Hopewell House For Independent Living

Hopewell House For Independent Living

Hopewell House is a unique group home for adults struggling with mental illness, located on a historic farm in Northern Virginia. Hopewell House's private, rural-like setting provides an optimal environment for healthy independent living in our charming residential group homes.

Along with support from skilled and caring behavioral health coaches, each resident is offered a personalized plan to meet individual needs and goals. Our mission is to support each person on his or her journey of growth and healing. Hopewell House provides a supportive environment for those in need of a personalized residential program for the following: Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorders, Depression, Bi-Polar Disorder, and other mental health illnesses.


Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board

It's Mental Health Month; the AFSP has posted a webinar on "Using 13 Reasons Why to Initiate a Conversation about Suicide Prevention and Mental Health" online. FYI. https://afsp.org/campaigns/look-ways-mental-health-awareness-month-2017/


Pinnacle Foods Inc. Voluntarily Recalls Aunt Jemima Frozen Pancakes, Frozen Waffles & Frozen French Toast Slices Due to Possible Listeria Contamination

This news may be too late for Sunday Brunch people.... Time to double check some items in your pantry and frig!

fda.gov Pinnacle Foods Inc. is voluntarily recalling all “Best By” dates of Aunt Jemima Frozen Pancakes, Frozen Waffles & Frozen French Toast Slices distributed nationally in the United States and one product into Mexico because they have the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. No illn...

www.buzzfeed.com | By Jamie Jones 05/02/2017

26 Of The Most Inspirational Lines In Literature

Do you have a favorite?

www.buzzfeed.com | By Jamie Jones 'Not all who wander are lost.'

psychologytoday.com 05/02/2017

What's Better? Emotionally Intelligent or Mentally Strong

"...there are many misconceptions about what it means to be mentally strong and myths about how to develop emotional intelligence."

psychologytoday.com There's a big difference between mental strength and emotional intelligence.

psychologytoday.com 05/02/2017

4 Conditions That Resemble Depression, But Aren't

"...it never hurts to take a blood test to rule out one of the commonly confused conditions, such as hypothyroidism or diabetes."

psychologytoday.com Why it never hurts to get a blood test before diagnosis.


Lakeview Health - Addiction Treatment Center

According to the Surgeon General, addiction is a bigger problem than cancer.


Skyland Trail

It’s hard to know when you should step in to get someone with bipolar disorder the help they need. Our 2015 Associates Luncheon speaker shares seven tips a loved one with bipolar disorder needs help.

medicalnewstoday.com 04/27/2017

Study paints somber picture of US mental health status and access to care

"More Americans than ever before suffer from serious psychological distress, and the country's ability to meet the growing demand for mental health services is rapidly eroding."
Which is why Mental Health parity, ready access and de-stigmatizing mental health is so important!

medicalnewstoday.com More Americans than ever before suffer from serious psychological distress, and the country's ability to meet the growing demand for mental health services is rapidly eroding.

medicalnewstoday.com 04/27/2017

Weighted blankets for anxiety: Uses and benefits

"This special type of blanket is designed to be warm and to provide gentle pressure to a person, mimicking the feeling of being held.The sensation has a positive effect on people's moods."

medicalnewstoday.com There are many ways to manage anxiety, including medication, lifestyle changes, and complementary therapies. Learn about how weighted blankets may help.

psychologytoday.com 04/26/2017

9 Ways to Test and Improve Your Emotional Control

"...there’s no one “best” way to cope with stress. However, when it comes to emotion regulation, your strategy needs to work by at least allowing you to get your emotions under control."

psychologytoday.com Emotion regulation can be yours with this new, research-based approach.


The Journey Junkie

I HAVE wondered! More importantly, I couldn't figure out HOW to figure it out! This helps!!

Every wondered what type of yoga is best for you?

I recommend trying out several different classes & taking the quiz below!

Comment your results

psychologytoday.com 04/26/2017

13 Reasons Why "13 Reasons Why" Isn’t Getting It Right

There has been a lot of praise and criticism of this series. Here is a culmination of some of those perspectives. As with anything, watch before you show.

psychologytoday.com Why the Netflix series doesn’t help prevent suicide

psychologytoday.com 04/26/2017

Treating Depression by Training Your Amygdala

"...depressive symptoms can be substantially diminished by training a region of the brain known as the amygdala to respond more strongly to positive memories. "

psychologytoday.com Feedback from real-time functional imaging can lessen depressive symptoms.

psychologytoday.com 04/26/2017

The Controversy Around Autism and Neurodiversity

April is Autism Awareness month. It is always good to have a perspective that causes you to look at a situation differently.

