Sorted & Staged Home Enhancement Services

Sorted & Staged Home Enhancement Services


Sorted & Staged Home Enhancement Services provides wonderful support to those needing to dig out after more than a year of working in the same space that should be their sanctuary.

When I spoke with Kristen, I was impressed by her care for her clients AND the fact that she doesn't employ a lot of "buy this basket/shelf/storage system" to make your clutter prettier.

If you need this kind of help to find peace of mind, I encourage you to reach out to her.

AND, if you find boxes and bins of media or devices containing photos and files that need to be organized, reach out to Dani's Pixel Chix FOREVER to clear that clutter too!
Just a quick message to share how amazing Kristen and Sorted and Staged were to work with earlier today. She is so skilled, easy to work with and tough when she needs to be to make you choose or not what stays and goes. With her help, sweat and amazing effort today, we cleaned up an entire garage of stuff accumulated in three decades in just two hours. You may find miracle workers in your life, but Kristen and Sorted and Staged are performing miraculous things every day. If you need to sort through the clutter, stage your home to help it sell or just need to work through years of accumulated stuff, call her now. It will be one the best decisions for your home and your well-being.
Sorted & Staged Home Enhancement Services
Kristen Patterson of Sorted & Staged Home Enhancement Services. 📸Janine Hair
Thank you Sorted & Staged Home Enhancement Services for finding, knowing they belong to TAC and bringing them back to the gym! I recommend this to all who need assistance in decluttering your home! 💛
We keep things neat in our office so we haven't called in this expert for that duty just yet; but we know Kristen to be a joy to work with every time. We highly recommend her.
Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with me this morning. I appreciate your expertise and honesty!
Here are some bare minimums to do to get you through!
Kristen, you'd be proud of me. I'm off to a good start with purging and organizing in 2012. Bought myself a wall calendar that has a list for to do items for every day:-) Just organized my kitchen cabinets and threw out stuff (all by myself You don't know just how much you helped me learn a new skill. Again, I thank you. I still haven't mastered the skill but I will someday with enough practice.
new website looks great!
Thanks for your help today! I feel like we accomplished so much in one day:-)
You'd be proud of me Kristen. I'm sitting here on Mother's Day with my four legged baby sorting through and purging stacks of old paperwork. I hate doing it but I like seeing all of the stuff being throw away:-)

•Established in 2008, and proudly serving
Central Pennsylvania for 13 years.
•Sorting & Declutt

Sorted & Staged offers home enhancement services to homeowners in the areas of Sorting & Decluttering, Organizing, Redesigning, and Home Staging. We help sort accumulated belongings, redesign interior spaces, and stage homes on the market to sell for top dollar in the least amount of time!

Is It Time for Us to Rethink How We Give Gifts? 11/26/2022

Is It Time for Us to Rethink How We Give Gifts?

Before buying a whole bunch of stuff for your loved ones this holiday season, ask if your loved ones even want a whole bunch of stuff this holiday season.

Have you had this conversation with your family? How did it go? Anyone listen to your wishes?

Is It Time for Us to Rethink How We Give Gifts? “Twenty-five years ago, Christmas was not the burden that it is now. There was less haggling and weighing, less quid pro quo, less fatigue of body, less wearing of soul; and...


Halloween is…

followed by Thanksgiving…
followed by Black Friday…
followed by Cyber Monday…
followed by Christmas…
followed by New Year’s Eve.

It’s no wonder everybody in the country decides on January 1st they need to change how they're living.

Please reach out if I can help you change how you’re living BEFORE it also hits everyone else at the same time. I’m booking ongoing sessions NOW to be prepared for January/February, when the realization TRULY sets in!

