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I have a major complaint about inhumane living conditions with one of your properties. I have been working diligently to connect with someone to get this unresolved matter resolved? Is it possible someone can direct in the correct direction?
You can charge people late fee in excess of 2K. Please have Rachel Ramirez call me.
Please have someone call me regarding my denial of late fees for HOA for Sherbooke II . They to charge me over 2K in late fees for a late HOA payment. Unreal. I left a message for Rachel Ramirez a few times but no response and I sent her an email.
Hello. It's my understanding that you were allowing maintenance people to come in shifts, so that they could maintain greater social distance during the pandemic. Now I understand that you are requiring those employees to come in every day, thus increasing their risk and the risk of your residents. Is that correct?
Not very good at depositing condo HOA checks on a timely basis but very prompt at charging condo owners late fees. Great work!
Last night, I locked out of my building at The Residences at Silver Hill for the third time in the 1.5 years that I've lived here. Yet again the front door locks were broken.
I do not understand how a property can design their entire security model around locked front doors and tout this in your marketing materials and yet residents are expected to live in daily fear that the doors may just stop working at any given moment. This simply does not make sense.
It was 10:30p at night, freezing cold outside, I'd been out all day, I have my own problems to worry about, and I now I'm locked out. My apartment is on the main road and it's terrifying to be completely without cover and no idea when someone will be able to help...especially when I pay rent on time every month.

It was 10:30p at night, freezing cold outside, I'd been out all day, I have my own problems to worry about, and I now I'm locked out. My apartment is on the main road and it's terrifying to be completely without cover and no idea when someone will be able to help...especially when I pay rent on time every month.

The entire complex spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on window fixtures, yet the front door which is more integral to our day-to-day lives is never working properly. The last time I inquired about it, I was simply told that's just how it is.

I really need some action to be taken immediately and also commitment to maintaining a minimum standard of living for your residents. Minimum means I should be able to get into my apartment that I pay for.
I’ve waited since June of 2019 before deciding to post this. It is now December of 2019 and the issues began in May of 2019. I’ve given the office staff and higher contacts at Linden and Gates Hudson property management ample time and several chances over the course of several months to fix the plethora of mistakes and wrong doings they’ve brought upon myself. Please know, I’ve worked in customer service for 8 years. I don’t jump to posting or sharing my experience before trying to resolve it. This isn’t just a one time angry/unsatisfied review being left over one minor inconvenience. I’ve lived here since July of 2015 when the property was called Pheasant Run, before the property was sold to Gates Hudson in early 2019 and they changed the name to Linden at Martinsburg. Four years I lived here. Never had an issue. It gets sold to Gates Hudson and now I have an issue every other week for months that go unresolved or blatantly ignored.

In May of 2019 I was interested in moving into the ground floor apartment unit below me. It was newly renovated and I was excited about the idea of new appliances and being in a one-level ground floor unit. A fresh start in a place that felt like home, at the time. I am currently in one of the townhomes above the ground floor apartment units.

I went through the process of filling out a new application, getting screened, and paying the $500 moving/transfer fee to move in to the unit on May 31st of 2019. I had to pay the $500 moving/transfer fee because I was transferring units before my lease was up. Please note, my lease was up in July of 2019. If I transferred units in July when my lease was up, this fee would have been waived but because they set my move in date to May the 31st of 2019, one month prior to, I still had to pay the deposit. I was like whatever, I get policy’s and respect them, I want it. So I did it. Let’s be real though, it was one month, it could have been waived.

