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If you are in need of an attorney, contact our offices as soon as possible to schedule your free initial consultation. At Kondori & Moorad, LLP, we do not operate as an orthodox legal practice.

Our law firm’s goal is less about conducting traditional business approaches, and more about developing genuine relationships with our clients. By carefully understanding the needs and goals of each individual, from personal, business, and legal perspectives, it allows us to achieve a successful solution for our clients in the proper manner. With our critical emphasis on ethics, morals, and integr

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Covid-19 Claims Virginia ASNP Member Attorney Sheri Abrams at Age 53 03/04/2021

Covid-19 Claims Virginia ASNP Member Attorney Sheri Abrams at Age 53

It has been a tough for all of us during the Covid-19 pandemic era. Regrettably, our legal community lost a true pioneer and advocate in the Estate Planning/Medicare field as we found out that Attorney Sheri Abrams, Esq. passed away from Covid-19. We are deeply saddened by this news. We truly enjoyed working with Sheri throughout the years and she will be dearly missed.

Covid-19 Claims Virginia ASNP Member Attorney Sheri Abrams at Age 53 ASNP member Sheri R. Abrams, a leading Northern Virginia practitioner in the area of special needs law, died February 8 at age 53.  

mentalfloss.com 07/04/2019

10 Things You Didn't Know About the Fourth of July

We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable July 4th holiday! Here are some fun facts:


mentalfloss.com One Founding Father thinks we're celebrating on the wrong day, but that hasn't stopped Americans from pulling out all the stops on July 4.

wtop.com 12/18/2018

Virginia court sets policy for cellphones in courthouses | WTOP

Heading to a Courthouse in Virginia? Cell phone policy changes have been made:


wtop.com Virginia’s Supreme Court says cellphones should be allowed in courthouses, but with some restrictions.

wric.com 02/21/2018

Virginia professionals may no longer have to fear losing license to mounting student debt

A rare Virginia law allows the Commonwealth to order the suspension of a license if a person is delinquent in the payment of their federal or state educational loans. The law can impact teachers/health professionals (i.e. nurses, psychologists, massage therapists)

With this new bill - that could all change!


wric.com The Virginia General Assembly passes a measure to overturn a law that allows Virginia to revoke a professional license for defaulting on student loans.

bgr.com 12/28/2017

This iPhone slowdown lawsuit wants Apple to pay $999 billion

Unforunately, Virginia law prohibits class action lawsuits at the state level ... but here's some news regarding the Class Action lawsuit against Apple after the battery issue:


bgr.com Apple disclosed a few days ago that it slowed down iPhone with older batteries on purpose, to prevent unexpected shutdowns. iPhone owners were quick to react, filing at least eight class action sui…

[11/27/17]   If you're a Dentist in the DC/VA/MD area looking to buy, sell or start a dental practice from scratch - Reach out to us today for a free consultation!

nbcwashington.com 06/30/2017

New Laws Take Effect in Virginia on July 1

We hope everyone has a safe July 4th weekend!


nbcwashington.com Several new state laws are going into effect Saturday in Virginia, potentially impacting how Virginians drive, what kind of alcohol they buy, and what they wear when they go hunting.

cnbc.com 04/05/2017

Wise underfills potato chip bags, lawsuit claims

It'll be interesting to see what happens :)


cnbc.com Two consumers are saying the maker of Wise potato chips fills its bags less than halfway, deceiving customers into overpaying.

wtop.com 02/03/2017

Va. bill would fine slow drivers in left lane

Very Interesting!!


wtop.com A Virginia bill would add a fine for drivers who block the “fast lane. ”

[01/30/17]   While attorneys are usually representing Client's against each other, we not only thank all our fellow attorneys across the country for their collective efforts in legal aid, but even more so all the individuals around the world who were affected by the events that unfolded the last few days #teameffort #legalaid #kmnlawfirm

