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BI Manager munkatársat keres a BARE International. Az állás betöltéséhez Power BI és SQL ismeret szükséges.
Do any companies in the Myrtle Beach area care about their quality of customer service or do they just rely on tourists because they come and go?
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👋 Meet Mike Bare, co-founder of the MSPA, and President of BARE International

"I’m proud to be recognized as one of its co-founders," Mike shares. “We held our first meeting in Orlando in February 1997. Expecting about 20 to 30 people, we were surprised by the promising attendance of 80 participants. We discussed the role, purpose, benefits and format of the proposed organization, and with the support of our peers, decided to move forward."

✈️ In addition to his passion CX and Guest Experience Research, Mike enjoys golfing, traveling, and spending time with his family, especially his granddaughter.

219th day of the full-scale war in Ukraine. The heart of every Ukrainian today is filled with deep pain and anger from the terrible news coming from our cities. In Zaporizhzhya, in the morning, 25 people were killed and more than 50 wounded due to the russian strike on the humanitarian convoy heading to the occupied territories. It was peaceful people on whom russian terrorists fired 16 missiles. Like those 15 people killed and wounded yesterday at a public transport stop in Mykolaiv. The enemy is enraged and tries to take revenge for our steadfastness and his failures. They cynically destroy peaceful Ukrainians because of losing everything human long ago.
It is impossible even to imagine the pain of a father and husband whose family was killed yesterday in their own home in Dnipro. Natalia had two children - 12-year-old Vasilisa and 8-year-old Ivan. When the war started, the woman decided to move the kids away from the centre - to her grandmother in the private sector. Yesterday, a rocket hit this house. The mother, grandmother, two children and a small puppy disappeared in this horror. Only an old shell-shocked dog remained, sitting on the rubble and howling very sadly.
Such bloodthirsty crimes can only be committed by terrorists deprived of all humanity, who have no place in the civilised world and on this earth. No matter how hard it was, today is another day of our Ukrainian struggle. Another day on our way to victory, security and peace. Each of us is a warrior!

Please stand with us!

Figures of the day:
● 25 people were killed and more than 50 wounded due to a russian strike on a convoy of civilian vehicles on the exit to the occupied part of the Zaporizhzhia region on the morning of September 30. October 1 was declared a day of mourning in the region.
● AFU General Staff: Over the past day, the russian military carried out five missile and 11 air strikes and fired more than 100 multiple rocket launchers at military and civilian targets in Ukraine. As a result, about 50 settlements were damaged, including Dnipro, Mykolaiv, and Kramatorsk.
● On the evening of September 29, russian troops attacked southern Ukraine with seven Shahed-136 kamikaze drones, five of which were shot down. The others hit a house in Mykolaiv and a regional infrastructure facility.
● Institute for the Study of War (ISW): Ukrainian Armed Forces completed the encirclement of the russian group near Lyman in the Donetsk region.
● Ukraine freed four marines and two civilians from captivity - Head of the Presidential Office Andriy Yermak.
● According to russian media, putin signed decrees "recognising the state sovereignty and independence" of the Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions. President Zelenskyy convenes an emergency meeting of the Security Council on September 30.

➡️More details in Ukrainian and English by link:

Nigerian Students Association Togo Chapter
Student energy University of Kara - Togo
National Association of Nigerian Student Togo Chapter
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Ambassade d'Allemagne au Togo
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Ecoles Internationales Maarif Togo
ISLA - Langcenter International TOGO
Embassy of Switzerland in Ghana, Benin and Togo
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BARE International
Eglise Internationale Point De Tournure Lomé-Togo

The 195th day of the full-scale war in Ukraine. This morning began for Ukrainians in all regions with an air-raid alert. It was followed, as always, by disappointing news: enemy morning strikes on Kharkiv destroyed an apartment building in the city center. New strikes on Nikopol and a massive fire at an oil depot in the Dnipro region. russian shelling at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant continues unabated. That means the terrorist state is totally indifferent to any arrangement with the IAEA and the international community. The kremlin is only interested in keeping the situation worse for as long as possible. It can only be remedied by strengthening sanctions and officially recognising russia as a terrorist state - at all levels. And, of course, by the heroic actions of our defenders on the battlefield. The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to consistently and thoroughly destroy the occupants' depots, bases, crossings, and headquarters. The russian army came to our native land without waiting for resistance. And will leave with no hope of salvation. Every one of us is a Warrior!

Please stand with us!

