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We always have the latest, biggest and best brands of phones, tablets and accessories on hand! We al Cellular City Inc. (East Islip) independently operates this page and is an independently owned and operated Verizon Authorized Retailer.

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Cellular City Inc. updated their info in the about section. 12/01/2020

Cellular City Inc. updated their info in the about section.

Cellular City Inc. updated their info in the about section.


😁 Make it the best summer ever.

Need a new phone? Cellular City!

Need accessories? Cellular City!

The answer to all your tech needs is Cellular City!


If your phone buffers so much that you can’t get going on Space Force on Netflix, you need a new phone! Or plan.

You definitely need Cellular City! We have a huge selection of phones and Verizon plans to make your streaming an incredible experience.


Need a new smartphone? 📱 Don’t resort to extremes! 🔨 🔨

Come to Cellular City. We have the latest tech. Plus knowledgeable staff who can answer all of your questions and put the right phone in your hand, on the Verizon network and make sure you’re insured in case of damage to your phone.
We’ve got you covered.

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Do you use your smartphone for your primary browsing device? 📱

You’re not alone. 1 in 5 people in the US do! For most people, it’s a matter of location. If you’re not in the office, searching on your phone is the easiest way to find out what you need to know- fast!

Make sure that your tech is the latest and greatest so you can browse quickly. Come into Cellular City and literally get your hands on the newest tech. You’ll be so glad that you did!


Overwhelmed by tech choices? 📱

Don’t be! We make it easy at Cellular City! With the most helpful customer service from talented staff who you can trust, we’re your one stop for smartphones, tablets, accessories, insurance plans and all things Verizon! Trust the most awarded network and walk out with all your questions answered.

Come into Cellular City today. We’ll make shopping a breeze!


☘️ ☘️ Happy St. Patrick’s Day! May the luck of the Irish be with you today! ☘️ ☘️

If you stop by Cellular City, you won’t need to worry about luck. You’ll have a great insurance plan!

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Did you know that 11 is the average age for a first mobile phone? 📱

New technology has created the new dilemma, like the question of how old should your child be when they can handle a phone of their own. Though 11 is the average, there are kids as young as 5 years old with their own tech.

If it’s time to shop for a phone for your kids, head to Cellular City today. Our amazing staff will help you pick out the right one and an insurance plan that may come in very handy. It’s all on the most awarded network, Verizon, so you know you can count on it!


Hope you’re feeling lucky on this Friday the 13th…since two smartphone screens break each second across the United States! 📱

Do you have insurance for your phone? You should! Stop by your local Cellular City to check out their amazing selection of smartphones and learn about your insurance options. Our staff can explain everything you need to know!

So stay away from ladders, run if anyone in a hockey mask lurks behind you and whatever you do, hold onto your phone!


Free Pizza? Yes, please! 🍕 🍕 🍕

Learn about Verizon Up today. Come into Cellular City today and find out how you can get the coolest free swag like apparel, tech and food, not to mention the most extreme, jelly-inducing sports and concert experiences on the planet. We’ll show you how easy it is to sign up and what to expect. Why not check out a new phone while you’re here?

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Happy Read An E-Book Week! 📱

Want to celebrate but your tablet is just not up to speed? Come into Cellular City and see our incredible array today. We’ve got you covered!

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Did you know- there were 204 billion apps downloaded in 2019 worldwide?

Make sure that your tech is up to speed. Come into Cellular City today and you’ll find an incredible array of phones, tablets and much more. Don’t be overwhelmed by the choices. Our staff knows it all and can help you find the right device for you. They’ll help set it up for you on the spot. And with the Verizon network, you’ll have no problem accessing all the apps you want! 📱 📱 📱

Cellular City has you covered!

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In Germany, there are traffic lights on the ground for distracted phone users. The sidewalk lights warn of incoming trains. 📱

Don’t be distracted. Head on into Cellular City today. Need a phone case? New charger? We have you covered. So don’t wait. Stop by today!

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80% of shoppers use a mobile phone in a physical store. 📱

Why not come into Cellular City to buy a smartphone in a physical store? 🤣 🤣 🤣

Our service is unsurpassed. You won’t find attention to detail like this anywhere else. So make Cellular City your first and only stop for all your tech needs.

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77% of Americans have smartphones. If your phone is so old that you cringe when you use it in front of friends, you need to come to Cellular City!

A huge selection of phones? YES! 📱

Knowledgeable staff to help you set up your phone? YES!

Amazing accessories? Of course!

The most awarded network? Who else but Verizon!

Stop by Cellular City today and get your hands on the latest tech. And don’t forget insurance!


Friday has a feeling! Kind of like the feeling when you get a new smartphone! 📱

Don’t be jelly of friends who have the newest phones with the greatest apps. You can, too! Stop by Cellular City today to see our incredible line of products. Before long, everyone will be jealous of you!


Do you have phone insurance? You should! 📱

Two smartphone screens break each second across the US, adding up to 5,761 broken screens per hour. Putting in new screens costs consumers $3.4 billion each year, according to Square Trade. Many people don’t bother, just working around the splintered screen shards.
Make sure your investment is protected. Cellular City can hook you up with the latest and greatest phones, accessories and insurance. Stop by today and make sure you are covered.

