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PictureThis Creative Workshop


Merchant Trick or Treat is this Saturday! 10 am to 2 pm. Make sure to visit these businesses for a fun family event:

Vintage Charm Boutique & Nail Bar, Urban Exchange Consignment LLC, Farnsworth Ceramics LLC, Primitive Homespun Rags n Things, All Paws, The Opti-Mystic LLC, Evansville Hardware, LLC, Blue Devil Bowl Bar and Grill, Hometown Pharmacy, Yellow Dog Deli, Olive You Create and Shoppe, New Strength Nutrition, Ceili Coffee and Wine Bar, Go Riteway Transportation, Double P Western Store & Boutique, and PictureThis Creative Workshop.

Special thanks to Abbey at The Vintage Roost and Whiskers and Sniffs Pet Boutique for helping to organize this event!
PictureThis Creative Workshop has an open house coming up on August 27th if you loved their paint project from last night!
Lots of fun was had today! The girls had a blast painting with Elsa. Tasty snacks , Disney music and trivia.
Singing and giggles all around.
PictureThis Creative Workshop is one of our newest Pride Partnership members and we are SO excited for it.

PictureThis is donating 10% from every PRIDE board purchased to us throughout the month of June!

Be sure to check out their shop and SHOP WITH PRIDE 🏳️‍🌈 😁 🏳️‍🌈

I did these last night when I got home. I don't know why "Differently" shows up as a blueish green when actually it is an Neon Green color.
Thank you PictureThis Creative Workshop! Always a good time! 🎨🥂
We have a new #EvansvillePridePartnership member this month. Welcome PictureThis Creative Workshop

If you are interested in joining the Pride Partnership, visit bit.ly/EvansvillePridePartnership
We had lot of fun hanging out with some of our favorite people making our Star Wars themed boards . I also got to do a surprise board, my porch sign. Thank you Shara and Mike.
🐾Jeannine Hill's Fundraiser for the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin. runs from August 29th - September 19th 🎨

Jeannine passed in January of this year, she was a massive animal lover and always trying her best to help animals in need. She adopted the really big senior dogs most people were too afraid to take on, and rescued stray cats and kittens. She loved every animal she came across and they loved her in return. Her dedication to her critters; ensuring they had the very best life, were always well cared for, and came up in every conversation was something to be admired. To honor her memory, PictureThis Creative Workshop is doing a fundraiser to benefit the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin.

Dog/cat themed Take home Kits are available for purchase in which $10 from each board will be donated to HSSW. The event will run August 29th-September 19th with Take home kits being available for pickup Sept.25th &26th at the studio (located at 2316 Mineral Point Ave, Suite #60, Janesville. WI). Snacks and beverages will be available.

For more information or to purchase your take home kit, please click here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/jeannine-hills-fundraiser-for-the-humane-society-of-southern-wiconsin-tickets-168857536437

For more community fundraisers for HSSW, please visit our website: https://www.petsgohome.org/donate/community-fundraisers/
I love this board. I can’t thank you enough and he loved it.
This is the pie plate holder that I painted. Just need to get the handles on it.
Here is a picture of the project I just finished.
This is the Serving Tray that I painted. Great projects to do!
Here is your painting that you did today
Had a great day today Painting another sign!
My friends and I had so much fun with our take & make boards! They all turned out so great & we had so many laughs while we were painting. Thanks for making it so easy to order & do this. We will be painting more soon 😊

We are a studio located in Evansville, WI. We specialize in DIY wood painting projects and offer a variety of other fun workshops.


I’m prepping stencils for this weekend and had to share the new gnomes. Just too cute!


First time in awhile I’ve enjoyed a cup of tea, but how can I possibly pass up the opportunity to use such a cool mug? 😂


We will be open Black Friday weekend with great deals, and loads of make and take projects for the perfect gift. We'll have beverage chillers, cookbook holders, small sleds, serving trays, charcuterie boards, tic-tac-toe boards, and more! Our12x12 boards will be on sale for $20 Black Friday, then $25 the rest of the weekend. You won't want to miss our sale!

