Trained, skilled and experienced , as well as those soon to separate from the Armed Forces, are looking for careers in specialized civilian fields, from commercial truck driving to cybertechnology. Meanwhile, the U.S. economy desperately needs credentialed professionals in just those fields – and many more – to close a widening skilled-labor gap and get the nation moving again after the COVID-19 pandemic and a historic supply-chain meltdown.
That was the point of a two-day American Legion National Education and Credentialing Summit Aug. 31-Sept. 1 in Milwaukee. Task Force Movement, which was created by the White House last April, used the summit during the Legion’s 103rd National Convention as a platform to accelerate programs to put veterans into commercial driving careers and to announce yet another hiring portal in need of former military personnel: cybersecurity.
Congrats SOLID, LLC! Well deserved!
Please join us in wishing a "good luck" to Deanna Parker, IVMF's EBV/VWISE program manager, as she transitions to a new career! Deanna will continue to serve veterans in their transition as an Occupational Analyst for SOLID, LLC, where she will be focusing on civilian credentialing for military service members. Thank you, Deanna, for all your hard work and dedication to our military community -- and for singing the National Anthem on many occasions! You've made a huge impact at the IVMF and changed the lives of many who went through our programs. You will truly be missed!
A new report from The American Legion aims to help ensure that the skills learned by servicemembers during their time in the military are considered when they seek credentials in the civilian world. “The Future of Credentialing of Servicemembers and Veterans” includes suggestions and recommendations for key groups, such as public-private partnerships with the Department of Defense, legislators and policy makers, and employers, to “ensure that servicemembers’ high-quality learning can receive full recognition, counted toward a credential and scaled at a national level.” Lumina Foundation SOLID, LLC
Lisa Lutz, President and CEO of
Tomorrow at 1 p.m. CT MHEC will host another webinar ( for participants interested in the work of the MHEC Multi-State Collaborative on Military Credit.MHEC's work with SOLID, LLC has produced two new resources that identify information about military specialties
Lisa Lutz, President and CEO, SOLID, LLC
Sounds very interesting! Very proud of you Lisa.

Solutions for Information Design, LLC (SOLID) is a woman-owned small business helping organizations manage one of their most important assets – information

SOLID is founded on the concept that effective collection, analysis, and dissemination of relevant information are key components of organizational success. SOLID is committed to providing effective information design services for government and private sector clients. Located in Northern Virginia, SOLID was formed by partners Lisa Lutz and Tom Caldwell to fulfill their vision of a responsive, eff

Timeline photos 12/20/2022

Wishing a happy third birthday to the United States Space Force--Semper Supra, Guardians!

Timeline photos 12/16/2022

Earlier this month SOLID hosted our 12th Annual Toys for Tots event, where local employees gather to pick out toys to donate to Toys for Tots and SOLID foots the bill. Out of area employees didn't miss out on the fun, as they were invited to pick out toys through the Toys for Tots virtual toy box, too!

At the end of the event, we had donated over $1300 worth of specially selected toys to help brighten the holidays for children in need in our community. This is one of our favorite things to do as a team and we can't wait for next year!

Timeline photos 12/15/2022

The Virginia Values Veterans (V3) program recently named SOLID a V3 Certified Company.
The V3 recognition is awarded to companies
committed to implementing veteran-friendly
hiring and employment practices. We are so proud to say that 41% of our team is military-connected, and every day we hope to honor our commitment to service members, veterans, and their families through our work and on our team.


In 2022, we made solid strides toward the future--hitting milestones, revolutionizing long-term projects, tackling new opportunities, and implementing new analysis and IT capabilities. Click the link to see what we've been up to and get a sneak peek at what is in store for the coming year!



Digital Promise, an education non-profit, is looking for interested in participating in a project evaluating Learning and Employment Records (LERs), and how they may help during a career or life transition.

Insight gained from this project could benefit the creation of a military-specific , ensuring your training is counted in the civilian sector. Participants will earn up to $600 in Amazon gift cards for their time and participation.

