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Eagle pass needs BETTER mayor and city council that will fix the roads and do a good job tbh not just dirt🙄🌝
I am announcing the passing of Raul Flores Jr. . Born and raised in E.P. he spent his adult life in American Falls ID. With the family of his aunt Maria Correa
i’d like to bring an attention to whoever owns this snap account. they’ve been harassing my friends and i to send them photos of us, n**e. black mailing us and saying that if we don’t send them pictures they’d “expose us”. the person would pretend to be a girl to get us girls easier. after posting this a good friend of mine said “lmao so they’re back” i asked what they meant, they said that while he was in germany, the person vvvv with the snap account asked my friend for his ex’s n**es. after he refused, the anonymous person threatened to “expose him”. my friend told me that they’ve been doing this for 2 years, i personally dm’d the person, aski mf why they’re doing this, all they responded with is “do you have an onlyfans ?” who knows that they could be doing this to girls under the age of 18, who knows what they’re doing with the pictures if he successfully gets some, maybe trade or selling them. i know that whoever this person is, has made more than one account to blackmail and trick girls into sending them n**es, asking them for more and if they don’t, they threaten to expose them. i’ve checked this persons instagram and they have no face, posts, followers etc. whoever knows who this person is, or can find out, please let me know, this needs to stop. low life guy literally has nothing to do !! that is very sad. be careful who you talk with online ! no matter how much they make themselves look like a nice person.
Please help find Chase Lackey. Been missing since 2017, Please share this post to everyone. SOMEBODY KNOWS SOMETHING!
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Te regalo tu Lona y Volante Demos para Ventas de Inmediato!
Mañana 3 de Noviembre Todos a festejar el triunfo de
Donald Trump.
latinos en EEUU. con TRUMP.
🇺🇸 To decide, READ
Trump has a heart ❤️ and creates JOBS.
Biden lies: Nobody in the World can get the virus under control before we have a vaccine.
Trump condemned White Suprematists many times.
VIDEOS Evidence:
- Trump chose the first black Chief of Staff of the Air Force, General Charles Q. Brown Jr.
Trump honored Martin Luther King Jr Federal Holiday, the 20 january.
he honored M.L.King Jr many times.
He paid for eye surgery for 300 Haitians.
“As we celebrate LGBT Pride Month and recognize the outstanding contributions LGBT people have made to our great nation, let us stand in solidarity with the many LGBT people who live in dozens of countries who punish, imprison or even execute individuals. »
Trump May 31, 2019
No racist nor anti-LGBT would have say it.
2020: « For the first time, half of the top leaders of the National Security Council are women. . .the women of the House Blanche enjoyed the historic premiere, ” The Federalist.

He chose Richard Grenell as US chief intelligence.
He's gay

Trump signed a bill making animal cruelty a federal crime, claiming the move would help us be "more responsible and humane stewards of our planet." ❤️

Ouïgours camps: Trump blocks imports from Xinjiang.

Biden praised Robert Byrd (K*K leader) calling him a friend, mentor and Guide.
Biden is friend with Cair, an american islamist organization.
Biden fixed nothing since 1973,, instigated violence between police and riots, then lied accusing Trump.
Democrat party destroys unity in USA.
Economy: Trump is the best
A vote for Trump is a vote for jobs
With Trump, America built the strongest economy ever seen. Before covid the unemployment rate dropped to its lowest level in half a century, income inequality fell.
The Covid destroyed jobs, but blaming Trump is libel. In balance, he has created 60 millions of jobs, despite the covid.
Trump created over 60 million jobs: the fastest recovery in history !
Biden with a pandemic would never created 60 M jobs, he is unable of it.
All would be worse with Biden.
Only Trump defends our civilization, Biden has a communist project that destroys our values, he supports Islamists, Hezbollah and anti-Semites, flouting human rights.
Trump eliminated Soleimani, then Al-Rimi.
International: Trump succeeds where others fail, he could have won the peace Nobel prize

