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Videos by Pitties.Love.Peace in Elizabethtown. A non-profit (501c3) organization devoted to rescue & rehabilitation of pit bull & bully breed dogs.

Pandora update! 🥰

After undergoing life-saving surgery 2 weeks ago, Pandora got to revisit our amazing vets yesterday for a follow-up. Everything is healing well and she’s doing great. When she first came to us, she was undoubtedly feeling awful and very timid. As she continues to come out of her shell, we’re seeing more and more tail wags and personality. We are so thankful for all of the donations and well wishes from our supporters to give this sweet girl a brighter future.

Just look at those happy little foot taps! 😍

*we are not accepting applications on this pretty lady at this time

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Pandora update! 🥰 After undergoing life-saving surgery 2 weeks ago, Pandora got to revisit our amazing vets yesterday for a follow-up. Everything is healing well and she’s doing great. When she first came to us, she was undoubtedly feeling awful and very timid. As she continues to come out of her shell, we’re seeing more and more tail wags and personality. We are so thankful for all of the donations and well wishes from our supporters to give this sweet girl a brighter future. Just look at those happy little foot taps! 😍 *we are not accepting applications on this pretty lady at this time

Itty bitty, baby Jimmy, has been with us for a few weeks and other than his mobility and incontinence issues was doing great, until Wednesday. That day, he woke up not feeling well, and then the vomiting and diarrhea started. His foster mom got him to our vets and he was admitted. Poor Jimmy was dehydrated, anemic, his wbc count was 42k (normal is around 8k), and his rbc count low. He’s only 9 weeks old and has had one parvo/distemper vacc so far, but we did test him for parvo (negative) to rule that out. Two days later, with great care, IV fluids, and antibiotics, Jimmy is feeling so much better. His bloodwork has improved and last night his wbc count had dropped to 19k. He’s eating, happy, and spunky enough to remove his own IV 🙄. We can’t be sure why he got so sick, but suspect septicemia. Jimmy’s mobility and fecal incontinence issues stem from his conformation. Those short, stocky bullies sure are cute, but what’s not cute is that some of them are born like Jimmy. His spine is curved significantly and PT alone will not help him gain mobility. He can move his hind legs, but cannot stand on them. He’s also having some degree of fecal incontinence. To address both of these things, he needs consults with an orthopedic specialist and a neurologist. We’re in the process of setting those up and won’t know what can be done until the experts weigh in. The good news is Jimmy is a happy dude and we’ll do whatever we can to give him the best quality of life. The bad news is that comes with a hefty price tag. We know the holidays are right around the corner, but if you’re able to lend Jimmy a paw with his medical bills, he says thank you. At least, we think that’s what he saying here. 😂 #pittieslovepeace #ittakesavillage #TeamJimmy #cutenessoverload

In case you missed it… We introduced our newest pup, Jimmy, in our last post. As you can see, Jimmy was born with an issue with his hind legs which makes his mobility a challenge. He will be seeing our vets tomorrow for a full work up to help us to determine the best medical plan for his future. We anticipate Jimmy’s medical care will be costly, but intend to do everything we can to give him the most normal and carefree life. If you can lend a paw to this sweet baby, he would surely appreciate it. Please send all the positive energy and well wishes his way for his appt tomorrow. 💝

Adoptable Sarge giving us a brief #tongueouttuesday, followed by a BIG stretch and a great smile. 🥰

Silly girl Nellie ❤️
Nellie has met several potential adopters, but she’s shy and standoffish at first when meeting new people. However, once she gets to know you and lets her guard down, she’s the silliest, playful girl. ❤️❤️❤️

Poppy is such a “catch” 😂❤️🐶

Last week, Midas got the green light to run and play - woot woot! He celebrated this weekend with some new canine pals at the splash pad. As you can see, he loves his buddies. Happy Monday!

Tempest made another new doggie pal yesterday 🐶. She had a play date with Albus Dumbledore, a 2 1/2 year old pug, and did amazing. She also did really well with her new human friends and was generous with the Pittie kisses. We’re so proud of this girl! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

How cute are these babies??? This was earlier today before they got their first vaccines and headed home with their foster families. The cuteness is in this video is just too much ❤️. Also, their momma, Loren, joined her foster family today. She was the first to leave, which doesn’t happen often. In case you haven’t heard, today is #GiveLocalYork, which is an amazing day of giving. If you’re able to support us with a donation between now and midnight, the link is below. To spay/ neuter, microchip, and fully vet this family of 13 is going to quickly add up. ❤️😍🐶 https://www.givelocalyork.org/organizations/pitties-love-peace-inc Welcome to the big wide world and enjoy your foster families Loren, Bogart, Leigh, Wayne, Stewart, Harlow, Brando, Ingrid, Katherine, Taylor, Kelly, Grant, and Miranda. . #puppybreath #cutenessoverload #oldworldhollywood #partyof13

While we’re excited about the arrival of Loren’s babies, another new puppy joined us this evening and he has us worried. Late this afternoon, a local shelter contacted us about an 8 week old owner surrender who was in bad shape. They were told he was not eating well at home and had sudden neurological symptoms, but was not injured. One of our board members picked him up immediately and took him directly to our vets. This poor little guy was covered in fleas and reeks of smoke. There is a large lump and cut on his forehead, but no other signs of trauma. He is not responsive to sound or light and as you can in the video he also walks in circles. His bloodwork was relatively normal other than being slightly anemic and having an elevated WBC count. He has been started on clindamycin (antibiotic) and we are trying to bottle feed him because he’s not eating on his own. What this little guy needs more than anything is a neurology consult ASAP, but it’s proving difficult to find a specialist who is in tomorrow. We are working on that now and hope to get to the bottom of his issues quickly. Please send all the good juju and positive vibes his way. He can use all the love and light possible! #shihtzu #bichon #yorkie #honorarypittie #fluffy

