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Mr Tech Bench


Thank You Dylan at Teck Bench for helping me today as soon as I opened my computer he told me what was wrong, If had I gone somewhere else I'm sure they would have charges me for fixing what Dylan did faster
phenomenal service. I built my pc but whenever I'm stuck with a problem need a cleaning for my rig or have a question about about tech (Alexa and smart home) i go to Mr. Teck Bench.
Extremely pleased with the results of my problem. My I pad was not charging Mr. Tech cleaned out the port. Been their before and again my problem was resolved. I highly recommend Mr. Tech thank you!!!
I was having trouble getting my iPhone to charge...i read about fixes on the internet but nothing worked. I remembered hearing the radio ads so I figured before I pay for a new phone let me see if Mr. Tech Bench could fix it. Fortunately he was open for business at this time (Covid). Within 10 minutes he was able to fix it. He could’ve easily charged me for just looking at it never the less for the repair. Luckily for me Mr Tech Bench is one of the “good ones” out there...he didn’t charge me anything because the repair was simple n quick for him. It’s nice to know honest repairmen are servicing the good people of Long Island.
Mr Tech Bench was Very helpful Dylan helped me very courteous and helpful I love the service.
We’re open 7 days and ready to help with all your repairs!! Took some pictures today for you guys! Got a few up and running today.
I love Mr Tech Bench all the techs they helped me and very courteous I appreciate it. The best place😘😘😘
Just left 10 minutes ago with my SP and the tech guys were able to fix his iPhone port charging issue within minutes!! Thanks so much! You saved our vacation! 🙌

Certified technicians doing high quality repairs for your iPhone, Android, and tablet. Computers, Laptops and mobile devices repaired and all work is guaranteed.

Over 30 years experience reviving and fixing your dead broken devices.

Operating as usual


Do you have a broken iPhone and no Apple care? Bring your Device down to Mr. Tech Bench in East Islip for your free quote. Tell the Techs Zuckerberg sent you to receive 20 percent off till march 4th.


Ps 5 hdmi port DONE


Fix your 12 NOW!




Properly disinfecting your phone or tablet can be very easy.
Never use these things to clean your phone:
Window or household cleaners
Compressed air
Aerosol spray cleaners
Harsh Solvents (acetone, benzene, toulene)
Abrasive powders
Hydrogen peroxide

What TO USE to clean your phone or tablet -
Microfiber cloth, and mixture of 1/2 cup Distilled water and
1/2 cup Isopropyl alcohol, 70%.

1. Remove protective cases or covers, and all external devices like headphones.

2. Put the mix in a spray bottle, shake it up, and spray the cloth (do not soak the cloth, or spray the phone or tablet directly).

3. With a microfiber cloth slightly dampened with the alcohol mixture, wipe down the phone gently. Small areas, such as around the camera, you can use a q-tip dipped in the mixture.

4. More solid build up can be carefully removed with a toothpick, then the areas where it was should be wiped down as you have done the rest.

Stay safe, stay healthy.

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Mr Tech Bench


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Fixed an other iPad (6)😍!! Come to our shop and get your fixed next! We have warranty screens


First protect! We now fix back glass!

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Another job done. Glad to be fixings and helping costumers

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Mr Tech Bench

Timeline photos 11/20/2019

We have it all


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Thanks everyone for your like's we really appreciated that. We are at your service. Have happy new year!


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Cracked Phone Screen Repair and Service for iPhone, Samsung, Android phones and tablets. Computer repairs, tune ups, updates, virus cleansing, ransomware removal and protection. File transfers and photo recovery



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