Photos from Sorted & Staged Home Enhancement Services's post 03/12/2022

The market is CRAZY right now but people can STILL benefit from our Staging Consultations! Homeowner wants to list their townhome THIS week and wanted to know what should be done to prepare. We offer great, professional advice as to what to spend your time on improving and what doesn’t matter. These pictures sum up the most obvious (and surprising to the homeowner) action items of all…
✅Fresh paint needed on the sponge-painted hallway for the entire 2nd floor.
✅ Clean every air register, in every room, for the first time since 1987.
✅ Fresh paint needed in the kitchen and dining room, in place of the dark red.
🐀 Not pictured: Remove the pet rat, because not everyone will appreciate knowing a rat lives in the master bedroom.

Yes, the homeowner had to be convinced to do these things and it could mean the difference between no offers/influx of offers and lots of extra 💰!!

Photos from Sorted & Staged Home Enhancement Services's post 02/16/2022

😮🏠Staging Consultation Surprise 🏠😮
Imagine the look on my face when I stumbled upon this closet full of throw pillows! Every piece of furniture throughout the house was filled with them, but then there was also THIS! Although the Seller has excellent taste in decor and these pillows are hidden, Buyers don’t want to see this packed space as they view the guest closet.

Solution: Space Bags are a seller’s best friend for cloth, bulky items when moving! 🛋


Stuffed Master Closet!

📣What you DO see: A quick 44 second video
📣What you DON’T see: Two people working for seven hours, sorting through six bins/baskets/boxes stuffed full of non-closet things from the floor, before ever touching anything related to the closet. We filled contractor bags to donate, matched neglected socks, phased out some early 2000’s gems, and switched out freebie store hangers for velvet Costco hangers. The result looks quick and effortless, but it wasn’t. This would have taken my client 14 hours on her own, without getting overwhelmed or discouraged along the way!


Garage Garbage Mixed With Tresure

Two minutes into this garage declutter and I’ve already found a $300 item amongst the junk.🤷🏻‍♀️



Just got my magnets for 2022!


These are SO HELPFUL because they have a list of my TRUSTED sources for ALL SERVICES you may need when you become a homeowner!!!

Please let me know if this would be helpful to you! I can drop one off for your fridge so you never have to be bombarded by "ASK FACEBOOK" 🤯 ever again!!!


Dan Houseal - Plumbing
Eric Waltman - Hanes Mechanical Inc - HVAC
Jenn Holmes - Residential Cleaning
Nick Finicle - Residential and commercial cleaning
Nick Schober - Home Maintenance and Repair jobs
Kristen Patterson - Decluttering/organizing/staging
Drey Tows - Home Renovations
Casey Langevin - Home Renovations
Jim Bachman - Lawn Care
Lori Funck - Roofing

I trust ALL of these small/local businesses in my own home and rental properties and ALWAYS refer my clients to them! ☮️❤️🏡


↩️ Growing up:
I would receive a porcelain doll for every Christmas and birthday. Why? I didn’t want them! Who started this dumb idea? My mother, and she said I HAD TO keep them because they would be worth a lot of money one day. Sooo my family members spent good money on a gift that I couldn’t care less about. I would fake a polite smile and hope that mayybe I would strike it rich one day. The frozen dolls that I dare not take off the stands were displayed in a giant curio in my bedroom and the collection just kept getting larger as I got older. As soon as I graduated college and moved from NJ to FL at 22yrs old, those suckers got donated. I didn’t care what they would cost one day- it was a collection that was forced upon me and they didn’t need to take up space in my life ANY LONGER.
➡️ Fast forward to today, as I approach 40yrs old:
These dolls are worth nothing and can’t even be sold for $4.99 at Goodwill. Clearly, I’m not the only one who had an unwanted collection that took up unnecessary space. I’m glad this person came to their senses too.
👉🏼Porcelain dolls, Beanie Babies, Precious Moments, etc… they’re only worth what someone is willing to pay. If it truly holds no value to you and is shoved in a box/basement/attic somewhere, it’s okay to say goodbye. Make space for the things you truly love!
❓What childhood thing did you collect that was supposed to be worth a lot of money❓

Beanie Mania | Official Trailer | HBO Max 01/04/2022

Beanie Mania | Official Trailer | HBO Max

“The collector’s mentality is that you can never have enough. That can be VERY dangerous.”

