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HVAC systems(oil, natural gas, electric, hot water, steam)including Installs, repair, maintenance, We now offer financing to our customers!

Payment options: Cash, Check, Debit/Credit Card and Financing options.

Photos from V.Y. Services Co's post 10/07/2022

Installed a Bosch singular combi boiler. This boiler does heating and domestic hot water for the home! These systems are extremely efficient at doing both as well. This particular system utilizes a modulating circulation pump that ensures enough heat is removed from water before returning it back to the boiler. A high efficiency air eliminator is installed to help prevent air pockets from inhibiting performance! This home owner opted to put this system in and replace his oil fired boiler due to increasing costs of home heating oil. With home heating oil prices starting to exceed 5 dollars a gallon many other options are becoming more cost effective. Call today to see if there are more cost effective options to heat your home!

Photos from V.Y. Services Co's post 09/22/2022

Installed 18 seer bosch heat pump with 96% 2 stage gas furnace. This gives the customer the choice to run the furnace for heat or heat pump. On start up the system is adjusted to meet efficiency ratings to ensure lower operating costs. The customer opted for a whole house humidifier and high effiency media cleaner. The heat pump runs extremely quiet which is an added bonus!

Photos from V.Y. Services Co's post 09/15/2022

Finished a gas furnace and a/c system replacement. The old system was becoming difficult to aquire parts for and was noisy. Customer opted for a 80% gas furnace and 13 seer a/c. We also installed a high efficiency filter media to ensure clean air and proper air flow.

Photos from V.Y. Services Co's post 09/10/2022

Installed a 20 seer GE heatpump. Newer technology allowing mini split style units to be paired with more traditional air handlers. This unit is extremely quiet, and has the capability to heat down to -22 degrees!


A/c system replacement. Old r22 system had failed leaving homeowners without a/c right at the beginning of the cooling season. We were able to get this replaced just in time for a heatwave!

Photos from V.Y. Services Co's post 09/04/2022

Single zone mini split installed for a church. The old window unit that was previously used failed. This provides not only cooling, but also an extra source of heat!

Photos from V.Y. Services Co's post 09/04/2022

Installed a new heat pump for a customer. The air handler was already there. We installed new outdoor unit and tied the system together.

Photos from V.Y. Services Co's post 09/04/2022

Replaced all the cold and hot water pipes in this home. The old lines were old cpvc lines that were becoming brittle and started leaking in few areas. Installed pex lines and added hot water recirculation pump. Now the homeowners don't have to wait 4 and 5 minutes to get hot water up to the kitchen!


Cooling season is officially here! Have you noticed your a/c just not performing like it used to? Would you like to have a preventative maintenance performed to make sure you are ready? Contact us to set up an appointment!

Photos from V.Y. Services Co's post 05/15/2022

Installed 20 seer Bosch heat pump outdoor unit with matching 18 seer Indoor unit. This install had no existing duct work, we designed and installed duct work. This duct work meets the equipment requirements and exceeds code insulation requirements. Over all this duct work complements this high effiency heat pump perfectly! To top it off the homeowner chose a smart thermostat to control the comfort of the home.

V.Y. Services Co updated their info in the about section. 04/16/2022

V.Y. Services Co updated their info in the about section.

V.Y. Services Co updated their info in the about section.

Photos from V.Y. Services Co's post 03/18/2022

Another leaky water heater. Unfortunately the tank is rotted out due to sediment build up at the bottom. Another reminder folks is it's always a good idea to flush your water heaters periodically to help prevent this from happening! Installed new water heater with an expansion tank. Also changed the drain valve to a full port valve to aid in future flushes! Homeowner opted to the extended 10 year warranty vs standard 6 year. This water heater will serve these homeowners for many years to come.


We are happy to announce that we are now offering financing through a group of lenders. This will help provide financial assistance to customers in various situations. We are excited to provide this services to our current and future customers.

Photos from V.Y. Services Co's post 02/24/2022

Returning customers of ours had quest piping in their home. This piping has failed multiple time and caused water damage. We were able to remove all the quest, cpvc, copper and install all new pex. Now the homeowners don't have to stress about pipes bursting randomly! Also replaced existing main shut off valves and check valve.

Photos from V.Y. Services Co's post 02/24/2022

Not all of our work is installs, most of the time is just keeping what we have running. Had a customer call due to no heat, found a defective ignition control module. Some times it's the small things that give us grief but we were able to get the homeowners heat back up and running the same day.

