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Operating as usual

Photos from Black Magic Gaming's post 06/16/2021

Just gonna casually post some lands today. If its not marked with a condition, its nm-/nm. Shipping included on orders over $50

Photos from Black Magic Gaming's post 06/12/2021

Pics are either foil or nonfoil.


I often forget I can post things for sale here. I'll get on that more this week.


Photos from Black Magic Gaming's post 10/09/2020

$270 shipped for the pair.

Photos from Black Magic Gaming's post 10/06/2020

Things for sale, as promised.



Lots of singles being posted this week bc we kinda need to make some space around here. Keep your notifications on

Cal and Jenna


All obo.
Take the lot for $5250 shipped within the US.
Shipping is $5 otherwise.



More things for sale. Thanks for looking.



Some things we'd love to see go to good homes......or hysterical degenerates. We aint picky.

PayPal or cash only.
No shipping outside the US for now.
Shipping is $4 for orders under $250
Trades accepted at 70% tcglow(for matching condition). Local pickup always an option for locals.

Think that's it. Will be posting most everyday this week.

Cal and Jenna.


Posting again just bc. Lotta foreign coming tonite/tomorrow


Forgot to post these.
$5 shipping on any total under $200.
Trades accepted at 75% tcglow


Gonna see what happens. If interested and have $$ to buy, drop a line. Trades accepted at 70% tcglow for cards above $5

Jpn Sylvan Library SOLD 07/22/2020

Magic Online Announcements, July 21, 2020 Every Tuesday, we round up all the biggest Magic Online news for the Weekly Announcements Blog.


Gonna try something different. Gonna post a few cards here soon. Gonna offer them at tcglow for condition and subtract 10%. Shipping will be $5. Tracked and shipped in the USA.


website is still in development folks. in the meantime, take care of yourselves and others.



SCG Philly buylist for the Hotsauce Games booth:

Aether Gust 2
Brazen Borrower 20
Cavalier of Thorns 10
Choked Estuary 2
Damping Sphere 1
Dread Wanderer 2
Dreadbore 2
Embercleave 10
Fetid Pools 2
Fiendslayer Paladin 2
Goblin Chainwhirler 1
Hanweir Battlements 1
Hero's Downfall 2.5
Hope of Ghirapur 1
Ishkanah, the Grafwidow 1
Izzet Charm 0.25
Jace, Weilder of Mysteries 3
Lavacoil 0.25
Leyline of the Void 7
Lion's Eye Diamond 150
Lord of the Accursed 0.5
Misty Rainforest 45
Mox Amber 14
Mystic Dispute 2
Noxious Grasp 1
Pack Rat 3
Ramunap Ruins 2
Scab-clan Berserker 0.5
Shivan Reef 3
Sinister Sabotage 0.25
Spawn of Mayhem 5
Strangleroot Geist 0.25
Teferi, Hero of Dominaria 20
Teferi, Time Raveler 15
Tropical Island (REV) 225
Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath 20
Veil of Summer 3.5
Yarok's Fenlurker 0.25


It's sunday of Eternal Weekend and we still have $$$$. We'd really like to remedy that issue. Please bring us your cards. You can even make a song request at the BMG Jukebox. Take a pic with the crew. Tell Calvin he's pretty.


Come see the at . We want to buy your cards!!!


So, as usual, we're at the Island of Misfits for Eternal Weekend with the Graded Power boys. Come join us for all your buying, selling and trading wants.
But really we're going to be jamming tunes all weekend and getting turnt up!!! Dress for Halloween, have song requests, come take pics with the crew. We ready!!!

Cal, Harry and Monty


Tattoos by Josh Potucek

this may seem a bit unusual to see a post about a non-mtg thing here, but we're a bit offbeat here anyway. if you're in the central/eastern section of PA, this is the official tattoo/piercing shop for us. The owner is a fellow mtg'er and an all around great guy. if you're considering anything, give them a try.