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Did you know that scientists can deduce someone’s lifestyle – grooming products they use, food they eat and medications they take- from chemicals found on the surface of their mobile phone? 📱 😋 🍨

Your smartphone is a part of every part of your life, so make sure that you have the best cases and accessories for your phone. Cellular City has it all so stop by today!

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It is . It is estimated that more than 5 billion people have mobile devices and over half of these connections are smartphones.

When it comes to the latest tech on the market, Cellular City has a huge selection of smartphones, tablets, accessories and much more. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will help you decide the best products and plans for you. So stop by today and discover the Cellular City difference!


It’s time for a .

The average person unlocks his or her smartphone 110 times each day!

If you’re going to spend that much time on your phone, don’t you deserve the latest tech? Cellular City has the hottest phones. Our professionals will set you up and teach you everything you need to know before you leave the store. That’s customer service you can count on.


Did you know that in the UK, drivers who cause death while using their mobile phones, speeding or while drunk, face life in prison?

Don’t text and drive. Stay focused and get to your destination without harm. Your friends at Cellular City and Verizon want you to stay safe. We’ll see you again soon!


You think you use your smart phone a lot?

In Japan, 90% of mobile phones are waterproof because people use their phones constantly, even in the shower!

For the latest tech and unsurpassed customer service, come into Cellular City retailer today and check out everything that we have to offer.

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Here’s a knowledge drop:

In Malaysia, it's legal to divorce your partner via text message.

Make sure that you can text and receive those important texts right back! Head on in to Cellular City and let us help you find the smartphone, tablet and service that is right for you. We’re the trusted experts and we’ll make shopping a breeze.

Not as easy as being divorced via text easy, but super easy!


Is your phone so old that you can’t update the operating system anymore? Maybe it is finally time to upgrade to a new model. 📱

Stop by your local Cellular City Verizon Wireless today and get to know all the latest smartphones. Our knowledgeable staff will make the process of trading up easy. And you’ll walk out with the latest tech in your pocket. It’s all on the Verizon network so you’ll love your service.

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Know what nomophobia is? 📱

Nearly 200,000 million human beings suffer from this phobia. It is the fear that people experience of leaving their home without their cell phone. Another term to know is “ringxiety,” the feeling of hearing the phone ring when it actually isn’t making noise at all.

Come into your local Cellular City Verizon Wireless today and make sure you bring your phone so you don’t experience nomophobia!


Need a new case for your phone? 📱

Go to Cellular City. ⭐

Require a new charger or cool charging station?

Cellular City has you covered. ⭐

Want to literally get your hands on the latest tech so you can make the right decision instead of just randomly selecting the wrong phone online? 📱

Craving good service? Knowledgeable expert advice?

It’s all at Cellular City! So come in today! ⭐


Sick of streaming your favorite shows on your phone? A tablet is the right move!

Your friends at Cellular City Verizon Wireless are here to explain the features and help you figure out the perfect model for you. They will help you set up your email, load apps and set you up with the most awarded network, Verizon.

Get it done. And stream right!

What are you streaming right now? Tell us in the comments!

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Ever forget that your smartphone is on your lap, only to stand up and have it crash to the floor? 📱

You’re not the only one. 15% of people have done just that!

Things would be just fine if you had purchased a screen protector or the phone protection plan. That’s where we come in. We have cases, screen guards and plans to insure against accidents. So come in today and learn more!

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We are so honored to have received the Agent of the Quarter Award from Verizon for Q1 2019! Thank you to everyone for all their hard work providing the best service to our customers!


The average adult spends a total of 23 hours a week texting. If you spend that much time using your phone, shouldn’t you love it?

If you don’t or if your network constantly lets you down, you owe it to yourself to come into Cellular City. Experience our selection of smartphones for yourself and see which one feels right in your hand. We’ll find the right Verizon plan for you, as well.

Just think…you could be texting on the phone of your dreams. Stop by today! 📱 ❤️


🤗Thank you, Mary, for this great review! We are so glad that you had such a positive experience at our East Meadow location.
👉At Cellular City we always strive to provide the best service to our customers. Do you love your Cellular City rep? Let us know who they are so we can recognize them 🤗

👉Come in and make the switch today


33% of smartphones get broken or lost. 📱

If you have insurance, you can rest assured that if something happens to your phone, you will be covered. Since smartphones are an investment, protecting it is a must.
Cellular City can make sure that you get the right insurance plan for you. Come in today and learn more!

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The average American spends 4.7 hours on their smartphones everyday and the bulk of that time involves non-voice activities. We spend more time on mobile apps than we do watching TV.

So why are you suffering with an outdated phone? Come into Cellular City and upgrade today. We’ll explain everything you need to know and hook you up with the right Verizon plan for your lifestyle. 📱

What are you waiting for? Treat yourself today and love your phone again. ❤️

Cellular City Verizon Authorized Retailer

Cellular City provides friendly wireless solutions for you, our customers. The products we offer are the top of the line and our prices are not beatable. What sets us apart is that our service is best in class. We will take care of all your wireless needs. Come in to one of our locations.

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