Photos from V.Y. Services Co's post 02/17/2022

Finished replacing an old oil fired boiler with one that is more modern. Customer still chose an oil fired boiler, but with newer technology and controls available, it will do a better job of heating and be more efficient! Components such as a clean cut burner assembly, digital controls, and high effiency air eliminator will bring more comfort all while using less oil. Setting up combustion is also key to make sure that we maximize heat transfer and keep carbon monoxide to a minimum.


We wanted to take the time and thank everyone for their bussiness and support this past year! We wouldn't be able to exist without you! We look forward to see what this year has in store for us!

Photos from V.Y. Services Co's post 11/23/2021

Upgraded from a/c only to a 18 seer Bosch heat pump.


Heating season is right around the corner! Its best practice to have the system checked and serviced before needing it in the cold weather. Contact us to schedule your heating systems preventative maintenance.

Photos from V.Y. Services Co's post 08/04/2021

Here are a few more pics of the 4 head ducted mini split install.

Photos from V.Y. Services Co's post 08/04/2021

Last week we completed one of the most challenging installs yet! This home had no existing duct work with no space to install a traditional split system in the attic or basement. Our choices were a high velocity system that is very noisy or a mini split system. The homeowners did not want the wall hung or floor mounted unit as they don't give a clean look. We chose to do 4 ducted heads in the attic and run duct down to each zone. Each head required return duct, supply duct, registers, secondary pans with safety switches, thermostat, and drain lines. Doing this job in the middle of summer didn't help and the very limited space in the attic made it difficult. Overall we are very pleased with the outcome! The homeowners now have efficient cooling for those hot humid days. They also now have an alternate heat source to offset the heating oil bill. We can't wait to see the savings! This project wouldn't have been possible without assistance from friends and family! Huge shout out to Middletown Sheet Metal & Fabrication for providing our duct plenum and custom condensate pans on very short notice! They were very reasonably priced and pleasant to work with.

Photos from V.Y. Services Co's post 08/03/2021

Yesterday we installed an air conditioning system in a home that only had a gas furnace. We installed an evaporator coil over the existing furnace and a new outdoor unit. The customer requested we replace his existing duct runs as they were poorly installed and damaged. We also replaced his existing thermostat and installed a TXV valve to make his new system more efficient.

Photos from V.Y. Services Co's post 07/27/2021

Today we replaced a 4 ton air conditioning unit. The old system was an r22 system that had a compressor with damaged valves. With the compressor being damaged, the system could not keep up when both zones were calling for cooling. Rather than repairing that system the homeowner chose to upgrade to a new Bosch system. This system is a 4 ton, heat pump. This gave the homeowner another source of heat and the option to use her existing propane heat as a back up. This new system is built well, runs quiet and is very efficient.

Photos from V.Y. Services Co's post 07/13/2021

Replaced 4 outdoor lights. Replaced existing ceiling light fixture with a ceiling fan. Then took the old light fixture from the bedroom, and installed it in a dark hallway.

Photos from V.Y. Services Co's post 07/13/2021

Replaced a leaking evaporator coil. The refrigerant leaked out causing system to be inoperative during a heatwave. We were able to source a replacement coil and get it installed and get the a/c running in time to keep customer cool during the next couple of days.

Photos from V.Y. Services Co's post 07/13/2021

Replaced an oil fired steam boiler this week. We installed a Slant Fin natural gas steam boiler. An auto fill valve was added so that the homeowners would not have to periodically have to add water manually. Switching to natural gas from the old oil fired will provide a cheaper fuel and help save money during the heating season.

Photos from V.Y. Services Co's post 06/23/2021

Recently we installed a Diakin ductless system. The old through the wall a/c unit died and it wasn't worth repairing. We installed a heat pump system giving the option to heat,cool and dehumidify. This gives the homeowners a cost effective way to heat the space, as they had electric baseboard. The system comes with an 11 year warranty and aesthetically the pieces both look very good.

Photos from V.Y. Services Co's post 05/15/2021

Last week we replaced a water heater. The old water heater had a ruptured tank due to all the sediment and hard water laying in the bottom. We replaced it with a 50 gallon electric water heater. With proper maintenance this water heater should provide hot water for many years to come!


We hope you all enjoy this beautiful day with the ones you love!