2pobaduekzw9jt9a-zippykid.netdna-ssl.com 01/03/2017


Wishing everyone a great new first week of 2017! #kmnlawfirm



history.com 12/24/2016

History of Christmas - Christmas - HISTORY.com

Wishing everyone a happy holidays and Merry Christmas, from our family to yours #kmnlawfirm


history.com Find out more about the history of History of Christmas, including videos, interesting articles, pictures, historical features and more. Get all the facts on HISTORY.com

happythanksgivingday.us 11/24/2016


Wishing not only our Clients (past, present & future) but EVERYONE a Happy Thanksgiving this year!



japantimes.co.jp 11/08/2016

Lone American aboard ISS exercises Texas law right to 'vote while you float' | The Japan Times

A friendly reminder today to everyone in the USA to go out an Vote - our astronauts in outer space can vote ... so there's no excuse - one of the many things that makes our country so great!


japantimes.co.jp The lone American off the planet has cast his vote from space, keeping with NASA's motto of "Vote while you float." NASA said Monday that astronaut Shane K

history.com 10/31/2016

History of Halloween - Halloween - HISTORY.com

Wishing everyone a very happy Halloween!


history.com Find out more about the history of History of Halloween, including videos, interesting articles, pictures, historical features and more. Get all the facts on HISTORY.com

[08/10/16]   You can follow us now on Instagram = @KMNLAWFIRM

We hope everyone has a great week! #kmnlawfirm

[08/10/16]   You can follow us now on Instagram at @KMNLAWFIRM

We hope everyone has a great week! #kmnlawfirm


Attorney Kondori & Attorney Moorad last night at the Burj CEO Awards in Washington, DC! #kmnlawfirm

[07/27/16]   We are very honored in being able to attend the Burj CEO Awards in Washington, DC! tonight alongside so many esteemed and honorable guests -

[07/26/16]   Doing what we do love, we hope everyone is having a great week.

history.com 07/04/2016

July 4th - Holidays - HISTORY.com

We hope everyone is having a safe & fun July 4th Weekend!


history.com Find out more about the history of July 4th, including videos, interesting articles, pictures, historical features and more. Get all the facts on HISTORY.com


Lawyer Kia Kondori - Fairfax, VA Attorney - Avvo

We'd like to congratulate Attorney Kondori for his 7th! 5 Star Review:


avvo.com Kia Kondori is a Business Attorney in Fairfax, VA. Click Kia’s profile to discover their Avvo Rating, write a review, and read professional endorsements.

dc.about.com 05/30/2016

How to Celebrate Memorial Day in Washington, DC

A Big THANK YOU to our veterans and armed service members for their service!


dc.about.com See all the schedules for Memorial Day 2016 in Washington, DC, details on the special events, concerts, parade for Memorial Day in Washington, DC


Law Related Education Committee Programs - Fairfax Law Foundation

Wishing Attorney Kondori & his 4 Westfield High School students the best of luck today in the 2nd Round of the Fairfax County Model Judiciary Program in front of the Honorable Judge Tina Snee!


fairfaxlawfoundation.org Fairfax County now has the 12th largest enrollment of students in the country with over 166,000 students. There are approximately 137 elementary schools, 26 middle schools, 25 high schools and 5 alternative schools in the County. There is a great need for a school district of this size to appeal to…

vox.com 03/20/2016

Persian New Year, or Nowruz, explained for non-Persians

Wishing all our Iranians & Iranian-Americans a healthy and prosperous 2016! #Norooz


vox.com In Iran, the first day of spring also means the first day of a new year.

[03/01/16]   It's #SUPERTuesday - don't forget to vote if you haven't already. It's your right!

Virginia polling stations are open until 7:00pm!


roanoke.com 02/29/2016

(At least) 15 new Virginia laws that took effect July 1

Some interesting Virginia laws that were passed ranging from Day Care / Breastfeeding / Drones / and Social Media just to name a few!


roanoke.com By Andrew Cain | Richmond Times-Dispatch New Virginia state laws take effect Wednesday on topics ranging from breastfeeding to bicycles, day care centers to drones. The commonwealth also has two new state songs, and employees get new protections from employers who want their social media passwords.…



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