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Wishing a happy, healthy, and joyous new year.

Hope it's better than the year ending in every way


Hope everyone is safe and being careful if you MUST go out!

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Hope everyone had a beautiful and happy first night of Hanukkah


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I think I found my dream home!
Theres an open house today, if scrolling through the pictures isn't your thing, come see it in person!
AND they're in process of getting the permits for the two bedroom apartment inside the house, so its also an investment opportunity! Click the link and read the description there's too much to list!

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Grateful everyday, and especially today.


"What is this form and why does everyone keep telling me to sign it?"

Let's talk about this form today, what it means and why it's important.
But first- disclaimer: I am NOT a lawyer. This is my interpretation of the form and how I explain it to people I come in contact with. Always contact your lawyers for the most accurate legal advice.

In short- this form ensures that you know who the agent you're meeting is working for. It does NOT obligate you to any purchases or transactions. It's for the agents as a way to certify that you understand your working relationship.

Here's a little more info via example:
A seller's agent would provide this form to everyone at an open house to make sure viewers understand that the agent is working for the seller, therefore acting in the sellers best interest. Same if you schedule a viewing and meet with the listing agent.

This form should also be provided to buyers by their agent to ensure the buyer understands their agent is working for them.

It also explains something called dual agency, where one agent is representing both sides of a real estate transaction. In this case the agent has to make sure both parties understand that their information is confidential, and that the agent can help both of them but has a duty to the other person as well.

Here's a copy of the form so you all can read through for yourselves.

As anyways, comments and inbox open for questions, with no obligation


And they keep dropping.... great news for all buyers and those looking to refinance.
Click the link to read more
Drop a comment if you need a recommendation on who to call


Beautiful 2 bedroom apartment in Hewlett:
I love this one because it's spacious, has TWO bathrooms, and has a balcony!


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Happy and safe Halloween to everyone! 👻🤡🧚🏻‍♀️🧛‍♂️🦸‍♂️🧟‍♂️👩🏻‍🚀


Check out the closet space in the floor plan, WOW!
Spacious 1br apartment for sale in Rockville Centre. I chose it because its truly spacious and very cute! And very affordable.
Plus I love the atmosphere in Rockville Centre- great restaurants & bars!

Click the link and check the pictures:


Moving to a different Town? State? Country?
With Leading RE:


What does this mean?
Coach Realtors, through Leading RE, has partnerships all over the world! After a few questions, I can connect you to a handpicked agent almost anywhere in the world. This is a FREE service we offer that can get you in touch with someone that can fit your needs and has expertise in your new location, wherever it may be. Take some of the stress out of moving: have someone local show you around!


Where do I start??? The skylight & ceilings? The pool? The bathtub? Oh my! Talk about dream home!


As promised, our next topic is on questions that are good to ask your mortgage broker.

I took these ideas from my own personal experiences and from those I've worked with.

-Early payoff/prepayment penalty:
Many people choose to pay a little bit extra each month towards their mortgage in order to pay it off sooner, and save some money on interest. Financially, this is a great idea, but make sure it does not come at a price! Some mortgages will charge you a fee if you pay off your mortgage early.

-Minimum Down Payment:
Some banks, credit unions or mortgage brokers may charge fees, insurance, or even classify your loan differently if you put down less than certain percent of the cost of the home. Some are ok with 5% down with a conventional loan, others classify anything under 20% down as an FHA loan. PMI is usually for anything less than 20%, but some banks may waive the PMI with a lower down payment.

-Payment options:
To some of you, this may not be a big deal, but for others it may be a deal breaker. Do you need to log on the mortgage companies website every month to pay? Or can you do it conveniently from your bank/credit union app? Can you schedule an automatic payment every month?

-Monthly vs Bi-Weekly:
Can you pay this mortgage biweekly, with each paycheck, or does your mortgage company only allow one monthly payment?

This can make a HUGE difference over the life of the loan: if you are paying biweekly, you are making 26 payments per year, instead of 24 - that's an extra month payment every year and can take a lot of time/interest off of the life of your loan, saving you a lot of money!

Of course this list is not complete, there are many questions you might want to ask the person you are working with, but this is a good place to start. As always I welcome any questions in my inbox! I prefer to address issues and topics YOU are wondering about.

Next, I will cover long distance moves :)


This home has everything- basement, garage, 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, and a big yard! And I LOVE the porch - perfect for summer evenings with the family. Check it out here:



How long does it take to buy a house?

Several people I spoke to recently were surprised to hear how long the process could be, so I thought I'd make this my next Topic.

Finances first! A while back I talked about how before you start looking at houses, be sure to look at your finances. Better yet-have a professional do it for you for free! They'll look at your credit report, credit history and credit score. Most importantly, they'll look at your debt to income ratio.
They may recommend a few steps before you start home shopping, or they may give you the green light.
This part may take a day or two, or longer if you have things to work on.

