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Hello World 😍
I called my web designer, Ms Tina Doughty from Busy Brain Inc., this afternoon. She's a very dear friend to me. I hadn't spoken with Tina in two years ( or so I thought). I notified her today that I wanted to start a new but updated version of my motivational page. Still, it is my goal to remain true to those who followed me so faithfully.
For those who hoped I would return & continue my motivational page please know I am working on it. I want each go you to know I am grateful for your prayers & loyalty.
Blessings to all,


We've moved into our woodland home. This was the house my husband had built as an incentive for me to live. It began almost a year ago, however, I had far more important incentives that triggered me to FIGHT. We've been in our new house for two weeks. It's a lot of work but the view outback is so stunning that all I need to do is gaze out & I feel joyful.

I don't know whether I shared that in mid June I broke my back. This was due to my three of the pills I take 2x daily. Instead of lingering on my broken back let me happily announce I'm now taking 34 pills daily, four less than before! We need to rejoice at each small step! I think of you often., each one of you kind loyal readers. Bless you as you walk through the week.


Birds chirping, summer is in full swing. My husband said he was over the hot weather. I asked him to think about those words and understand in the middle of winter he will yearn for summer. It is easier to just appreciate each season for what it brings. It is a small way to be positive in our lives.
I go to hospital next eek to have my last transplant tube removed my my tummy. I have grown used to this tube but will be happy to say goodbye. I need to be there at 7A & tube out @ 9A then rest in hospital bed till 2P & go home.
I broke my back about a month ago, due to post transplant meds. They began to wean me off the worst one (for your bones) and yesterday was my last day of taking that one. I now have been taken off two pills, whew, 2 down & only 43 to go per day.
Everyone says how in the world do you cope Benda, or How much more can possibly happen to you? I have thought for a few minutes about these things too but I turn to my positive thinking philosophies & they comfort me like an old favorite cozy blanket. I trust in the Universe. I believe in Creator, I can easily remember all the beautiful gifts we have been given on this earth. I don't linger on self pity, it might knock on my door and yes I have let it step in but no way do I allow it to sit in my living room or invite it to dinner.


I want a bottle of bubbles. Yep I really do. Need to put that on my list for my darling husband to pick up. I imagine the simplicity of blowing them over my deck. I will remember the giggles of my grandsons when they blew their first bubbles. I will think of elementals who will watch and laugh in the trees behind us. I will look closely at the shades of pastels that can be seen within them. I will smile and just feel good.
Maybe it's time for a bottle of bubbles for you too.


Life is precious. I have always tried to find ways to awake others to this universal truth , but now, I've been shown first hand how true it really is. Open your eyes to the pretty front door of a home you walk by. Notice a neighbors cure porch arrangements. Listen to birds & look to the sky realizing the vastness is nothing compared to the Holy homelands.

I got all choked up when old friends brought me birthday gifts after getting home from hospital. My birthday was while I was in hospital you see. Such kindness amazes me. What was the last thing that amazed you?


It has been a long time. I am sorry that I was unable to communicate for so long. To those who are willing to return to my page I thank you & ask you to spread the word. The liver transplant is over. I entered the hospital two days before Easter. I have no memory of those days. On Easter day I received my transplant. The doctors informed my family that when they opened me up they had no idea how bad I was. Apparently I had only 1-2 days to live without this new liver.
I went from ICU to the step down unit, & then to the hospital rehab center. I have been home for 5 weeks as of today, but it has been a difficult road adjusting to life and home again. I feel good and am happy to be home now. Life is wonderful and ah this lady is thrilled to still be involved in it.


I'm listening to Celtic Thunder. I love the Celtic women but I've never heard the guys. Very pretty & soothing. Relaxation is vital for us all but especially spiritual people. You need to find outlets, I've given many ideas to you but are you making sure that you're using some time each day to rest & calm your physical self. You don't need to use my ideas, all they represented was the ways I relax & remain calm. Find your own magical way, just find something. You are worth it oh beautiful children of Creator!


