Nature’s Designs by Tiff

Nature’s Designs by Tiff


As the weather changes and “spring flowers” are just around the corner… we wanted to share our “Petals of Positivity” pay-it-forward film with you all! 🌸🌹🌺❤️🙏🏼

Tiffany Meints Yoder Nature’s Designs by Tiff
Fork the Man

Austin Stephens is the Technical Director for The Daily Wire - the #1 conservative media outlet in the United States. He works on shows such as The Ben Shapiro Show, The Michael Knowles Show, The Matt Walsh Show, The Andrew Klavan Show, and The Ben Shapiro Sunday Special. He's been with the rapidly growing company from the very early days and gives us a plethora of insider information about what goes on inside the Daily Wire and how the stars really are!


🌹 Nature’s Designs by Tiff
Order your special someone flowers to be delivered on Valentine's Day!
516 S 7th St. Fairbury, IL 61739
(815) 692-3024

🛋 Fairbury Furniture
Central Illinois Furniture Provider
100 W Locust St Fairbury, IL 61739
(815) 692-3000

✝️ God Bless and have a great week!
My flowers from almost 39 years ago. My sister-in-law at the time had a floral shop. Very creative and talented woman.
VERY excited for Tiffany to be here on Saturday! She owns Nature Designs in Fairbury. She will have flower wraps, arrangements, and a few other things from her shop. Open house starts at 10 on Saturday, hope to see you 🥰

Nature’s Designs by Tiff
We wanted to give a special thank you to our secretaries on Administrative Professionals day! Thank you to Nature’s Designs by Tiff for the beautiful flower arrangements!
I'm not sure what I did to deserve such special treatment today, but you all did an absolutely amazing job on the two deliveries I received today! Thank you! They're absolutely gorgeous ❤
My Easter gift to myself! Thank you Tiff - it is beautiful!!
My Valentine’s Day flower arrangement is beautiful! And I counted at least 8 more buds that will bloom 😍😍
Brian Hassett is a former football coach at Prairie Central High School in Fairbury, Illinois. Before Coach Hassett came to town, PC was one of the worst teams in the state of Illinois! Hassett and his trusty team of coaches quickly turned a once pitied team into a feared one - changing the culture of football in the PC area forever! Coach has a lot of wisdom to offer from his eventful football playing and coaching career, and I wanted to get it all out of him! Brian was a fantastic guest and I think you're all going to love this one.

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Nature’s Designs by Tiff
Local Flower Shop offering delivery services for Valentine's Day!
516 S 7th St, Fairbury, IL 61739
(815) 692-3024

Forrest Edge Tree Service
A local, fully insured tree-removal service that's ready to help with your tree & stump removal needs!
(815) 615-3037

Iroquois Farmers State Bank-Gilman - Ag Loan Officer | Zach Meister

A local banking institution that has serviced Iroquois County since 1919! 1381 South Crescent Gilman, IL 60938

(815) 265 - 4707

Fairbury Furniture

Central Illinois' Premier Furniture Provider

100 W Locust St Fairbury, IL 61739

(815) 692-3000

PSF Legacy Jiu-Jitsu
Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Normal, IL

1314 Fort Jesse Road Normal, IL 61761

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Show these businesses some love! And be sure to tell them that "The Paul Garcia Show" sent you!

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Email: [email protected]

This coming weekend - Friday and Saturday, February 5th and 6th, the Fairbury Specialty Shops will be hosting a “Super Shopping” weekend in anticipation for Valentine’s Day!

Many of the shops have new items, discounts, and sales! Go take a browse at the local Specialty Shops: Dave's Supermarket in Fairbury, IL, Nature’s Designs by Tiff, WC Market, Lost in Time, Inc., Kilgus Farmstead, Hearts Desire Antiques and Accents, Fairbury Fastener & Supply, and The Spotted Owl.

Remember that shopping and dining local helps the entire community. Every dollar spent locally is an investment in the community that we cherish!
THIS WEEK'S WINNER: Brandy Mygatt!

THIS WEEKS GIFT CARD: $25 to Nature’s Designs by Tiff!