BMG Approved.

Books are open for scheduling! They’ll likely be open for about 2 months. I am currently booking into January!!! Be patient please and Steph or myself will get you scheduled soon 🤘


NYSE has a date folks and we will be in the building!!!!


We will be vending quite a few events this year. def becoming more active again. First event we have is at SCG Regionals for NJ. 3-9-19. Details to come.


Vintage N.A. Champ, Brian Coval!!!!!!


20% off beta duals at the booth at
Cash or paypal


One more day till ETERNAL WEEKEND!!!!!!!


we're not dead out here. Look for us at Eternal Weekend hosted by Card Titan in 2 weeks!!!


At US National's in Columbus, Ohio June 29-30th and July 1st, we will be looking to buy any and everything mtg related that you can bring.


For the second year in a row, we will be at National's vending. Come see us in Columbus for National's.



Hey folks, it's been awhile since we've posted. figured why not show up with anything less than a massive sale post.
here goes nothing.

Today's sale post will be dubbed Masterpiece Theatre(a few featured guests for intro purposes as well). All cards are NM- at absolute worst. Prices listed are per card:
4x 7th ed goblin matron foil 75
4x 7th ed lord of atlantis foil 65
4x 7th ed pyroclasm foil 60
4x 7th ed seismic assault foil 35
4x 7th ed tainted aether foil 45
4x 7th ed wrath of god foil 100
1x UD covetous draon foil 60
4x UD donate foil 55
4x UD Masticore foil 40
4x UD phyrexian negator foil 55
4x UD powder keg foil 40
1x UD treachery foil 275
2x UL radiant, archangel(1x german, 1x jpn) foil 60, 150
1x UL second chance foil 35
3x UL weatherseed treefolk foil 35

and now, the masterpieces.......
4x aether vial 115
4x black vise 15
6x cataclysmic gearhulk 15
7x chalice of the void 140
5x champion's helm 25
4x crucible of worlds 110
4x duplicant 25
5x engineered explosives 80
5x grindstone 18
1x hangarback walker 40
7x mana crypt 165
8x mana vault 120
4x meekstone 20
3x mind's eye 20
30x mox opal 150
4x oblivion stone 40
11x pithing needle 50
5x planar bridge 25
2x scroll rack 40
6x sol ring 180
12x sphere of resistance 35
4x staff of domination 40
14x steel overseer 55
2x sword of body and mind 40
5x trinisphere 40
4x vedalken shackles 25
3 verdurous gearhulk 25

keep in mind that there is plenty more of this stuff to come. i will be posting additions every day this week.

Cal 10/29/2017

BPK80 Twitch

N.A vintage champs top 8 competitor 2017 and 2015 vintage champ, Brian Kelly, on stream bc he was bullied into it. Enjoy


Andrew Markiton, member of The Academy, is our N.A. Vintage Champ!!!


Playing in the MUD; Return From the Brink of Devastation – Black Magic Gaming

William Dayton is back at it again!! It’s Saturday, September 30, 2017. I’m ready to battle in the monthly Top Deck Games 1k event, and I feel fairly good about my deck list. 09/26/2017

Noble Purpose – A Booth’s Eye View of Eternal Extravaganza 7 – Black Magic Gaming

A very insightful view from the booth by Mr. Mike Noble!!! Eternal Extravaganza 7 is officially in the books, and it was a roller-coaster of emotions for everyone involved. Whether you were playing in the events, watching from home, or making sure the event was running as smoothly as possible, the emotions were running high. Personally, this weekend marked…


BMG Crew announcement:
The playmat art is here. Done by the incomparable Jeff A. Menges/Skaircrow Graphics. Available only at Eternal Weekend hosted by Card Titan. Limited print run of 100!!!


We want to thank everyone for coming out to Eternal Extravaganza 7!

Decklists for the event are available here:

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Sale stuffs part 3
Sale stuffs part 2
Sale stuffs



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