On May 30th of 2019, the office reaches out to me at the end of business day around 5pm to tell me the unit would not be available tomorrow May 31st of 2019 due to some repairs/additional work needing done. I was kind, respectful and understanding despite the HUGE inconvenience. I had called Potomac Edison and Comcast to set up the transfer of my services. I had my ENTIRE house packed up. I put in the moving request with my employer because I work from home. I took PTO from work. I planned a house warming party and had friends and family also take off work to help me unpack and celebrate. I hired movers that required a $200 deposit/holding fee for their services. This deposit was only refundable in the circumstance that I cancelled within 48 hours. The office didn’t notify me I couldn’t move until the day before AT THE END OF BUSINESS DAY around 5pm. They told me the unit would be available and ready for sure next week. So my new move in/transfer date was June 8th of 2019. I agreed and waited another week with my entire life packed up in boxes. For the second time, I called Potomac Edison and Comcast back to reschedule transfer of services. Rescheduled my move date with my employer. Took additional PTO. Moved my house warming party date. Friends and family requested additional time off work. I put down ANOTHER $200 deposit with movers again and informed the office staff on May the 30th about the lost deposit for not providing a 48 hour notice. Over the course of the week I was waiting they worked on the unit for two days. The two days they were working on the unit was June the 6th and 7th of 2019. The unit went untouched all week except for the two days before I was supposed to move/transfer. On June 7th of 2019 around 2pm I was called and asked to meet with Tiffany (the regional manager) and the at the time office manager, Jennifer to come look at the unit so they could explain. They advised again the unit would not be ready tomorrow, June the 8th of 2019 due to still needing repairs/additional work. Again, I lost another $200 deposit with movers totaling $400 when they were informed on May 30th of 2019, the FIRST time they cancelled/moved my move in date that I needed a 48 hour notice to provide to the movers if this were to happen again but I was reassured it would be ready and I didn’t need to worry because this would not happen again. Well, it did. The second time they cancelled/moved my move in date on June 7th of 2019 Tiffany said she would refund me the $500 deposit I put down to move/transfer from moving/transferring units before my lease was up. I mentioned AGAIN how I lost the deposit AGAIN with the movers because they required a 48 hour cancellation notice and how I asked them to give me a 48 hour notice after the first time... and that went ignored, however, they said they would have the unit ready before July and I was getting the $500 move/transfer fee back. I had to make re-arrangements, for the third time. I remained kind, respectful and understanding. Thirteen days go by and it is now June 21st of 2019. I have not seen anyone doing any work downstairs nor have I received any updates. Please note, my life is still packed up in boxes and my life feels like it’s on pause. I sent an email to Tiffany on June 21st of 2019 and heard back the same day and she advised that now they actually don’t know when the unit will be ready but it won’t be this month anymore. No one had the kindness to reach out to me during those thirteen days to inform me. Living with your life packed up in boxes for a month is hell. I asked if my rent could be discounted or prorated due to being strung along for a month, waiting to move/transfer units and having to live out of boxes this whole time on top of the $400 deposits I lost with the movers because of their neglect to provide me a 48 hour notice. They said no. No discounts. No prorated rent for the month of hell they caused. So I decided to wait it out until the end of the month because what else do I have to lose and pray the unit would be ready before I would cancel the whole moving process and just stay in the unit I’m in. Total long shot and no date was promised at this point anymore but I remained hopeful. I couldn’t find any other properties to move in with before my lease was up in July because of waiting lists. My only option was to stay. They told me if I stayed longer than the end date on my lease in July of 2019 that I would need to renew and if I planned on leaving/terminating the lease before the next renew date in July of 2020 due to an opening somewhere else being open/moving that I would need to pay the early move out fee that would be equal to two months rent. Which is pretty much a thing everywhere but it’s important to note, they’re the reason I would need more time to find somewhere else. This was their mistake. They weren’t doing anything for me to accommodate me when I needed accommodating to make up for their wrong doings.

