Ahh-some Ahh-romas

Ahh-some Ahh-romas


Itty Bitty Kreations has received so much love and awesome reviews 😍 and we have reached 1,000+ likes & followers 🤩🥳 now it’s our turn to give back to you 💗 Enter our giveaway for a chance to win some awesome prizes ..it’s simple‼️

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Winner will win all of these prizes and decide what size bad bunny shirt they would like‼️

Giveaway ends September 16‼️ there will be ONE winner🤩 must be present during the live to claim your prize ‼️

If winner did not follow all the steps we will spin the wheel again ‼️

Thank you 💕✨

Hi everyone, this page is for my Ahh-some freshies! We have over 111 shapes and 50 colors to choose from! Not to mention our 16 Ahh-some scents!

Check us out! Follow us on Instagram also! @ahhsomeahhromas �

Operating as usual


Hey y’all! After being closed for what seems like forever I’m BACK 🥲💜

i just wanted to let everyone know if you didn’t pick up your order you can message me and I’ll make a new freshie free of charge!

Since I’m back I’m doing a special on our Ahh-some freshies! 🥳🥳

ANYONE who places an order this week (Saturday-next Saturday) will be entered in a freshie “waffle”! The winner will receive a spooky freshie in whatever scent they’d like 🥳

ALSO ALL freshies (shape and colors) will only be $5 for anyone placing an order this week!
Don’t miss out on this Ahh-some opportunity!!

Send me a message, oh and spooky greetings 🧙🏻‍♀️👻🎃☠️🪦


Hello my Ahh-some fam & friends! We are back in business. Sorry we took a big break, but everything has been situated so now it’s time to get back to making and baking!💜

If you had a pending order or pending drop off I will be messaging you today and tomorrow!

For those of you who want to order my inbox is open! Our turnaround time is back to normal (1-2 days after order) I will post scents available below and next week 2 new scents will be ready! Hint hint…they’re bath and bodyworks favorites 🥰😍💜
Glad to be back❣️



Armando Kelly’s Funeral expenses, organized by Jazmin Vargas 04/29/2021

Armando Kelly’s Funeral expenses, organized by Jazmin Vargas

Please share 🙏🏼💜

Armando Kelly’s Funeral expenses, organized by Jazmin Vargas Armando “Mando” Kelly was and remains a man of unfailing love and loyalty and it is our… Jazmin Vargas needs your support for Armando Kelly’s Funeral expenses


Hi my Ahhsome fam and friends,
We are currently going through a tough time.... For the time being I will not be taking orders. Any pending orders can be refunded, or if you would like to wait that’s fine too. I do not have a time frame of when I’ll be able to make freshies again but as soon as I’m back and able I will post an update 💜🙏🏼 ~Jazmin


✨Just a little TikTok of my freshies 🥰✨ this is what 6 hours looks like ☺️


Yesterday we sold 30 freshies and got 31 orders 😍
Most of y’all know, it’s just me making them, and I make each one very carefully and full of love and smells 🥰 since there’s only 1 of me and 31 of them it might take me more than a day! 😅 So please bare with me! Latest you’ll get your freshies is Tuesday 💜💜

Photos from Ahh-some Ahh-romas's post 04/17/2021

SOLD OUT AGAIN 😍 I absolutely LOVE doing this 😍 thank you to Mom and Zackery for always being there to help 💜

If you haven’t ordered a freshie from us
We sell out for a reason 😉🥳💜


SOLD OUT ❣️ Still taking orders till 2 ❣️🥳

Photos from Ahh-some Ahh-romas's post 04/17/2021

TODAY IS THE DAY! 9-2 come get your freshies 😍😍😍 will be taking orders as well 🥳💜
Also there’s a few of y’all who still haven’t picked up so I WILL have your freshies there as well 💜

Photos from Ahh-some Ahh-romas's post 04/17/2021

Please share and tag your friends! We will be there tomorrow Saturday from 9-2 or until we sell out 💜


Don’t forget to watch IBK to see so many ahhsome products! 😍 also keep an eye out for our giveaway prize!💜