🐻 Let’s talk excessive collections, shall we? 🐔

It’s been 20 years since Beanie Babies hit the late 90’s scene. Did you collect these little critters? Still holding onto them, in hopes of striking it rich? Everyone SAID they’d be worth money, but do we know that to be true? It’s only worth what someone is willing to pay.🤷🏻‍♀️

It’s essential to do your homework before getting rid of a collection you held onto for a long time. Tune into this documentary for some education, shrieks, and laughs down memory lane. I thought I’ve seen excessive collections in my profession, but these beanie collectors take the cake.😮

Share your (embarrassing) Beanie Baby collection story here and I may even feel inclined to share a little about my teenage collection that took over my bedroom. 🤩

Beanie Mania | Official Trailer | HBO Max From Director Yemisi Brookes, comes a documentary about Beanie Babies, the stuffed toys on everyone’s minds (and shelves) in the late 90’s. ‘Beanie Mania’ is...

Photos from Sorted & Staged Home Enhancement Services's post 01/03/2022

Almost every closet I encounter contains crappy hangers. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Do YOU have crappy hangers? Maybe you don’t even realize it. Wire hangers, free ones from the store, and mismatched colored plastic hangers are typically what people are tolerating. If you’d like to experience the Cadillac of hangers, I suggest getting the velvet wrapped ones from Costco. They’re great. They’re cheap. Best of all, they won’t break the bank! Treat yo’ self to some “fancy” hangers in 2022- you won’t regret it! 👚👕👗👔


If you are determined to get organized this year and can independently do it without getting overwhelmed, anxious, or distracted… go for it! You won’t know until you try, right? If you lack the motivation and perseverance to get started or just fail miserably, we will save you! Our professional decluttering services are available to expedite fantastic results. Reach out if you need our expertise during this 30 day declutter challenge…ANY time this year! [717-406-6967•]
💪🏼👚👖🧺👠👗👟🧤🧦👛🕶💿💄 💪🏼


Happy New Year! 🥂 I am finishing up my records for 2021 and am blown away by how much of a record- breaking year Sorted & Staged has had with a string of whole house makeovers. 👉🏼A few highlights:
💥Busy mom with 13 sessions who wanted to prepare for buying her first house in this competitive market. She was able to move out quickly because we decluttered and set her up for success!
💥The other busy mom with 7 sessions who called me in a panic before Thanksgiving and said she was gifting my services “from me-to me.” We did a number on her house by Christmas which greatly improved her anxiety before the new year!
💥The widower with 52 sessions (168 hrs) who worked with me twice a week May-December to go through mounds of things his wife unexpectedly left behind. What a whirlwind that was!!

The Endowment Effect: Why You Can’t Let Go Of Your Possessions 12/29/2021

The Endowment Effect: Why You Can’t Let Go Of Your Possessions

This time of year is usually a time of reflection. Take the time to ponder whether or not the Endowment Effect plays a part in why you have a hard time letting go of your stuff. 🤔

The Endowment Effect: Why You Can’t Let Go Of Your Possessions The Endowment effect is the tendency for us to overvalue things we own. Here's how to beat it.


❓STILL don’t know what to get that person who has everything? The gift of TIME is always a wise one!

❓STILL don’t know what to ask for because you have everything? How about a helping hand to make your home more functional & efficient?

🎁 Our decluttering services are quite fun and freeing! Just ask any of this year’s clients who are gifting sessions to their parents for Christmas. If you feel compelled, gift this voucher to a loved one or even yourself! (How many times has Mom’s stocking been the emptiest?🤔)

👉🏼 Print it and give it!
👉🏼 Save it and text it!
👉🏼 … or just share this post!

