Naturally Gifted by Jeri

Naturally Gifted by Jeri


This has been such an A-MAZI NG week & it isn't over ye t!! Stop out tomorrow for our Re-Op en House 11-5!!!
Who's ready for a little si p?? I know I am! Lol πŸ˜‰πŸ™ƒ Sooo oo excited for our Sip N' Sh op tonight from 5-8pm Stop in a nd say hi!! I can't wait to s ee you!! #naturallygiftedbyjeri #2ndfriday #sipnshop #celebrating #newbeginning sπŸ’œ
Don't forget to stop in f or our Sip N' Shop tonight, FRID AY FEBRUARY 11TH 5-8pm!!! We've g ot a special 2nd Friday planned f or you all to kick off t he celebration of our newly renovated space !!!

We're celebrating with a Sip & Sh op and special sales of 20% sele ct candles and crystal & 30% sele ct holiday blends and candles.

We're al so so excited to have Stormborn Energywo rx back with us!!! She'll be doi ng readings from 5-8. Call or messa ge the store to schedule reading today.

Be sure to stay tuned as t he celebration continues!! I look forward to seei ng you and showing you around o ur great new space!!
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Are you trying to find t he PERFECT Valentine's Day gift for yo ur partner or significant other?? Stop looki ng & come in to Naturally Gift ed by Jeri!! Let me help y ou show some LOVE!!! I know exact ly what your Valentine wants!! Anyone c an get a box of chocolates b ut a box of crystals is whe re it's at!!! I have a so me boxes all ready to give yo ur Valentine OR you can make yo ur own assortment with an empty hea rt box provided. I mean what c an be better than to see the ir eyes light up when they op en their box of shiny sparkly crystals !!! Valentine's Day is this Mond ay & supplies are limited, so hur ry in & get yours today!!
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WOW!!!! I don't know what mo re to say than, just WOW!!! Tha nk you to everyone that came o ut today to say "Hi" and s ee the new space!!! It was so gre at to see all of you!!! I fe el so incredibly blessed!!! It's beyond words !!! Thank you!!! I am sooo excit ed for all the things I ha ve planned to share with you!! St ay tuned!!
#naturallygiftedbyjeri #thankfulgratefulblessed #newspace #amazingday #reopeni ng #loveetown #Elizabethtown
It's official, the sign on t he door says Open!! I'm officially reopen ed! I can't wait to show y ou the new space and ALL t he new goodies!! Open 12-5 today. Don 't forget about our Sip N' Sh op from 5-8 tomorrow. I'm so excit ed to show you!!!
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Hello everyone!! More BIG news!! I want ed to let you all know Natural ly Gifted by Jeri will be RE-OPENI NG THURSDAY 2/10 12-5pm!!!

We are so ve ry thankful to some very special frien ds for ALL their help in getti ng us to this very special da y!!

Be sure to stop in f or our special Sip N' Shop Frid ay 2/11 5-8pm and our Evolution Celebrati on Re-Open House Saturday 2/12 11-5!! We' ve got some great things waiting f or you! I can't wait to sh ow you around!!!
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OMG!!! I'm sooooo excited for th is Open House!!! The renovations are do ne & I can't wait to sh ow it off!!! It's still t he same great place, just a gre at new space!!!

We'll be celebrating o ur growth and evolution Saturday 2/12 11am-5 pm. We're so very fortunate to ha ve special guests, Stormborn Energyworx & h er husband, Lucas Bates with us fr om 11-3! Come meet them & lea rn about different Spiritual & Divination practic es.

Stormborn Energyworx will show us h ow to use Tarot & Oracle car ds for divination & self-readings. She'll al so be doing card reading demonstrations on t he hour at 12pm, 1pm & 2 pm.

We're also so very grateful to ha ve Lucas Bates with us from 11 -3! He will be here to discu ss auras and aura reading. If you' ve ever wondered what auras are & wh at it means to have an au ra, this is the place to be!!

Oh and did I mention we'll ha ve yummy organic goodies & refreshments to enj oy while you're here??

This is goi ng to be such a FUN & A-mazi ng Open House!! You won't want to mi ss any of it!! So be su re to stop out to check o ut the new space and have so me FUN while you're here!! I can 't wait to see you!!!
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Be sure to mark your calendars !!! FRIDAY FEBRUARY 11TH 5-8pm!!! We' ve got a special 2nd Friday plann ed for you all to kick o ff the celebration of our newly renovat ed space!!!

We're celebrating with a S ip & Shop and special sales of 20% select candles and crystal & 30% select holiday blends and candles.

We' re also so excited to have Stormbo rn Energyworx back with us!!! She'll be doi ng readings from 5-8. Call or messa ge the store to schedule reading today.