On June 24th of 2019 around 11:30am - 12pm I’m sleeping in due to working late the night before. I hear my front door k**b rattling and my lock turning. I remember the amount of fear and panic that rushed over me. I’m a 25 year old female that lives alone. Due to not being allowed to have fi****ms on their property, I sleep with a metal softball bat next to my bed. I rush down stairs with it ready to swing not even taking Into consideration that I am half naked. I see a man I’ve never seen before standing in my living room. He see’s me, half naked holding my bat and he just leaves and I watch him go into the front office. After reaching out to Tiffany to see what just happened, she informed me she reached out to the office and found out they had my unit listed as vacant, though I was still in it and paying for it because I was not yet able to move into the unit below me. My home is supposed to be where I feel the most safe. That day ruined my sense of safety in my own home. I started having nightmares about being broken in on and would wake up several times in the middle of the night to double check my door. I put bells on my door so I could hear it if it opened. I blocked my door with a chair just in case. I had to start taking an anxiety medication because how serious my anxiety had gotten after this incident. I had never had panic attacks until now. I was never given a notice someone would be entering my home. No one ever knocked. Upon reviewing WV Residents rights laws and my lease agreement, Linden/Gates Hudson property broke the law and our lease agreement. They were not allowed to enter my home without notice unless otherwise an emergency. They entered my home due to their mistake of having my unit listed as vacant. They have not done anything for me to make up for this. Several attempts have gone blatantly ignored or danced around. I’ve been informed this won’t happen again in the future, which is great. I hope it doesn’t. But what are you going to do about when it did happen and the after math of suffering I’ve endured? Nothing. This could have been a dangerous situation for myself and the guy who came in my unit. What would have happened if I seriously injured this guy with my softball bat? What if he hurt me back trying to protect himself? Linden/Gates Hudson put me in danger and doesn’t want to do anything about it because “this won’t happen again.”

After this happened on June 25th of 2019 I gave up and told Tiffany I would just stay in my current unit and to forget about the move/transfer. I didn’t have two months rent to pay to break my lease when I was able to get in somewhere else because everywhere in the surrounding area didn’t have anything available until August of 2019 at the earliest when my lease had to be renewed in July of 2019, plus on top of whatever I would have to pay to move somewhere else and I was already out the $400 worth of deposits with the movers to move anywhere else. Tiffany got everything in order for my renewal and told me when they renew leases they have carpet cleaners come out to clean all carpet in the unit. I was like... okay. Silver lining. On July 11th of 2019 carpet cleaners came and cleaned the carpet downstairs and told me they were only told to do the downstairs and they left. Tiffany previous advised to me they clean all the carpet in the unit. When I checked with her after they left she told me the cleaners were never told to only clean the carpet downstairs and it’s always all the carpet in the unit. I didn’t fret over it. I asked her if we could have them come back and do the upstairs. This went unanswered/ignored.

Fast forward to August 1st of 2019. My $500 move/transfer deposit that was promised to be refunded to me, still wasn’t. It had been over a month. I spoke with Tiffany again and she advised me to subtract $500 from what I would pay for my rent and they would get it updated. So for my rent for August, I paid $500 less than my usual amount due to this credit. A few days later the new office manager, Jenny (not to be confused with Jennifer who left the company) left me a threatening voicemail about not paying my rent in full and advised she put a late fee on my account and that I needed to be more mindful next time. She also put a letter on my door. When I went into the office to talk to her about it I asked her why she didn’t reach out to me or look at the notes on my account that Tiffany assured were there about my credit and Jenny’s response was she put a first letter on me door about my rent being short $500 but if it fell off my door or I didn’t get it, then that was my problem. When I asked her why she didn’t look at the notes Tiffany said she put on my account Jenny said that wasn’t even a thing. I then reached out to Tiffany who eventually got it corrected but didn’t acknowledge how I was treated by Jenny.

Fast forward to the end of August of 2019. Jenny leaves a note on my door, one of many. Rent is due between the 1st and the 5th but if you don’t have it in by the end of business day in the first they like to leave a passive aggressive letter on your front door about your missed payment and this being an oversight on your part and how they need it by the 5th. Like I’ve lived here for four years. I’ve never missed my rent or been late. After several calls, voicemails and emails to the office that go unanswered I go to the office with the letter and write “I sent an email and left voicemails to talk about this letter. Please get back to me ASAP, please.” It was after hours and past their closing time so I knew I’d have to put it in the drop box but after they renovated the office they removed the drop box. I was like well okay, they left it on my door I’ll leave it on theirs. As I’m walking out Jenny hops out her car, shoulder bumps me to grab the letter I just put on the door and says “take your f***ing letter” when I don’t say anything to her and continue to walk away I can hear her ripping it up then she proceeded to say I was destroying property by putting the letter on their door and filmed me with her cellphone and verbally harassed me in the parking lot as I walked back to my unit. I didn’t say anything to her or even look at her during this interaction. I called Tiffany about this, no answer. I texted Tiffany about this, no answer. I emailed Tiffany about this, no answer. I emailed the office asking to speak to someone other than Jenny, no answer. I was like, if leaving a letter on someone’s door is destruction of property, then aren’t you destroying property every time you leave a letter on my door? No response. Why is it okay for an employee to harass me and film me without my permission? No response. While all of my attempts went ignored I got a letter on my door about a back to school mixer they were having at the office. They were offering $25 - $50 - $100 gift cards to residents who showed up and if they wrote a positive review on google, they would be entered in a drawing for a chance to win one of these gift cards. Bribing residents for reviews but I can’t get a response? They are so driven and focused on getting people in with positive reviews and renovations they don’t care about their current residents or after you become a resident. Just money.