Open Friday 11am-7pm, Saturday 2-6pm, Sunday 1-4pm. We may close early if weather turns nasty or low attendance.

Photos from PictureThis Creative Workshop's post 11/21/2022

We got to host a team builder for another amazing group of people. So much fun! I love love love how all these turned out. Thank you ladies for choosing us for your event!

Photos from PictureThis Creative Workshop's post 11/20/2022

We had the pleasure of hosting this amazing group for a bachelorette party today. It was an awesome day and we had a blast. Thank you so much everyone! Congratulations to the bride-to-be. We wish you the very best!

Photos from PictureThis Creative Workshop's post 11/19/2022

Thank you to those who made it out last night for our walk in. Sadly I did not realize the entire street gets blocked off for Old Fashioned Christmas, so my apologies to anyone who may have tried to join us but couldn’t find parking.

I want to remind everyone that we are NOT OPEN this weekend for walk-in as we have back to back private events. We will be open for Black Friday with walk-in specials. Details to follow.


Good Morning!


Tonight is the beginning of widows weekend; for any ladies finding themselves with free time you can swing into our studio and join us from 5-9 for our adults open paint! It’s going to be cold so we’ll have the studio warm and cozy. Boards start at $30 for 12x12 and go up to $37.50 for the 20x16 and 16x12. Make it a date night and get $10 off your total for the 2 boards. We don’t care if it’s actually a romantic date, lady date, or dude date, come on in! We have a large variety of winter and Christmas designs ready for you to paint.

We are located at 7 E Main St., downtown Evansville. Same building as State Farm Insurance. We do last call at 8 so please be here by then if you wish to paint. We may close early if weather turns nasty or there is low attendance.

Photos from PictureThis Creative Workshop's post 11/16/2022

We had the pleasure of hosting a team builder tonight for this group. We had a great time with everyone and look forward to having you again! We had a couple of camera shy ladies but we still got pics of their beautiful projects. Fabulous job for so many newbies.

Photos from PictureThis Creative Workshop's post 11/15/2022

I got sent pictures from the family who ordered the TakeHome kits! Didn’t they do a marvelous job? ❤️❤️❤️


I just want to reiterate, when ordering from our website and you are asked for any customizations; that literally means we can add a name, date, etc. somewhere that does not interfere with the artwork. That does NOT mean I can alter the art. The design is what the design is. I cannot modify it. Many of these designs are purchased ”as is”. I am not able to easily change it. Thank you for understanding.

Photos from PictureThis Creative Workshop's post 11/14/2022

Thank you to our Timber Hill Winery attendees! Fabulous job everyone!

Photos from PictureThis Creative Workshop's post 11/13/2022

It’s a packed house for our paint & sip at Timber Hill Winery today!

Photos from PictureThis Creative Workshop's post 11/13/2022

We are gearing up for Black Friday weekend! We’ll have 12x12’s on sale for $25, Winter TakeHome Kits for $25, and our 16x8 planks for $20! Watch your emails as we’ll be sending out a special promo to all our website subscribers.

We will also have Make and take projects on hand in the studio just in time for the gift giving season. Make a gorgeous sign or choose from our Beverage Chillers, small sleds, serving trays, hot cocoa boxes, cookbook holders, small lanterns, and more!

The large lantern shown below is not yet complete. It will have side posts and a finial on top to give it that old fashioned look. You’ll be able to hang a small welcome sign, stockings, etc., on it. They stand a little over 4 foot tall and will be a available with a small sign of your choosing for pre-order at $65. Our small lanterns will not have a base and have sides that come up 4” so there’s room for a little personalization. We will have pics of them up once painted.


