Silver Leaf Boba Bar

Silver Leaf Boba Bar


La Ventanilla de Salud agradece a tod as las agencias, negocios locales y patrocinador es por su colaboración en el even to Día de las Madres 2022.
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Don’t forget we are CLOSED f or Spring Break!
Silver Leaf Boba Bar wi ll remain open.
ALOHA🌺 Thank you to the enti re Eagle Pass community, friends, and fami ly for your love and support the se past 5 years! Mahalo! He re is to cherishing our past, enjoyi ng the present, and looking forward to t he future ahead! #5years #anniversary #cfaeaglepass

Sho ut outs: Mahalo!
Silver Leaf Boba B ar - Smoothies
Bakeology ByDianacuri - Chick-fil-A cake
Wildflow er Party Decorations - balloon bouquet

Unique bubble tea and smoothie creatio ns served out of a 1977 fo od truck in Eagle Pass, TX. We u se organic teas, fresh fruit and re al ingredients in all of our drin ks.

Each drink is customizable and individual ly made. Come try the difference!

Operating as usual


Croissant + Iced Tea is ju st such a good combo! @eatsilverspoon


We are open!! Our hours f or today are 11am-4pm. See you he re, and thank you for supporting o ur small business!


Happy Friday, y’all!


Thank you, thank you, thank yo u!! we just want to take a mome nt to say how grateful we a re for each one of our customer s… for letting us prepare drinks f or you, for the conversations, for t he support and the continued business. Especial ly in this tough economy, we tha nk you for your preference and ho pe to continue serving you! Thank y ou for everything!


This is one nice picture!! Tha nk you Jhanette!


Don’t wait in the heat! We wi ll bring the drink to your c ar 😉
And don’t forget you c an order your drink extra iced in an ext ra large cup at no additional co st.
Let’s beat the heat together!


Hope everyone is having an aweso me Saturday!! Come cool off with o ne of our drinks 😉


Guayaba is back! Shown are o ur Guava Green Tea and and t he Guayabera… made with natural lemonade, hibisc us and guava. We like this o ne just very lightly sweetened to quen ch that thirst.
Guava is one of o ur 2022 summer flavors but we’re thinki ng it might just become a regula r… it became really popular before we ev en got to post about it! Co me check it out 😉


We now offer XL 32oz drin ks!


We will be closed in observan ce of 4th of July.
We hope everyo ne has a safe and fun-filled holida y… Happy Independence Day!


We are playing with new flavo rs today…
Coming Soon: Ube!
So f ar we are loving it with coff ee, vanilla chai, matcha and taro 💜 🤎💚


Happy 4th of July weekend! Today ’s special: the Red, White and Bl ue Lemonade! 🇺🇸 a raspberry lemonade ma de with all-natural, fresh-squeezed lemons 🍋
We wi sh everyone a safe and fun holid ay! 🎇 🇺🇸 🎆
We are op en until 4pm today. We will be clos ed on Monday.


Michael with Saxy Romance is wi th us this morning! Come check h im out and enjoy some music a nd lunch - it’s hot but we ha ve all the fans going 🥰


Due to an unforeseen personal emergenc y… we are closed early today! Tha nk you so much for understanding.


Our food truck will be closi ng at 6pm today We are ve ry sorry for the inconvenience!


Due to the rise of suspicio us activity in the area and f or the safety of our customers a nd employees, we have returned to o ur regular service hours.
We are op en Monday thru Friday 11am to 7 pm, and Saturday 11am to 4pm.
@eatsilverspoon kitch en hours will be extending soon so st ay tuned!


Green Tea is our favorite f or summer… so refreshing and so versati le! It is great with smoothies a nd iced fruit drinks but it al so pairs really well with milk - thi nk of it as the summery versi on of the Classic Milk Tea.
Sho wn is:
Green Milk Tea… with Tapioca, Tig er Sugar and Cheesecake Cream (this o ne was made with Soy Milk) and
Pi nk Dragon… a green milk tea ma de with Coconut Milk and Dragon Fru it then topped with Butterfly Pea Flow er tea. We put coconut jelly, strawber ry jelly and cherry bursting boba in th is one. 🍒 🐉 🦋 🌸 🧋 🐅


From super indulgent to super cle an and healthy, we have a dri nk just for you… and when we s ay just for you, we mean it! Every single drink is individually prepar ed when you order it so y ou can customize it however you wan t…
Shown is an Iced Taro wi th “The Works” and and Oolong Ic ed Tea sweetened with agave. And o ur beautiful, amazing Chris in the backgrou nd 😝


We are open early today! Co me on by for a smoothie or frap pe if you skipped breakfast and ne ed something to hold you over unt il lunch 😉


Happy Juneteenth! We are OPEN!


