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Three Leaf Financial

Full Service Financial Planner including Investments, Insurance & Planning Three Leaf Financial is a full service financial planning firm that was established in March 2010 with the fundamental goal of building sound financial plans for all of their clients.

The founder of Three Leaf Financial, Derek Sauerwine, works one-on-one with his clients and prospective clients to create, implement and manage tailored financial plans. Each plan is unique with the right blend of investments, insurance and planning in order to accomplish each client's goals. The practice continues to flourish because at it's core, it is built on a life-long relationship model and

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Amazon Unveils Plans for Futuristic, Nature-Inspired Phase 2 of HQ2 02/03/2021

Amazon Unveils Plans for Futuristic, Nature-Inspired Phase 2 of HQ2

It looks like the Northern Virginia landscape will continue to change with our new neighbors Amazon.

Amazon Unveils Plans for Futuristic, Nature-Inspired Phase 2 of HQ2 Amazon has unveiled plans for the PenPlace site in the second phase of its $2.5 billion HQ2 in Pentagon City, including a lush office building shaped like a double helix. The company will build 2.8 million square feet of office space across three 22-story buildings, an amenity building with a com 01/11/2021

Get ready for the SECURE Act 2.0

In looking down the road, the Secure ACT 2.0 could certainly be something to watch as it could further push back the
Age of Required Minimum Distributions and it also could allow larger catch up contributions.... We will see. A follow-up, bipartisan bill to the SECURE Act is in progress. The SECURE Act 2.0 could incentivize small businesses and individuals to grow retirement savings. 08/24/2020

Tax Mistakes In 2020 That Could Ruin Your Retirement

Great article that uses 2020 as "hook" but in reality this is a good read just as reminder of the importance of tax assumptions in retirement. Tax planning can help your have a happier healthier and wealthier retirement. Avoid these 6 big tax mistakes that may may you run out of money in retirement. 08/24/2020

Why Your Retirement Account Paperwork Needs To Be Done Right

There are a lot of advantages of having a Financial Advisor relationship and keep the plan in order is just one of them. Life will change or the world will change around us. Mistakes and oversights in retirement account paperwork often have disastrous consequences. 07/28/2020

What If: How The Future Is Bright For The Pandemic Generation

Going at the speed of light to basically a stand still, might turn out to be the best thing for families, children and financial plans. The proverbial "reset button"! It is plausible this generation—whose views are being shaped through the coronavirus pandemic—will be shaped in positive ways. 07/28/2020

A Step-by-Step Guide to Selecting Medicare Coverage

The extra gift at age 65... navigating Medicare. All in all, with a little reading.. it's not that bad. If you’re like most Americans, you’re getting a wonderful present for your 65th birthday: government-subsidized health insurance for the rest of your life. The bad news is that Medicare won’t cover a significant chunk of medical expenses. 06/23/2020

Top 5 Things To Know About Term Life Insurance

Great little article about Term Life Insurance...... but they missed the most important piece. Life Insurance proceeds are Federal and State Tax Free. Term life insurance is a great way for families to find an affordable way to financially protect the future in case a parent passes away. 05/28/2020

Planning to Use Your Home as a Retirement Nest Egg? Not So Fast.

Nothing like an article that states.."not so fast". Some good points but at the end of the day this article helps support the idea of having diversification & flexibility built into your plan. Most people who hope to tap the value in their real estate have two options: trade down to a smaller, less-expensive home, or borrow against their equity. But the economic uncertainty casts doubt on the home-as-a-piggy-bank approach. 04/21/2020

3 Ways The COVID-19 Stimulus Law May Help Your Financial Problems

Another good reminder of rules changes that allow you to access, avoid and contribute during these times depending upon which phase you are in on your financial timeline. Here’s a guide to how a few provisions of the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act might help your finances at a time when you can use a hand: 04/13/2020

Answers to Important RMD Questions

Pretty good article outlining the yearly suspension of Required Minimum Distributions Congress's one-year suspension of rules requiring retirees to take minimum distributions from retirement accounts gives those who can afford to leave their nest eggs alone a better chance of recovering stock-value losses. 04/04/2020

What Nervous Investors Should Do Now

The feelings everyone has during a market down turn is.............. it's to late to move or sell and it's to early to buy. Neither is the case. It’s hard to see the stock market and investment portfolios drop so quickly. It is unnerving, to say the least. Although this time we are also facing a health crisis, we’ve seen many other market declines much worse than this over the past 25 years. There are things you can do. 03/27/2020

Retirees Get Relief in Senate Coronavirus Stimulus Package

Very Important............For retirees, the stimulus bill suspends for 2020 the minimum required distributions from tax-deferred 401(k)s and individual retirement accounts. If you do not need it, you are not required to take it. The legislation includes breaks for Americans whose retirement accounts have been battered by the stock-market meltdown. 03/27/2020

Dow Escapes Bear Market With a 6% Rally

The volatile market continues and I would not expect that the "wild" ride is over.... The blue-chip index is now up 20% from its low, qualifying as a new bull market. 03/10/2020

The Dow Will Bounce Back. History Tells Us When.

Keeping some market engagement or exposure is key. There is an old adage on Wall Street: The market goes up the escalator and down the elevator. Many events have knocked the Dow down, and more often than not, it bounces back quickly.


