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Good Morning! I am a researcher studying the history mainly of Kinney County. I am looking for anyone who attended the Quemado Methodist Church. I would like to include any information I can find in my history work. Thank you!



Lost bulldog in eagle pass...For more info contact me on messenger !!
"Roxxy Mendoza" (born 8/6/85) In Eagle Pass,Texas is a Mexican/American, Spanish Regional and Cumbia singer-songwriter and performance artist, known for her flamboyant costumes, provocative lyrics, and strong vocal talents, who achieved enormous underground success with songs such as “EL QERENDON” “LA ROBA MARIDOS,” and “AMOR DE TRES” Just to name a few. Now on the verge of her new debut album "SIMPLEMENTE ROxXY" on Mezcal Muzik, she is ready to take on the national circuit as the lead singer of her band "GRUPO TEJAZZ" and with a new partnership with super producer & CEO of Mezcal Muzik "HYDRO BASS" and Texas powerhouse The E.L.S.A Foundation The sky's the limit for this South Texas songstress. "ROXXY" has performed live all over South Texas and Mexico and has opened show's for, Tejano music legands: Shelly Lares, Oscar G, Tony Guerrero, Christopher Ramirez, Erika Renee, La Justicia Band, Ismael Gutierrez, Ruben Ramos, La Sonora De Anadita to name a few. RoxXY has also worked with Adrian Diaz Leader of El Gran Sabor and Manuel Garcia, Carmen Raveena, Ricardo Salinas to produce her first project the future look's bright for RoxXy MendoZa please support Thank You contact info Bernardo (HYDRO BASS) Zuniga (MEZCAL MUZIK) 210-537-7010 or [email protected]
Que. Bien.
El Mejor Informativo del sur de Texas.
Well first of all I know this is a selling group.. but I seriously need to say this...
To the JP for precint 2


I have been looking for you and trying to get ahold of you for the past months for your help with my husband who has an addiction to m**h .. you have never even returned any of my calls or even bothered to come into your office for any appointments... And yet today you just let him walk out of jail on a signature bond...
Did you even pay attention to the person that you had in front of you? Because if you did, there is no way that you could not notice that the person needed help. Oh my bad... You're trying to be nice so that we can go vote for you again when it's voting time right??? Because all you care about is the title of Justice of the Peace but in reality you have done nothing for the residents of your precint.. and sure as f**k not keeping the peace..

People please share.. I want this message to reach her one way or the other

The News Gram has been a trusted source for the latest news and sports for Maverick County and the s The News Gram is a regular sized newspaper (6 Col.

x 21"). We are the only bilingual newspaper in the area and have been conducting business since 1986. The News Gram is distributed free of charge in Maverick County businesses and homes.

Operating as usual


The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) is investigating a one-vehicle fatal crash that occurred on Wednesday, May 11, 2022, at approximately 6:20 AM on FM 117, approximately 19 miles south of Batesville, in Zavala County.

Preliminary investigation revealed a 1997 Kenworth Truck Tractor was traveling southbound on FM 117. The truck tractor left roadway into the east barrow ditch, striking a pole, fence and then rolled on its left side. Due to injuries sustained, the driver, Blas Pena Jr., 54 YOA, a resident of Eagle Pass, was pronounced at the scene by Justice of Peace Judge Paula Deleon. DPS Troopers are further investigating this fatal crash.


‼️ PSA: Effective immediately, as 8:45am, EPWWS is lifting all water conservation restrictions. Operations are back to normal and we will continue to work hard to provide our Community with excellent service. We would like to thank our citizens of Eagle Pass and Maverick County for working together with EPWWS. ‼️


May 7, 2022

Notice is hereby given that a state of emergency has been determined to exist in the city water supply and the possible failure of certain water membranes at the Roberto Gonzalez Regional Water Treatment Plant. The regulations imposed by section 27-9(c) of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Eagle Pass are hereby declared to be in effect.

Jorge Barrera

General Manager,

Eagle Pass Water Works System

The following regulations shall be in effect during the duration of any such declared emergency:


No person shall use water to sprinkle lawns.


No person shall use water to wash motor vehicles.


No person shall use water to wash down the drives of service stations.


No person shall operate any evaporative cooler not equipped with recirculating pump.

The city shall cut off water service to any person violating the provision of paragraph (c) of this section.


