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Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you are all enjoying some time with your loved ones, and I wish you all a prosperous and peaceful New Year!

easleyfirm.com 12/24/2015

7 Tips on What to Do at a DUI Checkpoint This Holiday Season

If you find yourself at a DUI checkpoint over the holidays, you should know what to do. These 7 tips can help if you're feeling nervous, but the best tip I can give is this: NEVER get behind the wheel if you've been drinking!!! There are a number of organizations that offer safe ride programs over the holidays—take advantage of them!

easleyfirm.com The police may set up DUI checkpoints during the holidays to help prevent drunk driving. Here, learn what to do if you are stopped at a DUI checkpoint.

easleyfirm.com 12/23/2015

4 Defenses You May Want to Raise When Fighting Your Speeding Ticket

Some people would rather pay the fine than deal with fighting their speeding ticket. The issue is that it's so often much more than just a fine—it could result in points on your driving record, an increase in insurance, or even criminal penalties.

easleyfirm.com After receiving a speeding ticket, you may want to contest it given the possible criminal penalties and points on your driving record.

easleyfirm.com 12/22/2015

4 Things You Should Know Before Agreeing to a Lie Detector Test

Before you agree to a lie detector test there are a few things you should know—like the results are not reliable.

easleyfirm.com If you are a suspect in a crime, the police may ask you to take a lie detector test. Here, learn what you should consider when deciding whether to agree.

easleyfirm.com 12/21/2015

Evidence Could Be Used Against You Under Exceptions to the Miranda Rule

Despite what you may have heard, the police are NOT always required to read your Miranda rights. This could make or break your case, so it's crucial to know your rights and the exceptions to this rule.

easleyfirm.com The police are not always required to give you your Miranda warnings, and evidence obtained may be admissible. Here, learn the exceptions to the Miranda rule.

easleyfirm.com 12/17/2015

Benefits of Getting Your DUI Charge Reduced to a Wet Reckless Conviction

What is a "Wet Reckless" and why should try to get a DUI reduced to this charge? Find out here—it could save your future!

easleyfirm.com If you are charged with DUI, you may want to try to get the charges reduced to wet reckless. Learn why a wet reckless conviction could be better than a DUI.

easleyfirm.com 11/30/2015

4 Ways to Get Grand Larceny Charges Dismissed or Reduced to a Lesser Charge

Grand larceny is a serious offense, and if you've been charged you are facing a possible felony conviction. There are a few ways to potentially get the charges dismissed or reduced, but whatever you do, hire an attorney!!

easleyfirm.com If you’re charged with grand larceny, you want to raise all possible defenses to get the charges dismissed or reduced. Learn four defenses you might use.


Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone is enjoying this time with their loved ones.

easleyfirm.com 11/25/2015

6 Common Ways to You May Be Able to Get the Criminal Charges Against You Dismissed

These are 6 common ways you may be able to get the charges against you dismissed. This stuff is good to know NOW, before you need the information!

easleyfirm.com If you were charged with a crime, you may have grounds to have the charges dismissed. Learn six common defenses that could get your charges dropped.

easleyfirm.com 11/20/2015

Stop! Do Not Talk to the Police Unless You Have Read This

Many people think cooperating with the police means talking to them. That is NOT the case—the best way to stay out of trouble is to have your attorney present for ANY conversation you have with police.

easleyfirm.com When accused of a crime, many people mistakenly think that talking to the police is a good way of cooperating. Unfortunately, doing so can hurt your case.

easleyfirm.com 11/19/2015

Proving Speedometer Inaccuracy—Can it Help Your Case?

What is a speedometer calibration report, and how can it help you fight a speeding ticket?

easleyfirm.com If you’ve been charged with a traffic violation for speeding, learn how speedometer calibration can be used as evidence in your case.

easleyfirm.com 11/18/2015

Can I be charged with a DUI even though my blood alcohol level was below the legal limit?

Is it possible to be charged with a DUI even if your BAC is below the legal limit? You might be shocked to learn the answer!

easleyfirm.com Testing your BAC is a good way for police to tell if you’re drunk, but blowing a normal BAC may not save you from a DUI charge. Find out why here.

easleyfirm.com 11/17/2015

How can I have my criminal record expunged from public access?