🤞🏼 I hope this voucher is seen or received by someone who truly needs it this holiday season!🎄💝


Still unsure of what to get your loved one for Christmas? They most likely don’t need another physical thing. Consider a clutter-free gift they could really enjoy, like time with a professional organizer! 😉😉😉 This Christmas, I have three families who are giving me as a gift to a loved one. (A son to a mother, siblings to a mother, and siblings to parents.) I will be working through the entire house with them in the new year, which is a precious gift of TIME for everyone involved!


Pardon the bluntness of this post, but the author of this book is indeed a badass. She wants others to crush goals and finally make things happen. You may not be able to do it ALL, so hire someone to help you with what you can’t handle. I can help you with your decluttering/donating/selling/reorganizational/making more space goals for 2022! 🗓✅💪🏼


👉🏼Client: “Ohh, I’ve been wondering where that went. Where was it?”
👉🏼Me: “On top of the deflated birthday balloons, which were on top of the empty picture frames, which were on top of the bookshelf, that is closest to your closet that you pass everyday.”
👉🏼Client: “Ohh yes, I definitely want to keep it.”
👉🏼Me: “Will you wear it? You’ve neglected it all this time!”
👉🏼Client: “No, I got it for decoration.”
👉🏼Me: “… but a hat is meant to be worn. It’s not a decoration and you can’t even see it.”
👉🏼Client: “Yeah, that’s okay. It was expensive so I can’t get rid of it.”
👉🏼Me: “Okay, then you should stop buying expensive things that are meant to be worn and not decorations, that have to be put in places that you can’t see.”
👉🏼Client: “You’re right. I’ll put it on the top shelf of my closet where I can see it, but I”ll never wear it. I don’t want it to get messed up.”
👉🏼This is the type of negotiating I do on a daily basis to help my clients eliminate unneeded things. I try to be as patient as possible. I’m no psychologist but I do try to reason, within reason, and be reasonable. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂
If you have a family member who needs to eliminate unneeded things, I’m up for the challenge of attempting big changes for them. Even if I get shot down, I will be THE VOICE OF REASON hundreds of times over! 💪🏼

Photos from Sorted & Staged Home Enhancement Services's post 11/27/2021

🛍 It’s Small Business Saturday! If you’d like to support me today, it won’t cost you a thing!
✅ I declutter & organize cluttered homes.
✅ I stage homes before they hit the market for sale.
✅ I have helped hundreds of people do what they couldn’t do on their own, for nearly 14 years.
👉🏼Know anyone who can use my help?

Photos from Sorted & Staged Home Enhancement Services's post 11/26/2021

🚨Busy Mom Trying to Declutter & Decorate Alert 🎄
👉🏼Monday: I went over to my newest client’s home. She works full time, runs her household, and had no idea how she was going to host Thanksgiving AND decorate for Christmas, when there isn’t room to put anything. It didn’t look that bad to me, but there was a lot going on behind those closed doors! We decluttered both built-in cabinets, which was completed in one session.
👉🏼Tuesday: I arrived back for a double session of decluttering. We tackled that large cabinet which has drawers stuffed and multiple bags full of random items that were shoved in there. We also went through two huge bins that were filled so the cleaning lady could come and do her thing… which was six months ago! There were about a million things to evaluate but pretty much ALL of them belonged somewhere else in the house- they just hadn’t made it there.
🎅Fun Fact: We found unopened Christmas presents from last year that were forgotten about and never even brought upstairs. Sound familiar?
👉🏼Wednesday: Mom was motivated to tidy up the kitchen and knock out some bare-minimum cleaning in order to make the house appear like it always looks sparkling to her guests!✨ Her stress level greatly decreased and she thabkrd me profusely. 🤗
👉🏼Today: The living room is decorated and the elves have officially arrived. The kids are happy and and Mom looks like she’s got it all under control!
🌪 You may feel like it’s impossible to get yourself out of the tornado of crap hiding & lurking around your house but I’m telling you that I can help you rise from the ashes! It only took two afternoons, which allowed this mom to pull it all together for guests and decorate her home to be warm and cozy today!
☎️ Give me a call and I will rescue you from your rutt and get the decluttering ball rolling just in time for Christmas!


