Lanco Tactical, LLC

Lanco Tactical, LLC


As a small business owner I believe strongly in Small Business Saturday! So much so, I am putting my money where my mouth is. Provide proof that you shopped with a 2A centered small business this holiday season and we will match your purchase dollar for dollar, up to $200, in credit towards your next Vigr Training Class. It's that simple!


Here are some AWESOME small businesses you should consider. This list is a great start but far from complete! Tag/Share your favorite 2A small business in the comments below!

TA Targets Wise Men Company Lunar Concepts IC13 Berks County Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Keystone Munitions LOX Hair Wax Co, LLC VisiBlue Bald Eagle P**s Gun L**e Encks Gun Barn Shyda's Gun Shop Lanco Tactical, LLC 717 Armory C P Tactical Solutions Target Shooting Solutions Roll Call D&S Cigar Lounge Tactical Wear Evolution Training Solutions, LLC Green Mountain Defense LLC Modern Samurai Project, LLC Apache Solutions Fi****ms Training JTAC Ranch Shooting Range Barrel and Hatchet Training Group Armexa Defense Group

Promo runs through December 1st. Must email proof of purchase to Phill at: [email protected]
Confession: I dropped my new G45 and the rear sight literally flew off, Never seen that before and I would bet few if any have. Any who, stopped by the store and the boys tooled it back on in a minute or so. Thanks for the service!
After being told to leave, and told only 3 people are allowed in at a time, I don't think I'll be returning anytime soon. Been looking for a hand gun and found one I like close by, the other in Mifflinburg, Pa. I think it was the tone in his voice and attitude that got to me. Your loss.

I don't think I'd go back if they gave me one for free.
Yes .... just yes
R***r 57 in stock?
Send a comment via E-mails. I want to use my Semi-Auto I built with parts from your store. Every e-mail matters.


With Pennsylvania in the stretch run of its first hunting season in which semiautomatic shotguns were permitted for big-game hunting, and semiautomatic rifles have been permitted for hunting small game and furbearers, the Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners today announced it will entertain a proposal to allow semiautomatic rifles for big game in the 2019-20 license year.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission is accepting public comment on the matter, which could be considered at the commissioners next quarterly meeting April 9. If voted upon and given preliminary approval in April, the measure could be considered for final adoption in July and put in place for the 2019-20 license year.

Written comments can be submitted by email to [email protected] up until the April meeting.

Like the proposal to move the opening day of the fi****ms deer season to the Saturday after Thanksgiving, which was given preliminary approval on Tuesday, the proposal to expand opportunities to hunt with semiautomatic rifles seeks to provide for the changing demographics of license buyers and their needs. Do you have this?????

Does this make our Semi-Autos legal to hunt with in PA? Would very much want one for my 300 BLK if yes.
Ken Bechtel suggested I contact you. I teach ham radio courses and will teach where i can. I usually do a weekend, Sat all day, sunday till about noon, do the fcc testing session 12-3. If you have interest, let me know.
[email protected]

BTW i have currently scheduled classes in Carlisle on Sept 29/30, Fivepointville Nov 3-4 and Dallastown pa Nov 17-18.
Thanks guys for the parts and tips...finally the wait for the suppressor.
Any ETA on the new Lanco lowers?
Century Spouting is reaching out to the out laying communities around Houston that are not receiving the help they need right now.
They are taking 5 trucks out of service and driving to Texas to deliver dry goods THIS WEEKEND!!!
Can you help?

Diapers, formula, pet food, personal hygiene products, toilet paper, feminine products, cleaning supplies, non-perishable foods, whatever you can donate to help this effort.

The trucks will be ready to be loaded on Saturday at 7am our warehouse located at 2147 S. Market St Elizabethtown Pa 17022.

Please spread the word....

Lanco Tactical LLC is a Federally Licensed Fi****ms Manufacturer/Dealer. Be sure to check out our website! As a Licensed FFL all Federal, State and Local Laws are followed for all sales.

Parking is available on site behind the store, and on street. Lanco Tactical LLC is Kimber Master Stocking dealer, a G***k Stocking dealer and Blue label Sub-Distributor, a Springfield Armory Stocking dealer, and a Windham Weaponry Stocking dealer. We keep a good selection of Handguns, AR15's, AK47's and tactical shotguns in stock. We stock all kinds of parts and accessories for AR's including Tro

Operating as usual


We just updated our used inventory list on our website and GAB page. You can check out our GAB page here:


We just updated our weekly used inventory list on both our website and our our GAB page. You can check out our GAB page here:


We just updated the weekly used inventory list on both our website and our our GAB page. You can check out our GAB page here:


This weeks updated Used Inventory List has been posted on our website and our GAB page. You can check out our GAB page here:


We are currently seeing paper submitted NFA Form 4's being approved in the 11-13 month range. We have not had any approved NFA Eform 4's yet. We submitted a few on the very first day the system went live (Dec. 23rd 2021) but none have been approved yet. It will be 90 days on March 23rd 2022 but we are now hearing from the ATF that the 90 day time-line they sited is "a goal" and they do not know when they will hit that goal... Stay tuned as we will post updates on our social media pages once we get our first approved NFA Eform 4's.


