Cider Hill Maple Farm

Cider Hill Maple Farm


Cider Hill Maple Farm will be open any day for drive up sales. Please call 379-4426 to preorder if you wish. Due to the small size of our retail space, we will not have the sugarhouse open for tours in order to comply with the CDC guidelines.
We want to say thank you to our unbelievable group of volunteers and sponsors who hosted and served the warm breakfast this raining race day morning.

Thank you racers, spectators and community of Kenduskeag for your continued support and for joining us for breakfast this morning. We look forward to see you all next year.

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Stop 2, Cider Hill Maple Farm in Exeter. Make sure to stop by here tomorrow too!!! Gary here with Linda, who is almost as sweet as the syrup.
Do you have maple syrup left? Would love to come by and get some this weekend
visited your sugar shack on sunday with our grandkids.enjoyed our selvies very much. Thank you
we will be back! Yum!!
Janice checking out the Maple Syrup being made!

A family own Business of 3 generations, producing pure Maple Syrup products.


Thank you all for your visit today!! After two years of being shutdown due to Covid, it was such a pleasure to see everyone!!! Thanks again for your support!!!


We decided to be open on Maple Sunday. Our hours will be from 10-4.


Hi folks,

Just a reminder, we'll not be participating in the Maine Maple Weekend events being held this weekend. Our products are still for sale for curbside pickup Monday-Saturday 12:00-4:00.



Hi folks,
Cider Hill Maple Farm has decided again this year, that we won't be participating in any activities on Maine Maple Weekend due to the Coronavirus. Even though the number of cases are easing up a little, and people are getting inoculated. The guidelines for the event set by officials, pretty much prohibits visitors from entering the building and sampling our products.

We are still open for curbside pickup daily. To schedule a pickup call. 207-379-4426.

We're all hoping this will come to an end soon, and life can get back on track to a normal way. Stay safe and healthy!!!

Best to all!!!



Hi folks,
As the weekend approaches, I just want to reiterate, we'll not be open for Maple Weekend which is this Saturday and Sunday and we'll also be closed until further notice starting today. If you see steam rising from our facility, please avoid the urge to stop in. We all need to take this extremely seriously and protect one another from community exposure.

I hope this message will not be taken the wrong way, but it's for your safety and mine. Our guests are very important to us, and we have a wonderful time teaching, chatting and laughing with you during the weekend.

Be safe and be kind, and God bless.

Thank you,

Cider Hill Maple Farm


Just a suggestion for the shortage of sugar!!!

Maine Maple Producers Association 03/16/2020

Maine Maple Producers Association

This is definitely a disappointing post, but Cider Hill Maple Farm will not be open this weekend due to the COVID-19. As soon as the threat is over, we will then have an open house. This was a hard decision, but for the safety and well-being of visitors and staff this had to be followed through. Please take care of yourself and family.

From all of us here, we are deeply sorry!!!

Below is a statement from Maine Maple Producers Association.

As COVID-19 continues to spread and based on the recommendations from the CDC and local government officials, the Maine Maple Producers Association has announced that all Maine Maple Sunday Weekend® events should be postponed.

This was a very difficult decision and will significantly impact all members across the state, but as an association we feel this is the right thing to do for public health. We plan to host Maine Maple Sunday Weekend® when the timing is right. In the meantime, we encourage you to support your local maple producers in other ways during the maple season. You can find updates on a future event date and a member directory with phone numbers and websites to order products from your local Maine maple producers at

Maine Maple Producers Association Maine Maple Producers Association | Always Pure, Always Natural, Always Loved


Hi folks,

We're going to be open both Sat. & Sun. from 10-5 on both days during Maine Maple Sunday weekend. We're quite aware of the world crisis, and we'll be providing hand sanitizer for our guests, and also have a sink with hot water, if you prefer to wash your hands.

Thank you,


Hi folks,
It's been a slow start for Maple Producers across the Maple belt. For the most part, we're all still sitting idle praying for a great sap run before Maple Sunday this weekend. For us, we'll be firing up at 10:00 and will keep it rolling until 5:00.

We're offering for free, Ice Cream topped with Syrup, Syrup samples, and Maple Popcorn. Our shelves are stocked with many glass containers to choose from, and the traditional plastic jugs.

If you haven't been to a Sugar House on Maple Sunday, or any other day. It's a great day to venture out, traveling from producer to producer, seeing and sampling what they have to offer. For most a hobby, and for some, a living. Wherever you travels take you, enjoy your day!!!

Our GPS address is.
247 Cider Hill Road
Exeter, ME 04435

Hope to see you !!!

Thanks from all of us at Cider Hill Maple Farm!!


From all of us at Cider Hill Maple Farm, please have a safe and Happy New Year. We'll see you in March for Maple Sunday, and if you're out and about look for "Jester's Best" from Mossy Ledge Spirits. You'll get a little taste of our Syrup in their whiskey!!


