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We are always available for questions, comments or concerns during any part of the bail process. We can handle Federal or State Bonds in ALL JAILS. Every day we help people just like you with their situations. We assist them in making the best decisions for their loved ones. Our goal is to assist families and friends to the best of our ability. Our professional agents understand the stress and pot

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[05/14/13]   Did you know that sheriffs in medieval England often exploited the bail system for their own gain? This issue was a prominent grievance that led to the Statute of Westminster.

[05/11/13]   Currently, capital punishment is legal in 34 U.S. States. As of January 2009, there were 3,306 inmates on death row, and that number has tripled in a little over 30 years.

[05/08/13]   In the past, only people with enough money and property to post as a form of security could secure temporary release from jail before their required appearances in court.

[04/23/13]   Getting caught up in the criminal justice system may be difficult, frustrating, and challenging. Sometimes the best way to deal is with a little humor. According to the great American humorist, Will Rogers: Make crime pay. Become a lawyer.

[04/20/13]   Did you know that, in 1898, the first modern bail bonds business was established by Tom and Peter P. McDonough in San Francisco, California?

[04/17/13]   If the defendant who posted the bail fails to appear at the appointed time, the entire amount of the bond is forfeited, and a bench warrant is issued.

[04/11/13]   Did you know that bail laws in the United States originated from a long history of English statutes and policies? During the colonial period, Americans relied on England's bail structure, which was established hundreds of years earlier.

[04/08/13]   In states that do not permit commercial bail bonding, ten percent bonds are available through the courts. A ten percent bond allows the accused to pay ten percent of the total bail in order to obtain release.

[04/05/13]   Humor may be one of the most effective handle problems. According to director and comedian, Woody Allen: Organized crime in America takes in over forty billion dollars a year and spends very little on office supplies.

[04/02/13]   A bail bond agent or bondsman is a person or corporation that acts as a surety and pledges money or property as bail. In return, a criminal defendant must appear in court for his or her scheduled hearings.

[03/30/13]   Most bail bond agents do not have to post cash or property for every client. Instead, many bond companies have agreements with the court that they are insured and will pay out any bonds if a defendant doesn't appear.

[03/27/13]   In Texas, there are well over 300 inmates on death row, and the state spends an estimated 2.3 million per case before all appeals are exhausted. Even so, Texas still has one of the highest crime rates of the fifty U.S. states.

[03/24/13]   Most U.S. states have law enforcement on the local as well as the statewide level. State agencies typically pick up the slack for small, underfunded rural areas. Can you guess which state has no statewide law enforcement arm? That would be Hawaii.

[03/21/13]   Did you know that the English Bill of Rights, passed in 1689, was actually a precursor for the Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution? The English Bill of Rights eliminated unnecessarily excessive amounts of bail.

[03/18/13]   In addition to providing legal advice, defense attorneys can also help arrange bail, with some law firms acting as bonding agents.

[03/15/13]   Here are some vocabulary terns that might come in handy: surety (a person liable for another's debt); personal recognizance (being released based on a promise to appear for official proceedings later); bailee (one who receives valuables or property as bailment); bail-jumping (defaulting on bail).

[03/12/13]   Bond agents have a standing agreement with local court officials, which states that they agree to pay the court if any defendant covered by the bond does not appear in court.

[03/09/13]   When determining the extent of the bail for a suspect, a judge considers the suspect's flight risk, the severity of the crime, whether the suspect has a criminal history, and whether he or she has a history of not showing up in court.

[03/06/13]   In 1275, the Statute of Westminster eliminated the discretion of sheriffs regarding which crimes were considered bailable. Under this statute, both bailable and non-bailable offenses were specified.

[03/03/13]   Did you know that commercial bail bonding has been banned in Illinois, Kentucky, Oregon, and Vancouver? However, some of these states allow AAA and similar organizations to provide bail bond services as a part of insurance contracts and membership agreements.

[02/28/13]   One third of felony defendants released before trial in the 75 largest counties in the country in 2006 committed some type of misconduct, including about 6,000 who were arrested on new charges, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

[02/25/13]   A DUI attorney is a criminal defense attorney who specializes in defending those individuals arrested and accused of driving under the influence of an intoxicant, and arranging bail for their release.

[02/22/13]   A criminal defense attorney is required to provide the best defense possible, and not shirk any responsibilities, even when working in a court ordered capacity.

[02/19/13]   Illegal aliens who are arrested can qualify for bond. All proceedings are handled in federal court by the Department of Homeland Security or the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The percentage the defendant pays is usually 15 to 20 percent of the total bail amount.

[02/16/13]   Without the option for bail bonds, jails would be even more overcrowded, the costs of housing inmates would increase, and the lives of both defendants and their families would be disrupted severely.

[02/13/13]   Withholding information or lying to your lawyer can have serious consequences in the prosecution and defense of the crime.

[02/10/13]   In addition to providing the best possible criminal defense, attorneys in criminal law will arrange for bail and help clients through the trial process.

[02/07/13]   Recidivism is a term that refers to the likelihood of an arrested criminal to repeat an illegal behavior: In 1994, 68 percent of released prisoners were rearrested within a period of three years. The rearrest rate for violent offenders was almost 62 percent.

[02/04/13]   Nearly every U.S. state has a provision for trying a juvenile offender as an adult in certain circumstances. The official mechanism that transfers cases from juvenile to criminal court is typically called a judicial waiver.

[02/01/13]   Concerns about killings by criminals out on bond convinced 26 states in 2010 to toughen their bail bonds laws, including restrictions in seven states on the release of people charged with violent crimes and s*x offenses.

[01/29/13]   According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, at the end of 2009, there were 4,933,667 adults on probation or on parole and 2,292,133 inmates in jails and prisons across the country. That doesn't include statistics for juvenile detention, which totaled close to 93,000 in 2006.

[01/26/13]   Many criminals are greedy, some are violent and a few are just plain dumb: A man in Bloomfield, Indiana was arrested in July of 2010 for forging a check to himself for a million dollars. The quick thinking bank teller copied his driver's license, and later the over ambitious felon was arrested.

[01/23/13]   Cash bonds require full payment in cash or property. Once paid, the defendant is released with a date to return to court. If the defendant returns, the amount is refunded; if he or she does not return the money is forfeited to the court.

[01/20/13]   Property bond or cash bails are two common methods for criminal defendants to cover their bond requirements. The property can belong to the defendant or a family member or friend and must equal 150 percent of the bond. Cash bail is payment of the entire bail amount.

[01/17/13]   On average, it costs taxpayers around $23,000 to provide room and board to an incarcerated prisoner for a year. The U.S. has the distinction of having the highest reported incarceration rate in the world.



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