Brighton Collectibles Fair Oaks Mall

Brighton Collectibles Fair Oaks Mall


*Give* and you shall receive! Brighton Collectibles Fair Oaks Mall and Ketterman's Jewelers in Leesburg are collecting gently used handbags to donate to our boutique through their Handbag Trade-In event. In exchange, donors will receive $25-$50 towards a brand new handbag! Visit their store July 28th - August 13th to participate 👜🛍 Whatever your style, personality, career, or mood, Brighton accessories are designed for you!

Photos from Brighton's post 09/27/2023

As the leaves turn brown and the temperatures begin to drop, these whimsical pops of color mixed with silver sparkle like champagne bubbles, and who doesn’t want that? 💎✨


Each charm you wear is like a special moment frozen in time—reminding you of something you've seen, celebrated, and loved. This fall, add to your personal story with some new charms and create new moments to be cherished all over again." 🍂✨🌟

Photos from Brighton's post 09/24/2023

What fashion trends are making your heart skip a little bit faster this fall? Is it the burst of color, the elegance of gold, the edginess of studs, the versatility of chains, or the fierce allure of leopard? As the leaves begin to fall, which ones are on your must-have list? 🍂👗💫

Photos from Brighton's post 09/22/2023

Step into the wild side of fashion this weekend with our Kameron Utility Tote! It's not just a bag, but a declaration of style and practicality for the contemporary woman. We're thrilled to see making it look so effortless! And yes, the print? That's Ollie’s paw of approval right there! 🐆🐱

Photos from Brighton's post 09/22/2023

Time to pack the summer bags away. For those moments when you crave both femininity and a hint of edge, our Pretty Tough Collection has you covered. The studs on these pieces will send a clear message - you're a woman who means business, and that business is all about having fun. So, what's the song they make you hear playing in your head? 🎵💼✨

Photos from Brighton's post 09/21/2023

Feel like adding some extra glow to your look? Gold jewelry is classic, and styles her Brighton pieces with a chic black cardigan and jeans! When in doubt, go for the gold and watch how they become the backbone of your wardrobe ✨

Photos from Brighton's post 09/20/2023

What’s on deck for fall, you ask? Mixed metals with a little bling of crystal like our Neptune’s Rings pieces add dimension to any outfit and are like treasures from another world, bringing a cosmic charm to your autumn style. 🍂💫✨

Timeline photos 09/19/2023

It's all about the exquisite details that make you shine. Whether you're headed to the office, enjoying some playtime, or jetting off for a weekend adventure, earrings frame your face with grace and style. They're the ultimate finishing touch to elevate any occasion. 💫✨

Photos from Brighton's post 09/18/2023

It’s the time of year to fall for the allure of new neutrals. Think rich, sophisticated shades that effortlessly complement every outfit, adding that touch of timeless elegance that harmonize with your entire wardrobe and create a striking contrast with your sparkling accessories, making your style choices pop. 🍂👜✨

Timeline photos 09/17/2023

Big, bold, and brilliantly modern, the links around your ears and neck make for the perfect fall statement pieces. Whether pebbly or polished, singular or layered, they effortlessly complement both dresses and casual sweats with a hoodie. Watch how quickly they become your go-to fall fashion staple. 🍂💫✨

Timeline photos 09/15/2023

Interlok Harmony handbags are sure to make your fall season a smashing success. ✨ Designed by Maricela Palicios, these handbags are made from luxe leather in three stunning colors: black, cognac, and camel, featuring expert craftsmanship and elegant details, making them the perfect accessory for work or play. 🍂👜


You don’t need to wave a wand to transform your summer stories into fall tales. Simply begin with a silver, gold, or leather bracelet, adorn it with your cherished seasonal charms, and let your style prowess shine for the world to see. 🍂🌟✨

Photos from Brighton's post 09/13/2023

Who doesn't love Fall? The delightful scents, the vibrant foliage, and, of course, the art of layering. Speaking of which, embrace the season's spirit by mixing your metals and layering your chains, pendants, and necklaces at varying lengths. It's the key to crafting your one-of-a-kind and utterly unique style. 🍂🍁✨

Photos from Brighton's post 09/11/2023

Why shouldn’t luxury be an everyday thing? There’s an art to fine living and an art to the fine craftsmanship that defines the Ferrara Collection — the classic look updated with a trendy and glamorous cosmopolitan flair. 💎🌆👑

