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Instagram for Kids and What Facebook Knows About the Effects of Social Media 10/01/2021

Instagram for Kids and What Facebook Knows About the Effects of Social Media

Instagram for Kids and What Facebook Knows About the Effects of Social Media A Senate committee hearing will address whether Facebook is following the example of Big To***co.


If the shoes fit... Wear them PROUDLY!!

If the shoes fit... Wear them PROUDLY!!

How a blind artist is challenging our understanding of colour 09/02/2021

How a blind artist is challenging our understanding of colour

The Brain so far outperforms our conscious awareness of it's ability.
"Perhaps researchers should now be finding examples to demonstrate how people can achieve what is thought to be unachievable, rather than focusing on theorising disability. If we can manage this, we may well further our understanding of what the human imagination is truly capable of – instead of having a poor idea of its limitations."

How a blind artist is challenging our understanding of colour Turkish painter Esref Armagan uses colour and perspective that he has never seen.

Can our deepest pain be a doorway to healing? - Wisdom of Trauma 06/18/2021

Can our deepest pain be a doorway to healing? - Wisdom of Trauma

AMAZING film only available to watch until Sunday at Midnight. IMHO EVERBODY should see it. Should be called "Wisdom of Love"

Can our deepest pain be a doorway to healing? - Wisdom of Trauma Watch The Wisdom of Trauma Movie Premiere on June 8-14, Featuring DR. GABOR MATÉ Plus a 7-day teaching series on trauma with leading experts!

A New Yorker Cartoon 05/04/2021

A New Yorker Cartoon

A New Yorker Cartoon © 2021 Condé Nast. All rights reserved. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement and Your California Privacy Rights. The New Yorker may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Pa...

[04/06/21]   One of the few silver linings of this surreal year has been the space to create a long-germinating Course (to be offered online and in-person once it is safe) that addresses the needs of big-hearted people in the ‘helping’ professions. In my 35 years of therapy and coaching people who are in service-to-other-professions (therapists, ministers, teachers, medical professionals, activists), I see a level of burn-out, exhaustion and resentment that not only affects the health and and personal life of the givers, but also forces them to think they have to make a choice between the two. Through years of working with clients in exactly this situation, I believe there IS a way to have a balance and would like to reach a larger audience with my teachings.

The working title of my course is:

“Overcoming Over-Giving”- Finally learn to balance your giving spirit with giving to yourself, so you can have the energy, time and renewed love in your heart for what truly matters to you.

Stay tuned for more details, and in the meantime, if you, or anybody would like to be on my mailing list for more information when it becomes available, please drop me a line at [email protected]. 11/08/2020

Perspective | Texting all day? You’ll feel happier if you pick up the phone and chat.

Worth considering...(until we actually evolve to be robots) the human brain is IMPROVED by actual connection... Voice more than physical obviously in the time of COVID. We all have a lot of feelings right now. It's better for your soul if you call your friends instead of texting them, study says. 10/28/2020

The President Sang Amazing Grace As we approach a pivotal moment in our nation’s history, it is important to remember moments of empathy and compassion. Filmed at Bing Concert Hall, Kronos Q... 10/24/2020

wonder.surrender - images I see, words I read.

"... Franz Marc died a young man, shrapnel in his brain.
I would rather die than explain to the blue horses
what war is...
Maybe our world will grow kinder eventually. / Maybe the desire to make something beautiful / is the piece of God that is inside each of us... " Franz Marc's Blue Horses by Mary Oliver I step into the painting of the four blue horses. I am not even surprised that I can do this. One of the horses walks toward me. His blue nose noses me... 10/23/2020

How Sobriety Helped Me Wake the F*ck Up Politically | The Temper

Take what you can use and leave the rest Bisexual sober writer Tawny Lara writes about politics: “My sobriety and my political activism now seem inextricably linked.” 10/15/2020

Events | spiritualdeepening

Apologies for the late notice, but I found out last night that there are still some openings (Zoom license is limited to 100) in Enneagram Introduction and Spiritual Transformation. I am teaching this class for the Center for Spiritual Deepening, on three consecutive Mondays, beginning, Monday, October 19th. A flyer is attached and a link for further information is below:,

If you are one of my clients and don’t know much about the Enneagram, or have an interest in Spiritual Transformation, I would encourage you to check it out. It holds possibilities for deepening our work together.

A Personal Caveat: I was hired to do this in Pre-Covid January. While I have taught the Enneagram for 26 years, at Spiritual Retreats, Rehabs, Churches, Monasteries, Corporations, Conferences, Classrooms and 12-Step oriented groups (it is particularly helpful in 4th and 10th Step work), this is my first time teaching online. Thus, not only will I have to remember to hide the ‘self-view’, so I’m not tempted to fix my hair while teaching, but I am also learning to master some technologies with which I am totally unfamiliar. Patience required ;-)

Please let the Center know if you are interested in attending. There is no fee but donations are accepted.

