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Y’all that’s what I know and hear! that God will put his toughest soliders through situations just so they will get the biggest reward and most importantly God gets the highest praise( like Job)… it won’t feel good you won’t understand but count it all joy in Jesus name.


Keep fighting!! This race is not for the fastest, the strongest the smartest it’s for the one who keeps going!

And think about it, if someone is fastest, strongest and smartest, in something you want to be faster, stronger and smarter in, chances are they started off like you and they never gave up!


I’m reaching forward to Gods Goals! We are not perfect Creatures but we can make effort to be a New Creation in Christ!

Earth is a season in time for our bodies but the Goal is the New home for our souls! Do you want to see Heaven?


He has risen. He has resurrected me! Follow and let me guide you to him through the Holy Spirit and styling and etiquette ❤️


Good Early Morning! 💭🙏🏾

Ok so I am now finished with the book of Judges! Don’t judge me D is a Super Worker Bee again! But I am excited to read the book of Ruth.

But back to Judges, this is such a sad and Dark book! this book just made me feel like in real time how much I personally have let God down! How God has been so merciful with my life, I say merciful because here I am married and going after dreams that I thought stopped, family, friends,health, my own version of wealth , and mentors of spiritual leaders that I can call on..all things I don’t deserve… and even allowing me to be on the road to the kingdom without a legit church home. In judges God was such a after thought and taken advantage of..but he never truly gave up on his people.. (I’m sure he was fed up). Samson gambled with his calling! Like we all do! I just want to cling even harder to God. This book has opened my eyes.

Who do you think the ultimate Judge is? God will still Bless you because he loves you to the ultimate degree but there are consequences that we all must go through when we are not pleasing our God!



Friday Catch up! The Devil stole a day from us and Hubby doesn’t listen but we are here on Vacation what a BLESSING!!!

Pool Vibes! Resale vibes!! BLACK AND WHITE IS LIFE!!


Happy Friday I took a Friday off !!

This time I don’t have a Catch up I just wish everyone contentment and growth spiritually in they’re lives! I love you ❤️

I love how the earring matched to dress so nicely!

Also I read a quote and this is for our men who are leaders but women please read also!

Habits are like stones rolling down hill--the further they roll, the faster and more ungovernable is their course. Habits, like trees, are strengthened by age. A boy may bend an oak when it is a sapling--a hundred men cannot root it up, when it is a full grown tree. A child can wade over the Thames River at its fountain-head--the largest ship in the world can float in it when it gets near the sea. So it is with habits: the older the stronger--the longer they have held possession, the harder they will be to cast out.
J.C. Ryle, Thoughts for Young Men


It’s not a diss song, it’s a REAL song!

Use my Discount code to SAVE 15% off RiversFlow to receive Christian Merchandise!!! I LOVE MY HAT!!!

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Good Morning ☀️ Catch up!

firstly I have to thank God because every day that I have been in the salon I have had clients and that it’s just such a beautiful feeling now I need to learn to post pictures!

secondly due to fashion!!accessories can just add that little extra spice to an outfit. I wear all black and I have decided on a day that I needed my hair done to wear a hat. I now am an ambassador for a Christian clothing line I will list my code later today so that you can save money while praising the Lord or slightly sharing the gospel. a client gave me this really cute book bag and I just love the words on it stand out Vibes,make a statement and that’s what I’m all about!

but in reference to my week God has been letting me know that everybody is not for me no matter if you are a coworker no matter if you are family no matter if we used to be friends. I have to surround myself with ways that align with God. I have to surround myself with people who don’t question my love for God and if they do then they shouldn’t be around me or I need to change. my walk is more important and when people are bringing things out of you that you want to be delivered from then that does not serve God at all! I am reading judges and doing studies! The way God is using all of these new heroes to save the people of Israel is quite fascinating! But another message in this is how are we keeping God relevant??? No matter your circumstances!


Happy Friday

Catch up Time!!☀️

First off I need more black clothes again to the thrift stores I am going!!

no but seriously I used to look at black clothes as okay I am a part of a industry this is how I must dress …but honestly I feel like my black uniform is my armor as I stay in HIS word I see that God is putting on my armor for my destiny..When I read his word and dive into stories I come to realization more of my love for him and his for me I realized that it is such a honor to wear my black!

so if you have to wear a uniform to work maybe not a color but maybe more conservative or just not your personal style realize that it is an honor to be able to put that on and call yourself whatever it is that God has called you to be at that moment! I am feeling Grateful!!


Happy Friday!

Catch up Time☀️

I am now in the book of Job 1-6
{when things change in your life God has the final say) (Righteous people have troubles too)

I am now a Hairstylist in a salon again( yay!)(part time)

How are you doing these days what are you putting into life?