👌🏼 ✅ 👌🏼 ✅ 👌🏼 ✅ 👌🏼

When you get bombarded with sales and discounts and special offers for Black Friday, PAUSE before you buy anything and ask yourself if you really need to buy it. Yes, you’ll feel a little adrenaline rush when you get a good deal but there’s nothing that money can buy that can make you truly happy.💕


•Today’s Kitchen Declutter•
What happens when it LOOKS like you have so much food, but most of it is buried, hidden, or expired? You probably feel like you never know what to make because there are too many distractions attacking your brain. 🤯 Take a GOOD LOOK at the food in your home and combine duplicates, check dates, and get rid of items your family never liked. It’s time to use up ALL of the food you overbought during the shut-down. If you need help navigating, we’re here to help and free up space before your eyes!

Photos from Sorted & Staged Home Enhancement Services's post 10/14/2021

Today’s 93 year old client is downsizing and can’t find any room for the things she really needs. While scouting out areas for storage, I discovered a drawer FULL of coasters and another one FULL of playing cards. After talking through it, she only kept a few. Apparently, she was prepared in case she hosted a party for 20 people and bought a deck of cards whenever traveling. (She has traveled the world.) If only I was around 40-50 years ago to say “one set of cards is enough!” or “You only have one wooden surface that would need a coaster!” 😆🃏

Photos from Sorted & Staged Home Enhancement Services's post 09/26/2021

⛰My client has moved mountains in the past few months! She contacted me back in April to sift through and sort her belongings, with aspirations of soon buying her first home. We completed 13 decluttering sessions by the middle of May! That preparation allowed her to act quickly this summer, in this crazy, fast-paced market. When it was time to pack up with a fast-approaching closing date, she was totally prepared! Single mom, working full-time. No problem. 📦📦📦

Fast forward to this weekend: MOVE IN DAY! I was tasked with setting up the kitchen so that it flows as efficiently as possible. The drawers, cabinets, and pantry were thoughtfully arranged and set up for ease of use. Everything has a place and those places make the most sense! Can you believe that NOTHING needed to be thrown out or donated? It’s truly astonishing.👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

If you are moving next month or even next year, I will help you be prepared for that transition NOW! No matter where you are in the home-buying cycle, Sorted & Staged will set you up for success!

Photos from Sorted & Staged Home Enhancement Services's post 09/20/2021

This basement is a catch-all for all things. It only took one decluttering session to turn it into a cleared area to gather essentials for a future move. You’ve gotta start somewhere! 📦


What are you paying for when you hire us to declutter? We delegate tasks and keep you on track, so you don’t end up on the floor getting nothing accomplished after four hours.💯😂


Real Estate Right Now 😬

Yes, the real estate market is VERY fast moving and high priced right now! Regardless, you STILL need to declutter, clean, and stage it to look its best to potential buyers. If you or someone you know is thinking of selling, a staging consultation is needed to make sure your home appeals to EVERYONE. To put it plainly, I strive to help you gain 100 high-priced offers, not just a measly 72. 😂


Today’s Decluttering Find: A Barbie Gym!! 💪🏼
The gems I find totally crack me up! My 80’s baby ❤️ wants to take this home but it’s just about 30 years too late, so I won’t. Still hugged it though! 🤗
If you have old stuff collecting dust, I can help you figure out what to donate, sell, or FINALLY enjoy!