We have 6 small sleds done so far, just have to attach the rope. Starting Monday, these will be available for purchase. During walk-in events we will only be offering these in the 2 color combos you see below: Kona rails/ pecan boards and Ebony rails/ Espresso boards. You’ll be able to paint it however you like before you apply your stencil if you aren’t fond of the color choices. Otherwise you can pre-order it on our website (also starting Monday) in whatever colors you like. Cost for these is $55. They are 24” tall x 12” wide and super sturdy. We also have their big brother available at 5 foot tall by 16” wide for $100. We will have all designs for them up on website after the weekend.

Photos from PictureThis Creative Workshop's post 11/11/2022

Thank you to the awesome ladies who braved the storms and joined us last night! Also thank you to the lovely lady who placed a large TakeHome order 2 years in a row. Your family get together will quite memorable! That’s 8 TakeHome Kit’s, 5 serving trays, 2 medium signs, and one large sign. Take lots of pics!


Our first ever newsletter went out on Monday. To anyone signed up through our website you may want to check your “promotions”. Anyone wanting to receive our newsletter can sign up through our website picturethiscreativeworkshop.com. Be the first to know about upcoming events, new projects, and special promotions!

Photos from PictureThis Creative Workshop's post 11/08/2022

Some of our new designs! These will be available on the website starting Wednesday!


Posted below is what will be our November hours (weather permitting). We have a couple of private events November 19th and 20th so will not be open to the public those days. We are open for walk-in and pre-order any of the days listed "open paint". Due to our M-F work schedule we are ending $30 Thursdays after the 10th but will be replacing them with Friday "Adults Open Paint". This is for adults only. We wanted to offer a fun spot for Date Night, Friends Night Out, etc..

We have over 400 designs and several project offerings. We are not able to have every design on hand so If you are looking to do a specific project, please pre-order your project on our website. You are able to add customizations, are guaranteed the board color and stencil you want, and are able to do projects not available for simple walk-in (like our vertical welcome signs, stove boards, serving trays, etc.). Pre-ordered projects are typically ready within 1 week of the order date. We will contact you once complete and you can come in and do them at any open paint or take it to do at home.


These 2 lovely ladies were wIlling to brave the crazy winds yesterday and join us at the studio. They almost cleaned us out on stencils and lumber too 😂.

We are open 1-4 today for walk-in. We are starting to put out our Thanksgiving and Christmas designs so swing in!

Photos from PictureThis Creative Workshop's post 11/06/2022

We were notified a couple of months ago that there was a shortage on the vinyl we use at the studio. We haven’t been able to get it in 24” rolls for some time now but could still get the 12”. We’ve been testing out other vinyls in the interim but haven’t had the best results. Yesterday we went to place an order and discovered what we use is completely sold out with no ETA of when it will back in stock. There is apparently an issue in getting certain chemicals used in the production of our stencil vinyl.

We are having to go back to what we used when we first started. The vinyl we will be using is a medium tack white vinyl (shown below). It has decent grip but will lift up if too much paint is used (hence why we stopped using it). As long as care is used when painting (keep your coats thin!), it delivers decent results.

Until we can get our hands on a vinyl that works well for our larger boards, we won’t be able to offer some of our larger designs that can’t have a split stencil. We are still able to do all small and medium sized boards, they will just have a different vinyl. We ask that you bear with us while we navigate our way through this new challenge and thank you for your continued support!


We will be open 2-6 today for walk-in!

Photos from PictureThis Creative Workshop's post 11/05/2022

Thank you so much to our Murder Mystery Night “Body Family & Friends”! We had so much fun with you all. I missed getting pics of everyone so if you have some you can post please do!


Everyone who signed up for Murder Mystery Night please drive safely! The rains are heavy today. We will have the front doors open for anyone arriving early due to the weather.

Photos from PictureThis Creative Workshop's post 11/04/2022

We are mostly set up for tomorrow’s Murder Mystery Night! Some of it we can’t do until just before the event but we are pleased with how it looks so far!