Participate every week to earn a $25 gift card to a local shop or restaurant! We have a certain amount of gift cards to giveaway so participate while you can! It is fun and super easy! Just follow the directions below to have your name placed in this week's drawing! The winner will be drawn next Friday!

This week's theme is "Caring Coworkers." All you need to do is tell us what Central Illinois town you work in and a characteristic you admire about a coworker! Don't forget to let your co-worker know about what you think of them and let them know about the next Gift Card Giveaway!
Thank you so very much for fulfilling my last minute request yesterday! The balloons were perfect!

Providing top-notch florals to Fairbury and the surrounding areas.


Most of the Christmas has been pushed to the corner and after this week I’ll be pushing it right on out of here 💨 current discount is 60% off. So if you’re looking for things for next year at an awesome price, stop in. The sale includes winter decor as well.
I’m ready to brighten the store up with ❤️💜💙COLOR 💚💛🧡and spring feels- oh and of course our fave…Valentines Day 😂💝

Photos from Nature’s Designs by Tiff's post 01/04/2023

Check out this stunning bride. Interested in a silk wedding? We make those too. The best part is you can get them made ahead of time and not worry about things like extreme cold in the winter. Pop it into a vase later for a long-lasting decoration. Gorgeous photos by


Our anniversary of 4 years! We’ve really not been able to celebrate any of our anniversaries due to where it falls. Each year we are coming down from an insanely busy holiday season and gearing up for our single busiest day of the year: Valentines Day 😵‍💫.
Just wanted to say we are thankful for all of our loyal customers who have seen us through the last few years. Never in my wildest dreams did I fathom that the whole world would be turned on it’s axis when I jumped careers 4 years ago. We have done our best to persevere through it all. The years have flown by and many the days have been long. Hoping to keep pushing along and see a brighter tomorrow eventually. Thanks for being there with us!


Hours for today and into next week! Looking forward to time to work on commissioned drawing projects and being home. ❤️

Photos from Nature’s Designs by Tiff's post 12/27/2022

All Christmas/winter decor is 40% off! This includes remaining fresh arrangements as well. We have some cute stuff in here still. One tree is officially down and we shifted some things around. If you leave your winter/snowy decor up for a couple more months, there are still some beautiful things you can snag at a great value. Ps. I don’t want to pack stuff up. Help me! Haha


Wellllll…we’re still here for a bit! Stop in before we close up shop.
I’ll be at home questioning why I live here, like every winter 🫣😂


****Share if you can
We’ll be open 9am-❓(probably midday) watching the forecast. If you need a last minute gift or flowers head in!
I’m bumping all remaining Christmas decor to 30% off. The less I have to move later the better🙃.

Photos from Nature’s Designs by Tiff's post 12/21/2022

We have a number of fresh options (some shown here) and other beauties throughout the store. The large silk sleigh for example is $30 off today! Make your table beautiful with our help. Beat the storm and stop in today before we close ❤️💚


I was really hoping we could at least get to Christmas before I had to make any posts like this. I’ve been watching all the weather reports and getting a lot of mixed ideas on what exactly is going to happen.
Currently our plan is to get all flower deliveries scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday out of here by the end of the day tomorrow (wed)
One thing I can assure, your centerpieces will still look nice by the weekend-no worries there. Sorry if it’s a birthday etc. We can’t control the weather. Praying we can catch everyone home.
My travel distance to work is too far to risk anything and with the extreme temps that are being reported, exposing flowers to the outside really makes little sense….so we are planning to shut down on Friday.
This isn’t ideal for a retail business just before a holiday. If you’d like to shop for anything, we still have some cute gift ideas and fresh flowers available. We’re here till 5 today and also tomorrow!