Jenny isn’t the office manager anymore nor does she work at this property at least. I’m unsure if she’s still even employed with the company. Now the property manager is Caitlin. In December of 2019 between the 1st and the 5th when my rent was due, I had noticed an extra charge on my account. When I reached out to see what this was they advised it was the water bill. Four years. Four years I have lived here and never had to pay a water bill. I was never notified this was a charge I would be responsible for and asked why/when this changed. I sent that email on December 5th if 2019 and paid it anyways without being sure because I wasn’t risking it. This property is sneaky. On December 12th of 2019 I still hadn’t gotten a response. I sent another email. On December 13th of 2019 I still hadn’t gotten a response. I sent another email. I finally got a response back on 12/18 and Caitlin said “You emailed our old email that TJ (another office staff member) was communicating with you on about your water bill.” Like no. I sent my email using the contact option on your website and this is the email that responded to me. This was your mistake. Caitlin said this was a letter I should have gotten. I never got this letter. I would remember. I save everything with dates. Anything else I mention or try to discuss about what I’ve endured since May of 2019 gets danced around or not acknowledged.

There is so much more that has happened between May of 2019 - December of 2019 but this is long and informative enough. I’m done being kind, respectful and understanding. This property/company could careless about their residents and the service they provide to them. They only care about getting the money. Therefore, I am sharing my experience on their review boards, the BBB, along with reaching out to the WV Attorney Generals Office, the Legal Aid of WV, The WV State Bar Attorney Hotline and the HUD Complaint Line. If you’ve made it this far, know this is the last place you want to rent with. Run. Do not spend over a grand a month to not even get the bare minimum in return. Know your renters rights. Read reviews with anywhere you decide to rent with and good luck.

Real Partners in Real Estate. region. All Gates Hudson apartment communities are Equal Housing Opportunities and work with the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

Gates Hudson is a privately held, real estate company that provides comprehensive and customized Real Estate services to a diverse set of clients throughout the greater Washington, D.C. Founded in 1980 and currently operating with over 500 employees, the company’s depth of experience is exemplified by its diverse local portfolio. This includes nearly 9,000 multi-family apartment units, 2.6 million


Today we echo the words of Jeff Parness, the founder of The New York Says Thank You Foundation, a foundation that serves to "build hope and provide healing to people around the world as a way to continually 'Pay It Forward;' for the humanity, kindness, and volunteer spirit New Yorkers – and all Americans – experienced on 9/12."

Love shines through always. ❤️

Learn more about supporting New York Says Thank You:

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Happy to each and every one of our team members who remain steadfast in their commitment to the communities we serve. 👏

We thank you for your unwavering dedication to one another and our clients across the Mid-Atlantic.

*All Gates Hudson offices will be closed today, September 4th.


Today serves to empower women, recognizing the progress they have made and reminding us all of the significance of equality.

Happy to the brave individuals who have helped break barriers for women everywhere. 👏

Let's keep forging on. 👊

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🎪🌞 Barcroft Apartments 2023 Summer Fest Carnival Recap! 🌞🎪

What a day of fun! Thanks to the almost 500 residents who joined us, we had a blast!

