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We are your family-owned disaster restoration service in Minnesota and Wisconsin since 1946! We are

Loyear Disaster Restoration Services LLC provides disaster restoration, mold remediation and sanitizing, and disinfecting services with 75 years experience to the Duluth, MN area.


Did you know we offer mold remediation services? Check it out!

"Our emergency response team is always on call and prepared 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on holidays. We are by your side in 60 minutes or less; helping you with the restoration process."

For more information or to get started with our services, give us a call today. We look forward to serving you!



Did you know we were founded in 1946? Check it out.

"Loyear Disaster Restoration Services, LLC was founded in 1946 by George and Irma Loyear in Duluth, Minnesota, and continues to grow, servicing Northern and Central Minnesota and surrounding areas, including Western Wisconsin."

For more information or to get started with our services, contact us today at (218) 724-5800. We look forward to working with you.


Photos from Loyear Disaster Restoration's post 08/15/2022

Photo Dump #3

CAI Golf Event ⛳️

Photos from Loyear Disaster Restoration's post 08/15/2022

Photo Dump #2 celebrating National Relaxation Day! Here for the CAI Golf event!

Meet our friends from New Concepts Management, Gaughan Management, Capital Construction, Summit Fire Protection and HJ Law Firm!

Photos from Loyear Disaster Restoration's post 08/15/2022

Here’s a photo dump to celebrate National Relaxation Day!

The LDRS team is at the Midland Golf Club for the 2022 CAI Golf event!


It’s an honor to take part in this community event!

Thank you to Loyear Disaster Restoration for supporting the 2022 Honey Bee Festival! Cheers to businesses like this that give back and strengthen our community!👏


Land of the free, because of the brave.


"The technician that came to my house was awesome. He was on time, very professional and did such a great job on my tile. When we built this house the contractor and his crew never came back to do any clean up. The grout was so horrible. It was embarrassing. Now the grout and tile looks beautiful. Thanks so much for making my day!"
~ Satisfied Customer




Minnesota winters are legendary in severity and length, and all of that intensity makes spring one of the most welcome seasons of the year. As lifelong Minnesota residents, we love spring, but as third generation disaster restoration contractors, we also view spring through a different lens than most.
For our team, spring in Minnesota typically comes with a large amount of water damage in homes, commercial buildings, and large residential properties. There are several factors that lead to this:
Sump pump failures: Your sump pump was probably dormant over much of the winter. Have you checked that it is working properly and ready to handle the thawing wet ground? Listening can be key: If you can’t hear your sump pump working, you have a problem.
Frozen pipes: Fluctuating spring weather can still bring freezing temperatures that put outdoor or otherwise unprotected pipes at risk.
Melting snow: Keep the area around your building or home clear of snow, or a sudden melt can lead to a flood.
Groundwater seepage: Melting snow and spring rains can raise the groundwater level enough that it may start seeping into basements, crawl spaces, and other low-level parts of your property.
Mold growth: All of the previously mentioned issues can eventually lead to mold growth, if the water problems are not stopped - or if the damage left behind is not correctly restored.
How Loyear Handles Water Damage Claims
Whether you are an insurance agent, property manager, or property owner, everyone wants to avoid property damage, and to get the insurance coverage they need for any damage that does occur. This process can feel complicated and stressful, but Loyear has the experience and knowledge to make it as simple as possible for everyone involved.
Here are the details on how we can help with water damage claims.
The Rules We Follow
Loyear follows the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards for water mitigation processes. These state-of-the-art standards cover both the concepts and procedures needed to ensure thorough, high-quality, water damage restoration.
The Tools We Use: Buildertrend, MICA and Xactimate
In addition to the equipment, we use on the actual water damage, we also have project management tools that make the claims process much easier: Buildertrend, MICA and Xactimate.
Buildertrend is a communication technology system that allows us to easily send information to insurance carriers, agents, adjusters, and our clients. This gives everyone access to a single source for our notes, photos, readings, and progress to the job. It ensures transparency for all involved, and facilitates easy, frequent communication. MICA helps track our drying records and works in conjunction with Xactimate. Xactimate helps with the financial details, making all estimates and costs clear.
3 Tips for Ensuring Good Coverage for Water Damage Claims
Now that we have explained the foundation of our water damage restoration process, it’s time to share a few specific tips. These are three potentially costly and messy issues that we have seen clients encounter, plus how to avoid them.
Tip One: Know Your Policy
Property owners, managers, and insurance agents should all have a good understanding of the water damage coverage that is included in an individual policy. If you have questions about what is or is not covered, check your policy carefully and consider meeting with your agent for clarification.
Tip Two: Avoid Storm Chasers
“Storm chasers” is a term used for contractors who travel from area to area, usually in the wake of severe weather. They can appear after a big flood, or weather changes like a storm. They should be avoided as their work quality may not be good, and they may make promises about repairs being covered by insurance that actually are not. This can result in situations that upset both the insurance agents/adjusters and the property owners. Avoid this expensive, dangerous problem by working with established, local contractors that your insurance agent knows and trusts.
Tip Three: Understand Groundwater Seepage Coverage
Most insurance policies do not cover groundwater, flooding from heavy rains or sump pump failures. Insurance policyholders must request additional coverage or an endorsement for these types of water damage. If you live in an area where groundwater damage is a risk, make sure you know your coverage options and have a policy that protects you.
Spring Forward and Put Water Damage Behind You
While you are enjoying the spring weather, make sure that you don’t forget the planning and precautions that will help you avoid problems with water damage claims, for both your own properties and for your policyholders. If you do encounter a soggy spring, contact Loyear Restoration, and we will put our 75 years of experience to work helping you and your clients.
Our advanced water damage detection and restoration processes can solve even the biggest problems, and our team of professionals will respond quickly to any call, guiding you through repairs, restoration, and the claims process.