Democrats did like in germany in 1933, burning books, destroying culture, with censorship.
When you unbolt the statue of churchill, the one who liberated europe from na**sm, you are fascist. we can say that we are anti-racist, anti-slavery, nothing helps: unbolt the incarnation of resistance to Na**sm is to be fascist.
The Democrat Party has become radicalized, it is dangerous for our planet.
Do Democrats Understand What They Are Supporting?
With Biden, russia, china, Iran and islamists Wins.
With Trump, America wins.
Black civil rights attorney Leo Terrell supports the re-election of Trump.
BLM was created in 2013 by Qu**rs and Marxists, but quickly is invaded by radical black supremacists, and radical Islamists from Nation Of Islam
Why are islamists leaders in this “peaceful” organization ?
It became more a communist than an antiracist organization, which manipulates people: asking a socialist and islamic revolution, this is censured.
A young woman was killed by BLM for saying that All lives matter.
May 30, BLM attacked and destroyed the Jewish quarter of Fairfax Avenue in West Hollywood. Shops destroyed, 5 synagogues and 3 Jewish schools degraded with racist graffitis, and chants « F**k the Police and Kill the Je*s »
The rabbi Raichik described the riot as "a new Kristallnacht".
Biden's response, Democrats: silence.
In San Diego, BLM asked the destruction of Israel, with anti-Semitic slogans.
L.A. BLM Melina Abdullah fomented antisemitic violence.
Democrats organized a boycott of the Jerusalem embassy celebration.
Heartfelt Trump has enough black friends to show Democrats vilify him for a ruthless campaign.
We saw Trump next to M. Jackson or M. Ali.
Biden's son works with China.
Kamala harris family had a plantation with slaves.
Biden is under federal criminal investigation:
Biden never criticized antisemitic from democrat leaders, he has no empathy !
Biden = destruction of the West and rise of islamism
Many blacks do not support BLM, because Black AND All lives matter.. and this is destroying american unity.
People are racists, not statues: the only answer is the education: at schools !
We are All Equal
Did Obama reformed the police after murders ?
Did they fight against racism at school ?
Biden said Publicly he will contact Hezbollah and Islamist leaders.
USA don’t need illegals or racist migrants
Trump always defends Veterans, not the democrats
Biden loses his memory, has no personality. Secretary says her mental health has declined further: he is not credible.
George Floyd was killed by a Democrat police. ( Dangerous Floyd was selling drugs, was in jail, attacked a woman with a gun and said he will kill her baby)

For Police and Health affairs, each states are independent of the White House.

Black and All lives matter, together, vote Trump !
Trump helped blacks and hispanics more than democrats: they were the first beneficiaries of the jobs created by Trump.
Trump applied the electoral program: he fought against discrimination in hiring against blacks and legal Hispanics.
There is no more racism now in usa than 5 years ago.

No politician can really stop the pandemic until a vaccine is found,
Trump mobilized New factories, and laboratories for protective equipment, testing supplies, therapeutics, and vaccines.
“I am a nurse for 27 years, the response to the pandemic has actually been President Trump's greatest achievement, ”
“He was the one who banned all travel at the beginning of February. In January, no other elected officials who were thinking about COVID, because they had moved on to impeachment. Biden, was vice president for 8 years, so why was he not prepared for a pandemic ? Trump has done a pretty good job. I am impressed with how he got help from the private sector to help get a vaccine in place. He developed new fans. Everything went well " Source : CNN LIVE TV

Trump did the right thing right away !
There is much more deaths per millions of inhabitants, in many countries, exemple in Belgium, than in USA.
Democrats said nobody needed masks, pelosi said it Feb 24th in san Francisco chinatown, and said it was racist to block planes from China
Democrats , like Cuomo in NY, refused to close schools: children bring the covid at home ! Democrats are guilty and killed many people, not Trump.
Trump’s “Made-in-America” strategy is important for restarting our economy—and essential for restoring our country’s promise.
The traditional Gallup end of mandate survey has been released:
56% of Americans say they are better under Trump than they were four years ago (under Obama-Biden). A record.
With Trump it's the rule of law, jobs and freedoms guaranteed, but with Biden it's anarchy, destroyed suburbs and a clear risk of societal implosion.
Trump fought hard for you and for the country, for our civilization
An american worker who votes for biden commits su***de and destroys the future of his children.
A vote for Trump is a vote for Jobs, freedom and equality.
You need Trump: VOTE TRUMP

Breaking News for Eagle Pass, Texas, and surrounding south TX communities. Breaking news and information for Eagle Pass and surrounding communities.