And check out their other offerings. While they are affiliated with St. Aiden’s Episcopal Church, it is a nondenominational spiritual inquiry organization.

If you are interested, but not available this time, depending on how well this goes, I will be offering more classes in the near future. Please let me know if you are interested.

Let me know if you have any questions. I hope these days find you well. The Enneagram, rooted in ancient Christian and Islamic mysticism, is a powerful transformational tool for helping us access our “Christ Consciousness.” In a compassionate and non-judgmental way, it illuminates 9 universal ego strategies that are at the heart of our repeating unhealthy patterns b... 10/11/2020

Opinion | The pandemic upended the present. But it’s given us a chance to remake the future.

"NOTHING is written..."
It's up to all of us...we CAN do hard things Human agency will decide whether the post-virus world is one of chaos, cold war or cooperation. 09/28/2020

Trump, Coronavirus, And The Greatest Lesson Of Love [EP089]

In 35 years as a Therapist, I have NEVER posted anything in the least bit "political"...a piece or two on injustice or equality, but, this is not about politics, it is about a country and people I love. Please give a listen. Toxic relationships affect our lives in the most profound ways. They can be compelling beyond belief – and over time the damage they cause is profound. This same dynamic is playing out on the world stage: In the case of coronavirus we have a breathtaking view into the nature of narcissism – and ... 09/22/2020

Some simple but urgent guidance to get us through these next months.

Excellent advice... For those so inclined. Take what you can use and leave the rest. 🙏 I awoke on Saturday, September 19, with three sources in my mind for guidance: Etty Hillesum (1914 – 1943), the young Jewish woman who suffered much more injustice in the concentration camp than we are suffering now; Psalm 62, which must have been written in a time of a major oppression of the Jew... 09/21/2020

It's Impossible To Focus On Work When The World Is On Fire Be kind to yourself in this nightmare and set the pressure aside. 09/15/2020

Our Drinking Problem Got Worse Under Lockdown. Here Are The Facts

"There’s never been a worse time to drink more,” Professor Winstock, consultant psychiatrist and addiction medicine specialist, tells HuffPost UK" . The Global Drug Survey confirms what we already suspected: how much we've been drinking – and how little it's helped. 09/05/2020

Buddhists Help Get Out the Vote - Jack Kornfield Buddhists Help Get Out the Vote In this time of great fear, it is important that we think of the long-term challenges—and possibilities—of the entire globe. Photographs of our world from space clearly show that there are no real boundaries on our blue planet. Therefore, all of us must take care ...


Food for thought:An antidote to injurious over functioning. 08/27/2020

I Won’t Drink Today, and I Won’t Get the Virus Today

So true for those in recovery or any exposure to the 12 steps! Alcoholics Anonymous prepared me for the pandemic.

08/21/2020 08/06/2020

Opinion | We’ve Hit a Pandemic Wall New data show that Americans are suffering from record levels of mental distress. 07/19/2020

Energy Update 5/5/2020 - Matt Kahn

Vive la resistance!! ;-) BRILLIANT 07/19/2020

Ram Dass on Polarization, Awareness and Social Responsibility - 2020

Kinda says it all....IMHO

“Then I began to see that staying alone in that room at that moment was confronting me with an internal battle which was much fiercer than any external battle I had ever fought before.
“And until I had found some way through that internal battle, all I could do was get sucked into the external manifestations of it in such a way as to perpetuate them. Right? I began to see that it was absolutely imperative in terms of socially responsible, effective behavior that I work on myself sufficiently. The issue, it seems to me, is the issue of social responsibility. It seems to be the responsibility to the wellbeing of one's fellow humans... 07/18/2020

‘Father Soldier Son’ Review: Service and Sacrifice

Anybody who works veterans and their families would benefit from watching this... for that matter anybody who's grown up in a military family. This Netflix documentary from New York Times journalists tracks a long-serving soldier and father for a decade after he is grievously wounded in action.



Her father told her she could be anything, and she is living proof of that.
The first female medical 3-star Admiral turned Washington’s director of 'COVID-19 Health System Response Management' has a message for you…

Speaker: Vice Adm. Raquel Bono at The University of Texas at Austin 07/08/2020

Psychotherapy Can Benefit Immune System, Study Shows A study suggests psychotherapy, and especially cognitive behavioral therapy, can be useful in reducing inflammation and promoting health. 06/28/2020

Carolyn Hax

From one of my favorite Prophets, Carolyn Hax

Dear Carolyn: I've always been told not to "sweat the small stuff," to compromise, cooperate and not let little things upset me. At what point do the little things stop being little and start showing how he really feels about me, and our relationship? I live in mortal fear of overreacting, but I don't want to spend my life feeling constantly irked and overlooked.
— Sweating the Small Stuff

