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Operating as usual


Woodworking A Curved Modern Bench

This is some really nice woodworking.

Rustic on the Outside, Modern on the Inside. Check out this 1920’s Creekside Cabin! - Adorable Living Spaces 02/13/2022

Rustic on the Outside, Modern on the Inside. Check out this 1920’s Creekside Cabin! - Adorable Living Spaces

Very nice renovation/ modernization of a cabin.

Rustic on the Outside, Modern on the Inside. Check out this 1920’s Creekside Cabin! - Adorable Living Spaces Encircled from all sides by trees, this rustic retreat sits beautifully amidst the forest. Built right next to Mark West Creek, this cabin feels like it’s in the middle of a forest even though its surrounded by Californian wine country ( South is Sonoma Valley, Napa is east and the Russian river i...


House Built Using Lego-Like Wooden Blocks

I guess we are all just big kids.

Resilient Fairfax | Office of Environmental and Energy Coordination 01/27/2022

Resilient Fairfax | Office of Environmental and Energy Coordination

Announcing the next Resilient Fairfax Zoom meeting on February 1st.

Resilient Fairfax | Office of Environmental and Energy Coordination Fairfax County, Virginia - Learn about the Fairfax County Climate Adaptation and Resilience Plan, Resilient Fairfax.


I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas and happy New Year!


Using 10,000-year-old technology, these earthen homes could resist fires and hurricanes

Old tech is new tech... wisdom of the ages.

Photos from Ned Poffenberger, AIA - Architecture & Art's post 05/12/2021

Upper cabinet doors finally going up, soon. This was for fitting. They are now prepped and ready for painting. Owners went for a rich blue that already shows up in the skylights of the addition.

Photos from Ned Poffenberger, AIA - Architecture & Art's post 03/13/2021

Exercise pool addition in Fairfax is almost complete. We have to clean up some code issues, but the owners should have use of their new space within a week or 10 days.

Photos from Ned Poffenberger, AIA - Architecture & Art's post 03/07/2021

Weekend work on the home front = cabinet door refinishing..old finish and handles on the right, new finish and handles on the left.

coldefy win competition to complete office building in lille with cascading green terraces 03/05/2021

coldefy win competition to complete office building in lille with cascading green terraces

coldefy win competition to complete office building in lille with cascading green terraces a design by architecture firm coldefy has been selected as the winning entry of a competition to build a new mixed-use building in northern france. the project is to be constructed in lille’s ‘euralille’ district, an urban quarter masterplanned by OMA in 1989 that comprises the city’s main r...

Photos from Ned Poffenberger, AIA - Architecture & Art's post 02/02/2021

New garage for a "car guy" is heading for construction documents. It's a 2 car garage with a car shop included in Richmond, VA. I'm looking forward to seeing this built, hopefully, this spring.

Our Top 5 Sustainable Prefabs in 2019 01/12/2021

Our Top 5 Sustainable Prefabs in 2019

Here's a good starting point for folks thinking of a future home.

Our Top 5 Sustainable Prefabs in 2019 Prefab homes continue to rise in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. Here are our favorites sustainable prefabs, so far, in 2019.


Traces of History and Archeology and Art

The Bosco Verticale / Vertical Forest high-rise complex in Milan, Italy. The plant life, which is said to equal 3 hectares of forests (20,000 sq m), not only moderates the temperature in summer and winter but also converts as much as 30 tonnes of CO2 each year. On top of that, it filters out dust particles, protects the residents from noise pollution and creates a microhabitat for insects and birds.


Science Friday

Beautiful science and art all in one...

By tapping into the underlying geometry that determines the spatial arrangement of flower petals and pinecone scales, John Edmark creates sculptures that endlessly spiral and bloom.

Learn how Edmark makes such mesmerizing kinetic sculptures.


Channel 4

This is what "public housing" looks like in Austria. Not to shabby!

