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Rockin L Ranch & Designs


Thank you to Courtney, her horses and crew for a Labor Day to remember!
I had a great day today thanks to Courtney and her crew at
Hey Courtney. I noticed your post on Peppy about his feet. What did you have to do to get him sound? I have a 20 year old paint mare that I can not get sound at the moment. Her front feet are so sore that I can not get her to lift them up for me. She has a healing abscess on one of them. Any advice?
Wonderful night for a ride! Thanks for the great time Courtney!
Second piece of artwork. πŸ₯°πŸ΄πŸ˜
Estelle and Honey Bee... drawing from school, she had free time in between work. Obviously the ranch had huge impact, and she’s still daydreaming of her experiences with you ❀️πŸ₯°πŸ΄
This place is amazing!!! I took my daughter here for her 11th bday. She had never ridden a horse before. She learned so much and she was even trotting before we left! What an amazing experience. We have another trip planned next week!
Just a helpful reminder please read the rules of the ranch before coming out.

We are a small farm located in Evart, MI offering horse trail rides and lessons for novice riders.

We, also, design and customize apparel and more.

8145 110th Ave
Evart, MI 49631


Finishing up the prizes for our daughter's baby shower this morning. I will not be on the ranch today. However, Lauren and Caitlin will be and are ready to do some trail rides on this beautiful day!!

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Photos from Rockin L Ranch & Designs's post


This is a post on my personal page that I shared 4 years ago! Crazy to think how excited I would be at the time! Now look at us. Booking AT LEAST one new client a day. I cannot thank our clients enough for your referrals and returns! The ranch is slowly becoming what I had hoped it would be. A place for family and friends to enjoy all the things horses have to offer!

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What a wonderful evening for a ride! We love seeing clients 2 days in a row and look forward to seeing everyone again!


Well the weather didn't cooperate that well today but still slipped in a last minute trail ride and our lesson!

Shout out to Lauren for going above and beyond today while I tried to multitask ranch life and mom life. Baseball season is upon us and that means I'm pulled in every direction. The girls are excited to get out on the trails though! So even if I'm not on the trails they will be!

We look forward to meeting this client again in the future! Hopefully the weather will be nicer for her next ride!


Saturday looks beautiful! If you are thinking about riding this weekend, please contact me sooner than later. I personally will not be at the ranch this weekend, the girls are handling all of our rides.

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Pics from last week's lesson of some of the ranch kids.

Last night we had 2 little girls for their first riding lesson. They did great for first time riders at the age of 5 and 8. Just a reminder we do not have an age limit, we offer pony lessons for younger children and are able to accommodate most families on the trail! If you have a family with younger kids please reach out and we will figure something out to suit your family!

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Caddis was such a good girl during lessons. πŸ₯° She got special treatment afterwards. So proud of this mare and lucky to own her. ❀️

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We were not enjoying this snow today! We had lessons cancel and decided to get some other work done! Goats have a fresh clean pen and we made some more ranch gear.

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Some pictures from our trail ride yesterday! It was beautiful weather!

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Koozies now available at the ranch for $4.

We can make custom ones for events and so forth at a discounted price for multiple.

We can also personalize cups and so forth. We will have ranch tumblers available soon!


Beautiful day for an Easter ride. 😍


Happy Easter everyone!

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Our ride from yesterday! It was cold but everyone had a great time. One of the greatest things about owning the ranch is watching people who have never ridden fall in love with it. We look forward to seeing this family again!


Latest design ready for orders! Choose your colors!


We are so excited about this season! We will have some new faces on the ranch and will be open a lot more! All of the show days for the ranch kids are covered! We do not plan on shutting down any days this upcoming season! Except probably July 4th. We look forward to seeing clients again and meeting new ones!

I want to thank our clients for helping the ranch grow! We have some older horses fading out but new ones coming in.

Don't forget reservations are required along with a deposit at the time of booking!

While at the ranch be sure to look at all of our souvenirs! We will also have a table set up for our trail guide tips and horse spa treatments!


I have to stop and count grain buckets before chores every night! We are back graining our whole herd in preparation for the busy season! We are open and doing trail rides and lessons!


I had someone named Irene message the ranch website this morning looking to make reservations for Saturday. When I tried to respond the email was invalid. πŸ˜”


Our latest adventure. Available for purchase. We are not making custom hats just yet.


