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We are a full service Laundromat. We do wash and fold, rush service wash and fold and wash and leave! Our core values are always service with a smile, clean environment, clothes delivered to you folded perfectly and smelling fresh!

Operating as usual


New soap dispenser! Almost finished. We just need to spackle a bit and paint. Not only did we replace a very old one lol but we changed it from a location that was frankly annoying to get to, to a location that is more accommodating for our amazing customers.


We would like to welcome 299 cleaners in Tenafly NJ to the family!!! If anyone needs dry cleaning and wash in fold in the Tenafly area check them out!


2 brand new speed Queen washers on the way!!!

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Fall Friday night!!! Come by do your wash and grab a hot or cool apple cider and an apple cider donut!!!!


I just want it give a shout-out to a few of our amazing partners in the Bergen County Area.

Meadtown cleaners- Englewood NJ
Pearl cleaners River Vale NJ
Green Apple Cleaners serving NJ and NYC!
Fast care medical company
Party World Rental

We appreciate you!!!


We would like to welcome Meadtown Cleaners to the family! If you are in the Engelwood NJ area and need dry cleaning and now wash and fold check them out! Amazing service, quick response time and extremely thorough.

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Customer appreciation day!!! Enjoy!!!


Hello everyone I hope you are all well!!! I wanted to announce July 16th will be our first customer appreciation day. We will have food and refreshments all day starting around 12pm. Come on in to do your laundry or just to grab some food and say hello! 😁😁😁.


Best prices, early morning pickups, evening deliveries, whatever you need!!! We take the stress and worry of getting your clothes washed right away. Let us save you time and money because your time is money!!


3 new double stack dryers installed!! They replace 3 single stacks. So now not only are there new machines but 3 more added! Someone joked the other day when I said new machines and she jokingly said and 3 new prices and I said NOPE! Lol. No price change at all. Love my customers.


So cool!!! Way to go kids, have a blast!!!!

My Laundry Room
πŸ‘‰ 455 Market St, Elmwood Park

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My little laundry machines practicing hard!!!! Can’t wait to see how the season goes! Let’s have some fun!!


New sign up and ready!!


Delivered to your door even on Easter!!! 😁. That’s what we do baby!!! 😁😜.


3 new double stack Dexter dryers coming in a few weeks! They will be replacing 3 singles dryers so now it will be 6 new dryers replacing the 3 singles. Almost all machines have been refurbished with new parts and soon they will all be finished!! 😁😁


We so much appreciate the feedback whether it’s good or bad, it can only help us improve. If you truly care it shows and if you don’t it doesn’t. Of course I love the good feedback lol. In all seriousness bad feedback is also good. In life we learn by our mistakes and we improve and better ourselves. If we don’t ever fall how do we get up. The crucial part is don’t keep making the same mistakes and make sure you are humble enough to recognize a mistake. Have a great day!!!


As I get suggestions or requests I try my best to deliver. This was a big request so now, one of our new 50 cent vending products. Clorox bleach.


Our amazing customers asked, I listened 😁. We were getting a lot of requests for a laundry bag so I got a really nice one with a shoulder strap. So if you need one just ask our attendants. Have a great day!!


Call us!! We will do it all for you!!!


Clean baby clean!!

We are always cleaning our machines! When there is down time we use products that keep the machines clean with a nice scent.


We are proud to sponsor Elmwood Park soccer crew!! It will be a great season for the kids full of fun and memories! Can’t wait to watch!


Another 10lbs free!!!! Love it! Get a new card and do it again!


We are here for you!! Safe and clean always!! Happy laundry day!


We always strive to make sure our customer service is on point and that we are being safe. We appreciate all of our customers and starting Monday all customers will receive a wash loyalty card so that after 10 washes they will get a free wash on any size machine. I also have one for wash and fold, a free 10 lbs about 10 orders. I will also be getting laundry bags, new dryers soon and more carts. I will always try my best.


Okay guys now you are making me blush 😊😊😁😁. I always try my best to be there for all the amazing customers!


Is always nice when our amazing customers go out of there way to leave a nice review. Typically you only get the negative ones leaving reviews lol. It’s like in sports you never get praise for doing well just yelled at when you mess up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰πŸ˜.

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In the laundry business we have to also be in the maintenance business lol. The machines get so much usage and sometimes go out and they need parts BUT I do my absolute best to handle any issues I can as fast as I can, that is my word to all of you. I know what it’s like to put my clothes in a dryer and then the dryer goes out, ITS ANNOYING I know that and that is why I work extra hard to avoid that. As always love all my customers! And I have something special coming up in the next two weekend! I also have to thank two best in the industry @mannamachine and @goldcoinlaundryequipment. They always save me! They are the best! 😁


This just makes me happy!! This is our sole objective. To make you feel safe and comfortable when you use our laundromat!! I am always here for my customers and really appreciate all the loyalty and messages I receive. Love it. Thanks everyone.


We aim to please!!!


Installing a new change machine!!! Always upgrading for our customers!

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Sanitation station all set up! Anything we can do to ensure our customers feel safe and secure we will do! Come get some hand wipes, and some hand sanitizer when you enter and when you exit!! Have a great day everyone!


We clean every inch of our laundromat. From top to bottom, inside the soap dispensers, under the tables, in the corners, everywhere! And we still wear our masks! Cleanliness and the customers comfort are two of the most important things we strive for. We want you to feel safe while your doing your laundry, knowing you are in a clean environment especially during these crazy times we are in. See you at the mat!!!

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We aim to please 😁😁😁. The rest of the review was so sweet and was about a customer who helped with the change machine. That’s what it’s all about! Friendly, clean, fun environment! Thanks Jasmine!!!

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Hey everyone! This is me Justin and my little boy who will be 6 months next week! Hunter. Today he went to visit the farm for the first time ever! He had so much fun. I want everyone to remember that even in these tough times we are in, we must still live and enjoy this life. That doesn’t mean we turn a blind eye or ignore everything we are going through at all, it just means what I said, we still need to live this life, smile, laugh, spread the love, spread those positive feelings out there to the world. Let’s continue to express ourselves in a positive way. Have a great day everyone! Smile, laugh, live, and love! See you at the mat!! β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’š


Parents we got you covered!! 😁. Happy kids happy life πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰.

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Clean baby clean!!




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