Noah's Nursery and Garden

Noah's Nursery and Garden


Noah Long, do you have pumpkins left?
A huge thank you to Noah Long for helping out with our school project!
Will you be at Beth's anymore this week?
I hit the jackpot today!! I bought raffle tickets Wednesday when I was grabbing produce from Noah’s Nursery and garden! I WON!! 😃
I won this whole box of produce! Thank you so much!!
Where are you located and are you open today
Will you be open this afternoon?
Great prices and good people!
I dont know where to add a review so I hope this works??
Anyone looking to buy locally, I would highly recommend this place!! Never had any trouble or problems with any plants we've gotten from here. Super friendly, & answers any questions you may have.
Tricia Hodges, Rhonda Collins-Wolfe Laura Ann Jost Stuck do you guys like fresh plants and produce?

Follow my page to watch my business grow, reach the community, and to buy plants throughout the year. From garden plants, herbs, and flowers I'm here!

Operating as usual

Photos from Noah's Nursery and Garden's post 04/23/2022

Don’t forget! I’m open today (4/23) until 5 at the greenhouse. 26773 Hwy 7 Edwards Mo.
I’ve had a busy morning this morning and my baskets and planters are selling quick!
I also wanted to show off my evening primrose who bloomed for the first time today, and my tickseed coreopsis which is a favorite among customers.

Photos from Noah's Nursery and Garden's post 04/22/2022

I’ve got 3 pansy hanging baskets left for $12 each or take all three for $30. I will be at the greenhouse from 9-5 tomorrow with these and much much more.

Photos from Noah's Nursery and Garden's post 04/22/2022

Spring has sprung. Happy Earth Day! Cucumber, cantaloupe, and zucchini seeds are starting to germinate. Hostas have popped up and the shrubs are coming out of dormancy fast! Check out my page or message me for a full list of this years plants.
Don’t forget I’ll be open today (Friday)and Saturday 9am-5pm this week.
26773 Hwy 7 Edwards Mo.
Just sharing my posts helps support my business, so thank you!

Photos from Noah's Nursery and Garden's post 04/21/2022

Last minutes change of plans today. I will be open today (Thursday the 21st), Friday and Saturday this week from 9am-5pm.
26773 Hwy 7 Edwards Mo
My California giant zinnias are about to bloom, hanging baskets are starting to fill out nicely, and the herbs are ready to go outside! Stop by and say hi if you get the chance. Happy Easter

Photos from Noah's Nursery and Garden's post 04/16/2022

Todays post is just showing off some of the vivid colors in my greenhouse.
Don’t forget I’m open today from 9am-5pm

Photos from Noah's Nursery and Garden's post 04/15/2022

My tomato plants are getting big for their britches!
Showcasing the beautiful colors and textures of sweet potato vine.
Patio tomatoes are ready to go and starting to produce.
Also showing one of my favorite succulents. Echeveria topsy Turvy. This one in particular is crested, which is sought after in the succulent market.
Beautiful pampas grass in gallon pots.
Strawberry mint is pictured but I also have chocolate mint ( my favorite), Spanish mint, after 8 mint, curled mint, sweet melon mint, lemon balm, and peppermint.
I just wanted to show off some of my plants today. Much more than this available.
I’m open today and Saturday from 9am-5pm
I won’t be open again until next Thursday so if you want to plant next week come on over now!
26773 Hwy 7 Edwards Mo.

Photos from Noah's Nursery and Garden's post 04/14/2022

Here are a few of my plants I felt like photographing today. At the end there is a bunch of succulents in bloom I wanted to show off! I have succulents starting at $2 along with the usual stuff!
Come see me today, Friday, and Saturday from 9-5
26773 Hwy 7 Edwards Mo.

Photos from Noah's Nursery and Garden's post 04/12/2022

I will be open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday this week.( April 12th,14nth, 15nth, and 16nth). 9am-5pm
26773 Hwy 7 Edwards, Mo.
Tomato plants, pepper plants, flowers, baskets, planters, shrubs, perennials, flowers, cedar boards and more.
Message me for answers to your questions.
Like and follow my page for full plant list and to get updates on open days.
Thank you all for the support this past weekend as well!
I accept cash, credit, debit, check, paypal, Venmo, Facebook pay, and crypto currency.

Photos from Noah's Nursery and Garden's post 04/09/2022

Don’t forget that I am open today until 5pm! 04/09/22
I have tons of plants in every price range. The greenhouse is super full so I’m offering discounts on entire trays to start making some space. I have vegetable plants, flowers, succulents, annuals, perennials, and more. You’re more than welcome to stop by and just say hi too!
26773 Hwy 7 Edwards Mo.