Starting today, 25% off all Christmas decor throughout the store. We have some really beautiful wreaths, tabletop decor, and gifts available. Stop in from 9-12 today
(Excludes cemetery items, fresh and custom orders)


Let’s talk flower delivery. I’d be lying if I said I enjoyed hauling flowers around this time of year. It poses some serious challenges for us.
☃️cold weather and flowers/plants don’t mix… we watch the temps each day to determine several things. DOES EVERYTHING NEED WRAPPED? (Sometimes double wrapped)….Can flowers be left on a doorstep? Not if it’s under 33 degrees. And if it’s a plant or tropical flowers we’re talking 50 degrees. So can that poinsettia be left on a doorstep? No. They literally are the most finicky plants we deal with each year. Look at them the wrong way and they will drop leaves😒😂
☃️the roads and unplowed driveways. We don’t want to get stuck anywhere. We use our best judgement with ice and snow which may mean a rural delivery doesn’t happen in bad weather.
☃️ what we need from you, the sender. Accurate addresses and phone numbers for the person(s) you are sending to. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve delivered somewhere 15 miles away only to find out they moved. Or, we attempt to deliver to someone in Piper City or Lexington, for example and they aren’t home and it’s too cold to leave the flowers. As a small business, we do not have the time or energy to make those kinds of trips twice.
Please help us in ensuring flowers arrive where they need to be safely and effectively. We appreciate your help and your understanding ❤️💚

Photos from Nature’s Designs by Tiff's post 12/14/2022

It’s wintertime, and at the flowershop, we get tired of red and green pretty fast…and from here on out it will be a lot of red till the big V-day….so I bring to you: winter arrangements featuring other colors! Yes, it’s ok to send someone flowers this time of year that aren’t red, white, or green. Go for it!

Photos from Nature’s Designs by Tiff's post 12/14/2022

Christmas fresh arrangements are in full swing in our cooler. If you’re looking for a little gift to take to a dinner or just want to brighten someone’s day (many people could use it on these gray ones), we have the cooler stocked and ready for you. Stop in, shoot us a message, or give us a call. 815-692-3024

Photos from Nature’s Designs by Tiff's post 12/12/2022

We have a couple fresh taller porch pots. Need to spruce up your entry to your house? These have a water source and will look great for months.

Photos from Nature’s Designs by Tiff's post 12/10/2022

We still have a handful of really nice cemetery pillows, $50 each. They are a nice size.
Friendly reminder to those that preordered please pick up so we can have our garage space back
Also, our antique sled with attached wreath is ti available! It would be so cute on your porch this season. 😊


Thanks to all of you who came out last night for the Wassail Walk! It was a fun time and we saw some new faces that have never been to the store! Keep stopping in throughout the season. New items arrive every week. #christmasshopping


Are you joining us tonight? I’m in here prepping my items and they’re coming together beautifully. Remember we’re open till 8pm. Stop in and sample our wassails and enjoy a cookie while you shop around the store. Vote for your fave! ☕️🍊🍓10% off Christmas decor.

Photos from Nature’s Designs by Tiff's post 12/07/2022

Are you Wassailing tomorrow? Remember we’re open late till 8pm. Go from store to store sampling each wassail. Enjoy one of my homemade apple oatmeal cookies when you stop in🍪
Take 10% off all Christmas decor. (Excludes cemetery and fresh florals)
We can’t wait to see you all!


Love this wreath I made today! It’s up for grabs….unless I decide to take it home 🫣

Photos from Nature’s Designs by Tiff's post 12/06/2022

Christmas cactus are here! We are offering a deal on them. Buy one, get one half off. Such a fun little gift for someone. I love the excitement each year of watching mine bloom. 🌸

Photos from Nature’s Designs by Tiff's post 12/03/2022

We have a few grave pillows/blankets that are up for grabs. If you want these, act fast because they won’t be here long. You can either stop by or call us to claim.


Grave blankets and pillows. were aiming to having them this late afternoon. Everything has been running behind and I’m really stressing about it. I apologize for the inconvenience and if you feel you’ve waited too long, we are more than happy to credit you back if you’ve already paid.
I can’t help supply chain issues. Everything takes longer.
If you want to continue with your order, I promise to call you when they arrive

We still have fresh porch pots and some fresh wreaths

Photos from Nature’s Designs by Tiff's post 11/30/2022

Holiday arrangements coming your way! Our cooler is stocked! We have our sale shelf, holiday shelf and everyday section in the cooler. Stop in to check these out plus others or call us to send one to brighten someone’s winter day.