The transplant can happen any day. I'm so anxious for this! It will, in time, restore my whole life. I'll be taking tons of meds for rest of my life & need antibiotics before any visit to a dentist. It will help me in the long run so no complaints from me. I now go to labs every Friday. Afterwards I'll go for labs & dr check up once a week for some time. Then they'll switch it to monthly & eventually 3-6 months & then yearly . Again who cares, living is my priority!


I told my husband this morning that I wish I could see a squirrel . He opened our bedroom blinds & after about 15 minutes low & behold a sweet squirrel appeared climbing on a tall tree. I was thrilled! The critter bounced, sat on his rear, & played. It was adorable & I gave gratitude that he had showed up. It gave me smiles & giggles!


Check out Shirley McClain's new book.if U haven't read any check them all. Go to your local library even or borrow one of books from a friend. Just be sure to return within 2 weeks. She's a spiritual earthy woman.


Have U grabbed a smudge stick lately? We all need two, sage & sweet grass, remember. They need to be used, embraced , respected. It's a ritual almost all old cultures except for modern America use them. Naturally our Native American cousins have never quit using them. Get a pink rose quartz & a crystal ( white/ clear Quartz. If nothing else just hold it in your hand when U feel sad, angry, depressed, or in pain. Play with it in your hand. Believe that you can call upon your angels. The Quartz's energy if infused with angelic energy. They serve as a communication line to the angelic realm.


I was told today that my meld scores say I can get a donor any day now. As risky as it is I cannot wait! Spirit will be the OR & I am going to survive!

Winter is just about over but FL people are enjoying lovely weather already. How is in your neck of woods?

I am looking forward to eating, vacation, grandkids fun, girlfriend outings , & having a social life again with my sweet man. Another " I can't wait" until I return to my job. Motivated work including my intuitive gifts. It's such a joy in my heart. I know Spirit & I are working together & it doesn't get better than that. Ask yourself if you love your work too.


The sun came to play here in PA. It was 59 outside. The warmth of sun was soothing. I hope everyone was grateful for it without taking it for granted. The sky was blue & my eyes felt as if I was viewing a painting. Ah nature in its glory. I no longer take my days for granted. Each day is a gift. Yesterday two friends came over & packed my hospital roller plane small suitcase. They will bring it once I'm out of ICU. The transplant team said I needed to have it ready for a pony night now. Pray the surgery is a success for me if U could. Meanwhile go enjoy life, it's so precious!


Good evening sweet souls,

A friend of my daughters, Brian, sent me a pray shawl. If you're unaware of these let me tell a little bit of information. Prayer shawls can be hand made like the old fashion triangle shawls or the modern style which is a long scarf but both shawls have something in common
. The shawl should have a spiritual object attached to it. In my case it was a wooden cross. On the scarf it will be the design of the fabric

I'd like to encourage you to buy one of these or put it on your wish list for your family & friends. They are soothing & useful during prayer, meditation, or sitting/ walking in Creator's beautiful nature.


Hello dear ones. Tomorrow I go to a big transplant appointment. Why so big? They have the power to officially say I'm on the liver transplant list. This means when the perfect match is presented I'll be able to go in. I'm excited because I trust in Creator will make this day my celebration day.

On another note I want people to know in your life & mine we need to bombard ourselves with any & all books, CD's, prayers, friends & family, meditation, crystal therapy, essential oils , prayer shawls & beads. If possible get outdoors on a nice day & talk to your Holy Source. Don't forget to make friends with archangels. You can honor them by learning about 3-5 of these powerful messengers. We cannot ever get enough of these ways to stay calm & focused. I use them all but need to more of my own words that I talk about. This means none of us are perfect so do what you can.

I send sweet energy to each of you & hope you will try some techniques I spoke about. I know I will attempt even harder to take my advice. Stay well & thanks for reading my page.


