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When I celebrate the Christmas holiday season, I take the time to always remember that when the Christ child Jesus was born in Flesh and Spirit, God planted a new seed of LOVE and HOPE for the entire universe. The seed is helping humanity to renew its flesh and soul, and it is delivering unimaginable opportunities for those who accept him.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

When I celebrate the Christmas holiday season, I take the time to always remember that when the Christ child Jesus was born in Flesh and Spirit, God planted a new seed of LOVE and HOPE for the entire universe. The seed is helping humanity to renew its flesh and soul, and it is delivering unimaginable opportunities for those who accept him.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Electronic Security Systems Integration of Fixed and Mobile Sensors Founder and CEO, Jorge G. Lozano, is a highly regarded industry expert in Security Technology.

The Design Requirements Matrix he created enables CTS to tailor a specific security solution for each CTS client/partner. CTS provides training and support,protecting $Billions in assets in the Washington, DC area alone. Whatever your demands are we are here to help! CALL US NOW for further information on our existing leading-edge technology and services.

Operating as usual


A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Condortech Services, Inc.!

From our family to yours, we wish you peace and joy throughout the coming year


Congratulations to the Rise Committee and CTS's Andy Lozano on their SIA 2020 Chairman's Award!


Condortech Services has been recognized by RS2 Technologies as Top Dealer in the Northeast Region for 2019. We are honored by this award and thank RS2 Technologies for their continuing work in the Security Industry.


CTS recently celebrated the holidays with our amazing staff. After a beautiful and sincere message from our President, Jorge, we awarded several of our technicians with certificates for a job well done.

Condortech Services looks forward to the new year with joy and wishes you all happy holidays and a happy New Year! 11/07/2019

9 Women & Children Shot & 'Burned Alive' in Mexican Ambush (Videos) - American Security Today November 5, 2019 – In Breaking News – CNN Nine members of a Mormon family were killed on the Mexican side of the US-Mexico border, and authorities are investigating whether the attack was the result of mistaken identity. The victims include three women, four small children and two infants, famil... 11/07/2019

Amazon's Ring Video Doorbell Lets Attackers Steal Your Wi-Fi Password A security vulnerability in Amazon's Ring Video Doorbell Pro could let attackers steal your Wi-Fi password 09/27/2019

Hacker Turns Up Nest Thermostat, Plays Vulgar Music Through Family's Camera Google says the Nest smart home products were hacked due to the use of previously compromised passwords, not a breach of its own devices.


#NeverForget Condortech was a baby company in 2001. Our contracts were 60/40 commercial to gov't. My engineers were on their way to the Pentagon to conduct a quality check when tragedy struck. Thankfully our people weren't injured, but it sparked a fire in us to serve our country at a higher level. Today our revenue is 90/10 gov't to commercial.
#doingourpart #nationalsecurity #patriotism 09/06/2019

Jorge Lozano on LinkedIn: "I'm pleased to announce Andy Lozano and his team are partnering with Amazon this season to deliver free installations for Amazon Key for Business. This will provide properties with convenient, authorized entry to your... September 6, 2019: Jorge Lozano posted images on LinkedIn 09/04/2019

Hurricane Dorian lashes Florida with tropical storm conditions, as Carolinas brace for 'very close brush'

Not good for us:
#FoxNews After leveling the Bahamas with deadly and destructive force, Hurricane Dorian churned toward the Southeast coast Wednesday, nicking Florida with tropical storm conditions along the state's northeastern coast and threatening a potentially powerful landfall in the Carolinas later this week.



Co***ne Routes, must see it:

#ProyectoCOCA | De la hoja de coca a la co***na. Recorrimos El Naya para mostrar 'el lado B' de este negocio.

¡PACIFISTA! presenta: 'El Naya: la ruta oculta de la co***na' 08/12/2019

Top 9 Surveillance Videos of the Week: Actor Danny Trejo Rescues Boy in Car Crash Other top surveillance videos of the week include police taking out the Dayton gunman, a man robbed while sleeping and much more. 08/12/2019

Trump Administration Announces Rule That Could Limit Legal Immigration Security Management Daily

[05/08/19]   Great News: 05/01/2019

The Cybernetic Revolution: The Influence of Metrology on the User Experience in Human-Robot Interaction

ROBOTS IN OUR COMMUNITIES: We are living in a world in which we are surrounded by technology tailored to our needs. We have sent probes beyond the farthest reaches of our solar system, and we have selfie-taking machines exploring celestial neighbors and conducting revolutionary experiments that alter our understanding of the.... 04/30/2019

Venezuela uprising turns violent after military armored vehicle plows into crowd of opposition supporters

Hope that there are not that many fatalities:
#FoxNews Emboldened supporters of opposition leader Juan Guaido brutally clashed with Venezuelan security forces as dramatic footage from Caracas showed a military armored vehicle plowing into the crowd. 04/30/2019

CA Terror Plot Thwarted: Army Vet Planned Mass Casualties (Videos) - American Security Today