Attractions: Games, Derby Moon Bounce, Face painting, Balloonist, Roving Clown, Photo booth, Cotton Candy, Popcorn, Hot Dogs, Snow Cones

Prizes: Stuffed Animals, Balls, Slime, Bubble Makers, Stampers. The slime was a big hit! 🎉🤹‍♀️

Thank you, volunteers and sponsors, for making it possible. We can't wait for the next event! Stay tuned for updates! 🥳🎉

Westmont Apartments opens on Columbia Pike, as Five Guys and another eatery plan to move in | 08/02/2023

Our team has been working tirelessly to create a modern and luxurious living space that offers the best in comfort and convenience. The Westmont Apartments are designed to meet the needs of today's urban dwellers, featuring state-of-the-art amenities and stunning architectural design.

But that's not all! We are excited to share that Five Guys, a renowned burger joint, is planning to move in. This brings the chain back to their roots and the location of their original location. 🍔🍟

With its prime location on Columbia Pike, the Westmont Apartments offer easy access to the heart of the city while maintaining a serene atmosphere. Whether you're a young professional, a growing family, or anyone looking for a vibrant community to call home, the Westmont Apartments are the perfect choice.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! Be among the first to experience the unparalleled living experience at the Westmont Apartments. Contact us today to schedule a tour and secure your spot in this fantastic community.

Westmont Apartments opens on Columbia Pike, as Five Guys and another eatery plan to move in | The long-awaited Westmont Apartments on Columbia Pike is now open and ready for move-ins, with a pair of restaurants setting up on the ground floor. Developer Republic Properties Corporation announced last week that the 258,000-square-foot mixed-use building at the corner of Columbia Pike and S. Gle...


We're wishing all a safe, happy and memorable Independence Day.

Remember to celebrate the many heroes who we owe for our freedom in this nation. 🇺🇸


Join in honoring and remembering the journey towards social justice and equal opportunity.

Let's celebrate freedom and join together in our communities to work toward future progress.

*The Gates Hudson corporate offices are closed today, 6/19.


Happy Father's Day to the many dads and father figures out there.

You inspire many through the love, care and support you give to your friends, families and loved ones.


Gates Hudson’s Construction Services team has a real specialty when it comes to reimagining multifamily residential properties. When our clients want to refresh outdated common spaces, or overhaul underutilized outdoor spaces, our team of experts in Services is always up to the task. For the past 20+ years the man behind much of the creative vision for these value-add programs has been Dave Trumbull. Those who have worked with Dave over the years will attest to his experience and skill, which were once again on full display with the recent amenity upgrades at Stuart Hill Apartments in Wi******er, VA.

Dave has been so instrumental to our Construction Services team’s success and played such an important role in the Stuart Hill project that the owners decided to dedicate the outdoor space in his honor. The aptly named “Trumbull Park” is a beautiful, tranquil outdoor space that our Construction Services team recently completed to the spec Dave created. The dedication is a special thanks to Dave – not only for his efforts at Stuart Hill, but for the countless projects he has spearheaded at Gates Hudson. Congratulations, and thank you, Dave!


Land of the free, because of the brave. 🇺🇸

Today, we honor and remember the many heroes of our Nation.


The Gates Hudson team wishes all the mothers and mother-figures a very happy Mother’s Day! 💕

Thank you for always going above and beyond to make home - wherever that may be - something special. 🏘️


in giving a warm welcome to one of our newest Regional Managers, Kristal Ricks! 🎊

Versatility and proven leadership is the name of the game when it comes to Kristal and her experiences. She has a background in asset management, in addition to over 11 years of experience in a variety of different roles in the property management industry. 🙌

No stranger to big projects, Kristal has managed over 4,300 residential units and 212,000 square feet of retail space throughout her career.

Over the years, she's proven her ability to successfully stabilize communities and manage takeovers, value-adds, and lease ups.

In her free time, Kristal enjoys reading, attending fitness classes, and enjoying the outdoors with her two fur babies. 🐶

We can't wait to see her continue to collaborate with our teams to provide authentic experiences and value for all Gates Hudson residents.👏


Gates Hudson employees, this Residential Property Management (RPM) Career Week has been a terrific celebration and showcase of the connectedness between our teams! 🎊

To close out RPM Career Week, we want to hear why you love your career! ⬇️

Our final challenge is to take a photo of yourself at work and submit it with a two- to three-line caption telling us why you love your role on your team.