Photos from Sorted & Staged Home Enhancement Services's post 08/28/2021

Everyone has a “catch-all guest room” where outgrown clothes, future upcoming gifts, and random misc stuff ends up! But what happens when a guest actually comes to stay or the room has to be turned into a home office!? I was asked to come help whip this room into shape. Everything that was not needed was removed and the essentials are pretty paired down. Now this room can have a guest who feels welcomed and be a quiet working space (if it comes to that, again)!


When school starts, being expected to declutter for the ENTIRE family can be EXTREMELY overwhelming. I rescue half-finished projects from flustered Moms ALL THE TIME. My newest client already sorted and decluttered all of this stuff, but then the bags sat in a guest room. The garage had stuff piled up to go somewhere too. Finding time to declutter is the most important step but then the gathering, loading, and donating has to happen too. That’s typically when people give up and hit a wall!

🆘 If you need a RESCUE mission, we’ve got you covered! We know just the right non-profits for everything to get where it needs to go!👍🏼


Ohh no, there is only 1-2 more weeks left until school starts! This is for all the parents who need to do a super fast, last ditch effort to make room in the house before bringing a bunch of new back-to-school purchases in. You’re welcome! 😊

Photos from Sorted & Staged Home Enhancement Services's post 08/13/2021

We decluttered many unneeded, unopened hand soaps this week, and instantly thought of a place that needs them. Our community park has had zero soap ALL SUMMER; they even held an 8 week summer camp at the playground across the street! 😮 So I brought over these pricey $7.99 bottles of antibacterial soap (purchased from a MLM company) to where they can be utilized, rather than just sitting on a shelf in a basement. (My client over-purchased during the height of the shutdown.) People are more willing to let go of things if they know someone else will use them, and I always know a better place for unneeded/needed things to go. Feel free to challenge me during your decluttering session! ✅🧴🧼🚽


Embarking on the largest sorting/decluttering project of my 14 year career!

•My #1 Client question:
“Is this the worst you have ever seen?”
•My answer 100% of the time: “No, absolutely not.”

••••••Until I entered this finished basement ••••••
For the last three months, I have been working with a client to declutter consecutivly 2x per week. You see, his wife passed away immediately after an unexpected Cancer diagnosis, and he has been left to deal with all of her belongings/collections/procrastination/inherited items that she kept bringing home. It’s every spouse’s worst nightmare.
Time has stood still for three years, as this client has been overwhelmed and hasn’t known where to start. Every room in the house is packed with everything she ever owned in her lifetime, in fact, it was already pretty packed with her stuff when he moved into her house and they got married 25 years ago.

We have diligently worked through six rooms in the house since the beginning of summer. Each time I tell myself that it’s a new record, and I have never seen that much clutter. •EACH TIME•EACH ROOM• Last evening, he casually took me to the basement where we are going to declutter the next area. No biggie, I have seen it all before. Well, I had never seen THIS basement before, and I could have never even imagined the pure volume of it when I walked down the stairs.

I have never really been overwhelmed when presented with a room to tackle- in fact, I thrive in environments that are completely cluttered because I am able to instantly envision exactly how to quickly fix it. But this- this basement breaks the mold. This basement breaks all the records for anything I have EVER worked on. This basement will keep me busy until my retirement… and his retirement! (He is actually 65 and doesn’t want to retire because he hates being home.) 😔

•If you have been left with someone else’s stuff to deal with, I can help you sort through it.
•If you look around and wonder how your own house got so much of your own stuff, I can help you figure out what you really need.
•If you ever feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, I can help you from start to finish.
•If you are moving and know you can’t take everything but don’t know what that should be, I can help as well.

… that is, as long as I make it out of this basement decluttering project alive! 🤪

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Stuffed Master Closet!
Garage Garbage Mixed With Tresure
Embarking on the largest sorting/decluttering project of my 14 year career!
So much unused stationary!
THREE small closets combined into ONE! 👚👖👠
My Own Hott Mess of a Basement...
Got candles?
Got scratched-up plates? 🍽 Restore them like this!



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