Once you receive a pre approval from the mortgage company, next comes the most exciting part - house shopping! Sit down with your agent and discuss the must-haves, the wants, the definite nots. Having a budget/pre-approval is important for this part because you don't want to waste time looking at houses your mortgage won't cover. This part may take a while, depending on how long it takes to find the home you want, and what is currently available on the market.

When you find the place you like your agent submits an offer. From this moment, once the offer is accepted, the process usually takes about 3 months.
This is when contracts are negotiated, concessions discussed, the inspection survey and appraisal will be conducted and title search will be completed. This is also when the mortgage company asks for what seems to be an endless amount of paperwork. Finally comes closing day and you get the keys to your new home!

So while the process can vary, the minimum is about three months in our area. If you're scheduling a home purchase around a certain time of year, like beginning of school year or winter holidays, it's important to keep that timeline in mind!

Next Tuesday I'll go into which questions you should be thinking of asking your mortgage broker
Keep sending me things you'd like to know more about!


Seems after an app update there was an issue with scheduling posts (I make em the night before to update in the morning) so I'll be pushing out the posts that were supposed to go out the last few weeks over the next few days.
Tuesday Topic and Friday Feature going up tomorrow.
Back to our regular schedule next week.

Talk to you guys soon!


Had to take a few month medical hiatus 🥰 but I'm back and diving right in!

Friday features, where I feature a random home I love and why, will resume this Friday.

Tuesday Topics, where I answer questions, elaborate on popular topics and clarify misconceptions, will resume tomorrow. Keep sending me questions or topics you'd like to see addressed!

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Happy and safe 4th of July to all

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To the every day hard workers:
We appreciate you always, and especially today ❤


First day of summer! 🥰🥳🏖

Now that things are opening back up, what are you guys looking forward to most?

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Socially distant lawn care!
These guys always do a great job 😁
All American Landscaping LI

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Mortgage rates fall to new record low — here’s why some loan applicants won’t be offered them 05/02/2020

Rates are at a record low, but so is job security. Talk to a lender to see if you qualify for a mortgage or a refinance before they go back up!

Mortgage rates fall to new record low — here’s why some loan applicants won’t be offered them The low interest rate environment isn’t expected to bring much of a boost to the housing market, which is struggling as a result of the economic downturn...

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With passover a few nights ago, and Easter today, what's most important is that everyone is staying safe. These nights are truly "not like the rest" because we can't reunite with our loved ones as we have done all the years before. Thankfully technology helps, but a few more weeks of distancing is worth it if it helps this virus pass faster.

Wishing everyone healthy and happy holidays. ❤

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Social distancing means extra puppy cuddles


Message from my company. We are still here to serve your Real Estate needs, but we will do so as safely as possible !

Buying a Home During a Pandemic 03/18/2020

Interesting perspective
Interest rates definitely support buying

Buying a Home During a Pandemic The coronavirus is scary. But those willing to enter the housing market have the benefit of low rates — and the wisdom of those who bought during the last crisis.


Hand sanitizer order comes in right in time!


Tuesday Topics
PMI: Private Mortgage Insurance
Private mortgage insurance is a monthly fee taken when a down payment is less than 20%
Depending on the type of loan you get for the mortgage, it may or not stop automatically once you reach the appropriate payoff:
-Conventional Mortgages automatically drop the PMI at around 20-22%
- FHA loans carry the PMI for the duration of the loan, or until refinanced. FHA loans are geared for borrowers that otherwise may not have qualified for a mortgage, either due to credit score or down payment needs.

What topics would you like to see covered? Comment/send me a message to have your questions answered!


Happy international Women's Day! Celebrate your achievements and strengths EVERY day 😊❤


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11 Secaucus Ln, East Islip, NY 11730 - MLS ID 3199483 - Coach Realtors 03/06/2020

Friday Features:

Check out this gorgeous, huge property in East Islip. It's already pending but I seem to have a preference for blue houses so I just had to share. And that ceiling! 😮❤

11 Secaucus Ln, East Islip, NY 11730 - MLS ID 3199483 - Coach Realtors OFFICIAL LISTING website. 11 Secaucus Ln, East Islip, NY 11730, 3 bedrooms, 1 bathrooms, asking price of $439,000, MLS ID 3199483

Recent Drop In Mortgage Rates Might Not Be The Last, Experts Say 03/04/2020

Great time to look into buying or refinancing!

Recent Drop In Mortgage Rates Might Not Be The Last, Experts Say Mortgage rates averaged 3.45% last week, but by Friday? They had dropped even more. And according to experts, the decline probably isn't over just yet.


Tuesday Topics:
Q: We're thinking of buying a house. Where do we start?

A: While the process is different for everyone, generally the best place to start is financial: Getting a preapproval.
Speak to a bank/credit union/mortgage broker and have them do an evaluation to see what you might be approved for, and if they recommend taking any other steps before you start looking at homes. I also suggest shopping around since different brokerages and banks/credit unions offer different programs and may approve for different rates

Not all, but most agents prefer to work with buyers that already completed this step because they want to make sure that you're not being shown houses you will not be approved for.

Want your business to be the top-listed Realtor/realty Service in East Islip?
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East Islip, NY

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