The Thrill of Hickory, The Agony of Mesquite

We do barbecue. THAM was founded in 2009 by brothers and barbecue enthusiasts Eddie and Kyle Herchert. After mastering the art of backyard cueing, the the duo decided to test its mettle in the high stakes game of Competitive BBQ.

Having entered only three competitions to date, the team is still getting its feet wet in the Barbecue circuit, but THAM is committed to improving each and every time we compete. The teams best result was in 2011, when we tied for 10th out of 43 teams in the pulled pork category at Picking in the Panhandle. While being The West Virginia State Championship, Picking in the Panhandle is a major gatew


Greetings from historic Fredericksburg, VA and the 6th Annual BBQ Jamboree! What's on the line today? Oh, only 14 grand in cold hard prize-money cash! Let's go THAM!


THAM had a breakthrough this weekend, finishing in the top 10 for the first time in a single category! Our chicken placed 9th out of 32 teams. Onward and upward.


About Recovery | Recovery Fest

Greetings BBQ Brethren! THAM will be competing in the 10th Annual Recovery Fest in Richmond, VA on September 6. If you happen to be in the RVA, swing by and support the team! Proceeds will help individuals and families in their fight against Substance Use Disorders (SUDs). The McShin Foundation’s mission is to deliver a message of hope to recovering addicts and alcoholics and facilitate their journey to a healthier life.


Great Success! Today THAM was exposed to an national audience when we received a mention on the popular sports blog Deadspin. A big shout-out to my co-worker (and new publicist) Chris Merl for shining the spotlight on us!

Full article here:"a2a04f1d55545808a8f97e45e708117e


Lauren doing a beautiful job on our turn in boxes.


Camp set up in record time. Looking more professional than ever. Cooks meeting at 6, then it's game time.


Day trip to Restaurant Depot. Picked up all our meat and fuel, and are ready for Friday! See you in Woodstock!


Always building the brand... just got some new signage printed, and it's looking sharp. No one will miss this 8 foot sign out in front of our tent next weekend. Come on out and support the team at Autumnfest in Woodstock, VA on October 19th!


The thrill is back! Following up on the success of our initial run, THAM has just churned out a new batch of sauce that will be available to purchase this October right here on Facebook! Here is a sneak peak of our new 16 oz bottles.


Hey kids, we're just days away from unavailing our first sauce! Here's a sneak peak of how it was made. Stay tuned.


Out in the Fairfax office today. Just put on 3 racks of babybacks for Eddie's birthday. 03/01/2013

National Pig Day - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The sweet smell of swine is in the air. March 1 is National Pig Day, but I'm sure you already knew that. How do you plan to celebrate? National Pig Day is an event held annually on March 1 in the United States to celebrate the pig. The holiday celebration was started in 1972 by sisters Ellen Stanley, a teacher in Lubbock, Texas, and Mary Lynne Rave of Beaufort, North Carolina.[1][2][3] According to Rave the purpose of National Pig… 01/28/2013

Meat Week - Washington, DC

Merry Meat Week, everyone. Hard to believe it's been a year already. Eight nights of BBQ. Meat Week is Real. 10/22/2012

Kansas City Barbeque Society

Perhaps our expectations were too lofty, but we were expecting more this time around. We ended up finishing an underwhelming 21st out of 32 teams. Ribs and pork were our best meats finishing 18th each. Despite the result, we still had a great time and are lready looking forward to the next one. full results here: Features contests, classes, forms, news, and membership information.

Shenandoah Valley BBQ Fest 2012 10/22/2012

Shenandoah Valley BBQ Fest 2012


2nd Annual Shenandoah Valley BBQ Fest at Woodstock Autumnfest

It's official! Just got our acceptance letter to compete in the Shenandoah Valley BBQ Fest! Come out and support the team on October 20th! The official website for the Shenandoah County Fair in Woodstock, Virginia, USA 09/10/2012


Just applied to enter our third competition! If all goes well we'll be competing in Woodstock, VA at the Shenandoah Valley BBQ Competition on October 19 and 20! The official Web site of the Woodstock, Virginia Chamber of Commerce

Pickin' In the Panhandle 2011 09/10/2012

Pickin' In the Panhandle 2011



Currently, we are in the process of fine tuning both our Dry Rub and BBQ Sauce. We plan to unveil both products in the near future. THAM t-shirts are available upon request.