In English and Spanish.

Operating as usual

Photos from EPTXN - Eagle Pass, Texas News's post 07/29/2022

On July 23, 2022 approximately 9:29am A DCSO Deputy assisted USBP with a vehicle pursuit headed towards Big Wells, TX. The pursuit with the vehicle was terminated on interstate 35 with assisting agencies who are Dilley PD. The driver and two occupants were detained on the scene also three fi****ms were recovered inside the vehicle one of the fi****ms being stolen out of Houston,Tx. Dimmit county Sheriff.S office


Se solicita ayuda para poder localizar al joven
El cruzo la frontera entrando por Matamoros Tamaulipas a territorio de Texas el pasado 5 de mayo 2022 y la ultima comunicacion fue el 7 de mayo 2022,por favor si alguien lo a visto puede llamar al número 4015363382 muchas gracias y espero en Dios un milagro 🙏


4-Day Report…
- 291 lbs. of M**h
- 138 lbs. of Co***ne
- 14 lbs. of He**in
- 7 lbs. of Fentanyl
- 1,517 migrants, 7 Large Groups
- 54 migrants, 5 Stash Houses
- 5 S*x Offenders
- 5 Felons
- 3 Felony Warrants
- 16 Rescues

The numbers speak for themselves.
Great Work!

US Border Patrol


Two days in a row, two more dangerous criminals arrested by the men and women of the Del Rio Sector.
Both men were previously convicted s*x offenders attempting to slip across our border without being detected. This is the threat. This is why border security. US Border Patrol Del Rio Sector


Angel Ruben Vazquez Patiño
Fecha de nacimiento 17 de enero del 1991
Edad 31años
Nacionalidad Mexicana originario de Celaya Guanajuato
Estatura 1.64
Peso 75
Color de cabello café castaño
Color de ojos cafés claro
tiene un lunar a lado del ojo derecho
Una cicatriz en la ceja izquierda
Pantalón de mezclilla
Camisa camuflajeada
Botas de trabajo industriales
La última comunicación con el fue el día
9 de junio del 2022
El guía lo dejo en el cruce por que se puso mal fue por piedras negras hacia Eagle pass lo dejó porque que ya no pudo seguir
Su llamada puede ser anónima
Tel en Mexico
O bien 4611445945
Y tel en
Carolina del Norte
919 519-3756
En Texas 323 652 6251

Photos from EPTXN - Eagle Pass, Texas News's post 07/29/2022

Another round of isolated showers and storms east of I-35 is expected this afternoon. Otherwise, the forecast remains mostly dry and hot with temperatures rising by a couple degrees mid-next week.


Eagle pass police Department

Photos from EPTXN - Eagle Pass, Texas News's post 07/28/2022

Last week, Texas Department of Public Safety - Southeast Texas Region CID Special Agents along with
multiple law enforcement partners arrested a multitude of defendants for solicitation of prostitution during a two day operation.

Some were arrested for additional felonies. One arrested is a s*x offender.


Todo un exito entrega de despensa en el Maverick County lake.

Este Jueves 28 de Julio se llevo acabo otra entrega de despensa en el laguito del Condado donde se beneficiaron 350 familias de nuestra comunidad.
Rosy Cantu Comisionada del Pct#2 estuvo presente en esta entrega de despensa asi como voluntarios del Condado de Maverick y el personal de South Texas Food Bank de Laredo Texas.

Photos from EPTXN - Eagle Pass, Texas News's post 07/28/2022

Maverick County Sheriff Tom Schmerber and other members of the Sheriff’s Department assisted the Sheriffs’ Association of Texas Conference in Fort Worth this week. Along with over 250 Sheriffs from around the state, the Sheriff’s Department attended the Annual conference which focused on improving the safety of communities in Texas. Key topics presented during the conference include security, illegal immigration, drug trafficking, as well as recent changes made to both state and national laws. Additionally, tactical equipment and new security processes were discussed and showcased during the conference.

