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Increase your speed today! Focusing specifically on Golf Fitness and speed training, contact me to s

Photos from FaustyGolf's post 05/17/2022

Elite amateur .mehran stopped by the studio to get his golf-body screening. Mike competes at a high level in SoCal and USGA amateur events and was looking to add some fitness focus to his golf practice.

By going through the assessment we learned specifically where his strengths and limitations were related to how his body moves for golf. Then he got a program designed for him to work on his own that will help address some of the main limitations.

I’m excited to see how this is going to help him continue to compete at a high level!

Are you ready to learn how your golf body performs? In person and remote TPI screenings are a great starting point! DM me here or head over to FaustyGolf.com to learn more!


I had the opportunity to have in the studio to share how I help golfers gain speed and get better overall. I took host through a training session that featured the mobility screening to get an understanding of his golf body followed by training using tools such as Power Peel, , and tools.

Overall C**t was able to increase his top speed by about 5 mph while hitting the ball straighter. As is normal for my golfers they tell me they ‘felt slow’ on their fastest swings because they are using their bigger muscles more while improving their sequencing in the swing.

The full episode has some really fun segments featuring Carlsbad as well. It can be found on

If you are interested in learning more about working with me you can send an email to [email protected], visit FaustyGolf.com, or DM me here!

Special thanks to for helping me look sharp for the segment and their continued support as I grow!

Photos from FaustyGolf's post 03/02/2022

*Code Fausty20*

I always love heading back to Tucson for the 2-man Tatum best ball tournament. This year I brought to help me with some of the crazy pin locations! Also cool to see how accurate they were at picking up the *secret* Hi Corbett pull in the back corner of the property 😉

Now if they could help me with the downhill 5.3 sloping 8 footer next….

And I still can’t believe they dropped their prices to $39….and save 20% more with the code Fausty20

Photos from FaustyGolf's post 02/19/2022

Awesome day with doing some research in the and sharing knowledge. Fun to see his force changes with some specific exercises/feels and movement 💪🏻

Posted • I spent a productive day doing research on the patterns I teach with Certified Instructor in Encinitas on his force plate. I would highly recommend seeing him as a Coach/Player or both together in the San Diego area. Excellent information and a ton of fun putting some new work into my own old patterns. Increased verticals up to 208% with 7 iron which was about a 70% improvement….


Can you say vertical force!! .leong.28 came in to assess his force creation having a feeling that something was a little off. We were able to quickly identify a major inefficiency with his timing….and by working better timing he was able to increase his forces — especially vertical force to 302% 🤯

Mike’s been working hard on his game with , , and as well as (Hit Bombs/150 mph blueprint), and on his fitness for golf.

His missing piece was seeing the data from the and getting a few RNT exercises from me to see massive improvements! Can’t wait to hear how he takes back what he learned to his team and see where he goes from here.

Are you ready to learn how your force creation impacts your swing and efficiency? DM me here or head over to FaustyGolf.com to learn more.


.feuerstein leaning into his dominant force to maximize club head speed (CHS). In this session we worked on getting just 1” wider in stance and this allowed Michael to swing freely in his dominant force. Interestingly, his Vertical and Torque forces both increased along with club head speed!

CHS training is always interesting to see what changes transfer to increases. It’s not always the same change or increase for each player….and when you do change something expecting to see one result, oftentimes you’ll get another result you weren’t expecting as well!

The goal should be to identify 1 or 2 items to be able to work on and take to the gym or practice session. We don’t want to make any drastic changes. We especially don’t want to just ‘swing out of the shoes’ to just swing faster.

Understand what your tendencies are, create a plan of attack on how to either 1) increase the weakness or 2) lean in on the strengths. This way, while you are training you should be able to take some of those gains to the course and feel comfortable to put them in competition.

Are you ready to understand your dominant force and get your plan to increase speed? DM me here or head over to FaustyGolf.com!


How’s your connection with the ground? It was great having team member in during holiday break to get a full Mobility, Strength and Power assessment along with a GRF assessment on the 3D force plates.

We were able to find opportunity to get a little cleaner with his footwork during transition which resulted in better engagement with the ground and creating more vertical ground force. This ultimately allowed Dylan to create more speed through impact, resulting in faster club head speed and ball speeds!

Are you ready to learn your dominant force and get more efficient with the energy you create? DM me here or head to Faustygolf.com to learn more.