Hi folks,

It's been quite a while since I've posted on our page. First of all, we want to wish all of you a very happy Holiday Season and a prosperous New year.
The 2018 season was robust for all of the producers across the Maple belt. For us, we had a fantastic turnout for Maple Sunday, and a productive season despite the all the damages created by Mother Nature. Hopefully this winter won't be so destructive!
Our latest venture has begun. Teaming up with Mossy Ledge Spirits. They will be adding our Syrup to their Signature Whiskey " Jester's Best" . For all of you who haven't stopped in to have a tasting, and to meet Jesse and Kasey, your missing out on a beautiful atmosphere and great to people. Oh, and by the way, Moose " their very friendly dog" is a hoot!!

Don't forget, we have a vast selection of decorative glass containers, and all sizes of plastic jugs from half pint to gallon. They're always a great gift, no matter what time of year.

Happy Holidays to you, from all of us at Cider Hill Maple Farm.

Photos from Senator Stacey Guerin's post 03/26/2018

Thank you Stacey!!

Photos from Cider Hill Maple Farm's post 03/26/2018

Hi folks,

It's been a long day, but I can't retire for the night, until I thank all our great guests who came out to visit us today. And a much larger and appreciated thank you, for all the help today, from my parents, family and special friends.

Thank you!!!


Hi folks,

Ready for Maple Sunday? We are!!! The holding tanks are busting at the seams, and the evaporator is ready to put on a show! We'll be firing up at 10:00 and keep it rolling until 5:00.

We're offering for free, Ice Cream with fresh Syrup, Syrup samples, and Maple Popcorn. Our shelves are stocked with many glass containers to choose from, and the traditional plastic jugs.

If you haven't been to a Sugar House on Maple Sunday, or any other day. It's a great day to venture out, traveling from producer to producer, seeing and sampling what they have to offer. For most a hobby, and for some, a living. Wherever you travels take you, enjoy your day!!!

Our GPS address is.
247 Cider Hill Road
Exeter, ME 04435

Hope to see you tomorrow!!!

Thanks from all of us at Cider Hill Maple Farm!!


Hi folks,

Well, we're one week away from Maple Sunday and so far the season, it's been yet another roller coaster. We've made roughly 80 gallons so far this year, and once again, waiting for Mother Nature to decide if she wants this winter to end. Temperatures look like they'll start to rebound Wednesday, and straight into the weekend, giving us ample Sap for Sunday.

We'll start Maple Sunday festivities at 10:00, and go till 5:00. So come on out and see us for some Vanilla ice cream with Maple Syrup, Maple Popcorn, Syrup tasting and of coarse, watch the process of Maple Syrup production. We're handicap accessible, available restroom, and a place to wash your hands. Just look for our new sign across from our entrance.

Hope to see ya!!!


Hi everyone,

Today we received our new double sided sign for the entrance to the sugar house. I can't thank Bob Day enough, for the beautiful job he's done. Can't wait to get it in place!!!


Hi folks, well, it's hard to believe the 2018 Maple harvest is knocking at the door. Let's see what Ol'e Mother Nature is going to dish out this season. Heat wave or deep freeze!!!

Today was concentrating on getting the evaporator ready after a long years nap. Checking tanks and looking for any issues. We're going to hit the woods in the morning, and start tapping one section that has 450 taps on vacuum. This will be a good test to see what happens with the temperature coming in next week.. A little hesitant about pushing it, seen to many false " time to tap". Love seeing 65 degree days in February, NOT. Don't get me wrong, love the feeling of the warm weather, but this isn't good for Syrup production.

Mark your calendar, Maple Sunday is the fourth Sunday in March. This year it's the 25th.

Thanks, from all of us at Cider Hill Maple Farm!!


Hi folks, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with family and friends! Now it's time to get ready for another.

Having trouble thinking of what to give that special person, co-worker or friend! We have plenty of decorative glass containers of different shapes, sizes and design. Our plastic containers, range from half pint to gallon.

Our retail store, will be open from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm each day, or by appointment after hours. Please contact us at or message us on Facebook.

If you need to send a gift to that person far away.We can provide shipping on all items, to any location in the USA. Unfortunately, all shipping fees, will be passed on to consumer, at the time of purchase.

Have a wonderful Holiday season, from all of us at Cider Hill Maple Farm.

Photos from Cider Hill Maple Farm's post 03/27/2017

What a great day!! Thank you all, that showed up for Maple Sunday! We had a steady stream of guests from 9-4:30, and giving a rough guess, I'm thinking we had over 800 visiters enjoying​ a beautiful day at our farm.

Of course, this can't be done without a boatload of help. A huge Thank You needs to go to Mom and Dad, my wife Stormy, Ethan and Elsie Kelly and Aunt and Uncle Gayle and Greg Wright. This day, couldn't have gone a smooth as it did, without their help. Thank you again!!