Loyear Jobs, Employment in Duluth, MN | Indeed.com

$18 - $25 an hour - Full-time (2 positions in our Duluth Office)

We know it takes a special kind of person to do this job, smart, self-motivated, willing to work hard in a career that is never boring, never routine and requires you to learn many new skills. You've got to be willing to work long hours, be physically strong, emotionally mature, and able to identify with and help home and business owners who find themselves in challenging and stressful disaster situations. It is definitely not for everyone, but if after reading the job description you think you have the flexible mindset, intelligence, strength, tool handling skills, and compassion to do the job, please send your resume to be considered for our open positions.

SEND RESUME TO: [email protected]

Loyear Jobs, Employment in Duluth, MN | Indeed.com Loyear jobs available in Duluth, MN on Indeed.com. Apply to Restoration Technician and more!


RESTORATION the act of restoring or the condition of being restored: specifically a return to a normal or healthy condition.

We are in business to care for people in our community that go through a water or fire disaster in their home or business.

We've been in the restoration business for well over seven decades!


After a scene has been cleared by police (first responders), the restoration process (second responders) can begin - putting all of our preparation, training, and knowledge into action. Every process will not follow these exact steps in this exact order because they overlap, but here in an overview of what to expect:

Isolation: Isolating the scene and with crime scene tape, plus air containment with HEPA filtration set-up. We need your partnership to ensure that access is limited, which may include warning signs, plastic barriers, and other methods of both containing contamination and keeping people safe on-site.

Elimination: All risks must be removed. We do this by getting rid of source materials: Congealed blood, tissue, brain matter, OPIM (other potentially infectious materials), broken glass, and projects like tearing out flooring that has been contaminated.

Deodorizing: Odors and other airborne particles can be present at these scenes. We have several methods for effective elimination:
1. Wet fogging, which takes care of droplets/surfaces
2. Thermal fogging, a mist that takes care of the air
3. Ozone or hydroxyl generators, which clean the actual air and permeable surfaces.

Clearance Testing: If a third-party IEP (indoor environmental professional) or the EPA is involved, you may need to ensure that all BBP (blood borne pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites) have been removed. We have two methods we can use for clearance testing:
1. ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is a user-friendly method for recleaning and retesting.
2. Peroxide and UV Light testing. Peroxide will bubble when sprayed on a surface with biological material. UV light will also cause biological materials to glow. Both processes help us find biological material that may not be obvious to the naked eye.

Restoration and Cleaning: Typically, we begin with the furthest room or area from the scene, and then we work from the ceiling down. We use an enzyme-based product and a hospital grade disinfectant. This part of the project can be very complex due the nature of the crime (for example: velocity of blood after su***de or shooting), and the need to successfully clean and decontaminate many different types of surfaces.

