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Avoid fatasserie!!
Even though testosterone is declining to below 50, I will never wake up and say, "Let's have an average day." Never!

Weights and reps are going up!
What's great about Planet Fitness is the post workout hydromassage!

Especially, recovering from cancer, there's no better way to wrap up a workout!

For my prospective clients.....I JUST ENHANCED MY MEMBERSHIP FOR YOU! Anyone who wishes to be a client of mine, can come and train as my guest! Just pay the inexpensive training fee* and 'train like a pro!'

Other area gyms TALK ABOUT getting hydromassage, but only Planet Fitness HAS IT!

Just left the gym (shoulder day) and now at Central Florida Cancer Institute for radiation.

Cancer can kiss my a*z!
Yes, we have great gifts for Christmas, stocking stuffers and Channukkah...resistance bands, gym bags, gloves, belts and of course leggings and shorts that your loved ones will love and look great in.

Just check out our Etsy site Cam Active Bodygear! Remember, over $35 in orders gets you free shipping!

Consistency in diet, training, sleep, scheduling, showering.....everything! Every day is scheduled.

If you can't handle that, then forget bodybuilding.
When I was diagnosed with cancer, I had two choices. Allow it to define me, or REDEFINE IT!


Today is leg day!
Getting cranked up for leg day!!!

Our very own GHD has arrived!
Arguably, the most perfect physique in Mr. Olympia history belongs to Lee Priest. Unfortunately, in many of these contests, the 'overall winner' would more often go to the bigger guys.

But Lee's balance was unmatched.

Here's a look at his one month out leg routine. Lemme know when you want to try it. 🀣
Coming soon to the Heavy Metal Hideaway, for glutes, hamstrings and abs....our very own GHD from Valor Fitness!
Made it back to Anytime Fitness this morning after a rough week. 224lbs. Down 6lbs from 3 weeks ago. Lost a lot of muscle, but the battle continues!
Everyone does it differently, but I like to be strict for the first 3 sets, then incorporate a couple 'cheating sets' as the weights get heavier.
Danny Padilla, "the Giant Killer" of the best, ever.
Thanksgiving ramblings....bear with me.

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Book Coming Soon! 09/17/2023

My new book coming soon! Very excited.

More info in the video!

Book Coming Soon!


Photo session for my new book, complete.

Damn, I'm ugly! 🀣

Expected publishing date, November 1st! Available on Amazon, Apple Books, Google Books and B. Dalton.




Back away from paper straws!!!

If you’ve ever wondered why you had to give up plastic straws for paper ones that disintegrate before you finish your drink, you won’t love what we’re about to share.

A recent study suggests that paper straws contain PFAs (poly and perfluoroalkyl substances...yeah, it’s a mouthful), which are chemicals linked to diseases such as cancer.

As we try to remind you, don’t let the headlines cause panic because they can be misleading. The researchers surveyed 39 straw brands and reviewed five materials, including paper, bamboo, glass, stainless steel, and plastic.

Disney is a big fan of paper straws....who else?

First lady Jill Biden tests positive for COVID-19 for second time 09/05/2023

Yet, they're talking about ANOTHER round of vaccinations.

What's the definition of insanity again?

First lady Jill Biden tests positive for COVID-19 for second time First lady Jill Biden reportedly tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday, nearly a year after she last tested positive for the coronavirus.


Leg day and hot the same time! Ughh


Catching a nap during FOX & Friends.


4 SALE.....Trying to make room in my home gym for a new piece of equipment.

Selling our hyperextension bench for $75 firm. Great for abs, glutes, hamstrings and lower back.

Send me a message. Local pickup only.


Awesome...uncrowned Olympia.

Tom Platz Explains Why Most People Are Overtraining 

@enhancedlabs.official code: swole10 for 10% off 

#bodybuilding #bodybuildingmotivation #overtraining #legday #legdayworkout #legdayeveryday #squats #tomplatz 08/26/2023


The fact is, most people will not...cannot bring themselves to the ultimate point of physical and mental breakdown. The point that a trainer or lifting partner can get you to forcing more reps...more sets...using drop sets, etc.

The typical weightlifter, bodybuilder fears this place because they fear falling, passing out, throwing up or just failing to get that last set.

I've only been there a few times (not recently), but it's where you need to go.

Tom Platz Explains Why Most People Are Overtraining @enhancedlabs.official code: swole10 for 10% off #bodybuilding #bodybuildingmotivation #overtraining #legday #legdayworkout #legdayeveryday #squats #tomplatz


Mmmm..this looks good. πŸ‘Œ

Eat on time πŸ˜‹πŸ™

Optimized Training Frequency: Tom Platz’s
Secret for Muscle Growth | Visit our YouTube channel for more videos like this LINK IN BIO 08/24/2023

I really don't "train" much these days. The absence of testosterone won't let me, both put in the effort, nor allow me to recover.

I exercise each body part moderately hard, once a week.

I will train hard again by year end.

Optimized Training Frequency: Tom Platz’s Secret for Muscle Growth | Visit our YouTube channel for more videos like this LINK IN BIO

Photos from Cam Active Body Gear's post 08/22/2023

In the "do as I say, not as I've done" department...if you're relatively new to bodybuilding, or seeking to increase chest or back size...please, please, please understand that everything depends on your shoulders.

When I started out 33 years ago, my split was: chest/triceps...back/biceps...legs...abs and maybe a separate arm day. I experienced fast growth and strength improvement, but soon, within 4 or 5 years, I plateaued.

So, to push myself, I tried several techniques such as forced reps and drop sets to break through the plateau. Soon thereafter, I injured my right shoulder and it never fully recovered. I was 36 then.

What I should have done, as I started weight training, was to realize that to grow my chest and back, my anterior, medial and posterior delts needed to lead in stronger ahead of, my chest and back. That separate arm day should have been a separate shoulder day to support future growth to my upper body.

A good shoulder routine, to me looks like this:

1. Standing military press...warm up 3 sets.
2. Seated military press....4 to 5 sets.
3. Bent over dumbbell flys....3 sets.
4. Front plate raises....3 sets.
5. Side laterals...5 sets.
6. Cable face pulls...3 sets.
7. Farmer carry/shrug combos...3 sets.

Don't get crazy with weights. Shoulders are easily damaged by heavy, fast movements.



"He crazy!" Lol

Macho Man Randy Savage interviews were always on another level
"Your Moustache is crooked!" 🀣

#WCW #MachoMan #Funny #Interview 08/15/2023

If you're gonna have a mustache, make sure it's not crooked! 🀣🀣

Macho Man Randy Savage interviews were always on another level "Your Moustache is crooked!" 🀣 #WCW #MachoMan #Funny #Interview


Never leave work undone in the gym!





How do you like your bacon πŸ₯“…I’m a 4 guy myself

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