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For day four of Residential Property Management Career Week, we're looking for to thank a teammate! 📣

Submit a photo of an awesome teammate or mentor (across any department) and tell us the impact they've had on you. 📷

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We're thrilled to kick off day three of Residential Property Management Career Week! ⬇️

Gates Hudson employees (across all departments!), today's challenge is to make a post with that thanks a supervisor or leader and answers the question: why is their leadership vital to your success?

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🚨Gates Hudson Team Members! ⬇️

For day two of Residential Property Management Career Week, we're calling on you to let our maintenance team members shine! 🔨

Submit a photo of your maintenance supervisor or technician and tell us what makes them so valuable to your community. 📷

Join us in giving credit where credit is due to the individuals who keep our communities safe and comfortable for all. 👏

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🚨Gates Hudson team members! ⬇️

For day one of Residential Property Management Career Week, the theme is Dream Team Monday! 👏

Submit a photo of your team and tell us what makes them so great! 📷

All Gates Hudson divisions are encouraged to participate so we can collectively celebrate the many individuals who help us thrive! 🎊

Let everyone participating see how dynamic our Gates Hudson teams are by using and .

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📣 Calling Gates Hudson team members across all departments (Community Management, Services, and Commercial & Residential)!

Following the success and excitement of last year's Residential Property Management (RPM) Career Week, we are bringing it back yet again! 🎊

Tune in to our social channels next week, April 17th - April 21st, for daily challenges and opportunities to celebrate the many Gates Hudson employees who help our communities, properties, and divisions succeed. 🙌

Just like last year, we'll be giving out daily prizes (one per day) to RPM Career Week participants. 🎁

✔️: Enter to win each challenge by tagging us in your entry post on FaceBook or LinkedIn, or by emailing your entry to [email protected]

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continues to grow stronger! ⬇️

Join us in welcoming one of our newest property managers, Shannon Chojnacki! 🎊

Shannon's high level of expertise immediately jumped out to us as someone with over over 17 years of experience in property management (including both conventional and affordable housing), along with Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) and Certified Apartment Portfolio Manager (CAPS) certifications.

She's a homerun hitter who also loves to spend time on the beach, travel to new destinations, and spend time with her husband and three children. 🏖️

Her drive and passion for community-building will assuredly take us to new heights! 👏


Please join us in welcoming Devin Quinichett to as one of our newest Junior Regional Property Managers! 🎊

Devin is an energetic, do-it-all manager who will be leading marketing, sales, and operational activities for our multi-family residential communities. 🏘️

No matter the property Devin is managing, she uses creative and innovative strategies to ensure everyone feels like family. ❤️

In her spare time, Devin enjoys volunteering and assisting senior citizens by preparing meals and helping them with their daily chores. 🥘

We can't wait to see the many ways she will add to our team and continually brighten the days of our residents. 🤩

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We'd be remiss if we did not echo the messages of today's by giving a shout out to the many women on who take our daily operations and work culture to new heights. 👏

Your hard work and ability to always push the envelope allows us to most effectively in our workplace and in our communities. 🏘️

With your efforts, we're able to embrace a culture where differences are valued and celebrated. 🎊

Photos from Gates Hudson's post 03/03/2023

To our many employees across the Mid-Atlantic region, we thank you for your continued hard work and dedication. 👏

We're able to help make a difference in the lives of our clients and residents because you embrace community-building. 🏘️

The hard work and care that you bring to every project allows us to assist clients with virtually every aspect of managing and operating office, retail, commercial, and multifamily real estate. 🙌

With the utmost sincerity, we thank you for the care and unparalleled effort you bring every day. ❤️


Join us in giving a warm welcome our new Residential Regional Vice President, Ellyn Hanger! 🎊

Ellyn is a proven leader with over 25 years of experience in property management, including both conventional and affordable housing. 🏘️

She also holds a Certified Property Manager (CPM) Designation from the Institute of Real Estate Management and a C3P designation in Tax Credit Housing. 📚

In her free time, Ellyn loves hiking, traveling and learning about & practicing interior design. ✈️

We can't wait to see how you will help our residential communities thrive even more Ellyn! 🙌


Today, we celebrate the contributions and legacies of our nation's leaders.