Timeline photos 09/11/2023

Today, we honor and remember. 🇺🇸

Photos from Brighton's post 09/11/2023

Time to be as stylish as you are punctual. Elevate your smart watch with one of our watch bands and then mix, and match, and stack with your bangles, choosing different metals and textures. What’s the point of having such beautiful things if you can’t enjoy them every day? ✨⌚💫

Timeline photos 09/10/2023

✨ Time to unleash your inner sparkle. ✨

You can still have plenty of zing without any bling when you go for the gold. Our Contempo pieces in gold are fused with contemporary materials into something more modern, fashionable, and edgy that can be doubled, reversed, layered – your options are endless. Timeless wearable art. ✨

Timeline photos 09/08/2023

As Elvis might have sung, wise men say only fools rush in, but you can’t help falling in love with Tom Clancy & Aasha Ramdeen’s fab new Falling In Love Water Bottle. And best of all, while supplies last, it’s absolutely free with any purchase of $125. Some things are meant to be!

Timeline photos 09/08/2023

As the leaves change and the air turns crisp, there's something truly special about embracing the earth's beauty. Our Pebble Jewelry Collection draws inspiration from the timeless allure of nature's pebble mosaics that capture the organic, natural beauty found in the silhouettes and textures of river rocks, reinterpreted in elegant silver adorned with Balinese-style dots, making them the ideal choice to accentuate your fall wardrobe while seamlessly complementing the pieces you already have. 🍂🌿✨

Photos from Brighton's post 09/07/2023

You don’t need Halloween yet to get some candy…arm candy that is. Bandits come in a delicious array of colors. 🍭 Express your creativity and mix them with your bracelet stack!

Photos from Brighton's post 09/06/2023

🌞🍂 Dive into our 2023 Pre-Fall Lookbook!

-Ready-to-wear Portofino Links
-New neutrals in our Pink Sand hue
-Necklace layering with delicate chains and hand-set European crystals
-Featherweight leopard print bags
- & much more!

Discover your fall style now! 💃🛍️

Photos from Brighton's post 09/05/2023

Legendary artist David Hockney might just as well have been describing the multi-colored pieces of the Elora Collection when he said, “the most celebratory moment in the English landscape are the blossoms coming out. It looks like there’s been Champagne poured over everything.”

Who wouldn’t want to sparkle like that when fall nips the air? 🍂🌸✨

Photos from Brighton's post 09/04/2023

Pretty Petals year-round! 🌸🍂 As we welcome the crisp embrace of fall, take inspiration from the twists and bends of flowers as the stunning final touch in swoon-worthy leathers and hand-carved and etched jewelry with colorful crystals that instantly elevate your look in unexpected ways. 🍁🌼

Photos from Brighton's post 09/03/2023

September is about groovin’ into the new Moody Blue pieces in the Fashionista collection designed by Tom Clancy and Aasha Ramdeen that put a fresh spin on the graphics of the swinging 1960s. One thing is for sure - they will have you feeling anything but blue! 💙


Hand-etched artistry meets inspiration in our Garden Splendor necklaces, revealing nature's beauty on one side and profound quotes on the other. These exquisite necklaces are more than just accessories; they're symbols of joy, luck, beauty, creativity, and resilience. Ready to carry the magic with you into the long weekend? Shop now and discover the perfect symbol for your journey! 💖

Photos from Brighton's post 09/01/2023

So many hoops, so little time. Hoop earrings literally never go out of style. Simple, elegant and versatile, they’re the perfect finishing touch to add to your look whether you’re heading to the office or out for the night!

Photos from Brighton's post 08/31/2023

As we gracefully transition from the sun-kissed days of summer to the cozy embrace of fall, there's one color that effortlessly carries tranquility with it – BLUE! 💙

✨ Our Interlok Mini Utility Bag - the perfect blend of fashion and function.
✨ The Georgia Convertible Hobo - your go-to for chic versatility.
✨ The Twinkling Halo Collection - inspired by the beauty of star clusters.