Anyone can access your public criminal record. Expunging (or sealing) your record will remove it from public view—here's how to do it.

easleyfirm.com If you’ve been arrested or charged with a crime in Virginia, your record is accessible to the public. Here, learn how to have your record expunged.

easleyfirm.com 11/06/2015

Celebrating in Jail: Holidays That Increase Your Chances for Being Pulled Over

Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Holidays are a great time to celebrate with loved ones, but it can be easy to wind up intoxicated without realizing how high your blood alcohol content has gotten. See which holidays increase your chances of being pulled over, and remember: drinking and driving is NEVER worth the risks!

easleyfirm.com Holidays are a time to let loose, but sometimes celebrating too much can land you in jail. Click here to see which holidays have the most DUI arrests.

www.easleyfirm.com 11/06/2015

How You Dress for a Court Appearance May Help Your Case

Believe it or not, the colors, clothing, and jewelry you wear could have a BIG impact on your case. See what you should (and shouldn't!) be wearing to your court appearance.

www.easleyfirm.com Dressing for a court appearance is more important than you may think. Here, learn helpful tips about dressing to help your case.

www.easleyfirm.com 11/05/2015

A DUI Without Probable Cause Can Lead to a Dismissal of Charges

If a police officer pulled you over for a DUI with no indication that you had been drinking, he may have violated your 4th Amendment rights, and the charges may not hold up in court.

www.easleyfirm.com Are you facing DUI charges that you believe to be unwarranted? Click here to see your options for getting the charges dismissed.

easleyfirm.com 11/05/2015

Upping the Penalties to Bring Down DUI Offenders: How Virginia Is Cracking Down on Drunk Driving

Did you know DUI falls under state, not federal, control? That means every state has its own laws and penalties when it comes to catching and sentencing drunk drivers. Learn about Virginia's DUI laws and recent changes.

easleyfirm.com Every state writes and enforces their own laws when it comes to drunk driving. To avoid a false charge, learn how Virginia’s laws are evolving.

easleyfirm.com 11/04/2015

Three Reasons Why Your Teen Will Likely Drink and Drive

Even though we all know it is wrong, teens may often drive after drinking because they are afraid of the trouble they will face if their parents find out they have been drinking.

easleyfirm.com Convinced your teen will never drink and drive? You may want to reconsider, as statistics show she likely will. Be prepared in case you end up in court.

easleyfirm.com 11/02/2015

Virginia Move Over Law Violators: Do You Know What Is At Risk?

Do you know about Virginia's "Move Over" Law? When law enforcement or emergency personnel are on the road’s shoulder, drivers need to move one lane over. If this isn’t possible, you need to slow down to reasonable speeds!

easleyfirm.com Virginia’s Move Over Law aims at keeping law enforcement and emergency personnel safe. Do you know what happens when you don’t adhere to the rule?

www.easleyfirm.com 10/22/2015

Strengthening Your Defense by Focusing on Evidence, Not Innocence

You may be inclined to "bend the truth" when talking to your attorney. Many defendants make the mistake of going out of their way to try and prove their own innocence—whether it’s true or not. Being HONEST with your attorney is the best way to help your case!

www.easleyfirm.com In a trial, you don’t have to prove your innocence—the prosecutor has to prove your guilt. Learn how honesty with your lawyer can help him defend you better.

www.easleyfirm.com 10/20/2015

Can volunteering to participate in a driver safety course help my defense? If so, what can I expect?

Will a driver safety class help your defense in a traffic violation case? Show the court that you’re willing to improve your driving with a program, and you may see a better outcome.

www.easleyfirm.com There are many tactics you can employ when defending against traffic penalties. Click here to see how taking a safety course can improve your defense.

www.easleyfirm.com 10/19/2015

Setting the Wheels in Motion: Penalties for Driving Without a Valid Drivers’ License

What are the possible penalties for driving without a license? You may be surprised to learn just how serious they can be!

www.easleyfirm.com If you get behind the wheel in Virginia without a valid drivers’ license, you’ll face serious penalties. Learn more about the possible penalties here.

easleyfirm.com 10/12/2015

S*x Offense or Poor Judgement? Why it May Not Matter

Did you know that in some states urinating in public could land you on the s*x offender registry?

easleyfirm.com Rapists are required to join the national s*x offender registry; but, in some states non-violent offenders are forced to as well. Learn more about your risks.

easleyfirm.com 10/07/2015

What questions do police have the right to ask when they pull me over for a traffic violation?