🚨Baltimore-area residents! ⬇️

Starting next Wednesday, 2/22, the Reginald F. Lewis Museum (the largest African American museum in the state), will be hosting a new interactive exhibition centered around the theme of Black futures/Black imaginings.

The exhibition, titled The IMAGINARIUM, will provide a space for visitors to share their vision for the future of Black Baltimore; Black Region D.C., Maryland, Virginia (DMV); Black America; and the Diaspora.📍

This is a unique way to join fellow community members in celebrating Black History Month and curating your vision, hopes, and ideas for the future of the area to be on display.

✔️: Learn more & plan your visit today:


Last week, our team had the pleasure of attending Virginia Tech's annual Property Management Career Fair. 💼

Year after year, this event has been a great source of qualified interns and team members ever since we first attended back in 2015.

We have a long history with the university, dating back to when we helped found the Virginia Tech Residential Management Advisory Board.

Thank you to all the students who gave their time to meet and interview with our team.

It was wonderful to network with fellow industry members and up-and-coming members of the workforce. 🙌

20+ Ways to Celebrate Black History Month 02/09/2023

❗Lucky for our DC-area residents, there's no shortage of local ways to celebrate Black History Month.

✔️: If you're looking for some inspiration, check out Visit Fairfax's list of some of the top-spots in the area to learn about black history, culture, and empowerment:

20+ Ways to Celebrate Black History Month Celebrate Black History Month and African American history and culture in the Northern Virginia and Washington, DC area. A guide to attractions, museums, and historic sites in the Capital Region.

Photos from Gates Hudson's post 02/07/2023

Another successful property event in the books at the Waterside at Reston community! 🤩

Our onsite team loved catching up with residents as they stopped by for some delicious food and drinks. 🙌

Special thank you and shout out to the event sponsor, Makers Union Pub For The People for making this happy hour a great success! 🍻

Photos from Gates Hudson's post 02/03/2023

🚨NEW Gates Hudson Community! 🤩

We're pleased to share that we are now the management company of Brookestone Townhomes, located in Charles County, Maryland!📍

These beautiful residences are complete with modern interiors, designer finishes, an attached garage, and a fenced-in maintenance-free yard to enjoy the outdoors! 🏡

Our team is fired up to work and grow with the ownership and our newest client, Elmstreet Development! 🙌

✔️: Learn more about living at Brookestone:

Photos from Gates Hudson's post 02/02/2023

We're excited to announce that our onsite team at the Overlook at Riverside Apartments (one of our West Virginia-area properties) recently hosted a "Sip and See" resident event to unveil Overlook's brand-new Club House! 🎊

Residents were all smiles as they got the chance to tour the much-awaited Club House, which is equipped with a modern fitness center, pet spa, game room, fire pit, and car care center, to name a few of its many amenities. 🏋️

The Overlook at Riverside community continues to shine as a convenient and breathtaking place to live surrounded by the beauty of the Shenandoah Valley. 🙌

✔️: Learn more about living at Overlook:


It's our pleasure to announce that Natalie Tentindo was recently promoted to Regional Property Manager! 🤩

Natalie has been an essential part of the success we've seen in daily operations and overall growth in the West Virginia corridor. 📈

With 15 years of experience in property management and an additional 9 years in hospitality, Natalie brings a diverse skillset and knowledge base to this new leadership role. 🙌

We're thrilled to see a longtime member of our team continue to succeed and achieve their goals. 👏

Way to go and congratulations, Natalie! 🎊

Meet Our 2022 Washingtonians of the Year 01/20/2023

📣 We'd like to give a special shoutout to Gabrielle Webster, CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington (BGCGW), on being recognized as one of eleven "Washingtonians of the Year" by the Washingtonian.

