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We have the juice!

Feast your eyes on this weekend’s festival menu, prepared with love and local ingredients. Service from 3 pm to 86! 💥

Special thanks to our local producers All Souls Tortilleria, Diggers' Mirth Veggie Truck, Intervale Community Farm Cooperative, Maple Wind Farm and Snug Valley Farm!
I’m so honored by this surprise that arrived last week. In my time on the Working Lands Enterprise Board we made transformational investments to support businesses across Vermont, including some close to home including Screamin Ridge Farm, Fairmont Farm Inc., Winterwood Timber Frames, and Snug Valley Farm! Thank you Anson Tebbetts, Alyson Eastman, Laura Ginsberg and Lynn Ellen Schimoler for this recognition. There is more work to do together!

“The State of Vermont recognizes Ela Chapin for dedication and service as a member of the Working Lands Enterprise Board.
Thank you for your efforts to enhance the economies, culture, and communities of Vermont’s working landscape.”
I'm amazed at how good your smoked "uncured" ham is. It's the best ham I've ever had, cured or uncured. Every time I think of it, I salivate. I appreciate your explaining the difference between "cured" and "uncured". The biggest difference between cured and uncured is the fact that the uncured uses natural curing agents, such as celery powder, which transforms into nitrite when it is processed. Whereas "cured" ham, as defined by the FDA use synthetically sourced nitrates.
We work directly with a majority of the producers in our farm store: Svenfish, Frisky Cow Gelato, Terra Nova Coffee, Echo Farm Puddings, Picadilly Farm, Cheshire Garden, Five Sigma Farm, Snug Valley Farm & The Frozen Butcher, Manning Hill Farm
This gives us a much better understanding of the products we sell and keeps more money in our local economy
We are always open to new local products, send us a note if you have ideas!
✨The virtual auction to support CAE is live✨

Here’s your chance to support CAE while enjoying Vermont food, artisan goods, local experiences, and more. 🥖🧶☕️🍷🧀Your support is crucial to our work, and pairing it with the exciting items of our auction is like mashing two potatoes with one fork. 🥔🥔🍴We borrowed that metaphor from one of our farm clients, whose creativity (and food) fuel our work. Dig In. We have dozens of items to bid on, and more to come!

Exciting items include:

Tours of Jasper Hill Farm & Elmore Mountain Bread

Gift certificates to your favorite area businesses including:
Caja Madera Front Seat Coffee High Mowing Organic Seeds Pete's Greens Fire Tower Pizza Redsky Trading Snug Valley Farm & The Frozen Butcher Parker Pie Co. Stone City Vermont and more!

Family membership to Craftsbury Outdoor Center

A set of two handmade ceramic cups with the CAE logo

Picnic platter from the Craftsbury General Store Craftsbury General Store

Artisan crafts and so much more!
We just unpacked a whole cows worth of grass fed beef from Snug Valley Farm & The Frozen Butcher
New items include beef kielbasa and kebab meat for grilling out in the snow we're supposed to get tomorrow!
in Craftsbury tonight!
We love supporting our community!
Snug Valley Farm & The Frozen Butcher beef & Local vegetables!
Getting ready to feed the community! Saturday at Albany! Beef from Snug Valley Farm & The Frozen Butcher & Vegetables from Pete's Greens
Literally jumping for joy because this ridiculous year is almost over!

🎥: Snug Valley Farm
The time has finally come. It’s time for Pumpkin Stuffed With Everything Good!

Ten years ago, Bailey listened to an interview of Dorie Greenspan on NPR's Splendid Table. She was discussing her then brand new cookbook, and described this dish in detail.

He immediately went out and bought the book for me, and I’ve been making Pumpkin Stuffed with Everything Good ever since. I’ve prepared it countless times, and have really made it my own over the years, personalizing to our taste. We even served them at our wedding!

So what is it?

A pumpkin from Snug Valley Farm & The Frozen Butcher is stuffed with housemade rosemary focaccia, Ardelia Farm & Co.'s bacon and sausage, roasted brussels sprouts, apples, toasted pecans, VT Cranberry Co. cranberries, cubes of cheddar, parmesan, sautéed onions and garlic, herbs, and heavy cream. All things delicious.

It is then baked for a couple hours until the pumpkin meat is tender. The cooked pumpkin can be plunked down on the table and served with a big spoon for scooping into shallow bowls; or if you’re feeling brave (and messy), it can be sliced and served as wedges!

The pumpkins will be delivered unbaked, ready for you to simply stick in the oven. Each pumpkin can easily feed up to eight adults, so this would be the perfect dish for a socially distanced autumnal dinner party with your loved ones.