Photos from Ahh-some Ahh-romas's post 04/15/2021

Don’t forget y’all❣️ we do accept cash or cashapp💜
Texas with heart $9
Rainbow Texas $8
Starfish $5
Rainbow butterfly $5
Cross $6
We’ll see you guys there❣️💜

Photos from Itty Bitty Kreations's post 04/14/2021


Photos from The Green Apple Accessories's post 04/14/2021


Photos from Ahh-some Ahh-romas's post 04/13/2021

OKAY GUYS it’s time again for another market sale❣️ we will be there again SOOOO get ready! 💜 Summer is coming so here are the 5 designs we’ll be taking! 😍
The smells were gonna take are... 👃🏼
•Butt Naked 🐚
•Love Spell 💜
•Black Ice 🖤
•Georgia Peach 🍑
•BayRum 🌸🪵

Don’t forget y’all❣️ we do accept cash or cashapp💜
Texas with heart $9
Rainbow Texas $8
Starfish $5
Rainbow butterfly $5
Cross $6
Cactus $5
We’ll see you guys there❣️💜

Also we will have our other sample smells, and our photo album incase you want to place an order❣️💜
Please share and tag your friends❣️💜


I’m not in town right now so I cant go live BUT here is our winner!!! 🥳🥳🥳 Shorty Kypuros


2 freshies 1 string ❣️ $2 a number❣️any color you choose, any smell you choose ☺️💜
1 Aysha
2 Oli
3 Aysha
4 Kathy Felan
5 Kelsey
6 Guela
7 Kelsey
8 Maggie
9 Elida
10 Chiquis
11 Shorty
12 Ceci
13 Maggie
14 Kathy Felan
15 Shorty
16 Guela
17 Shorty
18 Oli
19 Elida
20 Chiquis


Hoppy Easter everyone...get it, hoppy😅🐰❣️(lol) We are closed today but all orders will be ready for pick up or delivery tomorrow💜


Waffle Winner 🥳🥳🥳

Photos from Ahh-some Ahh-romas's post 04/03/2021

🚨 Waffle 🧇❣️🐣Easter Special❣️🚨
2 of our best selling shapes for only $4❣️in whichever scent and color you want! Will be ready as soon as all spots are paid 💜
1 Kayleen Lara💜
2 Selena Rodriguez💜
3 Kayleen Lara💜
4 Maggie V Hernandez💜
5 Cynthia Sepulveda💜
6 Jason-Aysha Hernandez-Limon
7 Victoria Benavides💜
8 Maggie V Hernandez💜
9 Tia shorty💜
10 Chiquis Garza💜
11 Angela Cardenas Garza
12 Elsa Galvan💜
13 Angela Cardenas Garza
14 Aysha
15 Tia shorty💜
16 Angela Cardenas Garza
17 Cynthia Sepulveda💜
18 Selena Rodriguez 💜
19 Angela Cardenas Garza
20 Lizzy Lopez💜

Photos from Ahh-some Ahh-romas's post 03/29/2021

🚨New design🚨
“My heart is in college station ❤️
How CUTE is this Texas 😍 $9

Also WOW look at all these new smells❣️ place your orders yall 😍💜


Hey everyone!!! To those who placed orders with me yesterday it was a HUGE success and I’m extremely grateful 😍 I will have your orders all ready by tomorrow! 💜 this is where ALL the magic happens 🥳💜

Also today was my first “waffle”, did y’all like that? Should we have another? Add more numbers? Let me know❣️❣️❣️ I LOVE the feedback, it lets me help you get what YALL want and need💜


🚨pink Texas waffle🚨


🚨Waffle🚨 $2 a number❣️10 numbers❣️ I will do a quick live as soon as all numbers are paid for💜

New design 😍🇺🇸💗 HOW CUTE IS THIS❣️
This is in the scent Butt Naked (beachy/tropical)
1 Kathy Felan💜
2 Olivia Garza💜
3 Gabriela Treviño💜
4 Kathy Felan💜
5 Gabriela Treviño💜
6 Vanne Zaragoza💜
7 Vanne Zaragoza💜
8 Vanne Zaragoza💜
9 Gabriela Treviño💜
10 Olivia Garza💜