Our morning ride!

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Had some great rides today! The weather was perfect! 😍

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Red light therapy, massage and grooming today 😍 Goldie falls asleep during treatment and loves it! Ranch regulars know how Miss Rousey can be. Although I didn't get proof she yawned at least 5 times during her massage. 😍 I did get pics of Junior's big yawn.


Some designs we have on hand! Choose your own colors!

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These beautiful girls got much needed Bemer therapy. Goldie got a massage from her favorite person. Tricia was out today with her gear and magic hands. Goldie is a special case so I wanted an outside opinion on her issues. Unfortunately it did not come with good news. We will be contacting the vet first thing Monday to get her in to be seen. We are worried her old age is catching up with her.

I did not get recent pics tonight so here is a friendly reminder of the weather we are all looking forward too!!

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I think we are all ready for nicer weather. Junior is too cute not to share. There is truly something special about him. Cap is saying his old bones are ready for some warmth. ❀️

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We are in the process of changing the ranch page to "Rockin L Ranch & Designs". We have started making our own Ranch gear and are opening it up to make custom apparel and more.

T shirts are $15 (Custom or Ranch shirts)
Sweatshirts $30 (Custom or Ranch)
Pillow cases $16 (infusable ink customized)
Bags $8

We will be adding tumblers, key chains, and hats soon!

If you have something you'd like customized feel free to message and ask if we are able!

We can also make custom wall and vehicle decals.

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Well our cowboy may not like to ride anymore but he sure is a great farm hand and greeter. We did a family of 9 today! Waiting for permission before posting. It may be spring and early in the season but the herd is not letting us down! However, some are pretty sore. We look forward to nicer weather to dry out their pasture and a visit from the chiropractor. The kids busted butt today to ensure we were ready in a timely fashion. Huge shout out to Levi and Lauren for all their help tonight. It takes a lot of work to get 10 wooly mammoths ready for a spring ride. Mud and hair everywhere. 🀣

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Our ride Friday night.


The weather is starting to clear. All the ranch animals are looking forward to client visits! As soon as the driveway dries enough to get the porta potty up it will be delivered. Next weekend is looking amazing!

The ranch kids officially start their weekly lessons for rodeo season next Monday. 😍 If you have a child interested in speed events. Please message the page and I will be happy to go over our show program.


These bags are perfect for kids and day trips! We can also make custom ones. These will be available for purchase at the ranch. We are in the process of making more.

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Otter and Oliver did their first true lesson of the season. One of the "ranch kids" put the first ride on Oliver and I was impressed with both horse and rider. Oliver is definitely ready to give some lessons. We just need to get him out on the trails yet.

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Well some way some how we managed to get 9 horses out on the trail today, including 3 ranch staff. The horses did great today! It was a little chilly but a great ride. 😍 We still have 3 more horses to get on the trails this spring. One of which is a ranch favorite Miss Goldie. She had an injury last fall and doesn't appear to be at 100% yet. We are waiting to have her looked over by the chiropractor and vet before she hits the trails. Unfortunately her and Cap will probably do limited rides this year due to age and health. The babies are getting sent to the trainer within the next month. We look forward to working them this summer and having them hit the trails with clients next summer if not sooner!

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Ranch shirts will now be available for purchase onsite instead of ordering. I am trying to build stock. Eventually we will have other souvenirs available.

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Fit in some spring conditioning between rain today. Some of our horses are a little edgy after having 3 months off, so we are working out the bugs. The most surprising of which is Mr. Cap seems to be full of himself. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ The ride did go good tho! Also, all the horses got spa treatments afterwards. 😍

Rockin L Ranch

Our goal is to make riding affordable so everyone is able to enjoy it! We have horses for every rider. It is our goal to connect people with horses. Horseback riding has many benefits to people of all ages. There is a deep connection that can be made with a horse that has many therapeutic benefits.

β€œNo hour of life is wasted that is spent in the Saddle.” Winston Churchill

Most of our horses are trained right here on the ranch, by owner and operator, Courtney. Courtney has years of experience training and has competed in multiple disciplines. Riders are placed on horses appropriate for their age and experience.

Visits to the ranch are welcomed free of charge. If you would like to come check the ranch out or get the kids out of the house, please call and schedule a visit. We only charge for riding time.

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