As a follow up to our last post, check out this video of Luther! He has such a beautiful, soft, shiny coat now. ❤️❤️❤️

Going into the weekend like ... 🤪 ❤️ Hulk

Irwin pupdate! This cute little dude joined us as a hospice foster almost a month ago. He was on the at risk list at NYCACC and staff reached out to ask if we could help. A volunteer picked him up the the next day and when he arrived, he was in bad shape. Irwin was in severe congestive heart failure. On a scale from one to ten, with ten being the worst ... our vets said he was a ten. We decided to start him on every medication appropriate for his condition and hoped this would give him a little more quality time. When we last saw Irwin (with his foster mom) a couple weeks ago, he was very tired, laying on a dog bed, coughing occasionally, and not wanting to be bothered with much. Tonight, we paid him a visit (lucky boy gets to go to work with his foster mom) and saw a very different dog. The meds are clearly doing their job. Of course, Irwin is still in congestive heart failure and needs daily medication, but he’s no longer the lethargic, sad boy we met last month. He’s now a spunky, happy, fearless, opinionated, outspoken old dude and we absolutely love it. Also, Irwin was obese when he came to us, which makes breathing and heart issues even worse. So far, he has lost one pound. That might not sound like a lot, but when you only weigh 15 pounds, that’s kind of a big deal! Here’s the new and improved Irwin. He was chillin on a bed under his mom’s desk until we got there and he decided to tell us no one gets in without his paw of approval. 😂❤️🐶

Hilda is going into the new year full of hope ❤️. Okay, she’s a puppy ... she doesn’t know anything is different about her 😂. We’re going into the new year full of hope and she’s full of cuteness. #teamhilda #happynewyear #cutenessoverload

On the same day Fallon had surgery, our other cleft lip baby, Hilda, turned 7 weeks old. She continues to do well, is quite full of herself, and is full of sass for such a teeny pup. Check out her attitude! 😂😂😂

The #ExtraGive is only TEN days away - woot woot! There are many wonderful organizations participating and we hope PLP is one you'll honor with a donation on this magical day of #giving. As we count down to the big day, we'd like to share some reasons why we do what we do. Today's reason is Luther. Despite being starved to the point of not being able to walk, he's not letting this setback in life get him down. Two weeks ago, he could barely walk and sitting or standing quickly turned into laying down. He had no muscle tone in his hind legs and they would simply slide out from under him. At his first vet visit, they had to bring a large textured mat into the exam room because the floors were too slippery for him to stand. This past Saturday, exactly two weeks after joining the PLP family, Luther walked up the wooden outdoor steps at his foster home. This may not seem like a big deal for most dogs, but for Luther it's a big accomplishment. This boy is determined. Like they say, "the comeback is always greater than the setback". 💪🏻 Please consider supporting PLP during the #ExtraGive on November 22nd so we can help more determined hunks like Luther. Event page 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 https://facebook.com/events/383049365696987/?ti=icl #ExtraGive #IGiveEXTRA #beEXTRAordinary #teamluther #getreadyforthecomeback

Luther ... you've got mail! Some of his goodies arrived today 😁. You guys are the best! 😘😘😘

Here's a sneak peek from behind the scenes at something cool that's coming soon! Check it out and don't forget to mark your calendars for the #ExtraGive on November 22nd. Enjoy!!! #ExtraGive2019 #beEXTRAordinary #IGiveEXTRA #sneakpeek #lizzo #ourdogsgotmoves #ExtraGive

A couple days ago, were contacted by a local ER, asking if we had room to help a dog in bad shape. A Good Samaritan found him in Loysville, Perry County, standing alone on a bridge looking down at the water. Thankfully, she stopped and coaxed him into her car. Unsure of what to do, she called a friend who volunteers with a local rescue, Furry Friends Network, and took him to the ER. FFN did not have an open foster, but knew he needed medical attention and made sure that he got that, covering the ER bill. When a tech (and PLP volunteer) from the ER reached out for help, we weren't optimistic we'd find a foster, but an amazing family who has been taking a break stepped up for him. He's now resting comfortably in their home and is with PLP, under another rescue, ODAAT, until his stray hold is up. The last thing anyone wanted was to send him to a shelter and we are grateful for their help (they are an approved org by the state to do stray holds). This guy is estimated to be between 6-8 years old, but looks much older. He's a bit of a hot mess right now and did not get in this condition overnight. Although he has a great appetite, he's emaciated and has muscle atrophy, including the muscles in his head. He's missing a lot of fur and reeks of infection, which he has started antibiotics and medicated baths for. Also, he tested positive for Lyme disease and has been started on a month of meds for that. His feet are raw and bleeding, possibly from dragging them on the street because he has trouble walking. He has very limited control of his hind legs and walks like he's had one too many, but does have control of his bowels and bladder (this is a good sign!). His X-rays showed a possible spinal issue/injury, but we will wait for our vets to determine the cause. If a neurology consult/MRI is necessary, we will make sure that happens. Lastly, one of this boy's testicles is extremely enlarged. This could be testicular cancer, but only a biopsy after he's neutered will tell us

Fallon is just about the cutest thing you'll ever see. 🥰🥰🥰

Becca wants to wish everyone a Happy Hump Day!

Thanks to everyone who came out to our 2nd Annual Bully Blitz 5K & 1 Mile Dog Walk today! It was a beautiful day for a race and we enjoyed meeting so many great people and their pups. We also got to see lots of old friends and PLP grads 🐶. Here's the start of the Dog Walk! We'd also like to thank all of our wonderful sponsors, vendors, and amazing volunteers who made this event a success! #bullyblitz #dogwalk