Be sure to stay tuned as t he celebration continues!! I look forward to seei ng you and showing you around o ur great new space!!
#naturallygiftedbyjeri #specialcelebration #reopeni ng #2ndFriday #sipandshop #intuitivereadings #stormbornenergyworx #SupportSmallBusiness #ShopSma ll #loveetown #elizabethtown #Lancaster #Hershey #harrisburg #MtJ oy
Happy Lunar New Year!! Year of t he Tiger!!
Oh my gosh, I've been so bu sy with the renovations that I haven 't had much time to connect. I 'm sooooo excited for all the co ol new things happening at Naturally Gift ed. I can't wait to show yo u!! Be sure to stay tuned f or our Open House Celebration!!

One thing I ha ve been making sure I have ti me for is a little self ca re. It is so incredibly important especial ly when things are hectic & stressf ul that we take the time to hon or ourselves and our bodies. We p ut them through a lot! We a re incredibly fortunate to have some wonderf ul spas like @kairos.therapy & @subterraneans pa to help us with our se lf care needs. Self care doesn't alwa ys have to mean massages & facia ls. It can also mean treating yourse lf to your favorite coffee drink or putti ng some essential oils in your diffus er and just letting your thoughts dri ft away like clouds...Whatever way you choo se to show yourself some love, ma ke sure you enjoy every breath alo ng the way.

**Picture is courtesy of a "good ie bag" I won at Reiki Mast er & LMT, Lexi Piccioni's Self-Care Op en House**
#naturallygiftedbyjeri #healthandwellness #selfcare #selfcarematters #breat he #peacelovejoy #SupportSmallBusiness #loveetown
Hi all!! Just a quick remind er, we're open today until 5 & wi ll be closed next week (1/31-2/7) f or renovations. Be sure to come o ut and stock up on your essentia ls for the weekend.
#naturallygiftedbyjeri #basicearthessentials #essentialoi ls #healthandwellness #allnaturalproducts #SupportSmallBusiness #loveetown #elizabethtown

Holistic wellness shop with all-natural handcraft ed essential oils, soaps, lotions, blends, p et care products, books, candles, crystals & minera ls and a variety of handcrafted jewel ry & gift items.

Operating as usual


Thank you Cindy Telenko & @twisted.easel.e tc for my beautiful sunflower wreath! Be su re to check out her page to ord er one! She's got 2 different styl es to choose from. I also LO VE knowing that 30% of each wrea th goes to HeritageUkraine. πŸŒ»πŸ’™πŸ’›


What is Nag Champa? It's a ble nd of Sandalwood & Champa flowers, a memb er of the Magnolia family. It c an evoke feelings of calm, peacefulness & relaxati on. It can also enhance your meditati on, helping to transport you to a spiritual ly enlightened space. It is often us ed in monasteries in India & Nep al for that very reason.
It has al so been used for cleansing & purifyi ng your space of negative energies & to sancti fy a sacred space.

Basic Earth Essentials offe rs 100% organic all-natural Nag Champa in a varie ty of ways. It's available as a 5 mL blend for essential oil diffusers, roll-o ns & mists. I love using mi ne in the diffuser and is oft en what you smell when you vis it the store. It's such a calmi ng peaceful scent. It is definitely o ne of my favorites!


Easter's coming! It's time to g et all your ducks (or duck-bunnies) in a r ow! How cute are these handblown rubb er duckies with bunny ears from Jere my Bear Friedly & Stiegel Glassworks 1976? !?! They would look absolutely adorable in yo ur Easter basket or sitting among yo ur Spring & Easter decorations!! Be su re to get yours before they a ll swim away!


Soooo excited for 2nd Friday!!! N ot only are we open late (12- 8)! We also have my amazing frie nd, @butterflybeth82 joining us from 5-8 f or Aura Readings. Beth has kindly agre ed to offer her services on a donati on basis. Appointments are highly recommended as s he only has a few openings le ft. You can call (717-449-0336) or messa ge the store to schedule your readi ng. We're looking forward to seeing you !


I'm loving the creative energy of a ll my artists!! Vapor Artistry just broug ht us some incredible new pieces!! I 'm absolutely in love with the trip le moon/lotus essential oils holders!! They a re just A-MAZING!!! Thank you Tony Giuli vo for sharing your amazing tale nt with us!!

Photos from Naturally Gifted by Jeri 's post 04/06/2022

A BIG thank you to everyo ne who came to our Spirit Chim es workshop!! We had a blast!! I can 't wait for the next one!! I 'd LOVE to see everyone's Spirit Chime s!! Please add a picture of yo ur beautiful creations in the comments!!


So excited for Spring to be here !!! While it might not quite fe el like Spring, we do have mo re hours of daylight! The warmer weath er is on its way!! It wi ll be here before you know it!!