This is REALLY important information that can make or break your case in regards to a traffic violation! What do officers have the right to ask you when they pull you over? More importantly, what questions should you NOT answer? You will be shocked to learn what their limitations are, and which of their typical questions you are not required to answer!

easleyfirm.com When pulled over, unlawful questions don’t have to be answered. Here, learn what the police can and can’t ask you during a traffic stop.

easleyfirm.com 10/05/2015

Can I be held liable for a traffic accident if my child was the one who was driving?

Here's a wake-up-call for parents with teen drivers: you can actually be liable for a traffic accident, even if your teen was the one driving!

easleyfirm.com When your teenager is charged with a traffic violation, who is responsible? Click here to see how your child’s actions could be pinned on you.

easleyfirm.com 10/02/2015

If I’m ordered to take a safe driving course as a penalty for a traffic violation, what should I...

Has the court ordered you to take a driver improvement course? Here's what you can expect to happen.

easleyfirm.com Penalties for traffic violations can vary from fines to forced safety education. See what to expect if a court requires you to attend a safe driving course.

easleyfirm.com 09/30/2015

Checks and Balances: Keeping a Clean Driving Record in Virginia

If you get pulled over for a traffic violation, there is a VERY good chance you will lose points on your license. This can reflect poorly on your driving record or even result in the loss of your license. You can earn "good" points to help offset this and give your driving record a boost! Find out more here.

easleyfirm.com Earning safe driving points can provide a cushion against future demerit points. Learn how the demerit point system works and how to earn safe points.

easleyfirm.com 09/29/2015

How can I learn more about s*xual assault on campus?

Education is key to ending s*xual assault on campus. Learn more about RAINN Day and what you can do to educate yourself. #EndS*xualAssault

easleyfirm.com Education and awareness are the keys to eliminating date r**e on college campuses. Click here to learn more about RAINN Day activities on a campus near you.

easleyfirm.com 09/24/2015

Factors Contributing to Wrongful Convictions

Can you imagine being falsely convicted for a crime you did not commit? It happens all too often. Check out this like of the most frequent exonerations from the last 25 years.

easleyfirm.com Mistakes can be made in criminal trials which lead to wrongful convictions. When justice is served, those wrongfully convicted are exonerated. Learn more here.

easleyfirm.com 09/23/2015

3 Factors the Commonwealth Must Show to Convict You of Possession of Ma*****na

Can you be charged with possession of ma*****na if it belongs to a friend? Find out exactly what the commonwealth must prove in order to convict you.

easleyfirm.com If you were charged with possession of ma*****na, it is important to note that hope is not lost. The Commonwealth must prove the element of possession first.

easleyfirm.com 09/21/2015

Strapping Down Your Child to Avoid Charges and Costly Fines

Sometimes you just need to run down the street or don't have time to strap your child into their safety seats. But do you know what possible consequences you face for breaking the law? Did you know the driver of the car could even be charged with reckless endangerment, child abuse, and neglect?

easleyfirm.com Although the proper use of children’s car seats is a hot button issue for safety, did you know it could also lead to a steep fine? Click here to see why.

easleyfirm.com 09/17/2015

Drinking and Driving When You’re Underage: The Penalties

When I was in high school we lost a classmate to a drunk driving accident. Teens drinking and driving is all too common. These are some of the penalties you could face if you're caught. Do you think these penalties prevent tragic accidents, or do you think they're too harsh?

easleyfirm.com Underage drinking and driving is serious and dangerous. We discuss the penalties for getting behind the wheel after drinking when you’re under 21 years old.

easleyfirm.com 09/16/2015

Your Need for a Good Traffic Defense Increases With Police Ticket Quotas

A lot of people talk about police officers meeting their "quota" when it comes to traffic tickets. Is this fact or fiction? Do officers really give out tickets just to make money?

easleyfirm.com Your risk of being pulled over and ticketed for a traffic violation is drastically increased by traffic officer quotas. Click here to learn why.

easleyfirm.com 09/04/2015

Drive Sober, or Get Pulled Over Campaign Heightens Risk of DUI Convictions

The #ClickItOrTicket and #DriveSoberOrGetPulledOver campaigns are great initiatives to end dangerous driving, but they also put many people at risk for false convictions.

easleyfirm.com A national campaign to get drunk drivers off the streets may increase your chance of a false DUI conviction. Here, learn more about the risks.

easleyfirm.com 09/02/2015

A Designated Driver Can Protect You in More Ways Than One

When do you need a designated driver? You might think you're fine after a drink or two, but it could put you or someone else in serious danger.

easleyfirm.com Having a drunk driving charge can seriously impact your future. Avoid the headache and protect your future by learning when you need a designated driver.




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