Styled by me!
Top :Marshall’s


“Yes! Salvation and Strength are in God’’

Isaiah 45 18-24 MSG


I would love to style you!! 💚💛💜

Story time: your girl hasn’t been feeling confident in her self or business (just being Transparent) so close to my birthday I went shopping as us girls do and I ran into a old client that I used to dress often and when she saw me she remembered me & I remembered her we talked about life but she was also finding things for some of her daughters achievements and she just asked me my opinion and we looked at clothes together it just felt so good getting back and putting the stylist hat back on and just playing in clothes and I guess to make a long story short I have been missing styling women and just helping them find the colors and the fabrics that bring out their beauty or enhance the beauty that they already have. so I say this to say I will be trying to work more on styling women and it doesn’t have to be resale just going out and sourcing for you guys I really miss that part about me

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Whatever you do Don’t Forget the Triple D’s!
( Dark Denim Duh!)

DENIM skirt BLANK-NYC Size 27
DENIM shorts Wild fable size 14



BP Denim Jacket Size XS
A new Day Shorts SIZE 4


So no one told you life was gonna be this way🎤😎😉

Torrid Denim Skirt size 20
Friends T-Shirt size 3XL


It’s the Bow Sleeves for me, I’m such a romantic Girly

Chelsea28 Size 6



Can I be honest?
Have you ever realized that even though ombré is cute it’s actually a slimming effect for the body how bomb is that!!!


however you rock your summer body own it in these Nike shorts.

Nike shorts Size small


Chill Shorts Vibes on are the way!!

LOFT new with tags
Size 2


New Domain until further notice Thank you for your patience 🌸🌸🌸🌸

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Resurrection Day is around the corner (EASTER) 🌸🌸🌸🌸

New Dress Arrivals shop the site❤️

Size XL (juniors)


Color, prints and legs OH MY….🌸


I had fun making this post!

 are you wearing your clothes to all the places you possibly can? I am guilty of this. Let’s try not to limit our outfits to one specific event or place. Let’s get the most out of everything we buy. we only have one life we can still look fabulous , capture beautiful moments and still have fun!


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New Arrivals 🌸🌸

both are a Size Large/XL Two piece Sets

I love a good two piece and I don’t mean KFC 😉🤦🏾‍♀️ why do you ask because you have so many different places you can wear them and so many endless outfits because you can pair them with other pieces you may have on hand in your closet.


When I think Spring I think of light weight blazers!! Blazers can make any outfit look dressed up, and or sophisticated! Not to mention just keep you slightly warm! 🌸

Everything in the video is size 12- 3x
& available on


Who else has a deep connection with black? we also have your Faux leather Fix too for this spring!

Check out
All Sizes, Great prices😎




I can have all the clothes for success but if I’m not putting myself in the right path for success then the clothes are for nothing.

Galatians 6:9 spoke to me

We have the clothes to help you feel invincible now go out and change the world queen and don’t give up!! Your Path is directed by the most loving God!


Happy Wednesday! 🌈
when is the last time you complimented someone?
Try to give a stranger a compliment today , you don’t know the last time they have been complemented! You can make someone’s day!


Happy Tuesday 🌻✨

One of my all time favorite designers! His clothes are classic and are of great quality.

Side note: my father-in-law has one specific salt water fish I named Ralph Lauren😂 I wonder if he knows lol??


Global Recycling day should not just be one day!

Mother Earth would be Glad to see we are looking at trash In a new 💡 light.

5 creative ways you can reuse your old clothing:

♻️turning some of your shirts into pillow cases.

♻️ turn your long sleeve shirts into wrap skirts.

♻️cut up your clothing to recreate or reshape a new DIY piece of clothing

♻️ Make a DIY Pet Bed

♻️DIY wine bottle bag



New Curvaceous Bottoms 💐‼️
Shop JeremiahIV.Com

All different styles. 💐
a place you can feel comfortable and shop!

-skirts -bottoms -bottoms


Who plays by the Rules anymore!! It’s about the way you view yourself and your divine freedom

Proverbs 24 3:4


God’s morning 😃
This boutique is not mine it is his
This life I am traveling through is his path
When I get weak I lean more because he gives me strength.

Stay focused he is guiding you!

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Ce la vie it’s still sweater weather ❄️🌸❄️🌸❄️🌸

Skirt: A new Day size XXL
Sweater: woven heart XXL
Purse: Michael’s Kors


Spring Softness 🌸
Jeremiah IV Boutique

🌸Ecoté Light Blue Dress Size L
🌸Drew Linen Neautral Jumper Size L
🌸One Clothing LightBlue/Coral Jumper Size Small (yellow belt sold separately)

Shop the looks on



😂😂😂 but So true!
I love trends but I love having my own individual style!

Does anyone else go through this struggle 🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊


Everyday is Grind time!! And btw you don’t have to just grind for money!

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When I think Spring I think of light weight blazers!! Blazers can make any outfit look dressed up, and or sophisticated!...
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