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apps.washingtonpost.com 03/22/2014

Read the federal judge's decision striking down Michigan's gay marriage ban

I hope people will take a few minutes and read the actual decision. As with the other similar opinions, the Judge uses fact and logic to destroy the arguments of those against gay marriage. If you don't understand the concept of judicial review or the supremacy clause of the US Constitution, maybe you should read the entire opinion. Otherwise, you can start on page 21, which is where the Judge explains his decision.

apps.washingtonpost.com U.S. District Court Judge Bernard Friedman ruled March 21 that Michigan’s ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.

valawyersweekly.com 03/19/2014

Traffic stop OK for pine-tree air freshener

BEWARE OF THE AIR FRESHENER! A simple hanging air freshener is sufficient "obstruction" to a driver's view that the driver can be stopped and the driver questioned or the vehicle searched on that basis.

A police officer who saw a “pine tree shaped” air freshener dangling from a driver’s rear-view mirror could stop the vehicle, the Virginia Court of Appeals said on March 18.

The air freshener – available at a convenience store near you – was about three inches long and three inches wide at the bottom. Those dimensions were enough to warrant the officer’s suspicion that the air freshener just might violate Va. Code § 46.2-1054, which says objects suspended from a vehicle’s sun visor or rear view mirror may not obstruct the driver’s clear view of the highway.

When the officer approached Tramaine Richardson’s black Mitsubishi, he smelled a strong odor of ma*****na. When the officer searched Richardson, a bag of co***ne fell from his pants leg. At a suppression hearing, both Richardson and his mother testified there was no air freshener hanging from the mirror. But the officer came back with a photo taken just after the stop, that showed the offending air freshener.

Even though the officer only saw the vehicle for a second or two as he passed Richardson on a two-lane road in Pittsylvania County, the air freshener was big enough for the officer to spot. He already was on the lookout for a black Mitsubishi, so his attention was focused on the car. In upholding the stop in an unpublished opinion in Richardson v. Commonwealth, Judge Glenn A. Huff cited a 2004 8th Circuit case that said a tree-shaped air freshener hanging in a vehicle established probable cause to stop.

Read more: http://valawyersweekly.com/2014/03/18/traffic-stop-ok-for-pine-tree-air-freshener/#ixzz2wQ6Q0Ftj

valawyersweekly.com A police officer who saw a “pine tree shaped” air freshener dangling from a driver’s rear-view mirror could stop the vehicle, the Virginia Court of Appeal


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lawoffice.westerfield.us 05/03/2012

The Westerfield Law Firm

Finally. The website is up and functioning. http://lawoffice.westerfield.us Yea! It's very basic at this point, but it does the trick. Next ..... announcements

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