Figures of the day:
● Over the past 24 hours, Ukrainian defenders successfully repelled 9 attempted russian offensives, and in the Kramatorsk direction, the AFU dislodged the enemy from previously occupied positions. russian losses have already exceeded 50,000, the General Staff has said.
● President Zelenskiy said that Ukrainian defenders destroyed a russian base from which the occupiers were taking S-300 missiles to bomb Kharkiv.
● The front line in Ukraine is 2,500 km long, of which 1,300 km are still active combat operations, Deputy Defence Minister Hanna Malyar.
● Occupants representatives said they had "taken pause" regarding a pseudo-referendum on the "annexation" of the Kherson region to russia. Ukrainian counteroffensive tangibly weakens invaders' logistical and administrative capabilities in occupied south - Institute for the Study of War (ISW).
● russian shelling has shut down the last power line connecting Zaporizhzhia NPP to Ukraine's energy system - NAEC Energoatom.
● Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk: 63,000 people were evacuated in August from the frontline regions of Donetsk, Kharkiv, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia.
● The remains of two more people killed by the russian military have been found in Bucha, Kyiv Region - National Police.
● During four months of the United24 fundraising platform, almost 200 million dollars from 110 countries have been transferred to Ukraine, - President Zelenskiy.

➡️More details in Ukrainian and English by link:

Morocco World News
British Council Morocco
Fulbright Morocco
Amnesty International Morocco
Al Arabiya Morocco العربية المغرب
Elaraki International School of Morocco
International Student Consultancy Agency
LPU Management Commerce International et Systèmes d’Information
Master International Banque et Marchés Financiers
International Sports Marketing Morocco
BARE International

The 193rd day of the full-scale war in Ukraine. On this sunny Sunday morning, we do not want to believe that it is another morning of war. Heavy fighting continues in Kharkiv, Donbas and the south of our country. Our defenders, at the cost of their lives, reliably maintain the defence of their native land. Ukrainian artillery is doing everything to destroy the invaders' strike potential so that every russian headquarters, ammunition depot, and all logistics routes in the occupied territory are disarmed. We must not stop while terrorists continue to kill Ukrainian civilians every day. Yesterday, new russian strikes on Mykolaiv and Dnipro claimed the lives of two children and injured dozens of adults. When people are killed simply for what they are, for not giving up their homeland - this is not just terrorism. It is a challenge to our entire civilisation as such. We believe in our Armed Forces of Ukraine and do everything to bring victory closer! Each of us is a Warrior!

Please stand with us!

Figures of the day:
● Russian shelling in Zelenodolsk, Dnipro region, killed a 9-year-old boy and injured ten community members.
● In Bereznehuvate, Mykolayiv region, russian shelling has killed an eight-year-old child and injured four more people with shrapnel wounds, including two children, the regional council said.
● Two Bayraktar drones destroyed and damaged russian military equipment worth $28.35 million in 3 days - AFU Commander-in-Chief Valeriy Zaluzhniy.
● On the southern defence frontiers, the AFU aviation conducted 24 strikes on the areas of concentration of workforce and equipment, strongholds and command posts of the russians.
● In the town of Oleshki near Kherson, a depot with russian occupants' ammunition is detonated - Mayor Yevhen Ryshchuk and Odesa regional military administration representative Serhiy Bratchuk.
● According to the Ukrainian Defence Ministry, 40 per cent of the new russian units' equipment is unfit for service.

➡️More details in Ukrainian and English by link:

Erasmus Student Network Czech Republic
Erasmus + Mobility by ITC International
Erasmus Student Network VUT Brno - ESN VUT Brno
Erasmus+ Česká republika
European International Studies Association - EISA
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BARE International
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The Union of Georgian Students in the Czech Republic

Welcome to the BARE International official page! We offer global customer experience resear BARE is headquartered in the Washington, D.C.

BARE International was born from the need for mystery customer research at the national and global level. Today, we set the industry standard as the largest independent provider of customer experience research, data, and analytics for companies worldwide. Since 1987, we have built our reputation on innovation, ethics, and seamless client service management. BARE International is a family-owned bus

Timeline photos 05/19/2023

Timeline photos

Here we grow!! 📢 We're hiring a Junior Project Manager responsible for recruiting and scheduling our US evaluators on select projects. P.S. this is a opportunity!

Apply Here 🔗


💚 What are three things you are grateful for today? Reflecting on your gratitude is a great way to take a pause and check in on yourself.

Timeline photos 05/18/2023

Here we grow!! 📢 We're hiring a Junior Project Manager responsible for recruiting and scheduling our US evaluators on select projects. P.S. this is a opportunity!

Apply Here 🔗

Photos from BARE International's post 05/18/2023

Why is BARE's Advanced Analytics dashboard right for your company? Swipe through to learn why!