Click here to find out more and register:

Timeline photos 12/07/2022

Today we honor the 2,403 service members and civilians killed during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Through this tragedy, we witnessed the spirit of the American people and the perseverance of our Armed Forces, who forever rise to protect this nation and all we hold dear.

We will always remember.

Timeline photos 11/21/2022

It's our birthday! We're celebrating 19 years of strengthening our nation's military and civilian workforce by expanding pathways and increasing recognition of skills and abilities. From company meetings that could fit around a kitchen table to over 50 employees in 11 states working on more than 20 projects/contracts, we've certainly come a long way.

Big thanks to our clients, partners, and SOLIDzens for helping us become who we are today!

Timeline photos 11/18/2022

Today is Day 5, the final day of . Throughout this week, we've shared about programs like USMAP, Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL), and SkillBridge, and talked about the benefits that apprenticeship offer service members as they transition to civilian life. Today, let’s talk about veterans in apprenticeships, and what they have to offer employers.

At SOLID, 25% of our employees have served in the military, so we know firsthand the value that veterans bring to the workforce. When you hire a veteran, your team gains an employee with a strong work ethic, accountability, and experience working as part of a team toward a common mission. Veterans in apprenticeship programs like USMAP are even more equipped to bring talent and credentialed skills to fill in-demand civilian occupations.

In 2021, there were over 32,000 veterans in active apprenticeships, building valuable skillsets for successful careers. Will YOU make the commitment to supporting veterans in the next phase of their professional journeys?

Timeline photos 11/17/2022

For Day 4 of , let’s talk cyber! As part of the Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Sprint kicked off earlier this year, DOD and DOL partnered to identify, develop, and establish 15 new cybersecurity trades under the umbrella of the United Services Military Apprenticeship Program (USMAP). Registered apprenticeships are available to active duty and reserve members of the Navy, Coast Guard, Army, and Marine Corps.
With DOD Skillbridge and Credentialing Opportunities Online (COOL), USMAP aligns with these critical programs to bolster our nation’s cybersecurity posture and build a pipeline of skilled workers into this rapidly growing market. New USMAP cyber trades include Cyber Defense Analyst and Vulnerability Assessment Analyst. Find more opportunities to strengthen your cyber skills with , and .

Timeline photos 11/16/2022

For Day 3 of , let’s talk about the role apprenticeships can play in the transition process from the military to a civilian career, and the powerful tools available to help you kickstart career planning.
Completing a registered apprenticeship while in service can help you develop valuable skills and provide a pathway to career success. Explore apprenticeships and available trades through USMAP and learn how to apply those skills and connect to careers through MilGears, a powerful career planning platform.
MilGears suite of tools analyzes your unique history (military training civilian education/credentialing, apprenticeships) and creates customized results tailored to your interests and career goals. Let USMAP and MilGears take the stress out of transition and set you up for success!

Timeline photos 11/15/2022

Today is Day 2 of ! Yesterday we shared an intro to USMAP, today let’s take a closer look at the program, available trades, and how it benefits participating service members. The largest registered apprenticeship program to date, USMAP has both time-based and competency-based models spanning all industries from cyber to construction, hospitality, healthcare, and more. Recent new trades include Cyber Defense Incident Responder and Fiber Technician.
If you or someone you know is currently serving and wants to develop real-world career experience while on active duty (at no cost!), consider enrolling in a registered apprenticeship through USMAP and earn a nationally recognized certificate upon completion. Find out more here:


Today kicks off the 8th Annual National Apprenticeship Week, a nationwide celebration of registered apprenticeships and their impact on re-building our economy, advancing racial and gender equity, and supporting underserved communities.

We'll be talking all about apprenticeship this week and highlighting related programs and projects SOLID has had the pleasure of supporting.

For day 1, we’re focusing on the United Services Military Apprenticeship Program. was recently recognized as an Apprenticeship Ambassador for the U.S. Department of Labor, providing DOL Apprenticeship programs to service members to help improve their job skills for civilian careers while on active duty. Find out more about USMAP here:

Timeline photos 11/14/2022

Today kicks off the 8th Annual National Apprenticeship Week, a nationwide celebration of registered apprenticeships and their impact on re-building our economy, advancing racial and gender equity, and supporting underserved communities.