Now that we're officially in Spri ng, Naturally Gifted by Jeri will be ba ck to operating with regular hours starti ng Wednesday April 5th.
Wednesday 11-5
Thursday 12-6
Frid ay 12-6
Saturday 11-6


I just wanted to give a B IG thank you to everyone who ca me out to celebrate & support loc al author, Kathryn Hart!! Kathryn is su ch bright light & talented author a nd her books are a direct reflecti on of that! We are so fortuna te to have such talent right he re in Elizabethtown!!! Thank you Kathryn f or sharing your light with us!!
Be sure to stop in & pi ck up a copy of one h er autographed books next time you're he re! You'll be so glad you did! !


New Stiegel Glassworks 1976 in t he house!!! I had such a gre at time with Jeremy Bear Friedly at h is studio the other day, that I h ad to bring some new goodies ho me with me!!! These duck-bunnies are ju st too cute!!! How perfect would th ey look in your Easter basket fu ll of goodies!?! Be sure to st op in and pick yours up tod ay before they "hop" on out of he re!


As many of you already kn ow, we are HUGE pet lovers at @naturallygiftedbyjeri !!! Did you know we're also p et friendly?? Not only do we lo ve when you bring your fur babi es in with you, it also giv es us the opportunity to share o ur 100% all-natural pet care products wi th you!! A BIG thank you to To ny Giulivo of Vapor Artistry f or bringing in little Eli to visi t!! He was such a sweetie!!
🐢 🐱🐾


I absolutely love showing off t he amazing handcrafted items from my artis ts & this new batch is no exception !!! We've got some amazing sand a rt & illuminated art boxes by t he incredibly talented Dee Lehman! We al so have a phenomenal assortment of ite ms from @baldwinsgallery! Those little mushrooms a re just simply magical!! Be sure to st op in and check them out! I ha ve a feeling they won't be he re long!!


I'm so excited to have my frie nd, Beth Montgomery with us for th is month's 2nd Friday!! Beth is an Empa th with the amazing ability to re ad auras!! She will be here wi th us Friday April 8th from 5 -8 PM for Aura Readings. Each readi ng is only 15 min. S he is kindly offering her services to us on a donati on basis. This is an incredible opportuni ty, you won't want to miss i t!! Walk-ins welcome. Appointments preferred. Please ca ll (717-449-0336) or message the store to schedu le your Aura Reading today. We lo ok forward to seeing you!

Photos from Naturally Gifted by Jeri 's post 03/27/2022

OMG It's a fashion frenzy her e!! So much FUN!!


Don't forget to come out f or our Mini Pop-Up Shop tomorrow fr om 1-3pm!! I know Heather Watts & Ki ra Jahoda have some great things in sto re for you!! We can't wait to s ee you!!

I love to get together wi th friends, shop & have FUN!! B ut being a small business owner, I don 't often get a chance to do th at anymore. Fortunately for me & y ou, I have some amazing friends th at are going to bring the F UN to us!!

Join my friends, Heath er Watts, Thirty-One & ColorStreet Consultant a nd Kira Jahoda, Zyia Representative for a Mi ni Pop-Up Mart at the store on Sund ay March 27th 1-3pm. They've got so me really great items & products to sh ow you!

I'm excited to share so me of my new favorites with yo u!! You know I'm BIG on self-ca re! So whether it's a quick mani/pe di with ColorStreet, keeping the drawers & close ts organized with Thirty-One or going to yo ga & acupuncture in Zyia. Th ey are all fun & quick wa ys to show yourself some LOVE!!

Remember to ma rk your calendars!! Sunday 3/27 from 1 -3 pm. See you there!


We're so excited to have loc al author, Kathryn Hart here with us th is Saturday 3/26 from 1-4pm. She wi ll be here to do book signin gs & to promote her new children 's book, The Adventures of Ella-Dance on t he Moon. She'll also be discussing h er book of inspirational poetry, The Lig ht At The End Of The Tunn el. Bring your smile & yo ur imagination. We look forward to seei ng you!


Be sure to come out Saturd ay March 26th. We've got some gre at things planned for you!! We're fortuna te to have @@stormborn_energyworx with us f or Intuitive Readings from 12-4. Appointments recommend ed, walk-ins welcome. Call or message t he store to schedule your reading.


A special thank you to Jere my Bear Friedly of Stiegel Glassworks 1976 f or these A-MAZING handblown glass pieces!! We ha ve some absolutely beautiful Unicorn horns, Fai ry Wands, Gnomes, Cardinals & hearts!!! Seei ng them in the sunlight is mesmerizing !!! These pictures don't do them justic e!!

Remember when...

Naturally Gifted is based on t he memories of shopping in local family-own ed stores where the owner(s) knew yo ur name and were happy to ch at and hear about your day. Natural ly Gifted provides a variety of natur al handcrafted products such as essential oi ls & blends, lotions, soaps, pet produc ts, etc. There is also a ni ce selection of gift item like boo ks, crystals (natural & tumbled), incense, a nd handcrafted jewelry. From the whimsical to t he enlightened and everything in between, we ha ve something for you. Stop in a nd say, β€œHi”.

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Wednesday 11am - 4pm
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