Photos from FaustyGolf's post 01/16/2022

The best yardage and greens books are now the best price! books are my go-to for when I'm visiting a new course as well as my home course with those tricky greens. And now, they've reduced their pricing to just $39/course for the combo book! Also -- you can use Fausty20 to save even more off that!

I've been using StrackaLine books for years and absolutely love them. If you have any questions about them DM me here! Otherwise, head over to their site and get more confidence with your yardages and your green reading!

Photos from FaustyGolf's post 01/04/2022

2022 here we come! It’s been hectic and awesome since opening the studio in September (time flies!). What’s also really cool is the community here at the Encinitas Wellness Center location….we are all small business owners sharing our passion and helping others enjoy their passion too!

If you are in the area and love health and fitness come give our building a visit, I’m sure you’ll find something here for you too!

.live .bums


No Supply Chain issues at the Speed Factory! Are you ready to learn more about your golf game?

Gift certificates are a great gift!

DM me here or email [email protected] to start the process of hitting the ball further, feeling better, and playing better golf!

Photos from FaustyGolf's post 12/16/2021

We talkin’ about Ball Speed! The Power level 2 course was a very good discussion about some of the most successful training techniques to help players increase ball speed. Some of the fastest swingers of the golf club shared their insights and favorite exercises they have used to be swinging the club 150 mph and faster!

I’m really excited to take some of these concepts into the Speed Factory with my players in a safe and effective manner. Some of the Olympic lifts even provide extreme power value when only using something as light as a broomstick handle!

Are you ready to start seeing the ball travel further? DM me here, email at [email protected], or head over to FaustyGolf.com to learn more!


Big improvements in learning what it feels like to really turn for Andy. has been working extremely hard on his golf body and we have recently started to incorporate new movements into his golf swing. Using the mobility, strength and power screenings we have a solid foundation of what his body can do and what we need to work on in the gym.

In this session Andy had an awesome breakthrough by feeling what a better turn through impact would be. We did some gym-specific exercises as well as using the smart ball. We saw less extension into the ball and more of a turn through the ball. As a result we saw crisper shots that felt like it took less effort to hit it....both big wins!

This is also our foundation to build more speed in the coming months.

Are you ready to learn what your golf body can do? Contact me here or at FaustyGolf.com to schedule your mobility, strength, and power assessment today!


New PR for .reyes 96 mph club head and 140 mph ball speed. By focusing on pressure and forces on her trail side, we were able to increase the speeds by creating more forces through impact. Calista was able to add 15 percentage points to her vertical force and reduce how much recoil her lower body had at impact. We focused on some drills in the gym to help the body understand how to get stronger in the movements.

Next up for Calista is to go through a full TPI mobility, strength, and power assessment to see where she might be leaving some speed on the table when compared to LPGA averages...she's got more in the tank!


Cross sport training for speed & power is here! It’s important to lean into other sports and movements to help you train more efficiently.

By using the hurricane we will be working rotary power, both dominant and non-dominant movements. This is a fun way to work the entire core system.

One aspect of speed training is arm speed. It’s been proven that faster swingers of the golf club have a significantly faster arm speed through the downswing. To train this we have overload/under load throwing weighted balls.

Plus, both these training techniques are a ton of fun!

Are you ready to add some speed? Dm me here, or head over to FaustyGolf.com today!


Officially Fitness Level 2 certified! This course goes into detail of how TPI has identified specific exercises related to assessing Strength and Power for golfers. Similar to the golf body/mobility screening, we facilitate specific protocol that results in strong correlation between exercise results and club head speed output. Very excited to start implementing this screening with my golfers to help identify and expedite the gym exercises that will quickly help them increase speed.

The F2 certification is part of my strategy in helping golfers get better….learn what’s going on with the body and create specific programs designed to help them improve their weaknesses while maintaining their strengths to get better. Up next is the Power 2 certification from a fitness/power perspective. Adding these pieces to my certification, where Scott shares his methodologies around his Anatomy Toolbox, and the Swing Catalyst] 3D Force Plate and Level 1 and 2 certifications, my performance studio is coming together nicely! Always learning, always growing!

Are you ready to learn your golf body strengths and weaknesses? DM me here or visit FaustyGolf.com to learn more!

Swing Catalyst]

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