These eleven local leaders have all shined in their respective fields, and in turn, have catapulted their organizations and pursuits to new heights. 🙌

We've been lucky enough to work with Gabrielle thanks to the BGCGW's widespread efforts for children and teens in the DMV-area community.

Our President, Pat Blackburn, served as the Chair of the BGCGW's 2022 BlueFest, an evening of fundraising and support for BGCGW's inspiring youth development programs.

We look forward to working with Gabrielle again and further supporting the BGCGW's impactful work. 👏

✔️: Check out the full list of Washingtonians of the Year:

Meet Our 2022 Washingtonians of the Year 11 locals who make our region an even better place.


Today we celebrate the bravery, teachings, and values of Martin Luther King Jr., an American hero.

As we move into the New Year, we must be aware of our actions and the role we all play in building a more just and equal world.

Spread love, never hate.


🚨New year, new community, and new team members! ⬇️

We recently became the new management company of the Parkside Terrace Apartments in Silver Spring, Maryland. 🤩

Not only did we take over managing this 87-unit garden-style community, but we also welcomed two new team members, Monica Brissett and Hubert Malcolm! 🎊

This is our first acquisition with our newest client, Enterprise Community Partners, a national nonprofit company with communities across 50 states. 🏘️

We're extremely excited to partner with ECD, a company that shares in our passion for increasing the supply of affordable homes, advancing racial equity, and supporting residents in making upward mobility a possibility. 🙌

Photos from Gates Hudson's post 01/01/2023

We loved getting the chance to celebrate one another and the hard work that defined 2022 at our annual Residential Holiday Luncheon. 🎊

2022 was a tremendous year of building relationships, strengthening our communities, and helping our team members grow. 🙌

We can't wait to see shine even more in 2023. ⭐


🚨 NEW Gates Hudson community! ⬇️

We are happy to announce that we are the new management company of Timber Ridge Townhomes in Fredericksburg, Virginia! 🎊

A huge thank you to our corporate and onsite team members, including Nelly Lopez, Stu Shaginaw, Pamela Witherspoon, Lorraine Pleasant, Michael Gill, and William Salvas for leading the charge on this new property acquisition. 🙌

We look forward to managing this 147-townhome community for Linden Properties, a longtime partner and the proud owner of Timber Ridge Townhomes and several properties we manage in Maryland, West Virginia, Northern Virginia, and Richmond, Virginia. 🤝


Happy Holidays from ! 🎄

We're wishing all good health and happiness throughout the coming year!


Our onsite teams at The Residences at Cedar Hill & Residences at Sonoma Woods are feeling the holiday spirit thanks to the gift of giving. 🎁

When a Sonoma Woods resident asked if our team wanted to participate in a toy drive for United Rental, we delivered. 🙌

With only 48 hours to collect donations, Ayisha Grace, Senior Property Manager, and her team collectively gathered a mountain of toys. 📦

We're so proud of our team for going the extra mile for one of our residents and a great cause. 👏


We're excited to share that two longtime members of our team, Gina Ramos and Elyse Hayes, were recently promoted to Senior Regional Manager! 🎊

Elyse and Gina have both had a huge impact on the success and growth of Gates Hudson. 👏

Gina started as a leasing consultant with us over 14 years ago, and over the years, she's helped manage most of our Northern Virginia-area properties in one way or another. An excellent leader, teacher, mentor, and so much more, Gina is someone we've always been able to count on. 👍

Elyse's eagerness to learn and confidence to take on new challenges helped her rise through the ranks quickly after joining us in 2017. In 2022, Elyse helped lead the onboarding of not 1, not 2, but 9 properties! Her energy is contagious, and her ability to build relationships has allowed her to shine. ✨

Congratulations to both of these superstars! ⭐


Our team is thrilled for Anne Elyse Hayes, Regional Manager, on recently being appointed to the Advisory Committee for the Distinguished Women in Leadership Program at the University of Richmond. 🎊

We're confident that Elyse will excel on the committee and help show women in the program how they can navigate thought leadership and engage and uplift one another with positive change. 🙌

This exciting opportunity is yet another step in Elyse's growth as a leader. Way to go, Elyse! 👏

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