I seemingly have lost some viewers. I'm so sorry. As I've said though I feel a need to share my experience by the truth & the turn around so. Whether you've found me no longer interesting or not I send loving energy to all of you. I will conquer these dark days, I am fighting & this is part of my fight: telling my truth.


I asked my dear friend if she'd make Chex Cereal mix for me. I get the most bizarre craving! She agreed without hesitation & is coming over Saturday morning to make it. Sounds corny but come on isn't it amazing how friends can just help U out so willingly? We all have a handful of such earth Angels. They agreed in the time before to not only live their own journeys but to help people like me. How can we not be filled with Godly gratitude?


I cried for five minutes yesterday. I felt so misunderstood & out of control. I asked to be left alone in my bedroom. I laid there crying for five minutes then though okay get a grip Brenda! I spoke to Creator about how we R given situations to grow from & I admitted I had faltered. I have grown tons & let go of many things I used to find important. I said that I realize I had more to think about. More thought to my obsession with self control needed to be examined. I have no desire to control others, but I must control myself 199% or I get frustrated. Now I Was seeing there R more ways to release this. I'm hurting myself by continually feeling less then in control. I felt better afterwards & knew I had a new task before me.


The snow has begun. Not heavily though. Bill picked Sandy up & she's camping out here. She likely won't get home till Monday. We R all set for storm although we could have use more flashlights. Lucas is still sick but there is improvement so we focus on that. Tara is exhausted from watching over me & Lucas. I know she is but we all are for different reasons. Poor William left for Tampa & was gone three days. Thankfully he got an early flight & got home yesterday instead of tonight. Thank you Angels! We have a gas stove so no worries about food. Heat is gas but you need electricity to use it. Yikes please let's not lose that! I feel so badly for homeless people because they are not helped in any way that I'm used to in Orlando. I'm not sure where there is a shelter for them during storms. Hopefully there are some & I'm just not aware.


Hello dear friends. It's very cold in PA & we may get a snowfall up to 18 inches on Friday & Saturday. It's a pain but gosh look past the normal stuff like driving & it will be stunningly beautiful. We have several clusters of cardinal families down in the forest thicket. They look like fragile Christmas ornaments as their red bodies balance on white tree branches.

I'm doing okay by the way & continue to talk to my legs & other body parts. Sitting in some positions is getting harder to breath so I try to avoid them. Feb. 29 I return to transplant team for evaluation. I'm so ready to get this ordeal started!

I want you to know that I care about all of you. I fear I've lost many of you which saddens me but I understand. Talking honestly about this journey is too intense for some yet I feel that being real represented who I was. Despite any hardship I will endure & become better spiritually then I imagined. If nothing else remember if I can do this so can you! I'm no one special. I'm quite human as you see.


One way of coping with what I'm going through is trying to make friends with each part of my body. I have worked diligently on this process for the past three weeks. First I thank my body that still works on my behalf. Then I speak to my liver. I let the liver know this isn't a fault but a sad circumstance for us both. I encourage the liver that is still working to continue its fight. I move on to my legs then. They are swollen with fluids. They are heavy & tight. Many times I can't lift my legs due to the weight. I developed terrible red patches on my legs. Eventually these will open in sores which is when I Chose to listen again to my hero, Dr. Dyer ( God rest his soul).

He speaks about coming together with your illness. I always believed self control & making friends with pain was vital. Therefore his ideas appealed to me & hence I began to dive into this mission by taking his " talk to the parts of your body giving you grief". I began to focus in my legs. Instructing them to utilize each inner part of those legs from the inside out. I challenged the cells & molecules, the blood vessels & flow. I encouraged them to wage an all out fight against these red patches. In two weeks both legs had a pink replacement where red had been. I praised my legs & kept on them though. In three weeks two patches were gone. There are still two left but I know these will heal. Despite everything I love & honor my body for fighting with me.

I hope you can challenge yourself & your body parts to do the same. You have to believe... But come on you're strong & can do this good people. I think of you often. Please stay with me on this page.


