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abc7chicago.com 12/23/2019

SPREAD THE WORD: 3-digit suicide hotline number approved

abc7chicago.com -


Circle of Security International

Research shows that when children perceive that both of their parents value kindness as much or more than achievement, they are better off both psychologically and academically.


Dr. Dan Siegel

Wonderful to learn about the many sides of Fred Rogers...


HuffPost Parents

From the time he challenged racism to the time he normalized breastfeeding.


Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute

From NPR, "CDC: Childhood Trauma Is A Public Health Issue And We Can Do More To Prevent It"

edweek.org 11/14/2019

The Brain Science Behind Student Trauma

edweek.org The brain's response to trauma and unpredictable stress has critical implications for student learning, explains researcher Bruce Perry.


Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute

News from around the world, "US health officials link childhood trauma to adult illness"


Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute

News from around the world, "Children who experience trauma are more likely to get bullied or bully others" But having a solid support group can be effective in overcoming these challenges.


Circle of Security International

For teachers working with students dealing with trauma: Trust in hidden-in-plain-sight moments!

sciencealert.com 10/16/2019

Babies Who Get Cuddled More Seem to Have Their Genetics Changed For Years Afterwards

sciencealert.com The amount of close and comforting contact that young infants get doesn't just keep them warm, snug, and loved.


Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute

What exactly IS Trauma?

Trauma is often thought of as a particular event.

But what's more critical is how the individual responds to that event.

A certain event may be traumatic for some people, but not for other people. For example, someone might be involved in a car accident and that could result in traumatic reactions for them. Another person could go through the same accident and come out virtually unscathed emotionally because they have a different history.

A traumatic event is any event experienced as a threat to one’s safety or survival. Such threats stimulate sub-cortical defensive responses and dysregulated arousal--hyper-arousal or hypo-arousal.

But the experience of threat doesn't necessarily occur through cognitive evaluation. Rather, it occurs first and foremost through our bodies, when our instinctive reactions are telling us we're in danger and need to protect ourselves.

The sensations and impulses of the body that are evoked during threat precede our thoughts and even our emotions.

Another example: if you are walking down a flight of stairs and suddenly you lose your balance and start to fall, you will grab for the railing instinctively--before, many scientists say, you even feel the fear, and certainly before you have a chance to think about it.

That's the wisdom of our bodies: the survival instinct that will occur automatically without thought to protect us and keep us safe.

In my upcoming course: A Body-Oriented Approach to Trauma: Introduction to Sensorimotor Psychotherapy I discuss how you can track your clients for dysregulation and how to work with physical actions and body sensations to resolve trauma in the body, rather than only with the verbal story.

If you work with clients who have trauma, or even if you are working with your own trauma, I invite you to join me in this foundational program.

Learn more here: https://courses.sensorimotoronline.com/body-oriented-approach-trauma/


The Imagination Tree

"The right brain is indeed the playground, or at least, it connects us to it. Let children dwell in this most natural state through their unstructured play, and all its derivatives such as doodling, curiosity, wonder and imagination. People who have a healthy right brain can better use their left brain tools in positive ways. That is the purpose of the left-logical brain: to serve the right brain—doing serves being."

spokesmanreview.wa.app.newsmemory.com 08/30/2019


spokesmanreview.wa.app.newsmemory.com For children, just like for adults, anxiety is a part of life, and there’s a lot for kids to worry about: the first day of school, standardized testing, gun violence, divorcing parents or any other number of issues.


Robyn E Brickel MA, LMFT, LLC

Love this definition of trauma from @drgabormate "Trauma is a wound..... If the wound was great enough, you’d get a big scar, and it would be without nerve endings so you wouldn’t feel, and it would be much less flexible than your normal tissue. Trauma is when there is a loss of feeling and there is a reduced flexibility in responding to the world. " https://humanwindow.com/dr-gabor-mate-interview-childhood-trauma-anxiety-culture/


Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute

With trauma more prevalent than ever, talk therapy might not be enough. It has become necessary for us to have a deeper understanding of how the body stores and reacts to painful experiences.

It is becoming increasingly important for practitioners of all disciplines to learn the body’s intelligence to support their clients to heal.

We invite you to watch this FREE video by Pat Ogden, the founder of the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute, to learn:

🔹How trauma and attachment live in the body

🔹Why the body is a tremendous asset to causing lasting change in your clients

🔹The limitations of talk therapy to address trauma and deeper wounds

Get access for a limited time: http://sensorimotoronline.pages.ontraport.net/why-the-body-video


Elephant Meditation

"If every 8-year-old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” ~ Dalai Lama


Elephant Meditation

The 7 elements of trust, according to Brené Brown:


Robyn E Brickel MA, LMFT, LLC

OCD and Postpartum... worth the read!


Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute

But the body remembers what the conscious mind does not.

These non-conscious memories are not written in words — but in the language of sensation, posture, gesture, and the way we move.

And we may not even be consciously aware of it...

These memories can create patterns that damage our relationships and our way of being with our partner, our family, and our colleagues.

Because of this, it’s becoming increasingly important for practitioners of all disciplines to learn the body’s intelligence to support their clients to heal. We’d like to offer you a special opportunity to learn more about how our thoughts and emotions affect our physical body and how to use the body’s intelligence to create lasting transformation in your clients.

Get access now to a FREE video by Pat Ogden, founder of the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute: http://sensorimotoronline.pages.ontraport.net/why-the-body-video


Circle of Security International

Research on the value of "low-stakes, casual" connections for our
emotional well-being. Rather than seeking only "deep and meaningful," consider opportunities as they naturally emerge in your day to day life.


The Women's Center

“Your goal as a friend is to create a space where someone will open up to you and to support and empower them.”

blog.bulletproof.com 06/29/2019

Interpersonal Neurobiology: A Systems-Thinking Approach to Optimal Health – Dr. Dan Siegel #587


blog.bulletproof.com Dan Seigel is the founding co-director of the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center and the founder and executive director of the Mindsight Institute, as well as the medical director of the Lifespan Learning Institute, and the founding editor of the Norton Series on Interpersonal Neurobiology.


Circle of Security International

Wonderfully vulnerable article in New York Times about a common struggle in parenting with lovely references to Circle of Security and shark music.



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