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Timeline photos 05/15/2023

Happy International Family Day! 💙 Every family looks different, and today, we celebrate the power of those unique connections. Whether by blood or bond, let's cherish the love, support, and joy our families bring.

Timeline photos 05/15/2023

Mondays are for making money!! Check out this week's on the job board and see what you can earn mystery shopping this week.

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Photos from BARE International's post 05/14/2023

On this special day, we celebrate the superwomen who effortlessly balance work and family, inspiring us all. 💐 Happy Mother's Day to all of the amazing moms out there!

Timeline photos 05/13/2023

📊 BARE's Advanced Analytics dashboard makes viewing and understanding your data efficient and effective. Better yet, you can share important insights across your company.



💚 Here is your reminder to take a quick break to refuel!

What are some things that you do to ?

Timeline photos 05/11/2023

Everyone say hi to Lucy! Lucy loves to read and write poetry, enjoys medieval history, standup and sketch comedy, and rock music! 🤘🏼🎸


Are you currently using the Presto Mobile App?
If not, you better download it today!
We've posted over a thousand opportunities to earn quick cash by taking photos in the Presto Mobile App!

Timeline photos 05/08/2023

Visit the job board to see what cities we have opportunities in! Start mystery shopping now 🛍️

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Timeline photos 05/06/2023

With BARE's Advanced Analytics platform, you can track CX insights and fully customize the reports that you're interested in.

Interested in learning more? Visit the link below.



💚 May is Mental Health Awareness Month 💚 To spread awareness and encourage thoughtful conversation, we'll share a Brain Bit every week that we encourage you to stop and think about!

What are some things that you do to ?


BARE is now offering product inquiry evaluations at nationwide big box retailers! Check the opportunity board to see what's available in your city!

Timeline photos 05/04/2023

📢 We're Hiring!! Looking for an organized client relationship connoisseur to be BARE's Business Development Manager. Visit our careers page to apply today- we promise we don't bite.


Timeline photos 05/04/2023

Meet Lekha! Our awesome IN Marketing Manager 🎉 Lekha is the queen of all things fitness- she loves working out, making fitness Reels, and reading about nutrition.

Timeline photos 05/04/2023

🎉Introducing our April Evaluator of the Month recipients! We're so excited to celebrate the people who step up to the plate to help us provide quality insights to our clients.

Each month, evaluators nominated for their excellent work are sent a certificate, BARE goodies, and entry into Evaluator of the YEAR!


If you are medicare eligible, you should check out the job board! BARE has lots of phone call, virtual, and in person opportunities available!

Reach out to Jessica for more details! [email protected]

Timeline photos 05/01/2023

May anniversaries! 🌷🥂 Congratulations to Jessica on her 1 year anniversary with BARE! Thank you for your dedicated contributions.

Timeline photos 05/01/2023

It's Monday!! Check out this week's on the job board and see what you can earn mystery shopping this week.

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Timeline photos 05/01/2023

Happy International Worker's Day! Today especially, we hope to share our appreciation for all of those who dedicate themselves to making a difference in their communities.

Timeline photos 04/29/2023

With BARE's Advanced Analytics platform, you can easily aggregate data from various streams into one!

Interested in learning more? Visit the link below.


Timeline photos 04/27/2023

Meet Helengale! Our Senior HR Coordinator loves the international collaboration here at BARE. 🌍 When she isn't taking care of our HR needs, Helengale likes to sing, dance, and travel!


Are you a resident of, or live near Southwest Austin, TX and looking to make some extra cash? We're on the hunt for apartment evaluators to take a tour and give us their honest opinion by the end of the month. And the best part? You'll get paid $50 for your time!

And because we can't resist a good joke... Why did the apartment go to the doctor? Because it had a new lease on life!

Please reach out to [email protected] to learn more.

Timeline photos 04/25/2023

‼️ Don't forget!! is coming up, and we'll be there as an exhibitor for the third year in a row! Find Jason and Michele at Booth #1763!

What do you want to see and learn from us?


Are you flying out of AUS airport anytime before the end of April? If so, get paid $125 to visit an airport lounge prior to take off! E-mail Veronica for qualifying information and don't miss out on this opportunity! [email protected]

Timeline photos 04/24/2023

Happy Monday!! Looking for things to do this week? How about earning some extra cash mystery shopping? 💸

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Timeline photos 04/22/2023

🤓 Are your current analytics tools not cutting it? Learn more about BARE's Advanced Analytics platform to get the actionable insights you need to make effective decisions.

Learn More🔗

Timeline photos 04/22/2023

🌎 Today, we celebrate our home, our Earth.