As far as the Syrup production. We had 700 gallons of Sap to process for the day, giving us a total of 22 gallons of Medium"Rich" Syrup.

Once again, thank you to all our guests who came out to see us.


What is Maple Water?


Maple Syrup vs. Table Syrup


It's here, Maine Maple Sunday!! We will be open starting at 10:00 A.M. We'll have demonstrations, ice cream with Maple Syrup, Maple Popcorn and Maple Candy, and of coarse Pure Maple Syrup. We are handicap accessible and have a restroom available.

This has been a crazy year for all Maple Producers throughout the state, fortunately we have reserved some sap this week for Sunday. Keeping it cold and not frozen has been a challenge this week!

Hope to see a you all, and thank you for liking our page.!!!

Timeline photos 03/19/2017

Some treats for Maple Sunday!!!


We're trying the 3/16" line this year, what an improvement.


First boil of 2017🙆!!!

Photos from Cider Hill Maple Farm's post 02/18/2017

Mainline was burried under a pine blow down, all the lateral lines fell victim to ice and snow. Long day in the woods, but should be able to get some taps in tomorrow.


Hi folks, a little update.Tomorrow, we'll start tapping our trees for the 2017 season. We'll start off by getting the vacuum system tapped first, then move onto the gravity lines.

Unlike last year, we had an easy go at getting our taps in. This year, well you all know, won't be so much fun with all the snow pack. Snowshoes will definitely be a necessity in the arsenal of equipment. A big thanks needs to go out to the Dorman family, for snowblowing out the tank and sugarbush access on their property. And I also need to thank my dad for clearing out all the other locations.

With the season getting underway, I'll keep all informed with posts and pics.

Best to all!!


Hi folks, well it's been quite some time since we posted anything. But as you all know, this is that time of year to get things ready for sugaring.
Keeping our fingers crossed, we're hoping for another banner year around our state. Although some sugar makers have already started producing Maple Syrup, we will be holding out until the middle of February. We need the fluctuations of temperature from freezing nights to thawing days. Although we had this in January, these days must be consistent for weeks, not just a day here or there.

Thank you all who like our page, and visit us on Maple Sunday and throughout the year. Look for new post in the weeks to come. We will be boiling soon!!!


Timeline photos 09/11/2016

My extended family from Switzerland, enjoying our Syrup on their pancakes.. Thank you guys for letting me share your photo!!👍🇨🇭

Maple Syrup Poem Live at the Ripton Coffee House 04/06/2016

Maple Syrup Poem Live at the Ripton Coffee House

A good chuckle.

Maple Syrup Poem Live at the Ripton Coffee House This is my Dad, Buzz Kuhns, performing his poem about maple sugaring, at the Ripton Community Coffee House Open Mic last Saturday. Apologies for the poor sou...

Timeline photos 04/01/2016

This batch of Syrup, will put is over the 200 gallon produced mark. Best year yet, thanks for all the hard work Mom and Dad. A lot of hours put in to make this happen!!!

Photos from Cider Hill Maple Farm's post 03/28/2016

I want to send out a big thank you, to all the wonderful guests that came out on Maple Sunday. We really didn't know going into the day, how many guests would arrive on Easter. But what a pleasant surprise, starting at 10:00 AM a steady flow of people lasted until 5:00 PM.
We started the morning with 1,175 gallons of Sap to boil, and to explain the process of making Maple Syrup. Later in the day, we collected another 275 gallons to last until closing time. All said and done, we made 25 gallons of Robust flavor (Dark Amber).

Again, thank you from all of us at Cider Hill Maple Farm, for celebrating Maine Maple Sunday and Easter with us. Have a wonderful year, and we'll see you next season!!

"Maple: 100 Sweet and Savory Recipes Featuring Pure Maple Syrup" by Katie Webster - The Portland... 03/24/2016

"Maple: 100 Sweet and Savory Recipes Featuring Pure Maple Syrup" by Katie Webster - The Portland...

"Maple: 100 Sweet and Savory Recipes Featuring Pure Maple Syrup" by Katie Webster - The Portland... Use your Maine Maple Sunday haul in sweet and savory recipes, including an unusual pizza.


A lot of folks have called about coming out tomorrow to see the operation. We will be open, and plan on starting the evaporator at 1:00 PM.
Ol'e Mother Nature hasn't been on her best behavior this week, so the sap levels are down. We will collect what we have in the morning and prepare to boil until we run out. The next time we boil will be on Maple Sunday. It's been a great season so far, and hope it continues for a while longer. To this date, we have bottled close to 130 gallons of Grade A Syrup. And have plenty of the three grades.

Hope to see you soon..

Timeline photos 03/18/2016

Here are our current prices. We have Grade A Delicate, Rich and Robust Syrup grades, which are light, medium and dark amber by the old grading system.

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247 Cider Hill Rd
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Monday 12pm - 4pm
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