I have struggled this past week with the very real fact that many cancer people & radiologists thought I had a deadly form. No treatment for such an advanced case. As this loomed over me I was forced to face death, not consider it but face it. I had trouble doing this with faith at certain times of the day. I'd bounce back into the arms of Great Spirit which filled me with positive energy. That's what I mean when I say I was torn into shreds. Still I returned to Creator & each time I did I felt peace.

Tuesday Dr. Winters said the pathology report should be back. We all waited. I drew into my spiritual bubble & retreated to focus only the faith I had been given from the start of my liver troubles. Tuesday is today. Early this morning around 8:20 the phone rang. It was Dr. Winters. I refused to focus in her tone & just listen. "We got your report back so I wanted to call right away. I'm sorry it's so early but knew you wouldn't mind because your pathology report shows NO CANCER!!!! ". I could barely process her news. She went on to say everything is benign & the report proved it was thickening of skin due to your liver fluids. I wanted to hug her! Thank you oh dear Lord thank you I repeated to her. This is my life you're restoring & I cannot thank you enough Dr. Winters. I am overwhelmed with joy. She laughed lightly & told me how happy she was for me & how it's wonderful to be able to give a patient such good news. I'll see her Friday to have b**b bandages removed & to hug her. This doctor gave me hope on a day others clearly gave me no life. God bless her!!!

Thank you everyone for your prayers, asking your churches to pray for me, spreading my horrific situation around so others might jump in as earth Angels. It means a lot to me because I believe in the power of group prayer. I will pray for any of your needs if you ask, that is a promise! I have been blessed & now perhaps at last I can move closer to receiving a liver & fighting a new battle. One I know I'll conquer. Creator will win the battle but I've promised to do my part & fight the battle with all my might. Together & with your support I am headed for many more happy years on earth. "Ans so it is".


I went to Hershey. Bill came with me. It was scary as they put us into a conference room saying dr would be in to discuss things. The room had dim lights, quiet, with tissue boxes on table. I felt so gloomy. Nurse came & did ultra sound. Dr felt 3D was useless at this point. Another concern I thought. Afterwards nurse explained they were concerned that my right breast had extra skin around the ni**le. This indicated a chance for an advanced case of ver serious cancer that isn't seen often. My heart dropped. She told me she was my advocate & couldn't promise at all but she was going to go plead my case to the surgeon to take me today for biopsies. Her nurse stayed behind to clean me up & said Betsy was ready to fight for me.

Betsy returned saying dr agreed she had some free time, which is unusual & agreed to biopsy me. We filled out more forms & I was whisked into a small surgical room. Betsy was busy laying out all sorts of instruments & the dr came in. She was young, cute, & friendly. She seemed to care about me. She explained the concerns that led to this. First she did a full breadth exam, no lumps. She said in this kind of advanced cancer she'd expect lump/s. Then she examined my body & called Betsy over as she showed her how rough & wrinkled my body was in general. Especially down the sides of my midriff. All of this she announced led her to the conclusion it was my liver fluids. She followed through with two biopsies & then struggled a tad with bleeding but put in two stitches to help. Waited five minutes while pinching the biopsy are then bandaged it. She explained she felt it wasn't cancer but was my liver fluid. However the biopsy labs would tell the story & assure everyone, transplant team & me, that it was ok. She couldn't say 100% it was ok but they will call me Tuesday to let me know. She wants me back in a week to check biopsy site. I thanked Betsy for her kindness & advocacy & both she & dr appreciated that. I thanked the surgeon for her kindness & understanding that this was a life or death moment for me. I added how the procedures were easy & pain free. I told her she had given me a "ribbon of hope again". She hugged me. I'm emotionally exhausted but my hope has been restored. Your prayers have been so powerful so please keep them coming thru Tuesday. I listened to Joyce Myer who said call out all favors & people to pray for you when you're in the brace of disease. I did that & YOU granted my wish. I love you all.