Photos from Noah's Nursery and Garden's post 04/08/2022

26773 Hwy 7 Edwards Mo
I will be open Friday April 8th and Saturday April 9th from 9am- 5pm
Check out my page for a list of plants that I carry.
Vegetable plants, flowers, succulents and more.
Please like and share my page and let’s make this growing season great!


My peanut cactus is about to bloom!
They should be orange. These are one of my personal favorite cactus blooms. I will post again when they open up.

Photos from Noah's Nursery and Garden's post 04/04/2022

My 2022 plant list
Items are subject to change price and quantity at any time. Item sizes do vary based on variety and size of pot.
26773 Hwy 7 Edwards MO
I will be open Friday And Saturday April 8th and 9th from 9am-5pm.
Please don’t just show up apart from the times posted without talking to me directly first. It is hard to help my customers when I’m not around.
You can call or text me at 16602233863
Or message me on here.
Tomato plants:
Jet star
Pink brandy wine
Red brandy wine
Golden jubilee
Chefs choice purple
Black cherry
Super sweet 100
Better boy
Big beef
Parks whopper improved
Early girl
Burpee big boy
Rosy finch
Red Robin
Yellow canary
Revolution bell
Red knight bell
King Arthur bell
California wonder bell
(More coming)
Cold crops:
Brussels spouts
Pineapple sage
Greek oregano
Dwarf purple basil
Sweet basil
6 different kinds of mints
Lemon balm
Elephant ear
New Guinea impatients
Sweet potato vine (5 kinds)
Wandering Jew
Spreading dianthus
Purple mullein
Evening primrose
5 kinds of grasses
Tall mallow
Coral bells
Red hot poker
Lambs ear
Tickseed coreopsis
Tiger Lilys
Creeping Jenny
Bobo hydrangea
Let’s dance blue jangles hydrangeas
Little quick fire hydrangea
City line mars hydrangeas
Limelight hydrangeas
Scentaria double blue lilac
Double play red, gold, and pink spirea
Parapalu rose if Sharon
Bloom-a-thon lavender and double pink reblooming azaleas
Knock out roses

Photos from Noah's Nursery and Garden's post 03/31/2022

Don’t forget I will be at the greenhouse tomorrow (Thursday) from 10am-4pm with succulents starting at $2, tomato plants, hanging baskets, planters, grasses, perennials, and more!
Cold crops are on sale for $20/ flat of 48
Roma tomato’s are on sale for $20/ flat of 32
26773 Hwy 7 Edwards Mo.
Check out my page for more details and contact information!


I have a few too many trays of Roma tomatoes.
If anybody would like an early order discount for $20 cash per tray let me know. This week only! There is 32 plants to a tray. They will be $3 a four pack next week.
26773 Hwy 7 Edwards Mo. pickup Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday this week from 10am-4pm
Check out my page for other plants that I have in stock or shoot me a message!

Photos from Noah's Nursery and Garden's post 03/27/2022

I will be at the greenhouse Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday this week from 9am-4pm
26773 Hwy 7 Edwards Mo
Broccoli, cabbage, lettuce $20/ tray or $12/ half tray.
Succulents starting at $2
Flowers for $3
Tomato plants $3.50
Planters, hanging baskets, and more


I have $2 succulents!
26773 Hwy 7 Edwards Mo.
I am open Monday, March 21st from 9am-5pm
If you don’t see me when you come in give me a call I am nearby.
I also have fresh tomatoes green and red, cold crops, large succulents, flowers, and hanging baskets.

Photos from Noah's Nursery and Garden's post 03/21/2022

I will be open tomorrow from 9am-5pm
I have cold crops, tomatoes, pansies, geraniums, succulents, planters, other flowers, herbs, cedar boards, soil, fresh green and red tomatoes and more. If you’re curious about something, send me a message.

26773 Hwy 7 Edwards Mo.


I have had multiple people ask so I will let it be known.
I will be at my greenhouse tomorrow from 8:30 am- 12:00pm for anybody that would like to come and shop or come say hi.
I apologize about the mess as I am still spring cleaning.
26773 Hwy 7 Edwards Mo.

Photos from Noah's Nursery and Garden's post 03/17/2022

The large slabs are all sold but I have some smaller/ thinner pieces I’d sell for $5 the whole pile. It is scrappy wood but still pretty. That is the second picture.