It's almost as if treating people with kindness and respect works! Via All 4


Meava's Meadows update: the sink and faucet have been installed in our cherry waterfall counter. I used a floor finish for the cherry counter and we already have some stains( not shown in this picture,) so that will get redone and finished with an eggshell polyurethane. The bath is fully functional, now. 07/01/2020

Architect Transforms Abandoned Cement Factory into His Own Extraordinary Home

This has always been one of my favorite buildings. The whole concept of remaking an old building and the beauty which Bofill created here is unsurpassed.... Ricardo Bofill discovered La Fabrica, an abandoned cement factory, in 1973. He's transformed it into a home and work studio. Discover this incredible space.


This is a narrow table for Faunspring Farm. 24" deep by 84" long. It is made from the old joists that were removed from the home for it's renovation. A rigid, narrow table was needed for its use as a mount for a small loom. Moment joints were created at the ends so that cross bracing would be reduced or eliminated. This was achieved with a box joint, dowels and hidden screws. The outer surface has been planed to get a consistent thickness for the wood table. The underside and outer edges have only been lightly sanded to inspect for nails. They still carry the grey weathered patina and saw marks of the original joists. Dowels, final sanding and oiling are still needed. I will post pics of the finished table soon.


Working on some furniture in these stay at home times. This is a bench for my daughter's loom. The bench is from a wild cherry tree that we felled on our property. The top has a natural edge. You can still see the bug "tracks" in the edge. The bench still needs sanding and oiling. She requested something with a beveled or soft edge as she sits on the edge while operating her loom. 05/15/2020

Here’s What it Takes to Build a Pretty Good House

Good ideas continue to move forward. LEED and Passive House have become gold standards for energy-efficient homebuilding—but some say there’s a better way. 04/11/2020

Rare Event: Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Moon To Line Up On These 3 April Nights, Here's How To Watch The three planets won't come together before mid of 2022!


Havelock Wool

Wool as home insulation... it has some great attributes- better indoor air quality, better moisture management, renewable resource. This Co is from New Zealand. Will it catch on in N. America?

We are healthy, high-performance insulation made from 100% wool. 02/11/2020

Buildings Made of "Moss-Growing Concrete" Could Remove More CO2 and Air Pollution than Thousands of Trees

This looks like some very cool technology. Researchers have developed a “living concrete” that grows moss, lichens and fungi that could turn city buildings into giant air purifiers Spanish researchers have developed a porous, acidic concrete that acts almost like soil for moss, lichen, fungi and other drought-tolerant vegetation. They ar...


The farm bathroom is coming together with a natural edge cherry "waterfall" counter and matching cherry step-up platform with drawers for the soaking tub.


The renovation and addition to a home in historic Leesburg, VA.


Humor in architecture.... I love it.

British Artist Alex Chinneck Unzips a Building in Milan:


Livinghomes - Zero Energy Homes made in USA

Some great work by a prefab manufacturer of LEED certified homes. this would certainly be an option I'd love to offer any of my clients. - Renewable Energy Database Follow us on a tour of Livinghomes, a company based in Santa Monica, CA, that provided the first home ever c...



innovation helping out...

These smart window blinds double as solar panels and can slash your energy bill by 70%. 07/01/2019

This Affordable Prefab in Spain Only Took 5 Hours to Assemble

Prefab is getting really nice Built for $148,500, Casa Montaña was manufactured in a Madrid factory before being assembled in a mountainous, coastal region in northwestern Spain.


Final metal railings for the farmhouse are in place. These match the interior railings and stair supports. Thanks Jordan Poffenberger for the great metalwork.


Kitchen at Maeva's Meadows is progressing slowly but surely. Waiting on birch wood for the countertops.


Rest in peace, Robert Venturi. A great architect has been lost to the world.



This is probably the future of housing - custom and otherwise.

The future is prefab! Watch how we teamed up with The Verge to build our very own smart home from scratch.



Next time a client tells me they want a "smart home" renovation, I think I'll have them watch this, first.

Alexa does not have your back.

Watch the full TED Talk here: 06/01/2018

This concrete traps CO2 emissions forever

Closing in on carbon-neutral concrete. Interesting new tech.... Concrete's main ingredient is responsible for 7% of global man-made greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon Cure has figured out how to trap CO2 in concrete and make it stronger in the process.




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