Special Note/Rare Occurrence: In the event tear gas was deployed, we have a complete set of additional procedures that includes cleaning the HVAC system if necessary.

Cost: The pricing is industry standard based on an estimating software created by the insurance industry.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give Joanne Loyear a call at 218.724.5800

Photos from Loyear Disaster Restoration's post 02/28/2022

This is not only a residential issue it is also a commercial problem!
Towels tend to produce the most lint, so if you're a business that washes and dries a lot of towels: this message is for you.

We (Loyear) had a fire due to the number of towels we wash and dry with big jobs.

It's good information and we hope you take action to avoid this type of dryer fire.


We are hiring!

$18 to $25 an hour. ☎️ 218.724.5800


It’s Twosday! 2.22.22 😜

h/T Destination Duluth



We pray today for those in love, those out of love, and those in between. We remember especially those who find themselves a little bit lonelier than normal.

We do not pray today for loved-up couples, exchanging overpriced flowers and foil wrapped hearts, leaking pheromones like diesel fumes at candlelit dinners. We are pretty sure, Lord, they will be OK (for now).

Instead, we hereby dedicate this happy-crappy day to all the brave teenagers who dared to send a card (hoping in vain with every fibre of their beings for something back.) Let them be a little bit more OK because we prayed.

We think of the mother, coping alone, who quietly bought herself flowers yesterday. Let her kids be kind today. Let her teenagers tidy their bedroom, could they at least initiate a hug at bedtime. And, Lord, let those daffodils she bought herself last longer and shine brighter than those over-priced red roses that also caught her eye.

Finally, we ask you to look upon the elderly gentleman gazing today at a fading sepia photograph in a silver frame of a wedding in another time. Look at him and look with him and be with him in the remembering and the unremembering too.

King of Love, on this day named after one of your unmarried saints, embrace the unlovely and the unloving parts of our world and of ourselves today.

Song of Songs, inspire surprising turns of phrase and simple thoughtful acts, scatter sparks and rekindle the fires of romance wherever marriages are mired in the mundane. Melt our tiny, tinny expensive chocolate hearts.

And forgive us today we pray for this cheap, gaudy, hysterical, isolating thing we have sometimes somehow tried to make of love and of You.



We met so many good people at the Community Associations Institute - MN Chapter expo!

Here's just a few:
-Jennifer Pingel from RowCal
-Heather Kunkle from New Concepts Management
- Matt Overback from Omega Management
- Lauri Bell from First Service Residential
- Chris Moelter and Jennifer Ness from Gassen Company


We had a blast at the Community Associations Institute - MN Chapter expo last Friday!

Thanks to those of you who liked our page:
-Colleen Brown
-Kristin Perez
-Kristina Johnson
-Michelle Lynch
-Bailey Curtis

All of these wonderful people are from Associa!


The only time our team pauses, is to work up estimates! Thanks Tyler and Jeff!


Dishwasher lines that are against exterior walls have the possibilities of flooding the whole house.


Thanks Karen Kempton for this pithy and heartfelt

"Love them. They always get things done right away for me"


Many people don't realize that don't have insurance for tree roots in pipes that leads to sewage overflow until it's too late. The simple thing to do is to call your insurance agent to see if your covered and if not, you can add a rider.

The major one is water/sewer back-up. A lot of people have $5000 but most agents would highly recommend $10,000. Another thing to ask your agent is about service line coverage.

During the flood of 2012 that affected the Northland, a lot of people found out about this ... the hard way. (This brings up "flood insurance" this is separate coverage.)

Thanks to Matt Ostby of J3 Insurance for his help in researching this post.


Alternative sources of heat such as heat lamps and space heaters can be a fire danger this time of year. January and February are peak times for this type of fire.

Remember: all heaters need space. Keep things that can burn at least three feet away: paper, bedding, or furniture and more.


"I cannot say enough about this company. I have used Loyear cleaning for years as my go to cleaning company for clean up after construction projects, upholstery & carpet stain (rental damage) clean up after sewage back up, water damage etc. They show up on time, get the job done and go above and beyond to always assure a great customer experience. Joanne is the first point of contact and her customer service skills and years of knowledge are simply amazing. They are a local business and truly care about their customers." ~ Satisfied Customer


From our family-owned business to our family of friends: Happy New Year!

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