Rugged Suppressor March Promotion! Buy any Rugged can and get a $200 estore credit on the Rugged website. We have a good variety of Rugged Suppressors in stock currently, stop in or give us a call for availability! 717-367-7221
Rugged Suppressors


This weeks Used Inventory List has been updated on our website and our GAB page. You can check out our GAB page here:


Lanco Tactical AR15 lower receivers are BACK IN STOCK! Mil Spec Forged and black anodized. Price is $99.99 each and they can be purchased in our store or on our website. Online orders can be either be shipped to your local FFL, or you can choose to pick them up up at our store!


This weeks Used Inventory List has been posted on our website and our GAB page. You can check out our GAB page here:


Our Updated Weekly Used Inventory list has been posted on our website and our GAB page. You can check out our GAB page here:


We have compiled all of the NFA Eform 4 information you need to know in one place! You can check it out on our website:

Please keep in mind that if you have a Trust and want to do an Eform 4, please call us first before coming in to the store. 717-367-7221 It takes more time to do an Eform 4 to a trust than an individual (especially if you have more than one trustee). We prefer to schedule a time for you to come in so that we can be sure to have the manpower we need in place to get you in and out as quickly as possible.

Photos from Lanco Tactical, LLC's post 02/12/2022

Restocked! We just received a large delivery of US Made Paracord in MANY different colors! We also have Nano and Micro cord now available. Stop and and check out all the colors!


We just posted our updated weekly used inventory list over on GAB. You can check it out here:


We just posted our updated weekly used inventory list over on GAB. You can check it out here:

Lanco Tactical - How to create a NFA Eform Account 02/03/2022

Lanco Tactical - How to create a NFA Eform Account

We just created and uploaded a brief video showing exactly how to create an NFA Eform Account.

Lanco Tactical - How to create a NFA Eform Account Brief video showing how to create an NFA Eform Account on the NFA Eform Website: video is for someone who never had a Eform...


Rugged Suppressor February Promotion! Purchase either a Oculus 22 or Micro 30 (We have both models in stock!!) and then customers must register their suppressor through our website via their eStore account. Customers will need to create an account if they do not already have one ( ). They will upload a copy of the paid-in-full sales receipt from their dealer, as well as a file copy of the Form4. In order to receive the promotion, the suppressors must be purchased and registered between February 1, 2022 and February 28, 2022. The cutoff date for this promotion is February 28, 2022. REMEMBER: We are live with our Eform 4 system now as well so you would likely have possession and be shooting your can by the 4th of July!

Photos from Lanco Tactical, LLC's post 02/01/2022

BACK IN STOCK! Ready Hour long term storable food. Take steps now to prepare for yourself and your family/friends before it is not available or the prices reach out of control levels... Advice, not a sales pitch. Buy it from us or buy it from whomever, just get yourself squared away...


We just posted this weeks Weekly Updated Used Inventory list on our GAB page. You can check it out here:

NFA Eform 4 Information 01/28/2022

NFA Eform 4 Information

NFA Eform 4 Information -

NFA Eform 4 Information GREAT NEWS! Our new System is up and running! We have invested in a new system that allows us to do Eform 4's for our customers! So when a customer purchases a NFA item from us they will have the option of doing the Form 4 process either by paper or Eform. With each purchase from us we will still b...

Photos from Lanco Tactical, LLC's post 01/25/2022

We are posting these photos up and you can stop in or call with any questions. If we post any details about them they will likely be removed. So hop over to GAB and get all the information:


We just posted our Weekly Updated Used Inventory list on our GAB page. You can check it out here:


NFA Eform Update: GREAT NEWS! We are ready to "go live" with Eform 4's to customers! So when a customer purchases a NFA item from us they will have the option of doing the Form 4 process either by paper or Eform. We will still be doing the fingerprints and photos for free for one person per item. We will also be offering either print or eform for people doing NFA transfers with us. There are a few IMPORTANT caveats:

First, the Eform website must be available at the time you come in or we will not be able to submit an Eform 4 (We suggest calling in first to confirm the site is up and running).

Second, you MUST have a current Eform account and know your User ID, PIN, and email that you used to setup the account (go here to setup your account:

Third, the Eform process for a trust is VERY different and much more time consuming than an individual. So if you have a trust please call us for more details about submitting an Eform 4.

Fourth, we ask that if at all possible, you do not come in to the store during the last hour we are open to start a Form 4 (paper or eform). So before 6pm Mon-Fri and before 4pm on Sat.