Photos from EPTXN - Eagle Pass, Texas News's post 07/28/2022

🇺🇸 Happening Now:
Del Rio Sector invited members of the media and local stakeholders to join in and experience their Border Safety Event. They showed the dangers of crossing the border illegally and being smuggled in extreme temperatures and unimaginable conditions. Some invitees even took part in a rescue, involving a litter carry to experience first hand what agents do to render aid in remote areas.

Thank you to all the media and stakeholders who attended. …… US. Border patrol Del Rio Sector


The grueling heat is not the only danger migrants face when attempting illegal entry.
Eagle Pass agents assigned to the Marine Unit rescued a family of four: all of whom were in distress and caught in the river’s strong current.
The family included three young adult females, and a one-year-old child! US Border Patrol Del Rio Sector


Sus Familia lo Busca Alberto Calderón Hernández
Se extravió el día 24 de junio de este año. Su destino era Texas
Ya había cruzado el río bravo y el cenizo para salir por espejo Molina TX, estaba a 10 min. De la carretera 14 entre las 10:30am. Y 11:00am. Supuestamente tuvo un paro cardíaco y lo abandonaron entre la maleza y hasta ahora no se sabe nada de el.
Su edad es de 28 años y es de Veracruz. Les pido buenos samaritanos que si llegan a saber algo de el se comuniquen al número; 999 366 5672.

Photos from EPTXN - Eagle Pass, Texas News's post 07/28/2022

A few chances for isolated showers and storms across the Coastal Plains, especially today and Friday. High temperatures will remain fairly steady in the upper 90s to low 100s for most.


Si tuvo un problema con la ley !! I nesesita una fianza para recuperar su libertad llame a la compañía con más de 20 años de experiencia que está disponible los 7 días de la semana las 24 horas. Llama a Cantu's Bailbonds

Photos from EPTXN - Eagle Pass, Texas News's post 07/27/2022

RGV continues to work with @TXDPSSOUTH to thwart migrant smuggling. Four interdictions led to 35 arrests and the seizure of 235lbs MJ. Read more about how smugglers continue to place migrants lives in danger.

US Border patrol Del Rio Sector


Congratulations Monica Garza
We wish you nothing but the very BEST for your future, opportunities and challenges !!!
God Bless!

Our firm would like to congratulate all of our scholarship recipients. Pictured here is Monica Garza, a future University of Texas Longhorn. We wish her continued success in all her future endeavors.


Law Enforcement partnerships lead to 50 arrests in the Rio Grande Valley Sector. Great work by everyone involved!

US Border Patrol RGV Sector


Today marks the start of Viva Big Bend's 11th season with live music in Alpine, Marathon, Marfa, Fort Davis, and Terlingua!
There are more than 60 shows scheduled throughout the 5 days of the event and something for everyone to enjoy, even the kids!

If you have the time, be sure to check it out to support the small businesses and musicians making this event happen!

For a list of venues, tickets, and the lineup schedule, please check out https://vivabigbend.com/


On July 21, Texas National Guard personnel assigned to the Laredo South station encountered an unresponsive adult female near Rio Bravo, Texas.

Immediately, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) was administered to the female by both Texas National Guard and US Border Patrol agents until an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) arrived on scene.

After an hour and a half of non-stop life saving measures, the adult female was pronounced deceased. After a search of the subject’s belongings, no identification card was found. Therefore, yielding no name or country of origin for the…… US Border patrol laredo Sector

Photos from EPTXN - Eagle Pass, Texas News's post 07/27/2022

There is a slight chance for showers and storms along and east of I-35 this afternoon, with additional isolated showers and storms possible across the Coastal Plains in the coming days. Some could get lucky, but hot and dry conditions continue for most.


La salle County Sheriff.s Office

First responders on an accident scene scene on FM624 approximately 20 miles out of Cotulla. Expect delays if traveling that area.


Not all Heroes wear capes…
Four Lordsburg Station Agents from El Paso Sector responded to a distress call in the Animas Mountains. Upon their arrival, they encountered a juvenile with injuries, leaving him unable to walk. The four agents alternated, “Fireman Carrying” the juvenile one-mile down the mountain.