Beautiful slab wood pieces of cedar. I got a bunch for some personal projects and have lots left over. Most are 8-10ft long. Great for garden beds, planters, accent pieces, and more. $1 per board or 12 boards for $10. Message me with questions please.

Photos from Noah's Nursery and Garden's post 03/16/2022

Early local tomatoes are in! Very few available, green and red.
Cold crop season is hot and ready though!
Cold crops available:
Leaf lettuce 🥬
Broccoli 🥦
Brussels Sprouts
Kohlrabi (green and red)
And pansies!!!
All ready to go in the ground now 🙂
I’ve got bulk discounts which will go fast so get them while you can!


I will be picking up bales of soil tomorrow. I will have them at my greenhouse for sale for $35/ bag but if you want to put in an order and pay today I can get my customers 3 for $100.
This offer is only good for today and I will edit the post tonight.
It is great for raised beds, pots, or to help build organic matter in a traditional garden. As it breaks down in your garden it will help with fertility of the soil, attracting worms, and holding moisture.
3.8 cubic feet compact. Almost doubles in size when opened and wet.

Noah's Nursery and Garden updated their shop. 03/02/2022

Noah's Nursery and Garden updated their shop.

Noah's Nursery and Garden updated their shop.

Photos from Noah's Nursery and Garden's post 03/02/2022

It’s about time to start planting your cold hardy pansies! I have some beautiful colors available and they all thrive in cool weather and can withstand single digit temperatures!
Message me if you have any questions!
They come in 4 packs or by the tray for a discount!

Photos from Noah's Nursery and Garden's post 02/16/2022

Getting ready for the spring!

Photos from Noah's Nursery and Garden's post 02/16/2022

These two beautiful queens are already sold. But I can make more on request. They are $13 each, and can have customizable hairdos.
They are about the size of a coffee mug but full of personality. Message me for details.


Contact me or Rich Long for some exclusive walnut syrup made from 100% walnut sap.
Made right here in Benton county. 100mL for $15 or 200mL for $30. Larger quantities can be available upon request. Very limited supply.

Photos from Noah's Nursery and Garden's post 02/08/2022

These cedar garden beds are from last year, but I will be making more again this year! I can do custom dimensions but the wood is 1.5” thick and 6” wide making for a study and heavy build. Fastened together with 3” exterior decking screws.
Message me with dimensions that your looking for and I can quote you a price! Delivery can be negotiated.


I still have 4 cutting boards available for sale for those interested! They are locally made with native wood of all sorts. The large ones are $50. The medium is $40. I can potentially get some with handles for $75 or some thinner smaller ones for less. But currently just these 4 in stock!
Money goes towards upgrading my greenhouse for next season!

Photos from Noah's Nursery and Garden's post 01/27/2022

I have succulents and indoor small hanging baskets of geraniums for sale already! I am currently open by appointment so message me for available times.
Give the gift of plants this Valentine’s Day!


Thank you Shamly Lyn Long (my wife) for the delicious lumpia, Bobby Wells with Wells Family Gardens for my favorite homemade hot pepper jam, and Busch light for a drink after a long day of work! I might just have to crack into some of my Waygu beef sticks from pasture to patio and my honey from Pauls honey just to top it off while I’m day dreaming of the farmers market.

Photos from Noah's Nursery and Garden's post 12/21/2021

11 different types of succulents in one large pot.


These are photos from last year. I’m officially taking orders for wreaths. Last year I had 18” wreaths for $25 and 12” wreaths for $15.
This year I will also be doing garland for $6/ foot, and a 24” wreaths for $35.
They are made by me, by hand with locally sourced and sustainably harvested live cedar, and whatever fresh decorations I can find.
I will be donating 20% of the proceeds to Benton County Christmas for kids to go for next years Christmas. Last year we raised $120 for this years gifts. I would like to raise $250 this year, for next years gifts.
I will also be hanging Christmas lights starting at $75 and up.
If you want to place an order comment on my original post and I will reply to ensure I got it, or you can privately message me.
Thank you.


I am currently giving out bids for work, including but not limited to:
Tree removal, trim, drywall, paint, tilling, minor electrical work (outlets, lights, fans) I also have an 18ft trailer I can haul things with, and more. If you have questions or need a bid I am fairly handy with most things.
The money from the work will be going towards my business to get things I will need for this winter including fuel for my greenhouse heater, irrigation systems for my garden, soil, seeds, and shrubs.

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