psychologytoday.com Our community's success with self advocacy raises new issues for all

psychologytoday.com 04/26/2017

Five Ways to Fit in with Just About Any Crowd

"Until you know whether a group or culture’s norms will fit your sense of identity, taking the more conservative route of fitting in seems to be the safer path to follow. "

psychologytoday.com Gain acceptance with almost anyone by following these 5 tips.

bphope.com 04/26/2017

How Can You Tell When You’re Well With Bipolar Disorder? | bpHope - bp Magazine Community

bphope.com When bipolar disorder removes the range of human emotions, I now appreciate ALL my feelings as being my authentic self. By April Krueger   For many people with bipolar disorder, wellness and stability are almost elusive states, something we might remember from our childhoods but something we’re afra...

medicalnewstoday.com 04/26/2017

Exercise boosts brain power in over 50s, concludes latest meta-analysis

You can slow down but keep moving!

medicalnewstoday.com The effect of exercise on the aging brain is still much debated. The latest review takes an in-depth look, concluding that physical activity is beneficial.

medicalnewstoday.com 04/25/2017

Swap caffeine for stair-walking to boost energy, motivation

hmmmm....Not sure I could give up my morning or mid-afternoon caffeine but it's a thought!

medicalnewstoday.com Study reveals that adults who walked up and down stairs for 10 minutes showed greater increases in energy and motivation than those who consumed caffeine.

hopkinsmedicine.org 04/24/2017

Schizophrenia Center Annual Symposium at The Johns Hopkins Hospital

hopkinsmedicine.org Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Director, Silvio O. Conte Center for Oxytocin and Social Cognition, Emory University

psychologytoday.com 04/20/2017

Yes, You Can Have Depression and Still Be Mentally Strong

"There's a pervasive belief that mental illness stems from weakness. It's not true."

psychologytoday.com There's an unfortunate myth that says mental illness stems from weakness.

bustle.com 04/20/2017

Prince Harry’s Mental Health Struggles Make Him Part Of “A Big Club” & That Openness Is The Key To Reducing Stigma

bustle.com Part of the reason the royal family is so intriguing is that they're so mysterious. It's impossible to keep up with them on a reality show or through social media, so the only time we find out personal information about them is when they explicitly d

myemail.constantcontact.com 04/17/2017

Pasadena Villa utilizes Art Therapy


time.com 04/17/2017

This Is the Fastest Way to Calm Down

It is always useful to take a good long calming breath.

time.com Deep breathing is the go-to solution for stress-filled situations. Now researchers have discovered the biological reason why breathing can calm you.

time.com 04/17/2017

Playing Tetris Can Reduce PTSD Symptoms, Study Says

time.com If the game is played within six hours of a traumatic incident taking place

health.com 04/17/2017

The Unexpected Link Between Bedtime, Diabetes, and Depression

health.com A new study found that people with type 2 diabetes who are night owls are more likely to report depression symptoms than those who get up and go to bed early.

time.com 04/17/2017

The science of pet therapy is getting serious

"....animals can also help improve mental health..."

time.com New studies prove just how beneficial it is to own a pet.

medicalnewstoday.com 04/17/2017

Why do some of us find it easier to forgive? Neuroscience sheds light

"New research investigates the neuroanatomical basis of forgiveness."

medicalnewstoday.com A new study explores the neuroanatomical basis of forgiveness and finds a brain area connected with the act of forgiving unintentional harm.

huffingtonpost.com 04/14/2017

Are You Bullying Yourself?

"Self-compassion is not some new-age concept reserved for the spiritually enlightened. Rather it is a simple practice that can have transformative power in our lives. "

huffingtonpost.com A therapist’s tips for practicing self-compassion.

medicalnewstoday.com 04/14/2017

New medication significantly decreases involuntary movement

"valbenazine administered once daily can significantly reduce tardive dyskinesia in patients with schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder and mood disorder"

medicalnewstoday.com Antipsychotic treatment can cause involuntary movements such as lip smacking, tongue protrusions and excessive eye blinking.

medicalnewstoday.com 04/14/2017

Higher death rate among youth with first episode psychosis

"this study is a wake-up call telling us that young people experiencing psychosis need intensive, integrated clinical and psychosocial supports"

medicalnewstoday.com A new study shows that young people experiencing first episode psychosis have a much higher death rate than previously thought.

medicalnewstoday.com 04/14/2017

Five of the best blogs for stress relief

medicalnewstoday.com Too much stress can have an adverse effect on health and well-being. Medical News Today take a look at five of the best blogs to help with stress relief.



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NOVACO helps homeless victims of domestic abuse become healthy, secure, and self-sufficient through community collaboration to provide housing, education, childcare, counseling and mentoring.

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Fairfax Mental Health and Wellness offers a wide range of counseling services as well as medication management, psychological and psychoeducational assessments.