I hope your holidays had family & friends making you smile. I pray your hearts were overflowing with love from yourself & others. Stay focused on the positive &!release the stress of what was. Take time for you & to self reflect. Don't let others put guilt on you yet own the fact that you're the one who allows yourself to feel other people's stress. No one forces us to take the ugliness inward except us.


Forgive my spelling errors, right now I am blessed to try to express thoughts despite poor spelling or grammar.


We bought this place to cut down & get smaller. The driving force was the forest behind us. For a year we watched door & other sweet animals explore & romp thru the spaces between trees & brush. All delighted our hearts, yet now, the forest that drew us here has been chopped half down. We haven't seen our animal relations in way too long. The trees are thinned out & dirt roads replace the thickness of where they once stood.
Our hearts are broken! We watched & complained & all the while the builders & town officials didn't seem to care. Now we are forced to make a decision to stay or move again. It tears us up to weep for the trees & woodland creatures. We cannot be a part of such forest destruction. We feel the weakening energy of the land & Spirit tells us we must move on to a new location that will be shown to us.


Hello good people. I've been chatting with The Stellar's more & I always am amazed with their wisdom. I'm doing more walking now & joining the family at the table. I'm also doing exercises that already shows some progress. Hey world this is uplifting news for me!

I often see people on TV & think how lucky they are to be able to run, dance, or just walk. Funny how I'm learning about awareness more than ever these days & gratitude. Thank you Great Spirit.

Can you believe Christmas is days away. Whew talk about a journal of things I've learned about letting the old ways go & accept the limited amount I must do. More than anything the true spirit of Christmas has sunken in. I knew it before but never applied it so strongly until now. All I've ever wanted was a happy loving family Christmas but people's moods seem so often to get in the way. I thought doing the tons of decorations & delicious foods, flowers, & gifts would bring everyone joy. I was wrong! It is in our hearts & it's each of our own choices whether we are going to be happy loving souls who wish to spread that same emotions to others.


It's Christmas & a time of joy for many other religions who celebrate Great Spirit. I wish everyone a warm & wonderful time. I think if John Lennon's song "War is Over" & how much meaning it has for every human on this planet. Such a pretty Christmas song.

We only have a tree up this year yet that is enough to make our hearts smile. I have learned so much through this liver experience but didn't expect to realize how small the material things are at Christmas. I knew it in my head but not in my heart.

Today is a gift. Life is a precious present we cannot take for granted. Go out & live your life, eat good food , take day trips, meditate, sit amongst trees. Feed wild birds, give cookies to others, listen to music, dance under the moon or on the beach or in your home! Be happy my friends & thus your happiness will spread.

Thank you to those who follow me. You are lights in the darkness to me. Bless you & may you find peace in your own hearts as well.


I went through a rough emotional week. My oldest dog, Murphy, quit eating & clearly was in intense pain. Vets say it is old age as we've run every test & X-ray possible. She is on a liquid pain med now which seems to help. We have made it clear this is it. Once she gives up eating or shows pain again she will be free to fly away to Heaven on a bluebirds wing to join our many other dogs in the sweet pack beyond. My emotional grief overtook me. I couldn't bare the idea of death. It lingers too close to me as it is. I recovered & told myself I'd accept this for Murphy 's sake. The next day though I would cry at a drop of a hat. I tried to focus on ending this reign that ego had brought forth but it wasn't easy! I prayed, meditated, & allowed myself to be open to a friend who came to visit, & spoke to her about my feelings. She allowed me to cry & complain but she also soothed my heart & reminded that I'm normal. Sure I knew that but whew it's hard for me to show weakness or need let alone ask others to help me. Funny thing is I'd advise others to do all of those things because I truly believe they help us to recover. So why can't I do it? Why do I need to be super strong & endure it all? Why can't I ask friends to help? The answer is clear, I have suffered health issues since childhood & seeing my mother's heart breaking I decided at quite a young age to show the least amount of pain as possible. Including emotional & physical discomfort.