Photos from V.Y. Services Co's post 03/30/2021

This week we replaced a furnace and air conditioning system. The old air conditioning system had a refrigerant leak, and wasn't worth repairing it due to cost. This homeowner opted to replace the furnace at the same time to save headache later down the road. The system installed is a 95% efficiency gas hot air furnace converted to propane. The a/c system is a 13 seer. Air conditioning system has a 10yr compressor and 10yr parts warranty on the outdoor unit as well as the indoor coil. The furnace comes with a 10yr heat exchanger and 10yr parts warranty. We installed a 4" media cleaner to provide better air filtration and to keep the system operating at peak efficiency.

Photos from V.Y. Services Co's post 03/23/2021

We wanted to share the results of the hardness of this homes water after the install of this brand new water softener. The home had a hardness scale of 20 and now has a hardness of less than 1. Amazing results!!


We hit 150 likes!! Thank you so much for supporting our small business.

Photos from V.Y. Services Co's post 03/19/2021

We installed a new water heater for a new customer of ours and they sent us a great review to our email we would like to share with you!

We replaced water heater because the tank ruptured. Causing it to leak water in the basement. When this happens, the water heater is not repairable and needs to be replaced. This water heater made it 7yrs before needing replacement. We replaced it with a Bradford white water heater. This particular one is a power vent natural gas unit. This water heater comes with 6yr parts warranty and 6 year tank warranty. You can also upgrade warranty to 10yr parts and 10yr tank. Which means if the tank fails within that time you will get a new tank. This tank most likely ruptured due to sediment in the tank that depleted anode rod and was never maintained. Many people do not know that there is maintenance to be performed on all water heaters. It is crucial to do maintenance on tank less water heaters due to lack of tank to collect sediment and debris.

How are you using your stimulus and tax refund this spring? Right now is the perfect time to make sure your home and business are in working order for the beautiful weather ahead. Call us today.

Photos from V.Y. Services Co's post 03/18/2021

Installed a Dura Water, water softener. This water softener only regenerates when needed saving on salt and water. Using an ion exchange process this system removes calcium and magnesium which cause hard water. Eliminating hard water you extended the life of your plumbing and appliances. This homes hardness scale was 20 grains/gal. This would be in the category of very hard water. The install shown here has two stages of water filtration before the water softener in order to filter out sediment and debris in order to protect the water softener and fixtures in the home. We look forward to seeing how this water softener changes the effect on this homes plumbing and appliances and the new hardness scale results. Do you have hard water in your home? Does your water damage your faucets, appliances and dishes? Call us today. 

Photos from V.Y. Services Co's post 03/08/2021

This past week we replaced a heat pump. The old one had developed a refrigerant leak causing it to run on auxiliary heat all the time. We replaced it with a Goodman heat pump and air handler. Customer opted for the more efficient 4" filter and provided an air purifier to install. We installed a txv on the air handler taking it from a 14 to a 15 seer. We replaced the old thermostat and installed a new Honeywell thermostat. The home owners will need to touch up the paint, due to new thermostat being smaller. We also had to replace the piping from the outdoor unit to indoor due to them being undersized and in poor shape.


Tax returns are coming your way, how are you planing to use that money? This may be the perfect time to replace your heating and A/C equipment. Have you had your system cleaned? Is your equipment working as efficiently as it could for your home? Here at V.Y. services we would love to put your tax return to good use. Contact us today!


We got our business cards and Car Decal in the mail today. We are excited to get our company name out in our community.


Thank you everyone for your continued support of our business and the growing of the followers to our page. We have already made a few new connections and we look forward to future growth. Please feel free to share our page with your friends and family! We hope you all have a great Wednesday!


Meet The owner and the lead mechanic of V.Y. Services, Vasiliy Yefimov. He has been in the service industry for over 12 years. He started his career as an auto mechanic and moved his way into taking his skills with cars to working on homes. He worked and trained under the owner and lead mechanic of Moad Sevices for over 7 years. He is a loving husband, father, brother and friend. He is someone who will work hard to provide the best services for both your home and business needs.


Hello and Welcome to our new business page! After this past year God has shown us that this is a path he wants us to explore. Hopefully we can grow into something that blesses our family and our community for years to come. We are providing services for your home and business in a surrounding area for 50 miles from our location. We look forward to being your go to service company to keeping your equipment running efficiently, your plumbing leak free and your lights shinning bright.

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