We get asked a lot about children In the studio. Though we don’t have a specific age requirement we do ask that you use discretion when choosing to bring small children. In our experience, small children lose interest very fast and become antsy. We don’t recommend our workshops for them. We have a lot of breakables, chemicals, and things that children could get hurt on, so for liability purposes we cannot allow them to run around the studio or the building we reside in. You know your children better we than do. We don’t feel it’s fair to impose a limit on a calm, well mannered 5 year old but allow in an overactive 10 year old. You decide. We just ask that you are considerate to the other patrons when making your decisions and are responsible for those you bring (adults and children alike). Thank you everyone!



We will not be able to have Walk-in's this Thursday, but will be back November 10th for our $30 Open Paint Night. I will be working on replenishing stencils and adding new designs.
What would you like to see? More fall? Winter? Funny? Something else?

Help us out with some feedback and we'll enter everyone who comments into a drawing for a FREE medium project.

P.S. These sleds are coming soon!

Photos from PictureThis Creative Workshop's post 10/30/2022

Thank you to all the Muggles and Wizards who came out for the last day of “Halloween at Hogwarts” There was a design for everyone, Frozen Cauldron Cakes and Butterbeers were a hit, and we didn’t wind up with any drunken house elves on the floor, so we’d say this weekend was a rounding success. Stay tuned for our next big walk-event “Merry Sithmas”.

Photos from PictureThis Creative Workshop's post 10/30/2022

We pulled double duty today and while I ran the walk-in event my hubby assisted with a birthday party. Thank you so much for having us! Fabulous job!

Photos from PictureThis Creative Workshop's post 10/30/2022

Pictures from todays Hogwarts Halloween walk-in! Thank you to everyone who made it out. For anyone who missed it you can still join us tomorrow from 1-4. We have BUTTERBEER for $3, and frozen cauldron cakes for $6, boards starting at $5 and go up to $35.

Photos from PictureThis Creative Workshop's post 10/29/2022

Thank you to everyone who joined us tonight for our adult Harry Potter event! We had a blast with everyone. I’m sorry to the last couple of people I didn’t get pictures of. Fabulous job everyone!


She looks like a wicked one too…. 😂

Photos from PictureThis Creative Workshop's post 10/25/2022

Join PictureThis Creative Workshop for our Halloween at Hogwarts Walk-in Event! Saturday from 2-6, Sunday 1-4. Butterbeers $3, Frozen Cauldron Cakes $6, boards start at $5 and go up to $60 depending on project size. Trivia on Saturday (must be here by 2:15 to participate in trivia & prizes). We have tons of great designs (more than what is pictured) so whether muggle or wizard theres a project here for you. The studio will be all decked out in Hogwarts galore, photo ops, and great prizes too.

We are located at 7 E Main st, downtown Evansville. There’s broom parking in both the front and back of the building and we are handicap accessible.

We accept cash, credit card (2.4% fee), and Venmo. We look forward to seeing you!


We are in the process of getting the studio ready for Harry Potter. Floating candles anyone?

Photos from PictureThis Creative Workshop's post 10/24/2022

My cousin came up to the studio today to pick up this custom Guinness welcome sign I had done for him, while here I was able to talk them into painting. Didn’t they do a great job? Thanks for the fun afternoon!


Sneak Peek at a few of the mini projects (except for the medium board in the middle) available for our Harry Potter walk in weekend. Open Saturday 2-6, and Sunday 1-4.

Photos from PictureThis Creative Workshop's post 10/23/2022

These awesome ladies joined us in the studio today for a little paint session. It was a ton of fun and we even had some excitement when the power went out, lol.

Photos from Farnsworth Ceramics LLC's post 10/22/2022

Our friends at Farnsworth Ceramics LLC have a cool ceramics workshop coming up in November! Look at how pretty these are! Message them to sign up.

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Come check out our “All Things Halloween” walk in event!



7 E Main Street
Evansville, WI

Opening Hours

Friday 5pm - 9pm
Saturday 2pm - 6pm
Sunday 1pm - 4pm

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