We'll be talking all about apprenticeship this week and highlighting related programs and projects SOLID has had the pleasure of supporting.

For day 1, we’re focusing on the United Services Military Apprenticeship Program. USMAP was recently recognized as an Apprenticeship Ambassador for the Department of Labor, providing DOL Apprenticeship programs to service members to help improve their job skills for civilian careers while on active duty. Find out more about USMAP here:

Photos from SOLID, LLC's post 11/11/2022

For Veteran's Day, the SOLID team came together to celebrate our very own SOLIDzen veterans! We asked our non-veteran employees to share words they thought described veterans, gathered them all together, and made a word cloud, then asked our veterans to share photos of themselves in uniform, which we turned into this collage. These two items were shared at our SOLID staff meeting yesterday, as a surprise for our veterans.

We are so proud to have 13 selfless, brave, courageous (we could go on!) veterans as part of our team. So to our veterans, THANK YOU!


Thank you to all who have served and continue to serve. We owe you a debt of gratitude, but more than that, we owe you our freedom. Happy Veterans Day!

Timeline photos 11/10/2022

Happy birthday to the United States Marine Corps! Thank you for 247 years of dedicated service to our nation.

Timeline photos 11/09/2022

Today, for the second year in a row, SOLID was recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor as a HIRE Vets Medallion Award recipient for our commitment to recruiting, employing, and retaining veterans.

Supporting our nation's service members and veterans is central to our body of work as a company, and we make that commitment to our team as well. We are proud to have received the Platinum medallion award, the highest level of distinction, and to continue our commitment to our veteran SOLIDzens for many years to come.


There's no Sunday Scaries when Monday is Halloween! Have a safe and spooky holiday, from all of us at SOLID!

Timeline photos 10/26/2022

Today, on National Day of the Deployed, we honor the sacrifice of the men and women of our Armed Forces for whom service has meant leaving their homes and families. And to their families, who have deeply felt and experienced this separation as well, we thank you, too.

Timeline photos 10/13/2022

Happy 247th birthday to the United States Navy!

XCredit by EDL - Military Jobseeker Pilot 09/30/2022

XCredit by EDL - Military Jobseeker Pilot

Have you heard? MilGears is partnering with Education Design Lab on their XCredit - Military Jobseeker Pilot!

XCredit offers an opportunity for members of the military community (including service members, reservists, veterans, and military spouses) seeking better career opportunities to earn digital badges that can be shared with potential employers as tangible evidence of the skills they obtained through military experience or training.

Register for the XCredit Military Jobseeker Pilot:

For more information visit the XCredit website:

XCredit by EDL - Military Jobseeker Pilot Thank you for your interest in the XCredit Military Jobseeker Pilot!

Timeline photos 09/28/2022

Have you heard? MilGears released new features last week!

This update includes the addition of local level salaries in Quick Explorer, Engage My Career, and anywhere you can get an occupation result, improvements in the Mil2Mariner tool making it easier to add in approved trainings from all services, and the addition of a Quick Start Guide for Quick Explorer with step-by-step information on navigating and utilizing the tool. More Quick Start Guides are in the works and will be added with future updates!

Check out MilGears now at today!

Timeline photos 09/18/2022

Happy 75th birthday to the United States Air Force!

Timeline photos 09/16/2022

Today we honor the sacrifice of the brave men and women who were prisoners of war as well as those missing in action who never came home. Their courage is never forgotten.

Timeline photos 08/29/2022

Wishing a very happy 107th birthday to the United States Marine Corps Reserve!


Always great to see SOLID President and CEO Lisa Lutz in action! This is from yesterday's Veterans Advanced Energy Summit in Chicago, where Lisa and fellow panelists discussed energy industry employment trends.