Couldn't be more pleased to be involved with JDRF Capital Chapter on Walk! #jdrf

Thank you to Three Leaf Financial and Derek Sauerwine for being company number one in our #20CompanyChallenge in support of Joe Aiken, our Corporate Walk Chair! With your support we can continue to work towards turning type one into type none. We are so grateful for your generous contribution to the JDRF Capital Chapter One Walk! #jdrf 02/25/2020

Revocable Living Trusts Can Help Your Heirs Avoid Probate. Here's How They Work.

Even in its most simplistic form, a Trust can play a very key role in your overall plan. Probate can be a long, arduous, and costly process. Enter a workaround that is being used by an increasing number of people: revocable living trusts. 02/11/2020

The Stretch IRA Strategy Is Largely Gone. Here Are 5 Alternatives to Consider.

With children no longer being able to stretch inherited IRA's, we have been busy building alternative paths. If you have not begun to look at strategy options....reach out to schedule a conversation. There is good news and bad news for retirement savers whose stretch-IRA strategies were upended by the Secure Act: There are workarounds, but none necessarily offer a perfect replacement for the popular estate-planning tool. 02/06/2020

Having enough money to retire is important, but there are 7 other things that matter just as much

Remember money is only 1 part of the retirement picture. We can build your financial plan but you have to build the retirement picture. Having enough retirement income and savings is critical, but, there are seven other factors to also consider as we imagine our ideal retired life. 01/29/2020

More Questions And Answers About The SECURE Act

Many individuals over the age of 70 1/2 are taking advantage of the "Qualified Charitable Distribution" Rules under the IRS Code and if you give to charity and are not using QCD.... this is good read. The SECURE Act continues to raise questions from readers. Here are some key questions about the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act. 01/18/2020

After Stretch IRAs, What Retirement Breaks Could Congress Chop Next?

Ah... the ever changing tax landscape. The importance of having a trusted advisor on your team continues to increase. A handful of proposals on limiting retirement tax breaks have been circulating in Washington for years 01/13/2020

New Law Expands Uses for 529 College Savings Accounts

If you haven't looked at a 529 College Planning account... new regulations make them even more useful for repaying of student loans! Under the Secure Act, approved in December, up to $10,000 can be used to repay student loans. The law also allows 529 funds to be used for apprenticeships. 01/08/2020

Here Are the 3 Biggest Mistakes Retirees Make, and How to Avoid Them Retirees are making three mistakes that could jeopardize their financial future, experts say, with the missteps coming amid a growing awareness that many workers who’ve saved diligently for decades are now struggling to spend their savings. 01/06/2020

The Secure Act Changes the Way People Will Inherit Money. Are You Hit by the New Rules?

The rules have changed in regards to stretch rules for your non-spouse beneficiaries... The Secure Act, which was signed in December, changes the way beneficiaries will receive money from inherited retirement accounts, but not everyone is in danger of a big tax hit. 12/31/2019

How to Get Out of Debt in 2020

Remember every retirement begins successfully with no debt! So let's get at it! For many, paying off debt can feel like an insurmountable task. Here is a game plan to help those hoping to make a fresh start on their debt repayment. 12/23/2019

Inheriting IRAs Just Got Complicated, Thanks to New Retirement Overhaul

Having an advisor that can coordinate your Retirement Plan with your Estate Plan is key. If you do not have a plan in place... simply call the office to schedule time. The Stretch IRA is snapping back. Congress’s year-end spending package limits the ability of savers to extend the life of their traditional Individual Retirement Accounts and Roth IRAs by leaving the accounts to much younger heirs. 12/14/2019

Changing Risks in Retirement It is important to understand from the very outset how changing risks are primarily what separate retirement income planning from traditional wealth management. 12/02/2019

It’s Time to Start College. Here’s How to Pay for It.

We talk about college planning allot these days... great article digging in a little deeper. It goes by in a blink of an eye. Never is that cliché more true than the moment you realize that your child is actually going to college—and you’ll actually need to pay for it. 11/25/2019

This Is What Millennials Can Actually Expect From Retirement, According to Experts When the hashtag #MillennialRetirementPlans went viral a couple of months ago, the visions were predictably dystopian from a generation that has faced serious financial headwinds. What can millennials actually expect from retirement? 11/06/2019

Why It’s Important To Stay Social In Retirement And How To Do It Maintaining an active social life gets harder with age. When we retire, we lose about half of our social networks, but here’s the real issue: staying socially connected is essential to one’s well-being. 10/22/2019

When a Mortgage Is Part of Your Retirement Plan

Ahhhh.... the mortgage debate. Arguments on both sides. I think your retirement income drives the mortgage bus. It's pretty easy to cover a $0 mortgage. Whether to carry mortgage debt into retirement is a perennial hot topic among financial advisers and their clients. Home loans tend to be Americans’ largest liabilities, so their care and handling has a profound effect on how we experience life as retirees. 10/15/2019

How To Grow Your Retirement Nest Egg There are plenty of charts on the internet and in books about financial planning that suggest how much someone needs to save to retire with millions of dollars - but there's not as much explanation as to how that money will grow. 10/15/2019

Impeachment And Your Retirement

As difficult as it sounds..... you have tune out the noise. The financial advice industry is known for having strong opinions. Politics is like that too. Especially these days. To be clear, this is NOT a political commentary. However, impeachment could have an effect on your retirement.



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