These classics all share the mesmerizing allure of various shades of blue. 💫

Photos from Brighton's post 08/30/2023

Life moves fast, and so do we! Seamlessly blending fashion and functionality, our Smart Bands are here to accommodate your dynamic lifestyle. Whether you're conquering the boardroom, hitting your fitness goals, or savoring precious moments, stack, mix, and match to create the perfect wrist game!


Spice up your style with our new Desert Friends Bandit Bracelets!

More choices, same adorable animals! Now available in Chili Pepper and Shoe White. Mix, match, and stack 'em for a look that's all your own.

Photos from Brighton's post 08/27/2023

Your hearts are in for a treat as we unveil the mesmerizing artwork by Tom Clancy and Aasha Ramdeen on our latest Color of Love Sunglass Case. It's more than just a case; it's the perfect home for your Brighton sunglasses. Plus, here's the exciting part: Until September 4th, purchase a pair of Brighton sunglasses, and this case is your FREE delight! 💕🕶️

Photos from Brighton's post 08/26/2023

Ready to turn some heads? Now that the Jaxon Tote comes in olive 🫒 , it gives you an automatic warm and dramatic vibe. So why not go full head to toe with the Pretty Tough Collection to feel feminine and a little bold at the same time?

Photos from Brighton's post 08/24/2023

Introducing our fab new silver and enamel sports charms! They let you carry your team spirit with a touch of crystal sparkle that make your cheers shine even brighter. As you kick off the NFL season in style, tell us which team are you rooting for? 🏈❤️

Photos from Brighton's post 08/23/2023

Introducing the stunning Ferrara La Bellezza Large Wallet and Fiora Large Tote, designed by Carmen Radulescu-Devine, and inspired by the breathtaking rose windows of 12th-century European cathedrals. While preserving the classic essence of the Ferrara brand, they embody the rugged beauty of the cactus flowers in California deserts with their twisted segmented patterns and prickly textures. Expert craftsmanship, luxurious leather, ever so versatile and totally chic! 🌹🌵

Photos from Brighton's post 08/21/2023

Stacking your bracelets is a kind of self-expression, a way to personalize your look at any given moment – mix your metals, add some leather, throw in some bling! So many ways, so many kinds, and so little time. Which one’s your favorite? 💫🌟

Photos from Brighton's post 08/20/2023

Need an instant mood booster? Is there anything more cheerful than colorful jewelry? As the Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky said, "color is a power which directly influences the soul!" Elevate your style and turn any day into a celebration of color and positivity. 💎🌞

Photos from Brighton's post 08/18/2023

Never fear, we’re on the case. Protecting your shades is a must, and have you ever seen anything cuter than Tom Clancy and Aasha Ramdeen’s Color of Love Sunglass Case? The colors are denim-friendly, go with everything and best of all, through September 4th, buy a pair of Brighton sunglasses and get this case for FREE! 💕🕶

Photos from Brighton's post 08/17/2023

Elevate every outfit effortlessly with the Contempo Collection - the versatile finishing touch inspired by vintage designs from Taxco, Mexico, the "silver capital of the world". Ornate and intricate, yet modern and polished, these pieces embody classic elegance and add that special touch of glam to all your styles. With the perfect blend of bling and sophistication, the Contempo Collection ensures you're always ready to shine. ✨🌟

Photos from Brighton's post 08/16/2023

Why wear a gold piece and a silver piece when you could wear one made from both? The new Ferrara Two Tone Luce pieces – our signature silver framed in gold - are the modern trend statement pieces you’ll want to adopt to transform your look from simple and casual to chic and gorgeous in the blink of an eye. Talk about “Curb Appeal”! ✨🌟


Discover the captivating world of crosses and meaningful jewelry. Stack them for a stunning ensemble or gift them to a loved one, as a reminder of the blessings we share. 🌟❤️

Photos from Brighton's post 08/13/2023

Banish the black and bury the beige! Pink couldn’t be hotter right now. 🔥Tomorrow’s the last day to trade in your gently-used bag and get $25 -$50 off toward a new pink bag that will turn your whole world rosy-red! 💕👜

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Brighton is the only major accessories company offering inspired products from head to toe. We pride ourselves in designing finely detailed pieces with special meanings, and making these treasures last a lifetime. Find us at our 170+ Brighton stores or at 5,000+ largely family-owned specialty retailers nationwide. Whatever your style, personality, career, or mood, Brighton accessories are designed for you!

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