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House on the Rock Family Ministries


HAPPY CHAMBER-VERSARY! | House on the Rock Family Ministries who joined EACC in January 2020

Thanks for your support of our Chamber and marriages in our community!

"We provide Marriage Intensive Retreats for couples in crisis under the name of our Marriage Ministry - The Marriage Hub."
House on the Rock Family Ministries

House on the Rock Family Ministries exists to help churches build strong marriages and families on Biblical guidelines: "Families built on the 'Rock' today, will stand the storms of tomorrow.”
Our very own Bruce & Karen McCracken work with a team to provide marriage retreats, online resources, conferences, and even a weekly marriage devotional.
Thank you, House on the Rock, for pointing couples and families to The Rock!
Happy Mother's Day all!!!

We provide Marriage Intensive Retreats for couples in crisis under the name of our Marriage Ministry

Timeline photos 01/26/2023

20 Little things that will go a long way in your marriage

Timeline photos 01/25/2023

I Surrender All by Hillsong Worship

Timeline photos 01/24/2023

God has moved leaps and bounds in this couple's life and we are so excited for them.

Timeline photos 01/23/2023

That's a wise sign, the wife always has an opinion on the colors.

Timeline photos 01/22/2023

Song of Solomon 3:4

Timeline photos 01/21/2023

This is to the extreme but I think this wife appreciated it.

Timeline photos 01/20/2023

Watch this video where Dr.Bruce McCracken discusses how boredom and complacency may arise in marriage and some practical ways to combat them.

Timeline photos 01/19/2023

10 ways to grow in a Godly marriage

Timeline photos 01/18/2023

To have and to hold, to annoy and to love. 😂

Timeline photos 01/17/2023

Love when a couple responds with WOW, we love their exciting outcome.

Timeline photos 01/16/2023

When you can't remember why you are yelling it is probably time to stop yelling.

Timeline photos 01/15/2023

God is love!

Timeline photos 01/14/2023

It is always good to remember why you choose your spouse in the middle of an argument, it truly lessens the anger.

Timeline photos 01/13/2023

Every couple brings a metaphorical "suitcase" of baggage with them as they walk down the marriage aisle together. Dr. Bruce and Karen McCracken explore what some of that baggage is ... and how to begin addressing that as a couple.

Timeline photos 01/12/2023

When entering into marriage you are marring another imperfect person.

Timeline photos 01/10/2023

Sometimes it blows my mind how much God works in one weekend. Recovering from an affair is hard work but through God you can forgive and love.

Timeline photos 01/09/2023

Jokes with your spouse can really draw you close.

Timeline photos 01/08/2023

God is our refuge, our hiding place, our stronghold, He is always there for you.

Timeline photos 01/07/2023

"You’re so lucky you have such a good husband..."

It isn’t luck.
There’s nothing lucky about our marriage.

I think we need to stop painting the picture of a happy marriage that doesn’t come through hard work.

Any couple who has a healthy, happy marriage that has lasted 10, 20, 30 or even 50 years didn’t get there by luck.

They didn’t just stay happily married.
They sacrificed.
They forgave.
They rebuilt trust that was broken.
They apologized.

They kept trying.
They got help when they were stuck.

They kept dating.
They got help when they were stuck.
They made time for each other.
They learned how to communicate.
They cared more about the marriage than their pride.

There was nothing lucky about the marriage.
They worked.
They worked hard for one another.

The truth is- there is no happily ever after without the blood, the sweat and the tears.
The truth is - you can’t get to happy without going the hard way.

Your marriage is worth working for.

We are rooting for you.

Written by: Katy Ursta

Timeline photos 01/06/2023

All couples need to learn how to deal with money. Whether it's spending, saving, giving or credit ... differences in opinion can lead to anger, resentment and frustration.

Timeline photos 01/05/2023

I have definitely seen old couples who look a like but not dress a like.

Timeline photos 01/04/2023

What wives are guilty of "tasting" their husbands fries?

Timeline photos 01/03/2023

We are so grateful for this ministry of saving marriages and so proud of these couples making all the effort to save their marriage.

Timeline photos 01/02/2023

Words of wisdom

Timeline photos 01/01/2023

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Celebrate a new beginning with your loved ones.

Timeline photos 12/31/2022

Gotta finish off the snacks before the New Year resolution begins 😂

Timeline photos 12/30/2022

Couples bring all sorts of backgrounds into their marriage ... especially when it relates to physical intimacy. During this video, Dr. Bruce and Karen McCracken explore how to create a sexual union in your marriage.

Timeline photos 12/29/2022

When we listen with our whole body we listen better.

Timeline photos 12/27/2022

We love knowing that couples have made the change from facing away from each other to facing towards each other. We are praying that they keep growing closer to God and each other.

Timeline photos 12/26/2022

Only 364 days till Christmas! Can you tell we like Christmas here 😂


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from everyone at The Marriage Hub, we wish you the most merriest Christmas celebrating the birth of our Savior.

Timeline photos 12/24/2022

Tomorrow is when Jesus was born!

Timeline photos 12/23/2022

Hopefully this doesn't happened tomorrow night.

Timeline photos 12/22/2022

We get to celebrate the birth of the giver and sustainer of hope!


Timeline photos 12/21/2022

It is the first day of winter! Ready to serve your wives by cleaning off snow?

Timeline photos 12/20/2022

True love endures ALL things.

Timeline photos 12/19/2022

When you love your husband but also find him ridiculous.

Timeline photos 12/18/2022

We are called to love because God loved us so much that he sent his only son to die on the cross to save us from our sins.

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ExtraGive 2018 - Support Marriages Nov. 16
Exciting new office tour and 3 ways to still give in 2016



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