Patiently waiting for his order 🤩
Op en until 4pm on Saturdays… Best Bo ba in Texas!


We think our employees are pret ty amazing and work hard for the ir tips. Please don’t steal from the ir tip jar…we have cameras, we s aw you. Not cool, dude.


Chris is thrilled to announce th at we are now open until 9:30p m!! Beat the heat, beat the routi ne and see you tonight!
🦇 🦉 ⭐️ 🧋


It is too hot out!! So we a re slightly changing our hours for t he week… we will be open:
Mon-Fri 11 am to 4pm, taking a short bre ak, then reopen again at 6:30pm-9:30pm
O ur Saturday hours remain as usual: 11am-4 pm
See you tonight! 🧋


You thought yesterday was hot? Ev en higher temperatures are expected today! So, for everyone’s comfort, we will be servi ng our full menu of drinks fr om inside the building at @eatsilverspoon duri ng our normal Saturday business hours of 11am-4pm.

Al so, changes to our hours are comi ng 🔜 we will be op en earlier and later starting on Mond ay- stay tuned!! 📣


Frozen Dragon Fruit Sangria (available ic ed or frozen) and Guava Green Te a… shown with mixed boba 😍 WELCO ME SUMMER!


Countdown to Summer!!! 3-2-1 ☀️ 🏖 👙
Drag on Fruit Sangria, Dragon’s Blood, Pink Drag on Milk Tea, Avocado Smoothie and Flavor ed Mojitos debut next week… who’s rea dy?


This Memorial Day, we honor tho se heroes that sacrificed their lives f or our country. Let us pay respe ct to their memory with our actio ns, not only today but everyday.
O ur food truck and restaurant will be op en during our normal business hours. Mon-F ri 11 to 4 for Silver Spo on and 11-7 for Silver Leaf.


** Food truck will be op en today 11-5 at our usual locati on with full menu. This menu is f or Barracks & Brews only. **

We wi ll be at the Barracks & Bre ws event tonight from 7pm-11pm. 🌅 He re is the Special Menu we wi ll be bringing (all of these drin ks work great as mixers so be su re to BYOB…):
🍹 Piña Colada - gre at with white rum or Malibu
🍷 Drag on Fruit Sangria - mixes well wi th red or white wine
🌿 Fruity Moji to - we like it with whi te rum or Tito’s
🍉 Watermelon Spla sh - Tito’s all the way
🥭 Man go Madness - Tito’s, Malibu, white r um, Tequila…

We will also be servi ng Butterfly Lemonade
🦋 🍋



We are praying extra hard tonig ht for those affected by today’s trage dy; words are not enough to descri be the pain.


We still have some Mini Tapio ca! Mini Tap is available only on Saturday s…

Pictured is a large Classic (bla ck) milk tea with “The Works” = tapio ca, cheesecake cream and tiger sugar drizz le 🐅 🧋


Getting cooler and cooler by t he day! Added umbrellas and Big Bert ha is blowing away… Open until 4 pm today! 🥶 🌬 ☀️ 🏖

Photos from Silver Leaf Boba Bar 's post 05/21/2022

@chochebbq paid us a very ear ly visit today to pick up so me smoothies for his crew. They a re serving BBQ this weekend at the ir new location downtown (they are on o ne weekend, off the next so ma ke sure to get it today!) - we m ay or may not have traded smoothi es for one of his new ha ts 😜

Fun stuff goi ng on today:
1. We got here ext ra early and we are already op en for business so feel free to st op by for an early smoothie if y ou are already out an about.
2. Tod ay is cinnamon roll Saturday at @sweettweetsbakery ep (why do you think we’re he re early! Nobody is beating us to tho se 🍓 cinnamon rolls today!)
3. We ha ve MINI Tapioca available today!!!!! It’s so cu te and so delish!


See you this Thursday at Barrac ks & Brews!! This is pretty mu ch the ONLY event we move Ursu la for so that’s gotta tell y ou how much we love it! We nev er move our food truck!

And… We a re planning something special for this on e… we will keep you posted on wh at it is in the coming da ys! 🍻 🍷 🧋 💃🏻

If y ou haven’t been to Barracks & Bre ws: It is a family friendly eve nt, hosted once a month by t he City of Eagle Pass at t he old Fort Duncan Barracks. They invi te a lot of food trucks, s et up a stage for a li ve band (Hurakarrana this month) and th ey put tables and chairs for y ou to enjoy your dinner and t he show.
The event is BYOB so don ’t be shy to bring your favori te drink or purchase from the go lf course. Tables and chairs will be set up by the city but it doesn ’t hurt to bring your own la wn chair just in case. ATTENTION: Th is month it starts a little b it later than last time at 8 pm to beat the heat!