Get ready to fall in love: Ordering opens at noon on Friday. I am so excited to share this very special dish with all of you!
We love Snug Valley Farm & The Frozen Butcher! Our beautiful dinner! Best service, best meat and just the best!
Anyone ordering the Snug Valley Whopper for dinner tonight? 😋

Local beef from Snug Valley Farm & The Frozen Butcher, Jasper Hill Farm Vault Cheddar from, shredded romaine, pickled onions, tomato, and house fry sauce.
This week’s Kingdom Direct dinner party is a Vermont cheeseboard. It looks like more warm weather is on its way, so keep the oven turned off and head down to the waterfront or out to your patio and enjoy a selection of cheeses from Sweet Rowen Farmstead, Vermont Creamery, and Jasper Hill Farm, served with house-made whole wheat crackers, marinated olives, rosemary roasted nuts, dried fruits, radishes from Pete's Greens, and a jar of wildflower honey from Green Mountain Bee Farm, LLC If you’re in the Burlington area, we suggest picking up a bottle of ZAFA Wines to pair with this meal.

Several new items have been added to the lineup this week including drunken noodles (pad kee mao), chicken salad made with Vermont cranberries & toasted almonds, burger buns, bbq bacon mac & cheese with sweet and spicy house made bbq and Snug Valley Farm & The Frozen Butcher bacon, and much more. Bailey’s jelly jar arrangements are as cute as ever. Varieties and colors vary, but they will all be fresh and beautiful.

Ordering is open until noon on Sunday at
Just arrived is the Snug Valley Farm freshly ground beef. Snug Valley Farm & The Frozen Butcher
Before and after! Handmade pasta! Jasper Hill Farm cheese! Snug Valley Farm & The Frozen Butcher beef!
When you place an order with us through email or over the phone ask about our LeBlanc Family Farm, Snug Valley Farm and Pete’s Greens products. Pete's Greens Snug Valley Farm & The Frozen Butcher LeBlanc Family Farm

Email: [email protected]
Grocery: (802)-533-2621
Hardware: (802)-533-2554

Local, 100% grass-fed beef, pasture-raised non-GMO pork, grass-fed lamb and pumpkins! Order weekly b We feed our own Vermont-grown hay to our steers.

Snug Valley Farm is a local family farm that produces grass-fed grass-finished beef, pasture-raised non-GMO pork, grass-fed lamb and pumpkins galore. Our bovines and pigs graze leisurely on rolling hill pastures with scenic vistas. All of our farm fresh meat is tender, juicy, and healthy; no hormones, no stimulants, no additives. YouTube:


Wishing you all a Happy New Year from Helm, Nancy, Kelly, Fritz and Ben Nottermann at Snug Valley Farm. We are so thankful to have such incredible customers, farm partners, friends and family. Looking forward to connecting more in 2023!


Looks great!

Grab a dinner date and one of our dinner plates for two! We’ve been loving the new Pork Platter – pork ribs, sausage, brined pork chop, and candied parsnips.


The pumpkins are calling! Stop by this weekend for the best selection. Open Daily 9-6.


Can’t wait to eat some Snug Valley Farm Whole Hog BBQ tonight thanks to pit master Levi Chase!!
-Come after 4.
-Pasture walk at 5.
-Whole Hog BBQ, Chicken from Hillside Farm / Pearce's Pastured Poultry, Fries & Potluck at 6.
-Music at 7.

It’s not too late to join the party!

Vermont Fresh Network (VFN)


Happy Open Farm Week. Tomorrow is looking like a great day for a farm party! Do you have your tickets yet? We can’t wait to see you. (ticket sales pay the band, bbq pit master, bathroom and table rental)

4:00 PM - Party Starts (say hello, purchase some meat to take home and from our other vendors)
4:45 PM - Arrive by this time if you’d like to go on the pasture walk
5:00 PM - Pasture Walk
6:00 PM - Dinner
7:00 PM - Music and Dancing

BYOB, bring a dish to pass if you’d like, picnic blankets and lawn chairs welcome, and don’t forget a cooler if you’d like to purchase meat to take home.

Vermont Fresh Network (VFN)

Photos from Snug Valley Farm's post 08/01/2022

A babysitter was enlisted and so the farmers all went out to play last night for the Vermont Fresh Network (VFN)’s Annual Forum Dinner. Restaurants committed to serving local food partner up with us farmers to create tastings of some of the most delicious food and drink you’ve ever had. We were excited to partner with Burlington Beer Company and Bleu Northeast Kitchen this year.

Snug Valley Farm Pasture Walk & Whole Hog BBQ Potluck 07/20/2022

Snug Valley Farm Pasture Walk & Whole Hog BBQ Potluck

Do you have your tickets yet to our August 13 Open Farm Week event?!

