Pest Entry Management

Pest Entry Management


Racoon Update (long read): 🦝
Sweet Popsicle is a fighter.
The first 48-72 hours are usually a supportive/waiting game to see what happens when the body turns on.

In a situation like Popsicle's, where he was on the roof uncovered stuck in a trap at an apartment complex for at least 2 nights through the winter storm and below freezing temps, the body shuts down to keep itself alive. As he warms up, is hydrated and receives nutritional support, his body turns on and blood starts circulating back throughout the body. This is where we start to see issues...
Right now he is suffering from edema, which caused him temporary blindness (increasing his stress), and he has developed scabs on his front feet which we are hoping aren't signs of early frostbite. He also has some congestion in his lungs. Although he is eating some, we have to be very careful not to upset his stomach as it starts back up again.
Thankfully we caught the issues early, and through proper management he is seeing better. He is FIESTY, but who wouldn't be after going through what he went through?
We really appreciate everyone who donated towards his care, because in order to give this guy the best chance, it will be expensive to treat him. Y'all are angels, and we appreciate your prayers, good thoughts, and support.❤️
Nothing deserves to suffer like he did. Simply fixing holes in a roof would have prevented this, and the hundreds of animals that have gone through what he has already this year. Please chose to co-exist, and if you are in Nashville and come across a problem, Pest Entry Management is a great option for wildlife control.🦝🖤❤️

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I saw my first bat in my bat box last night! Super excited. Thanks for putting it up. Took almost 2 years for the little guy to find it but I'm hoping he'll stay and bring friends.
Jay Lee did a great job on some drywall and painting work in my ceiling. He also repaired some duct work under the house. I recommend him.
Thank you so much Jay Lee! You installed a bat house for us last year and we now have bats! Awesome!
Professional installation. Waiting for some bats.

Our dedication is to save customers money by providing a service that cuts down energy costs and pest control issues with our entry management programs.

Operating as usual

Photos from Pest Entry Management's post 01/17/2022

Lots of fun lately and snow. Cold and snow.
Too much cold and snow. And snow

Photos from Pest Entry Management's post 01/06/2022

I think we could stay busy 24/7 with critters and drywall. The fun we have!

Photos from Nashville Wildlife Conservation's post 01/05/2022

Photos from Nashville Wildlife Conservation's post

Photos from Pest Entry Management's post 11/12/2021

I’m really enjoying these smaller jobs.
Keep critters out, or in!

Photos from Pest Entry Management's post 07/07/2021

Vacation, chicken, blood, sweat, and tears!


These little critters are getting feisty these days!

Photos from Pest Entry Management's post 05/02/2021

Fun stuff for humans and animals!

Photos from Pest Entry Management's post 04/24/2021

Been too busy for pics lately!
Really all I can say is busy busy busy!

Photos from Nashville Wildlife Conservation's post 02/22/2021

Sharing love!

Mobile Uploads 01/16/2021

Mobile Uploads

Surveillance of the animal kingdom. The animal conspiracy is here!

Photos from Pest Entry Management's post 01/16/2021

Rats, wood, paint, glass, and more cold.
But lots of fun and smiles!

Photos from Pest Entry Management's post 01/09/2021

Cold days behind and more coming. Just cold brrrr


Stuff things and whachacallits all week!!!


Jays phone is at the bottom of the lake and the fish are probably taking selfie’s. 😭😉
If you need to contact him, you can reach him here and I’ll pass the message along.


Doors, insulation, funk, more insulation, more doors, more funk, and tight tight places that doesn’t help claustrophobia.


This week’s been a dirty one! With doors!!! Lots and lots of them! And insulation. Blah


Who’s next? Or what’s next? We never know. 🎃


Creating beauty and smiles for everyone.


More weekend projects at home. 😃


Got stink bugs??? Think about our name.
Pest Entry Management!
Seal those cracks and crevices to cut off access.


Jay worked around the house today and gave our back door a facelift.


Take your dead space in a room and turn it into much needed storage. Who doesn’t need more storage?


Busy busy busy fun fun fun!


Back from a much needed vacation straight to the heat of Tennessee attics and the dampness of it’s crawl spaces.


Fun fun fun in the sun!


Man this was a bo**er! Yeah we won’t be doing these anymore! 


Pest Entry Management


Super super super busy! 


Catio anyone???


Wow! What a service this has been.
All for one mouse! Jk!


What a crazy week!


The critters have been relentless!
Busy busy busy!!!


Lots and lots and lots of wood!


A little bit of fun this week! Woodwork ❤️


The work from this past couple of weeks.

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I love being able to save these critters. This little guy was ready to fly!
Burning a barn
This is a little different from what we normally do but... ok there is no but.
Robert Hollis Chris Alexander
Almost finished with Mr. Miagi’s pool house.
From 1880 windows to 2017 doors.Same wood. Not complete.
Today's adventure! Sorry about my coworkers potty mouth.
We work and play with our customers awesome pets. This is "Jake from State Farm"!
So much fun goes into our services!
Bats around the bat houses tonight!



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