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R.D. Hackman & Sons have been the leading home improvement contractor for over 40 years. The sign you see everywhere... RD Hackman & Sons! R.D.Hackman has been the number one roofing, windows and door replacement contractor for over 40 years!

We at R.D Hackman and Sons provide SUPERIOR quality sunrooms, siding, gutters/downspouts, interior/exterior painting, additions, decks and more! Give us a call or stop in our showroom to see samples of our high quality products. You can rest easy knowing we will provide the best installation in the industry. We are the original Hackmans in Elizabethtown, PA. Look for our sign... Everywhere! Contra

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rdhackman.com 02/01/2017

DYI bathroom makeover | R.D. Hackman & Sons


rdhackman.com Your small bathroom can go from average to luxurious by replacing that outdated bath/shower combo with a doorless tile walk-in shower

rdhackman.com 01/31/2017

Winter Project #4 | R.D. Hackman & Sons




Picture #1 reveals very shoddy roofing practices where silicone is used to "fix" a leak. Picture #2 shows the finished repair by R.D. Hackman & Sons. We had to tear off all the roofing materials then install new aluminum flashing & the proper roofing materials to ensure a leak-free roof for many years to come!

If a roofing company's prices are way less... there is a reason. This customer had to pay for the cheap roof + water damage + the 2nd roof job that will not leak. R.D.Hackman & Sons... One roof, one cost, once and done!


You can create a cool backsplash in your laundry room by hot-gluing pieces of old pallets to a sheet of plywood then attach to the wall.


Custom concrete countertop with integrated drain board!
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Timeline Photos


Nice kitchen!


Winter Project #3 | R.D. Hackman & Sons


rdhackman.com Easy home project during the winter months. Adding a faux beam in your home.


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rdhackman.com 12/20/2016

Easy Winter Project #2 | R.D. Hackman & Sons


rdhackman.com home renovations


Easy Winter Project Idea | R.D. Hackman & Sons




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rdhackman.com 12/07/2016

Easy winter project that will save $$$$$ | R.D. Hackman & Sons


rdhackman.com An easy and effective project during the winter is to buy a few rolls of insulation and install them in your attic as directed on the package. It is not necessary to remove already existing insulation. Be sure not to cover any roof ventilation devices or block air flow that is needed from the eaves…

rdhackman.com 11/23/2016

Pre-Renovation Mistakes #10 | R.D. Hackman & Sons


Setting an unrealistic budget

rdhackman.com People often underestimate what it’s going to cost to do a big renovation, and part of that is because they don’t realize the biggest costs in a renovation usually is the labor and the “unexpected surprises”. You never know what’s going to happen once you start the demolition process. As soon as yo...

rdhackman.com 11/15/2016

Pre-Renovation Mistakes #9 | R.D. Hackman & Sons


rdhackman.com The biggest mistake people make when they’re trying to figure what the payback is going to be, is they overbuild for their neighborhood. They have a $100,000 house and they put a $100,000 addition on it, so now they have a $200,000 house in a $100,000 neighborhood. You can say, “I want my home to be...


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rdhackman.com 11/09/2016

Pre-Renovation Mistakes #8 | R.D. Hackman & Sons


rdhackman.com A renovation project, whether DIY or by a contractor, will be invasive and inconvenient for a period of time. Know that things will be uncomfortable and out of sorts for a while.

rdhackman.com 11/03/2016

Pre-Renovation Mistakes #7 | R.D. Hackman & Sons


rdhackman.com You need to make sure that the contractor is right for you, because he’s going to be in your home, invading your living space and privacy. Look for a valid contractors’ license, BBB accreditation, current testimonials, and more. Be sure they have liability insurance and a written guarantee for their...


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Pre-Renovation Mistakes #6 | R.D. Hackman & Sons


rdhackman.com Mistake # 6 is avoiding a building permit. No one wants to go through the hassle and red tape (and fees) with our local municipality. Which generally means blueprints, hearings, variance fees, and inspections. Bite the bullet and talk to the zoning officer and do what is required in order to make y...


Our Veterans' October Flag give-away is coming to an end... If you are (or know) a US Veteran, please have them stop in at our location for their free US flag. Deadline is October 31

rdhackman.com 10/26/2016

Pre-Renovation Mistakes #4 | R.D. Hackman & Sons


rdhackman.com People sometimes forget about electric when they’ve been renovating because it’s costly and it’s hidden. You want to walk through the house with the electrician before you start to talk about outlets, where they are, where you want new outlets, three-prong outlets. You want to make sure everything’s...


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rdhackman.com 10/24/2016

Pre-Renovation Mistakes #3 | R.D. Hackman & Sons


rdhackman.com You have to know what you’re getting into. Even if you’re not doing the work yourself, know what to look for and what your contractor is doing. Know your contractor… are they accredited with the BBB; do they hold manufacturers’ awards or recognition; do they have positive reviews? It’s really import...


Pre-Renovation Mistakes #2 | R.D. Hackman & Sons


rdhackman.com Windows can be really expensive, and a lot of people try to save money on them by purchasing supply chain store windows. Just remember, an expensive window is down graded in price only when the materials have also been down graded. Compare all the sealing methods and qualities, wind penetration figu...

rdhackman.com 10/19/2016

Pre-Renovation Mistakes #1 | R.D. Hackman & Sons




Call us for details on this great opportunity!


Save money and energy this winter... seal any air leaks in the attic.


Winterizing tip:
Insects/pests look for ways to enter your home just before WInter to stay warm.
You can prevent unwanted pests by sealing any cracks in your foundation with weather-resistant sealant.


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Timeline Photos


“We at R.D. Hackman and Sons are dedicated to satisfying our customer in every aspect of a construction project. Our goal is to provide our customer with the very best products with the very best installation from a storm door install to a complete house addition.

We stand behind our workmanship therefore we only choose products from companies that stand behind their products. We employ the very best people who are here to work for our customer!
If our customer is not completely satisfied about the total process of the job we provided, we will make it right until they are happy.

R.D. Hackman and sons… more than just a name”

David West


A+ rating since 1989




360 W. Bainbridge St
Elizabethtown, PA

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