Diane Kwak - Norwex Independent Sales Consultant

Air quality inside a home is often more dangerous than outside. Remove harmful chemicals from your home by cleaning with JUST water & Norwex microfibers.

Norwex is a company that sells (among other things) household cleaning products to make cleaning more efficient, more economical, more effective. The Envirocloth microfiber cloth can remove up to 99% of bacteria off surfaces using just water! And you can save hundreds of dollars per year replacing harmful cleaning products with just a few Norwex products. The Body Cloth is super effective at clean

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December has a great "Spend & Get"! If you order $99+, you can get samples of these two amazing products: the Descaler and the Bathroom Cleaner. Here's a chance to try them on your tough soap scum and mildew stains before you commit to purchasing a full size product.

And if you spend $110, you can get a full size Mattress Cleaner for only $10! The enzymes in this product will EAT AWAY organic material (like dead skin cells and animal dander) and other allergens, to decrease dust mites, which feed on this organic matter. It's a must-have for those who suffer from certain allergies or asthma.



How cute are these?! And what a great way to get your kids involved in cleaning (and without harmful chemicals since all you need are these + water!).

They’re available only for a limited time, or while supplies last.

If you’re local, I’ll be putting in an order in a couple of days, so let me know if you want to get in on this deal.


I love Love LOVE the Body and Face Cloths, and with this deal, you get 2 packs (6 cloths) for $33!

Just (this cloth) + (water) will replace:
- makeup remover / cotton pads
- facial cleanser
- shaving cream
- shower gel / loofahs

Think about the money you’ll save in NOT having to purchase the bullet list above, not to mention the chemicals you’ll save your skin from!

The sale ends at noon on 4/23, or while supplies last.



A flash sale for two of our best sellers! And for a great cause!!

Until noon on 4/16, or while supplies last.



November! 🤩




They’re here! They’re here! 🤩 Introducing our NEW Norwex lineup designed with healthier living in mind! Discover cleaning innovations, sustainable solutions, fresh colors, updated designs, natural formulas that will make you smile (literally! 😬), a soft, fluffy “pet” your little ones will love 🐢, and industry-first options to help keep you protected on the go 😷. There's something for everyone! Ordering available tomorrow, Sunday, July 26th at noon, CT! Which ones are at the top of your wish list? 😍👇


New products are available for purchase starting tomorrow!



It’s here! Introducing the NEW Norwex lineup! Ordering available tomorrow, July 26th at noon CT!


Starting tomorrow, these masks will be available for ordering! See how they compare with other types of masks... and help keep disposable masks out of our landfills.


Life of Dad

Norwex products get cameo appearances on this funny (and maybe a bit relatable?) video! 🤣


We probably shouldn't have gotten 5 gallons of each...

ft. @Dude Dad


Happy Easter!


Great products to help with Spring Cleaning, now on sale until supplies last, or 5/1 at noon.




Now more than ever, clean your home with products you can trust. Did you know? Norwex Microfiber self-purifies! Our exclusive BacLock® technology helps self-purify the wet cloths and towels while they dry, so you can use them again and again before laundering 🙌🏼 Just wipe down surfaces, rinse, and let it dry for 24 hours! What's your fav part about this self-purifying property? 👉🏼 https://bit.ly/3a3qjOC


So cute!! Spring cleaning will be much more fun with these! 🙂 Available until noon, 3/19, or while supplies last.


view.joomag.com 03/02/2020

March Mini Catalog 2020 March Mini Catalog US

New products for spring! 😍




FLASH SALE! Lip Shimmers are limited edition items that you can’t buy regularly. I don’t usually wear lipstick, so I love these for a casual pop of color. Plus they moisturize my lips like lip balm. Get the set of 3, plus the hand lotion (smells so good and my dry hands love drinking this in!) and a wristlet for $26.99 while supplies last.


theheartysoul.com 02/01/2020

88% of dish soaps tested are hazardous to your health. Here’s how to find a safe brand

Norwex’s Dish Detergent ($9.99) has no dyes, phosphates, phthalates, sulfates, SLS/SLES. It has orange extract for a fresh, natural citrus scent, and suds well to wash your dishes.

How does your brand rate, in terms of safety?


theheartysoul.com This guest post was written by Elisha of My Health Maven. She is deeply passionate about educating people and empowering them to lead healthier lives. I encourage you to check out her blog. Advertisement If you ever tried reading the label on your dish soap you might feel like you’re reading a for...


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Flash Sale!

The Microfiber Variety Pack is a great way to familiarize yourself with 3 popular cloths: the EnviroCloth, the Window Cloth, and the Body Cloth. You can do so much with just these three, like cleaning pretty much everything in your house, including your face (take off makeup with just water!). The Dishwashing Liquid lathers wonderfully and is great at not only washing your dishes, but it’s great to use on your Norwex cloths, in-between washings! Regular price: $30.98. Sale price: $24.49.



January is Mop Month! Host an in-person or online demo, and you can get a Mop System for free!


Diane Kwak / Dae Shin - Norwex Independent Sales Consultant's cover photo


Laundry Detergent and Kitchen Towel/Cloth Set are on sale until tomorrow noon!

Let me know if you’d like either of these, as I’m getting an order together.


Until noon on 11/26, or while supplies last!

Link to order: http://dianekwak.norwex.biz/en_US/customer/party/4096145


Oh-so-cute FLASH SALE! These cuties are available only until noon, 7/11, or while supplies last.



Celebrate Earth Day with these products! Until the end of the month, or while supplies last.


ewg.org 04/19/2019

Skip the Fabric Softeners

Oldie but goodie... PSA to ditch fabric softeners!


ewg.org In-wash fabric softeners and heat-activated dryer sheets pack a powerful combination of chemicals that can harm your health, damage the environment and pollute the air, both inside and outside your home. Learn more about laundry products and other home cleaners in the 2016 edition of EWG’s Guide t...


FLASH SALE! Ends Monday at noon!

The Kitchen Cloth & Towel are essential in your kitchen, and will help save a ton of paper towels. Plus, with the added silver in the thread, you need not worry about the dreaded mildew rag smell! Plus, it comes in a cute limited-edition avocado color.

The SpiriSponge is non-scratching and is great for removing sticky substances from surfaces. I reach for this all the time!

Get these for 20% off, until noon on 3/25, or while supplies last.


daeshin.norwex.biz 02/19/2019

Shop - Norwex USA

These are my family’s favorite Norwex cloth... and now on sale! Enough to share with your family. For only 2 days or while supply lasts.



hgtv.com 01/31/2019

13 Essential Cleaning Products HGTV Editors Swear By

Norwex made the list!

hgtv.com Make tackling messes a little easier with our favorite tried-and-true cleaning tools.

view.joomag.com 12/19/2018

2019 North America Product Catalog Norwex Spring 2019 US Catalog Insert

New products, available as early as January... Host a demo, and get some of these free!


view.joomag.com Joomag digital interactive publication


Price Increases and Discontinued Products, effective January 2019! 😱 You may want to order before then, to take advantage of current prices/stock.


Norwex Sale! Just in time for the holidays. Until 12/1, or while supplies last. Please let me know if you have any questions!


I don’t wear much makeup, so I love the subtle color these lip shimmers give while moisturizing my always-dry lips! They aren’t sold regularly... only available today until supplies last.





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