House of Oddities and Curious Goods

House of Oddities and Curious Goods


House of Oddities and Curious Goods
Stopped in today for the first time. This place is awesome and perfect for the fan of everything odd and creepy. Reminds me if an old school curiosity store and Captain Spaulding's place. Talked to the owner for a few minutes and ge couldn't have been nicer
Introducing the work of Jeremiah Crow for The Spooktober Collective - October Dark Gallery Showcase!

"Halloween is the liminal space between our world and the shadowy side where tales of monsters and ancient fears creep forth to be appreciated by some and disdained by others."

Jeremiah Crow hails from Middletown, Pennsylvania area and you can see more work at House of Oddities and Curious Goods!

See this piece and more beginning Friday night for our first ever collective gallery showcase.
On the advice of Cory Van Brookhoven, I visited the House of Oddities and Curious Goods in Elizabethtown. I immensely enjoyed examining Jeremiah Crow's unique collection of oddities and curious goods. Some of my favorite exhibits in this free "museum" included a half man half alligator (image 1), the head of "Ned the Neanderthal" (image 3), and numerous two-headed animals (image 5).

With Spooktober approaching, its the perfect place to visit on a Saturday afternoon

Free Oddities Museum, art Gallery, and Curious Goods store!

Operating as usual

Photos from House of Oddities and Curious Goods's post 03/19/2022

Located in the square of Elizabethtown, Pa. Free admission until 6pm!

Big thanks to @dark_cimmerian_magic for designing the store's logo. See the window display that @zackrudy built! It's a crazy creature feature.

Photos from House of Oddities and Curious Goods's post 03/18/2022

"High Brow" art in our low brow aRt gallery. Most sophisticated.


Snow day!! Good for staying in and watching monster movies.


It's 2nd Friday and St. Patrick's Day is in full swing with a Gold Coin Scavenger hunt. Leprechauns amuck!


Another great creation from @cryptic_taxidermy on display with other totally real items!


Nkisi n'Kondi (Power Figure)


Thanks, Boba Fett! Life size, real thing, on display for the very low cost of FREE.


Ned enthusiastically recommends visiting your local oddities museum!


Proof of the Vampire Fish!


Death Head Moths
Top: Acherontia Atropus
Bottom: Acherontia Lachesis


Got yer ANGRY mints right here punk!


Bolivian Llama Fetus! A symbol of good luck that doesn't fit as easily in your pocket as its well known rival, the four leaf clover.


When Auguste Vaillant, a French anarchist, was beheaded, his followers gathered the blood and bran from the guillotine basket and created martyr blood ball relics. On display for your morbid curiosity! Don't forget to stop by for our annual all-you-can-eat spaghetti and blood balls starting at 4pm. Forks not included.


The history books are keeping this from us!




Meet our newest employee.



Bat Boy is hanging out in the art belfry!


Reopening will be on January 21st! Sorry for the delay.


One of many handsome items here on display.


The 90's version of groovy.


Happy Holidays from "Puddles the Headless Duck"!


Odd Alligators


Real scraggly hair sample from the late Charles Manson. Better be from his head!


Lots o' Sasquatch goodies here. More to come for the holiday season!

Photos from House of Oddities and Curious Goods's post 11/06/2021

Caught a Devil Fish in the Susquehanna! It threw a bunch of insults at me, broke my fishing pole, and then damned my soul. Another side effect of Three Mile Island?


Ray Harryhausen's "Troglodyte" created by Thunder Matt.


Strange Dental Phantom with real human skull. Pretty nutty.

Photos from House of Oddities and Curious Goods's post 10/22/2021

Amazing window display created by Zack Rudy. Long time friend whose imagination just keeps getting wilder! Check out more of his wonderful art @zackrudy


Music, Magic, and Madness this Saturday at 4 - 6pm. It's an opening celebration of strange and weirdful sorts!


Ye old Sasquatch stopped by to confirm that he'll be attending the "official" opening ceremony of the store on October 23rd starting at 4pm. Hope to see you there!


Blackbeards booger! On display for Elizabethtown's "Pirates Plunder" event happening today.


Fur Bearing Trout caught in the extreme cold water of Lake Superior. Rare specimen as its dense coat is usually white.


Ray Harryhausen's one eyed centaur from "The Golden Voyage of Sinbad" created by Thunder Matt.

Photos from House of Oddities and Curious Goods's post 10/01/2021

Monster Kid alert! We got sum stuff for you to gawk at just in time for the bestest holiday ever! Bring your candy corn and stay for a spell.

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6 North Market Street
Elizabethtown, PA

Opening Hours

Friday 12pm - 6pm
Saturday 12pm - 6pm

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