Recuperan Cuerpo de Bishop E. Evans, especialista de la Guardia Nacional del Ejército de Texas

La búsqueda del Departamento Militar de Texas del Bishop E. Evans, especialista de la Guardia Nacional del Ejército de Texas, concluyó el lunes por la mañana cuando su cuerpo fue recuperado en el Río Bravo.

Una búsqueda interinstitucional integral comenzó el viernes por la mañana cuando SPC Evans desapareció luego de sus esfuerzos desinteresados ​​​​para rescatar a dos migrantes que parecían ahogarse mientras cruzaban el río de México a los EE. UU.

Con los Rangers de Texas como líderes de una investigación, el Departamento Militar de Texas, el Departamento de Seguridad Pública de Texas, Parques y Vida Silvestre de Texas y la Patrulla Fronteriza han trabajado incansablemente a través de equipos de búsqueda y rescate en un esfuerzo por localizar a SPC Evans.

Los equipos de buceo se vieron obligados a detener sus operaciones el sábado por la noche debido a que la corriente del río continuó a un ritmo acelerado, lo que hizo que las operaciones de buceo fueran muy desafiantes.

SPC Evans, de 22 años, artillero de campo de Arlington, Texas, está asignado al Regimiento de Artillería de Campo 4-133 de A Battery en New Braunfels, Texas, y se unió a la Guardia Nacional del Ejército de Texas en mayo de 2019.

Regresó en el otoño de 2020 de la movilización a la Operación Spartan Shield en Kuwait. Durante esta movilización, su dedicación, talento y destreza táctica llevaron a su liderazgo a asignarlo regularmente a operaciones en Irak en apoyo de las Fuerzas de Operaciones Especiales por períodos cortos de tiempo, mientras luego regresaba a Kuwait.


Buscan a miembro de la Guardia Nacional perdido en el Río Bravo

La Patrulla Fronteriza de los Estados Unidos, la Guardia Nacional de Texas y el Departamento de Bomberos de Eagle Pass están buscando a un miembro de la Guardia Nacional que desapareció en el Río Grande el viernes por la mañana.
Se informa que el individuo desapareció mientras trabajaba en la Operación Lone Star.
Información extraoficial señala que el Guardia Nacional intentó salvar la vida de un indocumentado en el río y ambos fueron arrastrados por la fuerte corriente de agua.
No se ha dado más información hasta el momento de la publicación mientras continúa la búsqueda.
La Guardia Nacional de Texas ha estado trabajando a lo largo de la frontera entre Texas y México durante el último año como parte de la Operación Lone Star.

Authorities Search for National Guardsman Lost in the Rio Grande
The United States Border Patrol, Texas National Guard and Eagle Pass Fire Department are searching for a National Guardsman who disappeared in the Rio Grande River on Friday morning.
The individual is reported to have disappeared as he was out working under Operation Lone Star.
Unofficial information states that the Guardsman attempted to save the life of an undocumented immigrant in the river and both were swept away by the strong water current.
No further information has been made available as of press time as the search continues.
The Texas National Guard has been working along the Texas-Mexico border for the past year as part of Operation Lone Star.


HSI realizan búsqueda en residencia en Ave B

Agentes de la Oficina de Investigaciones de Seguridad Nacional realizaron operaciones especiales en una residencia ubicada en la esquina de Avenue A y Ferry St.
Los agentes llegaron a la residencia temprano el martes por la mañana y entregaron una orden de arresto en una investigación en curso.
Los agentes pasaron varias horas recolectando evidencia e información en este caso.
Elementos de la Policía de Eagle Pass y el Departamento del Sheriff del Condado de Maverick ayudaron en estas operaciones especiales.
Próximamente se dará a conocer más información sobre los cargos pendientes.

HSI Conduct Warrant Search at Residence on Ave B

Agents from the Office of Homeland Security Investigations conducted a special operations at a residence located at the corner of Avenue A and Ferry St.
Agents arrived at the residence early on Tuesday morning and served a warrant on an ongoing Investigation.
Agents spent several hours collecting evidence and Information in this case.
Elements of the Eagle Pass Police and Maverick County Sheriff Department assisted in this special operations.
Further information on pending charges will be disclosed in the near future.