Great Job to by our law enforcement: April 29, 2019 – In Breaking News – ABC News Mark Steven Domingo, 26, of Reseda, was arrested Friday night after he received what he thought were live bombs, but in fact were inert explosive explosive devices delivered by an undercover law enforcement officer as part of an investigation by the F... 02/25/2019

Technology Is Making Terrorists More Effective — And Harder To Thwart In January, Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats appeared before Congress to deliver the U.S. intelligence community's most recent assessment of "worldwide threats" facing the United States. Of these, Coats' report made clear, terrorism 02/25/2019

Agencies get new virtual computing options with Dell deal The virtual computing deal is part of an annual requirement that the General Services Administration secure at least two governmentwide services under IT Schedule 70. 02/25/2019

Is Your Facility Protected with Best in Class Emerg Help Stations? - American Security Today In-building and outdoor emergency notification beacons are being installed at schools across the nation. WHY? Because revolutionary new emergency help stations in an emergency, can save lives by speeding response. That is why corporate and education campuses across America are deploying proven solut... 01/11/2019

SFS SITREP | Central American Caravans (with new evidence on SIA) In mid-October, an initial group of 4,000 migrants from Honduras began a mass movement from San Pedro Sula to the US Southwest border. The migrant’s motivations were reported as escaping gang violence and poor economic conditions in their home countries. The timing of the caravan, however, drove s... 01/11/2019

Motorola Solutions Acquires Vigilant Solutions’ Parent Company VaaS - American Security Today Motorola Solutions, a global leader in mission-critical communications, has acquired VaaS International Holdings, Inc., (VaaS), a global provider of AI-driven image capture and analysis technology, for a purchase price of $445 million in a combination of cash and equity. VaaS, a “video analysis as... 01/11/2019

FBI: Are You a Money Mule? What is it & How to Protect Yourself (See Video) - American Security Today By the FBI The ask comes through a job posting or from someone you meet online. It seems simple and harmless enough: provide your bank account information and allow money transfers to flow into your account. Then move the money elsewhere and maybe earn a little cash for the trouble. Easy, painless,....


Office of Public Affairs

December 26, 2018

Secretary Kirstjen M. Nielsen Statement on Passing of Eight Year Old Guatemalan Child
WASHINGTON -- Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen M. Nielsen today released the following statement on the eight year-old Guatemalan national who passed away shortly before midnight on December 24 at Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center in Alamogordo, New Mexico:
"In the evening hours of December 24th, a child who had been apprehended with his father by the Border Patrol attempting to illegally enter the United States, died at an El Paso hospital after being taken for emergency treatment for the second time in less than 12 hours. This tragedy, the death of a child in government custody is deeply concerning and heartbreaking. In the last 24 hours, I have a directed a series of additional actions to care for those who enter our custody.

"In recent months, we have seen a dramatic increase at the border of families and unaccompanied children crossing our border illegally. In the last two months alone, the Border Patrol has apprehended 139,817 illegal aliens on the Southwest Border as compared to 74,946 during the same time frame of FY 2018. This is an increase of 86%. In just two months into this fiscal year we have seen 68,510 family units and 13,981 unaccompanied children. This is a dramatic change from historical trends and has only become starker in December.

"This changing dynamic is the direct result of obvious draw factors: an immigration system that rewards parents for sending their children across the border alone, a system that prevents parents who bring their children on a dangerous and illegal journey from facing consequences for their actions, an asylum process that is not able to quickly help those who qualify for asylum, a system that encourages fraudulent claims, and a system that encourages bad actors to coach aliens into making frivolous claims. The bottom line is that 9 out 10 asylum claims are rejected by a federal immigration judge.

"Our system has been pushed to a breaking point by those who seek open borders. Smugglers, traffickers, and their own parents put these minors at risk by embarking on the dangerous and arduous journey north. This crisis is exacerbated by the increase in persons who are entering our custody suffering from severe respiratory illnesses or exhibit some other illness upon apprehension. Given the remote locations of their illegal crossing and the lack of resources, it is even more difficult for our personnel to be first responders.

"We at DHS are committed to continuing to assist those in need – in the past year alone the Border Patrol assisted more than 4,300 people in distress along the border – that’s a 20 percent increase in rescues from the year before.

"To put this in perspective, there were six migrant deaths while in CBP custody during FY 2018 – none whom were children. In fact, it has been more than a decade since CBP has had a child pass away in their custody. It is now clear that migrants, particularly children, are increasingly facing medical challenges and harboring illness caused by their long and dangerous journey.

"In response to the unprecedented surge of children into our custody, I have directed a series of extraordinary protective measures. I have personally engaged with the Centers for Disease Control to request that their experts investigate the uptick in sick children crossing our borders and identify additional steps hospitals along the border should be undertaking to prepare for and to treat these children. I have asked the US Coast Guard Medical Corps to provide an assessment of CBP’s medical programs and make appropriate recommendations for improvements. I have also asked for assistance from the Department of Defense to provide additional medical professionals.

"At my direction, all children in Border Patrol custody have been given a thorough medical screening. Moving forward, all children will receive a more thorough hands on assessment at the earliest possible time post apprehension – whether or not the accompanying adult has asked for one.