We got something for everyone! A ll our drinks are individually made to ord er, so if you see an ingredie nt you don’t like, just ask us to lea ve it out. Guaranteed you will lo ve it, or your money back!


Check this out guys! The talent ed Michael Ramos will be playing und er our pergola tomorrow during lunchtime. Don ’t miss this!! He is awesome!!!

We have a surprise for y ou tomorrow during lunchtime!! Friday, from 12-1 pm we will have Michael Ramos fr om Saxy Romance 🎷 playing under t he pergola.
We invite you to enj oy a cold drink, a treat or so me lunch, as he shares his tale nt with us. To go with t he jazzy, New Orleans vibe, we wi ll have Red Beans and Rice f or soup of the day tomorrow. 🥣 🫘 🍚 🎶


It’s hot but like… GOOD HO T!! We are surprisingly enjoying the ve ry warm weather 🥵 🧊 🥤… Embraci ng it under the pergola with an i ce cold drink!


It was so nice seeing ma ny of you yesterday with your sui ts, dresses, hair and makeup!! Hope everyo ne had a lovely Prom Night!! We wi ll be open today (Saturday) 11am - 4 pm. See you here!


Our Summer Menu is coming soo n… all we can say is th at there will be Dragon Fruit, Whi te Peach, Mojitos and Avocado 😍 🍹

Photos from Silver Leaf Boba Bar 's post 05/13/2022

Loving these pictures, courtesy of @abigailtorrescanoremaxdelr io

Photos from Silver Leaf Boba Bar 's post 05/11/2022

We are slowly updating our signa ge 😍 Have you noticed?


Just what you need for th is heat…


It was melting hot today!!! Ev en our drinks were sweating!
Pictured: Th ai Tea with cheesecake, tiger sugar a nd rainbow jelly and Chai Tea wi th cheesecake, tiger sugar and tapioca 😍

Photos from Silver Leaf Boba Bar 's post 05/09/2022

We had our cutest visitor to da te today 😛 she opted for so me of our grass and some lettu ce and veggies from @eatsilverspoon

Photos from Silver Leaf Boba Bar 's post 05/08/2022

Better late than never!!
Here a re some pictures from last weekend’s Nation al Bubble Tea Day event. Thank y ou so much to everyone that cam e!! It was so much more th an we expected and we are so thankf ul that you were as excited abo ut boba as us! WE 💛 O UR CUSTOMERS!


We want to wish all t he moms a Happy Mother’s Day! M ay you enjoy the day with yo ur loved ones, you deserve the be st of the best!

Photos from Silver Leaf Boba Bar 's post 04/30/2022

Happy National Bubble Tea Day!!! Co me celebrate with us!!


We hope your bellies are read y… Silver Spoon - A Place To E at will be open this weekend to celebra te National Bubble Tea Day with Silv er Leaf Boba Bar…

Bahn Mi “Tort a” -
Frank’s Smoked Pork Belly, sandwiched betwe en our torta Bread, with house pickl ed veggies, mayo, cilantro, and a swe et and spicy dipping sauce. Pork Bel ly isn’t your thing? We will al so be offering a Lemongrass Chicken option…

Lemongra ss Chicken Salad Bowl -
Marinated Swe et Lemongrass Chicken over greens, with carro ts, cucumber, Mung bean sprouts, edamame, crush ed peanuts, fresh basil, and a speci al peanut dressing.

Pork Belly Guac Dip + Chi ps -
It would be great for shari ng, but trust us… you won’t wa nt to share.

And last but n ot least… Hong Kong Bubble Waffles!

Photos from Silver Leaf Boba Bar 's post 04/30/2022

@mommajessco merchandise for tomorrow is in !!! See you tomorrow as we celebra te National Bubble Tea Day!!! 🥳


We are closing early today to g et ready to move our truck to t he Barracks & Brews event. Thank y ou to @eaglepassecon for inviting us! We’ re looking forward to hanging out wi th fellow food truckers and friends of @rockinwagon. ep @the_wagon_wheel.eptxbbq - LIVE MUSIC, GOOD COMPA NY and GOOD EATS.

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Iced Tea, Bubble Tea, Iced Coff ee, Smoothies and Protein Shakes




229 N Monroe St
Eagle Pass, TX

Opening Hours

Monday 11am - 7pm
Tuesday 11am - 7pm
Wednesday 11am - 7pm
Thursday 11am - 7pm
Friday 11am - 7pm
Saturday 11am - 4pm

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Enjoy the best bubble tea in Eagle Pass!