Finally, to submit an eform you will need a credit card to pay the $200 stamp fee directly to the BATF&E via the Eform website.


We just posted our Updated Used Firearm Inventory list on our GAB page. You can check it out here:


1-11-2022 UPDATE Good News! We have received our new computer system that will allow us to deal with the digital photos in a more streamlined manner along with process and upload the digital fingerprint files for the new NFA Eform system. Bad News! We will not have it ready to use until at least the week of Jan. 24th due to a support backlog with the company that produces the software. So if you are still waiting to submit your paperwork to qualify for the Silencerco BOGO promotion (no later than this Saturday Jan. 15th) you need to stop waiting and come in and do the paper Form 4 or you will miss out on the free suppressor. Any questions please call us 717-367-7221 Thanks!

Photos from Lanco Tactical, LLC's post 01/11/2022

We just got restocked with Microtech Knives! We even have a few "Troopers"! Stop in and check them out! @microtechknivesofficial


We just posted our Updated Used Inventory List on GAB:


NFA Eforms Update: Any person who wants to have any dealer submit an NFA Eform 4 for them will need to have their own NFA Eform account. You will need to provide your dealer with your user id and know your 4 digit pin number. If you do not have an Eform account you cannot have a Eform 4 submitted at all. CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT NOW SO YOU ARE READY. We are awaiting the arrival of a new computer system that will allow us to upload digital photos as well as digital fingerprints to the new NFA Eforms website system. We are hopeful to have this system up and running in the next week or so. Once we receive it and have trained and tested it out we will be able to begin processing NFA Eform submissions. Once we go live with our new system we WILL NOT start the Eform 4 process if you do not have an Eform account already created and know your user id and pin number. We will post an update again once we are ready to go live with our system.

Photos from Lanco Tactical, LLC's post 12/30/2021

REMINDER that we are CLOSED today and the rest of this week for Inventory and New Years. We would much rather be open but it must be done.. We will reopen Monday January 3rd @ 10am. Have a safe and Happy New Year!


We just posted our Updated Used Inventory List on GAB: REMINDER: We are open today until 3pm and then the 27th - 29th from 10AM - 7PM and closed all other days until we re-open on Monday Jan. 3rd 2022 @ 10AM MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Our Story

Lanco Tactical LLC was born back in Sept. of 2001 as a dream and hobby of Nathan Lamb. The business grew over the years from its humble beginnings in the owners basement and MANY gun shows. In July 2009 Lanco Tactical LLC was officially formed from the original sole proprietorship that was started in 2001. Fast forward to 2011 and on June 1st, 2011 Lanco Tactical LLC moved to its current location at 498 West High Street in Elizabethtown. We are still learning and growing daily; and thrive on providing the best customer experience possible for all fi****ms and tactical related products. Lanco Tactical is now a Stocking dealer for the following manufactures: G***k, Kimber, Smith & Wesson, HK, Windham Weaponry, Silencerco, PWS, and Sig Sauer. We are also a Silencerco SPEQ and Smith & Wesson LE dealer, Sig Sauer APP dealer, and a G***k Blue label Sub-Distributor. We keep a large selection of new and used Handguns, AR15's, AK47's and tactical shotguns in stock. We stock all kinds of parts and accessories for AR's including Troy, PWS, YHM, Magpul, EoTech, Daniel Defense, Beta Mag, BCM, Aero Precision, SB Tactical, and many, many more top manufactures. As a NFA Class 2 Manufacturer/Dealer we carry sound suppressors (silencers), Short Barreled Rifles and Shotguns and can handle full-automatics as well. We are also available for NFA private transfers. We have equipment on site to do fingerprints and photos for NFA transactions. We are well versed at AR15 upper conversions for SBRs as well as conversions to Free Float the forearm/barrel. All local, State and Federal laws apply.

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Video of our current inventory of new handguns.  Current as of 11:15 AM on April 2nd.  We received a nice shipment of in...
Now available! New ultrasonic cleaning discount cards! ••#gunsdaily #gunreligion #gunporn #lancotactical #suppressor #si...
New Product! Now in Stock!  Pitbull Tactical Universal Single pistol mag carrier.  Just $19.99 This short video shows us...
Current Spikes Tactical Receiver Inventory
HK in stock handgun inventory.
CNC Engraver in action



Fi****ms, Knives, Survival Tools, Ammunition



498 West High Street
Elizabethtown, PA

General information

Our store is located on the corner of West High Street and S. Wilson Ave. Parking is available on site (behind the store) and on both sides of Wilson Ave. Also parking is available in the train station parking lot. We can be reached by phone at 717-367-7221 or 717-492-6592

Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 7pm
Tuesday 10am - 7pm
Wednesday 10am - 7pm
Thursday 10am - 7pm
Friday 10am - 7pm
Saturday 10am - 5pm

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