We will show you around the farm where you'll see our grass-fed beef grazing on pasture, pigs out on pasture and fluffy sheep. Farmer Ben Nottermann will talk about the true meaning of regenerative agriculture and how our animals help sequester carbon and rebuild soil health. Afterward, we will enjoy a whole hog BBQ and potluck dinner with live music from our local farmer friends and dance into the evening together! You won't want to miss it!

Snug Valley Farm Pasture Walk & Whole Hog BBQ Potluck Help us celebrate Open Farm Week with a pasture walk, pot luck, whole hog BBQ and live music from our farmer friends.

Photos from Snug Valley Farm's post 07/11/2022

Fritz and Kelly are on their way to a week of camping so they made a snack pit stop. Did you know you can find our Snug Valley Farm Meats at Sweet Roots VT in Charlotte?!?! And blueberry picking is open! Double yum.


Fresh batch of pigs out on grass today. We are calling this group Team Reno, as they are renovating old, slow growing pasture. After the group does their work on the ground, we will follow them with the harrows and reseed for grazing in future summers.

Photos from Snug Valley Farm's post 06/11/2022

Looking for fresh cuts of Snug Valley Farm grass-fed beef and pasture raised pork?! Head over to Libbey's Meat Market in Lyndonville! Their artisan butchers do an amazing job, and they carry cheese, veggies, and fruit so you can build the perfect meal. It’s definitely worth a little drive into the Northeast Kingdom. You can also check out our website to find out where to buy:

Photos from Snug Valley Farm's post 05/29/2022

First day of first cut here at Snug Valley Farm. Winter is coming!

Photos from Snug Valley Farm's post 05/26/2022

If you see this hardworking farmer today, wish him a SUPER HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY. He deserves it! He will likely be found in a field, on a tractor, grilling meat or wearing socks with sandals.


Tonight’s dinner special is an in-season dandelion salad on a bed of lush spring greens. In fact, this salad doesn’t get any fresher and for those spending the night, there will be another fresh dandelion and greens salad for breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner, supper, and dessert. It’s so tasty, we promise you’ll never get sick of it.


Memorial Day Weekend is almost here so it's time to get that grill going and enjoy the weather! To help you celebrate, we've decided to put some of our more popular steaks on special for this week only! Order now if you'd like Strip Steak, Sirloin Steak or Rib Eye, and we also have eggs on sale because our hens are laying like crazy! The ordering deadline for doorstep deliveries across Northern Vermont is tonight (Monday) at 5 pm.

And this week we have a student following Ben and Loren around on the farm, learning about regenerative agriculture. She's getting a first-hand look at how we use management intensive grazing to rebuild soil health and sequester carbon while producing 100% grass-fed beef.

Photos from Snug Valley Farm's post 05/18/2022

Thank you for following along with us today for to see a little of a day in the life at Snug Valley Farm in East Hardwick, VT. We appreciate you learning where your local food comes from and seeing the time and energy we put in to produce proteins for your plate while taking care of the land we graze our animals upon. We deliver 💯 grassfed beef, pork and lamb plus countless other partner farm products to your doorstep every week all across northern Vermont. Order on for weekly doorstep delivery! All the best, Ben, Fritz, Kelly, Helm and Nancy Nottermann

Photos from Snug Valley Farm's post 05/18/2022

Kicking out another 70 yearlings onto grass today with Loren. Grazing with a view!


Turn out day is our favorite day here on the farm. It is followed by the first day of haying and the last day of haying (in that order). Cheers to the beginning of grazing season!


This is a post about a post. Getting ready for grazing season with 225 fence posts going in the ground for high tensile fence. This will allow us to graze an additional 50 acres this year. *Also, note the versatility of the small hatchback ferrying posts for this post in the background.

Photos from Snug Valley Farm's post 04/30/2022

It’s looking like more lambs are on the way today and Alison Kraus already had twins, Dr. Eggman and Knuckles, this morning! Lambert had the most beautiful lamb yesterday, Sonic (the Hedgehog). We released Dashi and Captain Barnacles and their mommas back into the general population to make way for these new babies. Very exciting lambing season happening over here!

Photos from Snug Valley Farm's post 04/27/2022

Lamb Report: no new lambs today but yesterday we welcomed a single and two sets of twins thanks to Trix, Loganberry and Cloverworks 113: Captain Barnacles, Professor Inkling, Tweak, Shellington and Peso. We expect more of the ewes will lamb in the next day or two and Fritz is ready with more names.

Photos from Snug Valley Farm's post 04/25/2022

We have some very exciting farm news today! Sometime early this morning our first lamb of the season was born. June gave birth to Dashi. This year’s naming theme will be Fritz’s favorite characters. Dashi is a character on a show about sea creatures call The Octonauts. AND we now have plastic on our greenhouse so we can start pumpkin plants soon!