Sweating the Small Stuff:

Pretending not to sweat the small stuff isn’t the same as actually not sweating it.
But it’s hard to describe the point where small stuff becomes big. Not only do we all have different thresholds — not to mention different relationships testing those thresholds — but it’s also just something you know when you see it., though, your concerns capture very well something else that’s hard to describe: the reason it’s so important to find a way to be happy alone, before you try making things work with someone else. It gives you a point of comparison, a baseline that allows you to say, when you’re tired of parsing every remark and questioning every silence, “Wait a minute — I don’t need this. I was fine on my own.” It tells you when love costs too much.
It also gives you some resistance to small stuff. When you believe you’re a (more or less) good person, you’re not going to interpret every little thing as a challenge to that perception. Your sensors — for differentiating among humor, meaningless barbs, grumpiness that is about you, grumpiness that isn’t about you, and grumpiness that isn’t about you but is intolerable nonetheless — simply become more accurate.
If you haven’t been in this position, and you aren’t confident enough in your judgment to try it right now, then you can try to approximate the feeling: Figure out what you like about yourself, and don’t like. Figure out what you can change, can’t change, don’t want to change. Now think about how many of these things your relationship forces you to change, stifle, compromise, justify, explain. That’s a pretty sound mark of “big stuff.” Carolyn Hax started her advice column in 1997, after five years as a copy editor and news editor in Style and none as a therapist. The column includes cartoons by "relationship cartoonist" Nick Galifianakis — Carolyn's ex-husband — and appears in over 200 newspapers. 06/09/2020

A 75th Birthday Evening of Honoring and Reflection: Finding Refuge Amidst the Flames

Join us.... Our long-planned honoring of Trudy Goodman and InsightLA is now joined with an urgent call. Our practices, our sense of justice, compassion and caring presence are being challenged by shared suffering and the need for wise and courageous response.... 05/19/2020

Opinion | The surprising intimacy of online therapy sessions during the pandemic Online therapy is different. But that doesn't mean it's bad.


Elizabeth Gilbert


1. What’s that, my baby? You feel like you’re failing at life? But may I ask: By whose rules? And by what deadline?

2. Please stop looking for proof that you are wrong and bad. Don’t be in such a hurry to disown yourself. And please, for the love of God, stop trying to transform. Just sit here with me for a moment, and let me love you exactly as you are. And maybe get yourself a nice big glass of water. That usually helps.

3. You don’t need to show compassion or patience to the world right now. Why would I force that on you, when you don’t actually feel it? You don’t even need to be grateful right now. I love you so much, I will never ask you to do anything you can’t do. Just sit here with me, and know that you are loved, and let that be all we do right now.

4. Stop trying. Does that scare you? Do you still have trouble believing how loved you are—even when you are doing nothing, producing nothing, improving nothing, understanding nothing? Can you sit quietly with me for a moment and consider the possibilities?

5. Can you find the courage and curiosity to live one breath at a time? Can you breathe into this very moment, right now? Because “right now” is the only place I will ever be able to find you. So meet me halfway, dear one, by taking the next breath.

6. You are not crazy or broken, sweetheart, but you do have a mind that requires constant, tender, affectionate stewardship. Good thing you have me!

7. I see how you much you fear solitude sometimes, but trust me: This is your medicine. Also, I have a secret for you: You’re not alone. It’s actually not even possible.

8. If it helps, sweetheart, you can’t possibly do anything wrong. By which I mean—you can’t possibly do anything that will lose me.

9. I’m right here. I have always been right here. I will always be right here. And I’ve got nothing but time for you.

10. Don’t worry about how everyone else is doing it. There is no “everyone else”. There is only you and me. And my name is Love. And so is yours. So let’s just sit quietly now, and know this truth together❤️

Onward, LG


Understand Men

Leave a ❤️ if you agree.


Enneagram Rhapsody

I've been an Enneagram teacher for 28 years or so this makes it fun! 10/24/2019

Robert Holden - Shift Happens


Katherine Woodward Thomas

💫❤️”Lucky In Love” CD Launch with the Koren Brothers - jump in and join us (& plz share!) ❤️💫 09/28/2019

My Psychiatrist Explains My Personality (And Yours) - The Enneagram Episode

I've been honored to be a teacher of this for 25 years. And I remember when Dan Siegel first learned about the Enneagram. Between this and neurofeedback it's hard NOT toI see glimpses of the TRUTH! Jun 19, 2019 - Chelsea is joined again by her psychiatrist, Dr. Dan Siegel for conversational examination of The Enneagram of Personality.Credits:Host: Chelsea HandlerGuests: Dr. Dan Siegel & Brandon MarloExecutive Producer: Conal Byrne Producers: Sophie Lichterman, Jack O’Brien Writers: Jamie...



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