Photo credit: Kevin Schmiegel, husband of panel moderator Laura Schmiegel


SOLID President & CEO Lisa Lutz is speaking on the Employment and Workforce Development panel at the Atlantic Council Global Energy Center and Veterans Advanced Energy Project today! The panel will discuss trends in energy industry employment, including recruitment, retention, and training concepts.

Timeline photos 08/07/2022

Today, on National Purple Heart Day, we honor the brave American heroes who were wounded or killed in the line of duty.

Thank you for your sacrifice.

Timeline photos 08/04/2022

Wishing a happy 232nd birthday to the United States Coast Guard!

MilGears – Powered by COOL 07/15/2022

MilGears – Powered by COOL

We are thrilled to be supporting the Army University Learning Symposium this year!

This week was virtual and included a demo of which is now available on YouTube! Check it out:

If you’re heading to the in-person sessions next week, make sure to say hi to us!

Our team will be supporting the team during the Army Credentialing concurrent session.

MilGears – Powered by COOL Ms. Rita Detrick, Ms. Christine Loving - Solutions for Information Design (SOLID); Sophia Sweeney - Army Credentialing and Continuing Education Services for ...

Timeline photos 06/27/2022

Today is National PTSD Awareness Day, an issue that is near and dear to our hearts as we support the military community. PTSD is a potentially serious mental health condition that some people develop after experiencing or witnessing a life-threatening event, like combat, a natural disaster, a car accident, or sexual assault. PTSD affects people of all backgrounds and all types of trauma, but the good news is that treatment WORKS and there is hope.

If you or anyone you know needs help or support, please reach out--there is no shame in seeking help. Visit for resources and more information.

Timeline photos 06/06/2022

Have you checked out the new MilGears?Powered by DOD’s Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL), MilGears is built on complete and detailed data, including service member information, military occupation (MOC) data, education and training data, certification data, licensing data, and data from USMAP. The new site, released May 15, includes functionality for ALL military services!

Timeline photos 05/30/2022

This Memorial Day we pay tribute to all the fallen heroes in uniform who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. As you enjoy time with your families today, we hope you will join us in remembrance of the bravery and sacrifice of those we have lost.

Timeline photos 05/23/2022

Looking to hire skilled, highly motivated workers? Veterans are a valuable part of today’s workforce, bringing a broad range of training, discipline, adaptability, and more. Check out MilGears to see how the skills and experience of military occupations line up with your team’s needs!

Timeline photos 05/21/2022

Wishing a happy Armed Forces Day to all the brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces! Thank you for your service and commitment to this country.

Timeline photos 05/20/2022

Hey higher ed, are you looking to better support your military connected students? Check out the MilGears for more efficient and transparent guidance on applying military training and experience to learning pathways to meet their individual academic and career goals.

Timeline photos 05/18/2022

Planning your next steps but unsure what direction to take your career? The Explore by Interest tool within MilGears’ Quick Explorer presents a series of images representative of different work styles and activities and generates customized results including information on occupations that match your interests, job requirements, and related credentials, education, and SkillBridge opportunities. Check it out now!

Timeline photos 05/16/2022

The MilGears expansion is LIVE NOW!

From discovering the benefits of enlisting to finding the right service and military occupation all the way through transitioning out of service and back into the civilian workforce, MilGears supports service members at every part of the military lifecycle.

Timeline photos 05/13/2022

Today is the last day of our "All About MilGears" week as we prepare for the launch of the new site on Sunday!

The Commonality Decision Support Tool (CDST) lets users compare Navy ratings and see how they match up to civilian jobs. While CDST is built for Navy, the MilGears expansion comes with a host of other features for members of all services! Check it out here:

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There's no Sunday Scaries when Monday is Halloween! Have a safe and spooky holiday, from all of us at SOLID!
From all of us at SOLID, we wish you all the joys of the holiday season and happiness and success in the coming year!
Earlier this week, we talked about mental health for military Service members and veterans, but impacts can be felt thro...
The United States Department of Defense was established on this day in 1949. It was the first time our nation had a cent...
USCG Birthday
Indiana Credential Registry Rollout
From Recruiting to Transition - Best Practices in Credentialin...



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