Photos from Snug Valley Farm's post 03/20/2022

Happy Spring Equinox! Yesterday we hosted a sheep shearing workshop at the farm as our ladies needed to shed their coats to prepare for lambing (due dates are end of April). We were very lucky to have such amazing shearers Mary Lake of Can Do Shearing and her apprentice Leslie, and knowledgeable fiber experts Katie of Bobolink Yarns and Prin of Sterling College, to be here yesterday teaching other farmers and future farmers interested in wool, fiber arts and sheep health!

Photos from Snug Valley Farm's post 02/20/2022

Sometimes pigs checks on Sundays turn into pig hangouts.

Photos from Snug Valley Farm's post 01/19/2022

We had our professional taste tester of Snug Valley Farm Dog Treats pose for some photos with our updated packaging and the outtakes are too good not to share. Don't worry, she was properly compensated for her modeling services. 😋

Photos from Snug Valley Farm's post 12/12/2021

Checked on pigs and sheep this afternoon with Farmer Fritz and everyone is happy in their wintering shelters.

Photos from Snug Valley Farm's post 12/10/2021

Today, 12/10, marks 222 days of grazing for the 2021 season. We wrapped up our grazing season by rolling out hay for our groups out on pasture. We started the season in drought conditions from May well into July and finished out the fall with below average rainfall. Did that mess up our grazing plans? No, rather it forced us to make decisions based on the conditions and adapt how we grazed our animals. Thanks to all those who helped with advice and guidance along the way Troy Bishopp & Brian Maloney and for the super sweet giant grazing chart.

Photos from Snug Valley Farm's post 12/04/2021

After our morning farm chores, we spent the sunny afternoon checking out a winter market in Greensboro and ran into many friends, including Hannah of Hillside Farm / Pearce's Pastured Poultry vending cider and chickens, and Karen of Dusty Swamp Provisions (our friend and delivery driver) vending soaps and salves.

If you’d like chicken in your weekly delivery, we carry Hannah’s incredibly delicious chickens. Orders are due by Monday at 5 pm!

Photos from Snug Valley Farm's post 11/30/2021

Grazing Report: According to Farmer Ben, we have about 10-12 days of grazing left before the cattle and sheep are all settled into their wintering areas where they will start enjoying some delicious round bales thanks to the hard work put in all summer by the farmers. Ben estimates we will make it 218-220 total days of grazing this year, which will be a record year of animals on grass.

Photos from Snug Valley Farm's post 11/28/2021

Today we welcomed a special AirBnBaaaaaa guest to the farm. Bernie’s Mittens is visiting from another farm and will be staying with the flock for a month or two to provide our ladies with love and attention. Due dates will be in late April. This handsome ram is a registered Border Leicester and will create some beautiful lambs with incredible quality Coopworth wool.

Photos from Snug Valley Farm's post 10/24/2021

Fixed the water for the herd and then noticed our friend Brent flying around. Brent helped us out a lot last year on the farm.

Photos from Snug Valley Farm's post 10/20/2021

We carved our Ben’s Pumpkins with Mr. Ben Pumpkin and Jr. Pumpkin. Have you carved yours yet? Show us your pumpkin creations!


These are completely normal alarms, right? Right?!!

Photos from Snug Valley Farm's post 09/26/2021

Guess what?! It’s pumpkin season! We are still harvesting but we already have an assortment on the front lawn.


Today is moving day for this group of 50 head. We finished up our second rotation on this 40 acre parcel, now on to some great feed two miles up the road. This group flowed very smoothly into the portable corral, it made my morning for sure.

Photos from Snug Valley Farm's post 08/28/2021

It’s moooving time! Fritz and Maggie came along to help. Weekly orders are due by Monday at 5 pm for delivery right to your doorstep Wed/Thurs or for pickup at the farm! We hope everyone is soaking up the last bits of summer like we are and we are so thankful for you all.


Grass fed beef + pastured pork = bacon cheeseburger on the hoof.

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    Fresh batch of pigs out on grass today. We are calling this group Team Reno, as they are renovating old, slow growing pa...
    Turn out day is our favorite day here on the farm. It is followed by the first day of haying and the last day of haying ...
    This is a post about a post. Getting ready for grazing season with 225 fence posts going in the ground for high tensile ...
    Today is moving day for this group of 50 head. We finished up our second rotation on this 40 acre parcel, now on to some...
    Grass fed beef + pastured pork = bacon cheeseburger on the hoof.
    New bacon bits!
    Sometimes it just takes a pig hangout to put everything into perspective. They also enjoyed chewing on my boots.
    We still don’t know why the chicken crossed the road, but we sure know why our beef did. To get to the grass of course! ...
    TGIF Happy Hour Lamb Cam




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