Cemetery Post!

We have some of our solar lighted crosses again this year. ✝️☀️☀️Stop in for some
We have also been hammering away at completing bricks, saddles, cones, baskets, etc,so we can provide you with a good variety to pick from.
We still have some of our awesomely priced ($40)grave swags (can be used on a porch wall also)

FRESH GRAVE BLANKETS/PILLOWS should be in at the end of the week. Sorry for the delay. I always rack my brain trying to come up with the perfect time for them to arrive. I want them to look fresh for you when you put them out. 50-60 degree days 🟰brown and crispy and I don’t want that for you all 😉


Remaining arrangements in the cooler are 40% off! They still have some life left in them. We’re preparing to fill it with Christmasy arrangements


Thanks for your support today and throughout the year. ❤️


We are thankful to have made it through another year of business. Thanks for making that possible 🧡

Photos from Nature’s Designs by Tiff's post 11/23/2022

We have a few fresh centerpieces available! Stop in to claim one before we close. Our cooler is dwindling down!


Come search around on Saturday and support small businesses


We will have 5 ($20) Coffee Steamer gift cards hidden at local businesses. No purchase necessary.
- WC Market
- The Spotted Owl
- Timber & Fieldstone
- Nature’s Designs by Tiff
- Heart's Desire



Today is your last chance to pick up a Thanksgiving centerpiece! We’re open normal hours and closed Thursday and Friday.

Photos from Nature’s Designs by Tiff's post 11/22/2022

We can hardly keep lanterns in the store but we received a new shipment today! If you see a set you like, come check them out. As always, we can add fresh flowers or silks to them.

Photos from Nature’s Designs by Tiff's post 11/22/2022

We got some cute whimsical gifts in. A sloth set for someone that needs a pick-me-up, a baby plush nativity set with crinkling and rattles, and new plush!

Photos from Nature’s Designs by Tiff's post 11/20/2022

This was a fun little balloon install at the lovely


We will be closed Thursday, November 24th, and Friday, November 25th. We will reopen for Small Business Saturday. I am so excited to have some time off to relax and be with my family. Thanks for understanding and your continued support. 🦃 What are you thankful for this year?

Photos from Nature’s Designs by Tiff's post 11/18/2022

Thanksgiving centerpieces will be in our cooler from now till Thanksgiving. Stop in for one! Open Saturday 9-12

Photos from Nature’s Designs by Tiff's post 11/18/2022

New plants arrived yesterday! We have a few Norfolk pines, and some other everyday houseplants. When we come back from Thanksgiving we will have more Christmas cactus, poinsettias, and a few other holiday specific plants

Photos from Nature’s Designs by Tiff's post 11/17/2022

Fresh evergreen porch hanging baskets! These beauties just came in. They have a chain hook to hang. Note the detailing on the metal around the pot. Act fast if you want these, I have 4!

Photos from Nature’s Designs by Tiff's post 11/17/2022

Why not share a few more right?! Check out these beautiful shots on the bouquets from last weekend’s wedding 💙 I thought the colors were perfect for the moody weather we had that day. Can’t wait to see more from


Let’s talk Thanksgiving centerpieces…are you doing one? Do you just want a Christmas one at this point? Haha we don’t know what to do around here. 🤪🤔If you’d like a fresh centerpiece, give us a call.

Photos from Nature’s Designs by Tiff's post 11/16/2022

I thought it might be nice to see our ornaments all in one place. As you know, a big part of our business is memorial gifting. We have a nice selection of ornaments for remembering those that have passed. We’ve got some fun ornaments as well. Stop in and we can show you where they are. We can add ornaments to floral arrangement. We can ship these as well.

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Need a presentation wrap for graduation? Give us a call!
How amazing are these roses? I rainbow-fied (yep that’s a word😂)them myself. Topped with iridescent glitter and they’re ...
60 rose vase! 😲



516 S 7th Street
Fairbury, IL

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Monday 9am - 5pm
Tuesday 9am - 5pm
Wednesday 9am - 5pm
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