EPHS Class of ’74 Grad Claybrook Wins Oscar Again

A.D. Ibarra
-Hollywood, California

Eagle Passan Glenn Claybrook, a Character Technical Director for Walt Disney Studios, has won an Oscar, the highest professional cinematographic achievement in the movie business, for Best Animated Feature Film at the 94th Annual Academy Awards for the animated film “Encanto” a film that tells the tale of an extraordinary family, the Madrigals, who live hidden in the mountains of Columbia, in a magical house, in a vibrant town, in a wondrous charmed place called Encanto. The magic of the Encanto has blessed every child in the family with a unique gift from super strength to the power to heal-except one, Mirabel. But when she discovers that the magic surrounding the encanto is in danger, Mirabel decides that she, the only ordinary Madrigal, might just be her exceptional family’s last hope. Released November, 2021, the film has garnered Claybrook another accolade and achievement from the Academy, the first being for his work on Frozen in 2014.
The Eagle Pass News Gram caught up with the man who has quickly become the most famous man inout fair city and this is what he had to say about his work, and historic rise to prominence in a highly competitive industry that is the motion picture business.

What was your favorite animated character growing up as a child?
My first favorite cartoon character was Popeye. Maybe influenced by the statue of him in Crystal City. But when color TVs became popular they stopped showing the old black & white Popeye cartoons and only showed the later color cartoons I didn't like as much. So then Baloo the bear from Disney's "Jungle Book" became my favorite.

What type of animation was it?
Those were hand drawn animation.

What other characters do you remember?
Another of my favorites were "Heckle and Jeckle the talking magpies" That teamed a wise-guy Brooklyn bird with posh British accent.

What did you study in college?
I was leaning towards science and math, but a freshman movie course hooked me on old movies. So I majored in film with a minor in computer science. (This was a years before "Tron" introduced computer generated imagery into animation.) For one of my film classes I made a short animated movie.

What was your first foray into professional animation?
I worked on an animated opening for a San Antonio TV News station that showed off their new helicopter. Now I can't remember which station it was.

Tell us about the first accomplishments in your career.
My first accomplishment was learning how to animate from a book I got from Eagle Office Supply on Main St. for $2. It was Animation" written by ex-Disney animator Preston Blair.

Describe to our readers what your job entails.
I am a character technical director. I take an unmoving model that was created in a computer and build controls that allow it to move naturally and be expressive. Then pass that on to the animator who will manipulate the controls to create an emotional acting performance.

As an artist, what are the most prevalent changes you’ve seen in the field of animation.
Computer animation did not exist when I began animating. Now it has become the dominant production m**hod for animation

Is it your job to create these amazing characters from fruition?
I am part of a team. A designer draws the character. A modeler will sculpt the character in the computer. After it is approved by the designer and director it comes to me. Then I build the controls to bring the model to life and pass it on to the animator who uses those controls to convey the character's actions and emotions on screen. Other character technical directors create rigs that simulate clothing and hair that will react naturally to the character's motions and the environment. Other artists paint colors and textures onto the model. Finally the character is lit with simulated lighting in the computer and digital images are rendered.

You have an extensive resume. What are your most memorable projects?
Probably my first movie at Disney "Dinosaur" and my latest "Encanto"

Now for some fun questions. What are some of your favorite non-animated movies?
"Metropolis" the 1927 silent movie is Fritz Lang's dark vision of the future
"Just Imagine" a 1930 sound film, it's a wackily optimistic sci-fi fantasy
"We're No Angels" from 1955, my favorite Christmas movie set on Devil's Island
"Jason and the Argonauts" from 1963 with amazing stop-motion puppet animation by Ray Harryhausen
"Atragon" a 1965 wildly imaginative Japanese sci-fi/monster movie

If someone were writing a book about Glen Claybrook, what would the title be?
"They Pay Me to Do This???"

If someone were making a movie about you, who’d play you?
Zach Galifianakis.

What’s on Glen Claybrook’s iPod? Besides Moon and Maurice Munter (Ha ha) What’s on your playlist?
All of ZZ Top, The Beatles, Bob Wills, Ray Charles, Jimmy Bryant and Speedy West, James Brown, Jeff Beck, Tower of Power, Bob Marley, Weird Al Yankovic, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Peter Wolf, Brian Setzer, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Robert Randolph and the Family Band.
With this, our conversation with the man that has put Eagle Pass on the word stage came to a close. Special thanks to my friend and fellow musician Maurice “Weechie” Munter, his brother Billy and my colleague Jose Landa for their assistance with the completion of this piece. A piece that I consider to be, as Glenn would atest, my crowning acievement in my journalistic endeavors here at The Gram.

Design by Daniel Nunez

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