"Think about what you might do, today or tomorrow - and make the most of it."

Photos from BARE International's post 04/21/2023

🌮 Tacos, team-building, and tactics. This week BARE saw amazing strategizing, cross-department learnings, and good fun as some of the local Fairfax, VA employees came together!

Timeline photos 04/20/2023

Meet Clarissa! 👋 When Clarissa isn't working, she enjoys reading books, watching football, and exploring genres of music!


LIMITED TIME OFFER! Get paid to ask questions!

Pick up your first grocery shop evaluation in ID or MT and get a special bonus incentive payout of $30! Hurry, this is only good through the end of April! (Areas: Old Town ID, Bonner’s Ferry ID, Sandpoint ID, and Great Falls MT)

Contact Michele or visit the job board for more details! - [email protected]


Get paid to relax in a lounge!

Are you traveling to, from, or through AUS or HKG airports any time in April or May? If so, please reach out with your travel details to Veronica, so she can see if she can get you scheduled for an airport lounge evaluation!

[email protected]

Photos from BARE International's post 04/18/2023

Why should I measure my CX? Why does it matter? What can I gain from putting my efforts into my CX?

We have the answers to (almost) all of your existential questions.

P.S. we'll be at in 3 weeks!

Request a Quote here🔗

Timeline photos 04/17/2023

Unfortunately, our Global Director of Marketing is on vacation... so here are the top shops for the week.

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Timeline photos 04/15/2023

💡Are you using your analytics most effectively?

BARE Advanced Analytics makes viewing and understanding your data efficient and effective. Customize your reports to get the most out of what you're looking for.



Own your own home? Have at least 4 windows that you could get an in-home quote on upgrading or replacing?

This is your assignment, and it will go fast!

Check the Job Board for more information!

Timeline photos 04/11/2023

🐾 Happy International Pet Day from our very own, Teddy Bare!

Timeline photos 04/10/2023

Announcing this week's top shops! Check the job board to start today! 🛍️

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Our Story

BARE International (BARE) is a global firm dedicated to providing organizations with key information regarding customer service, integrity and brand standards. BARE gathers the information needed to improve the overall quality of brand performance and profitability, while ensuring consistency of measurement and simplified reporting. We perform thousands of audits and mystery visits monthly in over 100 countries worldwide.

Founded in 1987 and still owned by Michael and Dale Bare, BARE has grown to over 200 highly qualified employees globally. Headquartered in Fairfax, VA, BARE has international offices in: Antwerp, Belgium; Budapest, Hungary; Mumbai, India; Shanghai, China; São Paolo, Brazil, Singapore and Santiago, Chile. We perform over 30,000 evaluations each month in over 100 countries across the globe with a 99.2% successful completion ratio.

BARE’s inception stems from the hospitality industry where the company was among the first of its kind providing acumen into the real customer experience for large chain restaurant and hotel groups across the United States. As the company reputation spread, other opportunities were revealed and the company expanded into the Retail and Financial industries during the early 1990’s. By 1998, BARE was recognized as a premier resource for the retail, hospitality, health & fitness, financial and automotive industries across the globe.

Our high standards of performance and client customer service have made us one of the industry’s foremost Mystery Customer Research firms. With BARE International you can count on a reliable and truly motivated business partner.

In order to preserve BARE’s commitment to exceptional customer service, BARE established international offices to provide global services for diversified clients. With our international presence, many major market research companies turn to BARE as their provider of fieldwork audits.

Contact us to find out more on BARE International’s services and how we can help reveal the true nature of your business today.

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On behalf of BARE, Happy Veterans Day. ❤️🤍💙 Thank you for your bravery, service, and sacrifice!#veteransday #happyvetera...
Happy CX DAY!! From BARE International to you. 😁🤝Did you know that customers are more than likely willing to forgive a b...
Customers will pay more for a better experience. Enough said. P.S. HAPPY CX WEEK 🎉#CX #CXday #customerexperience #consul...
Wishing you and yours a safe and celebratory Fourth of July! 🇺🇸#fourthofjuly #independenceday2022
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Today, we thank all who served for your service and sacrifices. We are forever grateful! #VeteransDay
CX Day 2021 - CX is a Team Sport
🙌 We're excited to be attending The Quirk's Event in a few days! Let us know if you're coming... don't be shy and say hi...


9990 Fairfax Boulevard, Suite 115
Fairfax, VA

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 5pm
Tuesday 9am - 5pm
Wednesday 9am - 5pm
Thursday 9am - 5pm
Friday 9am - 5pm
Sunday 7:30am - 6:30pm

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