.
I'm good at giving sermons, preaching, lectures and teaching the forensic sciences in Arabic.

I want to work as a volunteer as Khateeb, a preacher, Tutor or any kind of work even if as a cleaner in any Islamic Center or mosque as long as it's for the sake of Allah and in His way.

If you can help, please communicate with me.
I hope you that you will reply even if you refuse.
It's important to know your replying
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Northern Virginia Islamic Center and Mosque in Fairfax, VA, USA.

Operating as usual

[10/12/21]   Sundays (8am - 9:30am) - upstairs @Shirley Gate Masjid
Singles Event
Grab coffee and join a community forum and opportunity to meet with other Muslim singles.


Islamic Center Northern Virginia Trust - Live Stream


Eid Mubarak ✨✨✨

Islamic Center Northern Virginia Trust - Live Stream

[04/15/21]   Assalaam Aliakum WarahmatuAllahi Wabarakatuhu. You can get your Ramadan Planner at the link below.


Iftar Sign-up 04/14/2021

Iftar Sign-up

Register for iftar using this form:

Iftar Sign-up 4420 Shirley Gate Road Fairfax, VA | [email protected] Sign up 24 hours in advance. Iftar will be served in the courtyard or in the basement.




You can now Donate for Ramadan Programs using this link.

www.paypal.com Transfer money online in seconds with PayPal money transfer. All you need is an email address.

[04/11/21]   Assalamu Alaikum,
🌙Ramadan Mubarak!
🕌It is our honor to be informing you that Taraweeh will begin on Monday, April 12 at 9:15 PM after Isha, followed by the first day of fasting, April 13th.

🎁If you need a Ramadan Iftar Package (free groceries), they are available for pick up NOW in the room next to the main/men’s prayer hall at Maghreb daily through the month of Ramadan. Reservations can be made if no packs are available upon pick up. Email [email protected] for donations, questions or reservations.

📚Join Green Stairs Ramadan Program every Sunday from 9:00-11:00AM to learn the meaning of prayer and how to pray.

📚Islamic Library is open Sundays from 9:00am - 12:00pm.

🤲May Allah make this holy month beneficial for each and every one of you. May He forgive us all our sins and enter us into Jannah. Ameen.


Islamic Center Northern Virginia Trust - Live Stream

Watch the LIVEstream here: http://www.marociptv.com/icnvt?channel=icnvt3

Islamic Center Northern Virginia Trust - Live Stream

Philip Aparicio converting in to Islam by Molana Imam Abdul Wali Muradpury 03/07/2021

Philip Aparicio converting in to Islam by Molana Imam Abdul Wali Muradpury


Philip Aparicio converting in to Islam by Molana Imam Abdul Wali Muradpury

[03/06/21]   إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ

It is with great sadness that we share the news that Hazrat Muhammad Rafiq Sahib (Rahimahullah) has returned to his Lord.

He was amongst the most senior Ulama (scholars) of USA, tirelessly served the DMV community for 3 decades, and was involved in countless services to the Deen.

Janazah: March 6th 11:00 AM at Islamic Community Center of Northern Virginia (4420 Shirley Gate Rd Fairfax VA 22030).

Followed by burial at All Muslim Association of America (AMAA Cemetery) 1112 Brooke Rd. Fredericksburg, VA 22405.

The family requests dua for Allah (swt) to forgive his sins, have mercy on him, and make his grave a garden of Paradise. Ameen

Please Note: All attendees are required to wear mask and gloves during the congregation. Also, attendees should maintain a six-feet physical distance at all times and no handshakes or any sort of physical contact is allowed.

د.أحمد الزارع-خطبة الجمعة ٢٠٢١/٢/٥-الإخلاصُ شرطٌ لقبولِ العملِ-المركز الإسلامي بشمال ڤيرچينيا 02/07/2021

د.أحمد الزارع-خطبة الجمعة ٢٠٢١/٢/٥-الإخلاصُ شرطٌ لقبولِ العملِ-المركز الإسلامي بشمال ڤيرچينيا

Friday Khutbah 2/5
- Acceptance of Good Deeds is Contingent Upon Sincerityhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-AUeH-UsTc

د.أحمد الزارع-خطبة الجمعة ٢٠٢١/٢/٥-الإخلاصُ شرطٌ لقبولِ العملِ-المركز الإسلامي بشمال ڤيرچينيا Dr. Ahmad Alzaree - Friday Sermon 02/05/2021 - Deed Acceptance is contingent upon Sincerity - Shirley Gate Mosque/Islamic Center of Northern Virginia Trust (...

د أحمد الزارع-خطبة الجمعة ٢٠٢١/١/١٥-"الشيطان و العداوة الأبدية"-المركز الإسلامي بشمال ڤيرچينيا 02/03/2021

د أحمد الزارع-خطبة الجمعة ٢٠٢١/١/١٥-"الشيطان و العداوة الأبدية"-المركز الإسلامي بشمال ڤيرچينيا

In case you missed it.... Friday sermon - Shaytan’s animosity toward the children of Adam (AS)
Ahmad Alzaree

د أحمد الزارع-خطبة الجمعة ٢٠٢١/١/١٥-"الشيطان و العداوة الأبدية"-المركز الإسلامي بشمال ڤيرچينيا Dr. Ahmad Alzaree - Friday Sermon 01/15/2021 - The devil & Eternal Animosity - Shirley Gate Masjid/Islamic Center of Northern Virginia Trust (ICNVT) - Fairfa...


Allah’s love for us manifests in many ways. He nurtures and takes care of all of His creation, whether they are believers or disbelievers, righteous or sinful, grateful or ungrateful. However, on top of that, He takes special care of us emotionally and spiritually. He inspires us to do what will increase our iman and puts us through situations that will strengthen us, bring us closer to Him, nurture our good qualities and rid us of our bad qualities.

Tanwir Winter Series 2021 — Prophetic Prayers 01/28/2021

Tanwir Winter Series 2021 — Prophetic Prayers

ICNVT-Tanwir Sign up for a unique course on Prophetic Prayers!

https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tanwir-winter-series-2021-prophetic-prayers-tickets-138113536305 (it's FREE)

Tanwir Winter Series 2021 — Prophetic Prayers Tanwir Winter Semester Series 2021 — Prophetic Prayers


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Friday Prayer 11:00AM


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Friday Prayer 1:30 PM 01-01-2020
Friday Prayer 12:30PM  01-01-2020
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4420 Shirley Gate Rd
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