Photos from Ahh-some Ahh-romas's post 03/27/2021

One all-nighter and 35 freshies later...WE SOLD OUT 🥰🥳💜 thank you to everyone who stopped by 💜 I am so unbelievably happy with the turnout❣️ thank you so much Krave Delights for this Ahh-some opportunity 😉💜
For anyone who stopped by and placed an order I’ll try my best to have them ready by tomorrow or Monday!

And to those who haven’t ordered....WHATCHA WAITING FOR❣️❣️❣️ we got over 112 shapes and over 20 Ahh-some smells❣️Each one made with a ton of love and care❣️


Come by❣️❣️❣️ I’ll be here till 4❣️❣️❣️

1 cross in leather and lace
1 cross, 1 black cow, and 1 pink cow in coconut
1 cross, 1 black cow, 1 pink cow, 1 pink Texas, 1 rainbow heart, 1 🇺🇸 Texas all in Hazelnut Expresso

568 FM 1589 Hopedale loop

Photos from Ahh-some Ahh-romas's post 03/26/2021

Hey everyone❣️ just a reminder I’ll be at this Saturday’s market❣️ I’ll have these 6 freshie designs in these 6 scents❣️
•Butt Naked🐚
•Leather & Lace🤍
•Black Ice🖤🧊
•Fruit Slices🍎
•Hazelnut Expresso☕️

I will be taking a photo album of all our freshie shapes, designs, and examples for y’all to look at❣️
I will also have ALL 22 scents available for sniffing👃🏼
If I run out of premade freshies or you want one of my other scents or designs i will be taking orders there as well❣️

Don’t forget to stop by❣️ 9-4 ❣️ pls like and share! Come by, bring your family and friends❣️


Can you tell we really LOVE Texas? 😍
This is our largest freshie to date! 🥳
The “Texas Star” freshie is now available to order in all scents and all colors in case you wanna switch up the color wave❣️❣️❣️


SO excited to say Ahh-some Ahh-romas is going to be a part of this! 🥳
I will have 6 designs in 6 smells! That’s 36 pre-made ready to go freshies❣️❣️❣️

I’ll be bringing ALL 16 of the scents so you guys can sniff and smell what else is available to order! I’ll also have a booklet with ALL 112 of our Ahh-some designs so you can pick and choose your own freshie and place the order there❣️🥳

So don’t forget to come by this Saturday❣️
Share with your friends, spread the word🥳💜

Photos from Ahh-some Ahh-romas's post 03/19/2021

🚨We are fully stocked again🚨

Here are some of the more popular designs lately❣️

Don’t forget NOW is the perfect time to buy these cute little freshies! The sun is their best friend because the heat draws out the scent which makes these freshies smell extra Ahh-some 😉❣️

If you like what you see don’t be shy, share this post! Your family or friends could be my next customers 🥰


New freshie alert🚨
How cute is this Texas Cow freshie! 😍🐮💜
Y’all are on a role with the new Texas designs! Keep them coming! I love making your ideas come to life! 🥳💜


Can’t get over how cute this new design is 😍

Photos from Ahh-some Ahh-romas's post 03/11/2021

New design❣️
I LOVE Texas ❤️🤍💙
These are $8💜

Photos from Ahh-some Ahh-romas's post 03/07/2021

It’s Sunday funday everyone❣️We have officially hit 708 likes!!! WOW 🥳🥳🥳

I wanted to say thank you everyone for the support and love! I also wanted to remind everyone right now is the perfect time for new freshies! While we’re in the colder months, yes you can smell the our Ahh-some Ahh-romas butttt the freshies aren’t up to their full potential! Freshies smell best while it’s warm or hot! The heat allows the yummy scents to be released, giving you the best and most smell possible! 😍

Feel free to message if you have any questions or wanna make any orders! 🥰💜

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