US Border Patrol El Paso Sector

Photos from EPTXN - Eagle Pass, Texas News's post 07/26/2022

US Border patrol Del Rio Sector

agents' rapid response leads to the of two unresponsive migrants in a canal‼️

Additionally, agents rescued migrants from drowning in the Rio Grande and save lost migrants in vast ranch land.


WESLACO – The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) during Operation Lone Star (OLS) seized 42 pounds of co***ne, after a Texas Highway Patrol Trooper stopped a commercial motor vehicle for a safety inspection in Starr County.

On July 22, 2022, a DPS Trooper stopped a Freightliner truck tractor semi-trailer for a commercial motor vehicle safety inspection on US 83 in Rio Grande City. During a roadside interview, the Trooper determined inconsistencies with the driver’s destination and cargo. The vehicle was escorted to the Pharr Port of Entry for further inspection which resulted in the discovery of 15 bundles containing co***ne concealed in an aftermarket compartment inside the trailer.
The driver was arrested and charged with possession of controlled substance and taken to the Starr County Jail. The drugs have an estimated street value of $345,000.

Since OLS began in March 2021, DPS has seized more than seven thousand pounds of co***ne statewide.
South Texas Region DPS


Eagle Pass police Department


Hebbronville Station agents arrest a Gulf Carter Member.

On July 20, Hebbronville Station US Border Patrol agents arrested Nelson Garcia-Flores in a ranch south of HW285 near Hebbronville, Texas. During intake and vetting, record checks revealed Garcia-Flores was an active Gulf Carter member.

Garcia-Flores has over a dozen prior arrests, from various cities in South Texas including Brownsville, Eagle Pass, Del Rio, and Kingsville, Texas. Garcia-Flores was referred for prosecution after illegal re-entry.

Photos from EPTXN - Eagle Pass, Texas News's post 07/26/2022

Hoy, martes 26 de julio, el Consulado de México en Eagle Pass y la Ventanilla de Salud, llevaron a cabo el último taller de dibujo infantil de este verano 2022, promoviendo el arte y la salud de los niños de nuestra comunidad.

Gracias a la Maestra de Arte Eunice Cardenas y a la Dra. Laura Chami por su colaboración y apoyo continuo.

Instituto de los Mexicanos en el Exterior SRE


Meet Juan Felipe Sanchez-Martinez.
This Mexican national has a previous conviction for Indecency with a Child, S*xual Contact.

Thankfully, agents from the Uvalde station were able to apprehend this predator and prevent him from making it into our communities.

More: bit.ly/3J6sHXh. U S Border Patrol Del Rio Rio Sector


JULY 26, 2022.

Parker County Sheriff’s Criminal Investigations Division is seeking the public’s assistance in locating a missing juvenile.
Carmalita Jene “Carman” Peters, 14, texted her father that she was walking to Dollar General on Highway 51 North in Parker County around 8 p.m., Saturday evening.
Carman is classified as a runaway due to the reports from her family that she may have run off to be with friends.
Sheriff’s investigators believe Carman was picked up from the Dollar General and was given a ride to Shady Grove Park in Azle, around 9:30 p.m., Saturday. She was last seen around 11:30 p.m., Saturday at the park with friends. Carman was last known to be wearing a black shirt, black shorts and black running shoes. She has shoulder-length, cropped dark brown hair with a purple tint. She has brown eyes and is approximately 6-feet tall, weighing about 160-pounds.
Anyone with information is urged to contact the Parker County Sheriff’s Office at (817) 594-8845. You may remain anonymous by contacting Parker County Crime Stoppers at (817) 599-5555. Crime Stoppers will pay up to a $1,000 reward for information leading to the save recovery of Carman.
You may also submit an anonymous tip online by logging onto www.parkercountysheriff.net under the tip411 link.

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Polo vielma cordinador de operaciones especiales del condado de maverick
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Back to School   En eagle pass
Mujer de Eagle pass  mordida  por 2  perros   Federico Garza jefe de policia de eagle pass nos da mas informacion
Daniel Gutierrrez  socio del campo de golf de la ciudad de eagle pass  pide  alas autoridades mas seguridad en este camp...



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