"I have also spoken with our partners in Mexico to ask that they begin to investigate the causes of these illnesses on their side of the border and to provide medical assistance in shelters as needed.

"I will be travelling to the border later this week to see first-hand the medical screenings and conditions at Border Patrol stations.

"These immediate steps described above are in addition to steps taken following the death of a Guatemalan child earlier in the month – to include the staffing of additional Emergency Management trained Border Patrol agents in remote areas. There are 1,500 medically trained agents and officers on duty across the border.

"As a result of bad judicial rulings from activist judges and inaction by Congress, we are seeing a flood of family units and unaccompanied alien children. The unprecedented number of families and unaccompanied children at the border must not be ignored. I once again ask – beg – parents to not place their children at risk by taking a dangerous journey north. Vulnerable populations – including family units and unaccompanied alien children should seek asylum at the first possible opportunity, including Mexico.

"To be clear, Border Patrol stations were never intended to be longer-term holding facilities for any individuals. Under current law, non-Mexican unaccompanied children cannot be released or removed from the U.S. – they must be turned over to Health and Human Services for placement pending bed space availability. Moreover, family units are almost always released into the interior – in any case, they cannot be held past 21 days.

"I am proud of the lifesaving work the men and women of the Border Patrol do every day, but we do not currently have the resources we need to execute the mission as directed by Congress. To those in Congress who continue to refuse to take action to address the loopholes that cause a flood of humanity to travel north and place children at risk, I once again call on you to do your job, protect vulnerable populations, secure our borders, and provide the men and women of DHS the authorities and resources we need to address this crisis. Please put politics aside, we have common cause – let’s work together to protect family units and unaccompanied alien children. It’s a mission we share." 12/21/2018

This is what the US-Mexico border looks like

We need to erect walls in combination of virtual walls like CCTV, Radar, Drone and other sensors. The United States’ southern border with Mexico is 1,933 miles long, stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the tip of South Texas. Some 700 of those miles have fencing in place, and it varies greatly depending on where you are.

11/21/2018 10/08/2018

USMS Child Recovery Unit Recovers 123 Kids in Operation MISafeKid - American Security Today The Detroit Missing Child Recovery Unit (DMCRU) of U.S. Marshals Service (USMS) S*x Offender Investigations Branch, Michigan State Police and law enforcement officers from Wayne County agencies participated in Operation MISafeKid, a missing juvenile sweep to identify and recover missing children fro... 10/03/2018

FEMA Emerg Alert Test Set for Wednesday (Why? Learn Here, Video) - American Security Today The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), in coordination with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), is scheduled to conduct a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) on Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2018. The WEA portion of the test, which will be s... 08/22/2018

Helping the Microchip Industry Go (Very Low) with the Flow A new study by scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has uncovered a source of error...


Condortech Services's cover photo 08/10/2018

How to Hack WiFi Password Easily Using New Attack On WPA/WPA2

Is it time to use Quantum cryptography?: Learn how to how to hack WiFi password easily using new PMKID attack On WPA/WPA2 wireless networks with wifi hacking software 08/06/2018

At Least 40 People Shot Sunday in Chicago Violence; 4 Killed (Videos) - American Security Today By Diane Pathieu, ABC 7 Eyewitness News Dozens of people were wounded in shootings across Chicago since Friday, police said. Since midnight, police said 42 people have been shot, five fatally. Since Friday at 5 p.m., 59 people have been shot, eight fatally, in shootings in Chicago. 34 of the shootin...

Office of Public Affairs

June 26, 2018

WASHINGTON – The Department of Homeland Security released the following statement regarding the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold President Trump’s Proclamation 9645 Enhancing Vetting Capabilities and Processes for Detecting Attempted Entry Into the United States by Terrorists or Other Public-Safety Threats:

"It is the duty of the government to ensure that those seeking to enter our country will not harm the American people. While we have the most generous immigration system in the world, it has repeatedly been exploited by terrorists and other malicious actors who seek to do us harm. President Trump’s executive actions take important steps to protect the American people by allowing for the proper review and establishment of standards to prevent terrorist or criminal infiltration by foreign nationals.

“Today’s ruling confirms the legality of these critically important executive actions, and the Department of Homeland Security will continue to faithfully execute our country’s immigration laws and treat everyone we encounter humanely and with professionalism.”

Our Story

Founder and CEO, Jorge G. Lozano, lives the American Dream story. He came to the United States and started working as an engineer. He has built his company from the ground up and today, is a highly regarded industry expert in Security Technology. The Design Requirements Matrix he created enables Condortech (CTS) to tailor a specific security solution for each CTS partner. CTS provides training and support, protecting billions in assets in the Washington, DC area alone. Whatever your demands are we are here to help! CALL US NOW for a complimentary security risk assessment.

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International Children's Book Day!
Condortech Services, Inc. continuous its commitment to protect our Critical Infrastructure, and specially our Cyber fron...
PSA Summit at Bermudas, what  a experience of life; we were to update us on technology, which was very interesting, but ...
From Commercial markets to Government facilities, providing leading edge integrated security systems is what we do best!...
CTS-Samsung Partnering to Protect the Homeland



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