A day of self reflection is needed in all our lives. Don't be a stubborn mule like me, instead take an honest look at your thoughts. There's no right or wrong but until you open up to yourself the truth will not revealed. I feel better, back in control , & that's the place we can begin to let our egos know "Hit the road foolish ego I'm in charge again"!


Went to liver transplant appointment but was sadly disappointed because due the weak contain I'm presently in, due to fall, I'm on hold. Next appointment is in February where if I can walk into & be done with narcotics they will put me back on the ready to go list. I cried a few tears $ the doc asked me why I was upset & I said I felt like I was failing them as a transplant patient. I said I needed & wanted this liver so badly. One came over & sat patting my arm to comfort me while the head surgeon pulled is stool around & told me that falling was an accident. That these setbacks will occur. They are going to give me a new liver but I need time to heal & regain my strength. We can't put you through a transplant without you being as strong as possible given your liver disease. He went on to say I was not failing them nor myself! He said failure would be if you said you drank a glass of vodka, then we'd know you aren't committed & in your case we all know you are very committed.

He said he understood the let down but felt it was fair & best for me as well as the team. He was very blunt but kind. I felt down in the dumbs for about ten minutes but on the way home I turned it around. In reality he was correct, I do need to heal & regain my strength. They are setting me up now for physical & occupational therapy now. I'll go 3x a week which is aggressive given my condition but my golly one way or the other Ill get thru it & come February I'll walk in & say "let's go"!


It's been a long two weeks. I'm not ready to bounce out of bed yet. My final hep injections were given yesterday & although the trip was exhausting & painful the car ride gave me joy. I looked at the sky & the cute country homes that surround us. People have fall decorations out & it looks so inviting & cozy.
I have people drop by to chat & they mean the world to me. You always are amazed at the character and of your friends, it touches you deeply to see them reaching out.
I miss cooking. I love cooking, I love each food item I use to create yummy meals. We cancelled our Thanksgiving reservations at the Hotel Hershey. It was sad but there will be other lovely occasions for such special times. We will have a simple meal with no hint of a feast. We'll be most grateful for what we eat & have though. I hope your holiday is a lovely one as well. I wanted to touch base with you & remind you that even on the darkest days we can find something to smile about.


This is Tara E. Luby again writing on Mom's behalf. Her Transplant Coordinator just called with wonderful news! She is officially on the list for a liver donation!!!! Dad, Lucas and I went in her room in tears to tell her the great news. She cried with gratitude and relief. She thanked Creator and said that she knows she will survive this and live to see her three grandchildren grow up. We are all feeling emotional and blessed right now. Thank you everyone for your steadfast support and love. Keep praying and sending that positive, healing energy 💞


I listen to the outside noise from my bedroom window. The trees are nearly naked & it as if we share a time of profound exposure. I am linked to the forest by limb & soul. I look at all times for reasons to give thanks despite my broken body. I find the reasons appear endlessly. I pray a lot & pray for others who suffer in ways I don't know about. Physical, emotional, mental suffering is horrible. Spiritual conflict can be crushing as well. You are though of & loved. Don't give up on yourself because you are a beautiful child of Creation & deserve every happiness you can imagine.


Hello dear friends. I cannot write much but wanted you to know I feel you prayers & deeply appreciate them. The fall was a horrible set back no doubt but I have been watching Hallmark Christmas movies in bed & they have been a significant boost. My spirit is strong & although I am limited & in pain my vision of Creator frees me in many ways. I think of you all & pray your own lives are moving in good directions. I will write again soon. Be good to others but always be good to yourself. You are so worthy of it my sweet ones.


I have asked my dear friend, Kathie, to share what has been happening in my life. To explain why I haven't been on FB. So here she is to help me out...Brenda had a fall and was taken to Hershey ED in severe back pain , she had X-rays taken nothing broken thank goodness, but bruising and ligaments pulled she ,is on bed rest for at least two weeks ,positive energy and prays welcome


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